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Weizoth took in a shallow breath and grunted. He left the Lounge and went back to his suite, his Wraith following behind him and continuing to stare at everyone in the room before they were out of visual range.

OOC: That awful moment when one of your guys in XCOM misses a shot with a 97% hit chance...made worse by the fact that he payed for this miss with his life...

OoC: @Outis Reload the save, run like hell.

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: @Outis Reload the save, run like hell.


Erica hummed in responce to Laguna, not wanting to say just what she thought about it. Looking back to Drayven, she nodded. "While I can't say for just how long this magic has been used, I can say it has been at least a century. On another note, I wouldn't call the conflict arising as a result of the Thalmor pratically anexing Skyrim recent, as the Thalmor pressence has long since been driven out." Once Weizoth walked out of the lounge, Erica blew a near silent sigh of relief.

With more electrcity coursing through his body, Greed fell over once more with a heavy grunt. The arm Rex had grabbed growing limp again as a result of the electricity, Greed used his free hand to attempt to deliver a blow to the elbow of Rex's outstretched arm.

At the back of the furnace, the burners began emtting a low humming noise.


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"It was 12 years ago." Drayven said. "Perhaps not recent, but recent enough that it should..." He trailed off and then shrugged. "It does not matter. I am certain that the civil war had nothing to do with it."

OOC: @Nailik Now that I think about it, I never did come up with a date for the end of the war. Shall we say 4E 207? Three years after Dromaeus killed Alduin. Without his involvement, I think it would have taken longer to resolve.

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Rex let go of the arm as it went limp again, as such he was able to block Greed's punch, which sent him skidding back a bit. Hearing the burners and remembering the pendant, Rex dug deep before rushing back in, using his boosters, and aimed a hard right electric straight at Greed's chest. Due to the damage he'd taken, his aim was shaky, but the punches still hit hard.

Carmen simply nodded as she went back to her drink. "I suppose... if they're like that."

OOC: I'm goingto call it soon enough as well. Though I might put Logan up for a fight tomorrow. It'll have to be a powerful character to take him on though, since he's not exactly known to go down easily.

"There are some similarities, yes." Drayven acknowledged as he wrote. "You say your magic is based on these... nine circles. What do you mean?"

OOC: That awful moment when the last enemy on the map kills your soldier, and a panicking soldier kills another of your guys...

OOC: @Outis What difficulty level are you playing on?

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OOC: @Outis What difficulty level are you playing on?

Easy. I'm also fairly early in the game.

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"Only twelve years ago...?" Erica asked, somewhat shocked. "Sir, the Thalmor were driven out of Skyrim 329 years ago."

In the time Rex had back off and tucked the pendant away, Greed had regained some control over his body, enough to allow him to dodge Rex's punch by stepping to the side, even if he did so sluggishly. stepping behind Rex, Greed aimed to deliver a kick to the base of Rex's spine.

OOC: @Outis Must be a tactical issue then. Are you advancing slowly and purposefully, keeping your troops close together? Stacking them up on corners and then sending them through all at the same time so that they can all bring their weapons to bear at the same time?

Drayven paused in his writing and glanced up at Erica, clearly surprised.
"329 years? That cannot be..."

"There are nine circles in hell: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery. Each of these sins have different sentence times and they act in different ways as spells. For example, Gluttony... " She summoned her dagger and threw it into a wall on the other side of the room before a magic circle opened up in front of her still extended hand. A singularity appeared in front of the dagger as it dragged a majority of the furniture, including Carmen and Dray before she dispelled the spell and the dagger.

With Greed behind him and still being sluggish, Rex couldn't avoid being hit but turned so that the kick connected with his ribs. He winced as she slid across the floor, leaving a small blood trail before he got back up, still sparking up. He charged up his gauntlet again before rushing at Greed a little shaky and feinting a hook with the gauntlet before swinging a hard charged kick toward his face, aided by his boosters.

As Drayven responded to Erica, he was suddenly dragged forward by CArmen's spell, the book flying from his lap. Springing up, he seized it in mid air without losing his balance for a moment, then braced agaisnt the vortex til it dissipated.

"Ah. Spells based on the weaknesses of man? That is unusual." He remarked as he looked for his quill, then scowled at the sight of the large splash of ink across the carpet, where the inkwell and quill had been dragged into Hell.

OOC: @Nail: But no one is there...
@Random: Pretty much. I'm sure it was just a bad fluke. I had almost every advantage, but that's just how things go some times...

@Berk: She didn't create a portal to hell, just think of Gluttony as a 'everything magnet'.

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Drayven frowned as he caught sight of his quill and inkwell lying against the wall, the glass bottle cracked and a great black blotch of ink staining the wall and carpet. He went to retrieve the soaked quill.

@Outis, until you get plasma guns and power armor, you never have an advantage. You are always the underdog early in the XCOM games.

Carmen looked at the book and sighed a small bit. "My apologies, dear. I should've been more careful with that demonstration." She snapped her fingers and handed Dray a new bottle of ink that appeared in a puff of black smoke.

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"Yet it is so. I ma--" Erica stopped before when she saw Carmen create a vortex that began sucking the furniture int the lounge towards it, being somewhat alarmed by this. Once the vortex closed, Erica calmed herself and readjusted herself on her stool. "As I was saying. I may not be correct on the exact date, but I know for certain that it happened at least three centuries ago. I have no explaination as to why you... appear to be from the past, but this is the truth of things, I assure you." Seeing Carmen manifest a new inkwell from a puff of smoke, Erica tilted her head slightly. Valentine can do that also. I wonder if this is an ability shared by all demons?

Greed was fast enough to raise his arms in order to block the hook, but hadn't anticipated it being a distraction. Being kicked in the face, Greed was send reeling back, then falling over, mostly as a result of the electricity. Rolling to break his fall, Greed held his forehead as he stood a bit wobbly on his feet. "When will you just throw in the towel? You can't win this, kid. Those shocks are hurt, but they're not enough to bring me down. And nothing else you throw at me is gonna leave a scratch now." Shaking his head, Greed charged up to Rex. "Ya can't win!" When near Rex, Greed suddenly moved to the side and swung a left hook towards Rex's temple.


Jack leaves the lounge to go back to his room.

Drayven nodded his thanks to Carmen as he tool the inkwell before turning to Erica again.

"Hmm... We must discuss this further. Perhaps another day? There are many questions I would ask you." He returned his attention to Carmen.

"Thank you for speaking with me about your powers. For now, I will record what you have told me, and perhaps ask you more if necessary later on."

Carmen nodded toward Drayven. "Whenever you need to talk to me, dear. I'll probably be here. It was my pleasure to speak with you."

Rex gritted his teeth before ducking under Greed's hook, reinvigorated by his taunt. Rex said nothing, though there seemed to be an unnatural red glint in his eyes, before he aimed a hard right hook toward Greed's face.

"I would like that, sir. It's not every day one is presented to speak with a person from the past." Erica answered Drayven as she retrieved her notebook from her satchel and began writing in a blank page with the piece of charcoal. "I am Erica. Might I ask your name?"

Seeing no sparks coming from Rex's hand, Greed took it as an indicator that the punch wasn't aided by electricity this time, and thus made no attempts to evade the punch. Once the punch connected, the force of it send Greed reeling back a few steps, yet despite of this, he didn't seem to register being hit. "You sure are stubborn!" Swiftly closing the distance between himself and Rex, Greed grabbed Rex arm and attempted to fling him up and slam into the ground. If successful, it would form another dent in the metal floor.


"Well met, Erica. I am Lord Drayven Lif Ame, former general of the Aldmeri army and master of House Life Ame, at your service." Having introduced himself, Drayven bowed low to Erica.

Rex was taken up and slammed into the ground, bouncing off the floor as his body slammed into the ground. His body fell still for a moment before he managed to stand back up, extremely shaky and struggling to make it onto his feet, blood dripping from a good majority of his body.

Carmen looked over toward the monitor seeing this and sighed to herself. He's done already...?

"Lif Ame?" Erica asked. she was shocked by hearing the name, but not in a negative way. "I wonder how much the people that have gather us here know of us... There are an uncanny number of coincidences."

Greed approached Rex as he stood up, but stopped and backed off upon seeing the burners begining to glow. "See ya." With that said, Greed dropped to one knee, closed his eyes, and covered his weakspots with his arms.

The camera's hanging from the ceiling retracted, being covered by a thick glass. After this, the burners fired up, filling the furnace with fire.

"You know the name, eh? I will be very interested to hear what you have to say when we speak again." Drayven replied with a smile. "For now however, I think it would be best to retire for the night. Until we meet again Erica. Farewell."

As the furnace flamed up, Rex simply let himself flop onto the ground. "Well... I was done anyway..." The flames arced up around him, but being demonic, he was burned quite a bit, but wasn't completely consumed by it. Regardless, he'd continue to lay on the floor just looking at the Arena's ceiling, some of his skin being turned as black as his blood due to the burns.

"Goodnight to you then, Lord Lif Ame." Erica said as she stood up and bowed.

After 25 seconds, the flames dispersed. The glass pannels that had been covering the camera's, slid back, and the camera's were lowered again. Greed was sitting in the same positioned he as before, the front of him being entirely blackened. After a few more seconds, he took a deep breath, having held it to avoid fulling his lungs with fire. A few more seconds of that, and I would've been cooked from the inside-out. He stood up and opened his eyes, seeing that Rex hadn't been incinirated. "What the hell?" Greed approached Rex. "What the hell are you?" he asked with a raised hairless eyebrow. "Besides beaten, that is."

Rex smirked, wincing a bit at the pain of speaking. "My... little... secret... And I'll tell you now... it... ain't... the pen... dant..."

Carmen was watching the screen, seeing Greed standing over Rex, she nodded a small bit before going back to the bar to get a drink. He wasn't born a demon... so being fire-proof is impossible for him.

Drayven nodded to Erica and to Carmen, before turning and leaving the room.

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