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"...huh. Seems reports of my death were greatly exxagerated." Laguna gave a wry smile. "Still kinda wierd though. What college do you come from?"

Lambda stoped moving suddenly as the Meta crushed her throat. She gave one last rattling breath, then went limp. The lights on her armour and visor went out.

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Carmen shook her head toward Drayven, smiling faintly. "He hit my weakpoint long before he yielded to me. The match was decided there had he been fighting seriously. But I thank you for the compliment." Calmly getting off her stool, she gave Drayven's question a small nod. "Sure, I'll give an account of some of my own. I haven't shown all I'm capable of, and I'd like to keep some moves secret, seeing as I'm one of the more active fighters here."

"Maybe others can't take that luxury, but they aren't me." The man stood up, picking up his sword, and started to walk off. "Anyway, I'm going to look for some women, booze, and violence. Not necessarily in that order." As he walked, he blew out some smoke.
"Hopefully, that man just slays the worthless wench and is done with it. Weaklings are no fun to kill, anyway."

The Meta stood up, lifting up Lambda by the throat. He shook her a bit, then threw her at the door where Logan was banging. Her corpse made a loud bang as it made a slight dent in the door, then the Meta walked away towards the other exit. He pushed the medics away from him, and stepped out of the arena just as the other door opened. Logan would be greeted with an empty arena, except for Lambda's corpse staring up at him.

Erica was silent for a moment upon hearing Laguna's answer. It was exagerated? Is this what happened? I have no way of knowing. Although, I suppose it makes no difference. She smiled slightly before finally answering Laguna. "The College of Winterhold, in Skyrim."

Drayven nodded graciously.
"Aethion is a good and honourable young man." He replied, before speaking more gravely. "But I worry he does not yet understand that to survive, he must understand how to kill without hesitation. When the time comes that his life depends on it, his opponent will likely not extend him the same mercy as you did. That aside however, certainly you may keep your secrets. All mages know the value of their knowledge and some things are to be treasured rather than shared freely." As Erica spoke to Laguna, he glanced at her with mild surprise.

"Another native of Tamriel? Greetings to you. A Breton, if I am not mistaken?"

Logan pushed into the middle of the arena, glaring about but immediately knowing he had lost his quarry. He glanced down at Lambda's twisted, tortured remains and clenched his fists, teeth bared in fury at the needless cruelty inflicted on her. The skin on his knuckles was perfectly intact again.

Laguna looked at Drayven. "You two from the same place, huh?" He turned back to Erica. "Not sure I've ever heard of that place, though it does ring a bell."

Lambda respawned in her suite. It looked exactly like the Sector Seven headquarters, complete with Lambda's regeneration tank. She fell out of the tank, breathing heavily and running a self-diagnostic.

Rex let out a small sigh of relief as Greed let up on his arm and wasn't fully aware of the man punching at his knee. As it connected, though weaker than usual, it was enough to drop Rex onto one knee himself. Sighing, he simply pointed the gun at Greed, seeing as he was eye level with him now. "Can't regenerate if I don't leave a trace of you, right?"

He released the trigger with a roar as electricity arced around the gun. The gun then released a large beam of pure energy, aiming to burn and shock away anything in its path.

Carmen gave Drayven another nod before sitting back down and taking another swig of her drink.

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Jack made his was out of his room, which was as dry as a bone as per his preference, and silently went into the lounge to guzzle down some booze.

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Drayven sat and balanced the book on his knees, flipping to a suitable page to record Carmen's information.
"If you wish to begin now, we may do so." He said to her, wetting the quill tip.

Logan clenched his fists one more time, before exhaling heavily and turning to leave the arena, nothing remaining for him to do there.

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OoC: Well, it wouldn't be Lambda if she wasn't horrifically maimed and torured, would it? Hahahahahogodimsuchahorribleperson.

Yeah, ya hate ta see that...

Erica shook her head in responce to Drayven's question. "Though I might hail from Tamriel, I wasn't born there. Originally, I come from an other world of which I have forgotten the name. However, I have been living in Skyrim for such a long time now, I can practically be considdered a Nord." Looking back to Laguna, Erica brought a hand to her lower lip. "If you haven't visited the land yourself, perhaps it was mentioned by someone at a point in time..." Lowering her arm, Erica chuckled slightly. "This is odd, isn't it? The facts suggest we know one another, yet at the same time, neither of us are certain of it."

"Shit!" Greed swiftly raised his arms infront of his face to shield it from the beam, to little avail. While the hardened skin fared fairly well against the energe, the size of the beam meant that the unhardened parts of Greed's body were still hit. Once the beam dispersed, it was revealed that the two forearms laid on the ground, next to Greed's legs. The rest had been desintegrated. Behind the legs laid a oval-shapred crimson stone.
The arms and legs began to disolve quickly, disappearing like dust on the wind, but despite there seemingly being no trace left of Greed, it still wasn't over. From the stone, red sparks shot out, followed by tendrils of tissue shooting out of it. This eventually shaped a spine and ribcage. The vital organs could be seen forming in the ribcage, but were quickly covered by reforming muscle and sinews. This process took a total of two and a half seconds. What followed were the limbs begining to reform.


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"Well, maybe we should try and figure this out sometime." Laguna said to Erica.

Jack went about his usual business, actually being quite casual about taking several bottles of different kinds of alcohol and draining them in relatively rapid succession.

"Another world? Fascinating. Here, such a thing is normal to the point of mundane, but in Tamriel? I had never heard of anyone there who claimed to be from another world, nor even from another plane of existence." Drayven said as he glanced up from the book.

Logan returned to the lounge, still seething, and grabbed a shot of whiskey at the bar, knocking it back in a swift motion.

Jack looked over at Logan with mild curiosity, inspecting him as he held a bottle of vodka to his lips.

"Got something to say, bub?" Logan grunted as he poured another shot, not looking around at Jack.

Weizoth made his way into the Lounge, lacking anything better to do. He was followed by his Wraith, which flew a short distance above his head and slowly circled him. As he and his Wraith entered the room, an unnatural chill fell over the room. Seeing that the room was rather crowded, Weizoth strode over to a wall and leaned up against it, then began to thumb through his book.

"...You seem mad...Problem?" Jack said as he finished his bottle and reached for another. Jack happened to be using his Incinerate! at the moment and so the multicolored flames were dancing over his fingers occasionally.

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"Yes. I would appreciate that. This is rather frustrating." Erica said to Laguna, then looked back to Drayven, crossing her legs. "Truly? You haven't heard of this? Travel between dimensions has become more common place in the last century or so." As she said this, Erica pointed to her amulet. "The magics in these amulets alow the user to open a portal to other worlds. However, it doesn't seem to function here, for reasons unknown to me. Anyway. If you haven't heard of this, then I assume such magics are yet to be discovered in Alinor?" Once Weizoth and his wraith entered the lounge, Erica shivered at the cold it brought. She glanced over to the wraith, but didn't spend more then a few seconds looking at it.

"Yeah. I've been here for just a few hours, and already I've seen enough o f people to remind me exactly why I don't like them." Logan replied, jerking his head at the screen. "If they want us to fight and kill each other, that's fine. That's nature, when it comes down to it. But torture like that... that's all humans. I've been called an animal in the past. And people who say it seem to think that's some kind of degradation." He snorted derisively.

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Laguna nodded to Erica. "Same here. Anytime you wanna talk, just say the word." He looked around a bit. "Also, is it just me, or did it get chilly in here all of a sudden?"

Jack looked over at the screen for a moment before going back to his drinks. "...Torture seems...bad." he said, nodding sagely after he meditated on the matter.

Drayven's brow furrowed as he shook his head slowly.
"No, there is no such magic on Alinor." He replied. "And when last I heard, no such magic existed anywhere. It certainly has not existed for a century." As it grew cold, he drew his robes more tightly around himself, though he did not shiver.

"Yeah, no shit." Logan muttered and took another shot.The cold didn't seem to trouble him in the least.

Not wanting to have to deal with even more regen, Rex rushed up to Greed's slowly regenerating body and switched his hand back to its gauntlet form. While the knee injury made it hard to move, he quickly and savagely drove an electrically charged fist down on the collection of muscles, down on the point where he had seen the stone, aiming to crush the thing. If this wild overhead smash connected with the ground, it would create a large metal dent. Doing this caused Rex to spit out a decent amount of blood and have to clutch his stomach in pain for a few moments.

Man.... Fuck homonculi. This sucks.

Carmen looked over toward Drayven as she finished her drink. "I'm very well versed in fire, wind and illusionary magics, along with having a set of spells passed down to me from an elder demon. Each one works on the essence of the nine circles of hell..."

Feeling the chill, Carmen's wings folded around her subconsciously before she looked toward the wraith and Wei, tail swishing in annoyance.

"...Who was getting it? An who was doing it?" Jack asked Logan out of curiosity. He grabbed up a bottle of scotch and prepared to drink it.

"Demons? And Hell... another race, I assume. And Hell, this is some city of great magical influence? Or another plane of existence?" Drayven asked as he began to write, his ancient, keen mind running through the limitless possibilities involved in magic.

"Some big bastard in black armour. Ripped apart a kid. Literally tore her limb from limb. But he did it slowly. Let her feel it for as long as she could stay alive." Logan growled, staring down at his whiskey glass.

"...Black armor. I'll look out for him then. Poor kid..." Jack said as he looked down into his bottle of scotch. "Can't really think of someone who deserves that...Well...maybe, but..." he added after a swig.

Since no one addressed his presence, Weizoth continued to stand against the wall and flip through his book. His Wraith looked around the room. Though it had no visible eyes, those in the room could feel its gaze fall upon them when it looked their way. It felt distinctly unsettling to be looked at by the creature.

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"Truly? This is odd... I wonder why, at the very least, word of this kind of magic haven't reached Alinor." While Erica did have a theory on this, she didn't voice it, thinking it would most likely offend Drayven. She looked back to Laguna and nodded a single time. "Yes. The cause of it is, most likely, that ghost." she answer, pointing towards Weizoth's wraith.

Not having regenerated enough to be able to roll out of the way, Rex caved in the chest of the torse. While there was no telling wherther or not the stone had been destroyed, the regeneration seemed to stop. Momentarily. Eventually, the bones of the limbs reformed, folled by the muscles and sinews. Now being somewhat able to fight back, the stil regenerating Greed delivered a kick to Rex's chest, meant to push him away, rather then do actual damage. Once Rex was pushed away, the body stood up, skin now forming over the limbs and most of the torso, except the hole that was left by Rex punching Greed in the chest. The body clumsily walked backwards once the hole and the head reformed, this again, taking no longer then three seconds. "Ugh..." Greed grunted once all the damage was restored. "That sucked... I probably won't be able to do that again, so..." Cracking his spine, Greed hardened the skin of his entire body, it becoming the same dull-grey colour his forearms had been. The armoured skin covered Greed's genitals, ensuring he was decent, even without clothing."Time to get serious... I really should've done this right from the get-go. Greed's voice now had a slight echo to it. After cracking his knuckles, Greed chrged up to Rex and aimed to deliver a straight punch to the face.


Carmen nodded a bit. "Yes. Demons are a race. And Hell would be considered a plane of existence, its main purpose is to use the souls of deceased humans and cause them to work in servitude for another chance at life as a demon. It's quite fun to torture a few of them honestly..." Carmen said with a small giggle. Feeling the Wraith gaze on her, Carmen turned to Wei and sighed. "Sir, could you put your pet away? I've had more of my fill of seeing it."

Rex stumbled back as he was shoved back and groaned under his breath as he simply took a small breath to focus himself. As Greed punched at him, Rex swayed to the side before taking the arm in his hands and delivering another shock into Greed's body, though the boy looked a bit winded as he did this.

Laguna looked at the wraith. "Kinda... creepy, isn't it?"

"Hmm. Is this magic in widespread use? Are you certain that it has been around as long as you say? Tensions between my people and yours may be high, the recent conflict in Skyrim having so obviously been as a result of actions by the Aldmeri dominion, but it is impossible that they would have been able to keep such an art secret from us for so long. Indeed, if it had been around for as long as this, then we would have discovered it in the Great War, and I saw nothing to suggest that the race of Men possessed such a power." This said, Drayven turned back to Carmen.

"Something like a Daedra then? I see..." He was silent for a moment, frowning as he considered this, then began to write it into the book.

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