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Greed was silent for a moment before shrugging. "That's fine by me. Either way, that pendant's mine now." After placing his the balls of his feet on Rex's wrists to pin Rex down, Greed bended over and reached into the spot where Rex had tucked the pendant.

After Drayven left the lounge, Erica sat back down on the stool and looked towards the screen, frowning at the sight. "First that girl, now this. Are these battles always so needlessly brutal?" she asked Carmen.

The necklaces's chain and pendant were burnt due to the furnace's flames.. Clothes are kinda bad at, y'know, protecting against flames. Also, Rex had no shirt, since that shit burned off, but his pants seemed to be fine. He didn't attempt to struggle at all as Greed took it from his neck. ...Still got the memories, I guess...

Carmen shook her head. "No, the last fight that the boy with the headphones was in was against a rather sweet farm girl. He couldn't bring himself to actually hurt her, so he ended up losing there as well. I also fought thw same girl in more of a friendly match before that. ...I actually haven't killed anyone recently... and I'm the second ranked.... That should say something. As long as it's entertainment, it seems the arena doesn't care what kind of match is shown."

OoC @Dot: I chuckled at that. :3
Also, this was a good fight, me thinks. Enjoyable.

The victor is: Greed the Avaricious!

After the anouncement was heard, the arena setting returned to normal, the door opening.

Greed stepped away from Rex as he held the pendant up and inspected it. It's still intact. Sort of. Pretty sure the vallue has dropped to zero now though... Lame. Having gotten what he came for, Greed left the arena, and after retrieving his belongings from the locker, returned to his suite.

"I see... I am relieved to hear this." Erica remarked as she looked away from the screen and turned around, begining to write in her notebook again, making a note to avoid accepting going into battle with the Meta and Greed, writing down what they looked like. When done, Erica looked up to Carmen. "Hmm... Did we ever finish that conversation before being so rudely interupted yesterday? I can't recall if we did."

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Since he wasn't dead, the medics did medic things and Rex was all shirtless and abs out and shit as he walked back in. He instinctively tried to stick his hands into his hoodie pockets, but it burned off so... he sighed as he shoved his hands awkwardly into his pockets and walked back toward his suite.

Carmen nodded toward Erica before putting a hand to her chin. "Hmmm.... I don't think we did... but what were we speaking about? The fiasco with that man's... clones made me forget..."

Entering his suite, Greed stored the pendant in his safe, then reverted his skin back to normal and went to take a shower.

"I can't remember what we spoke of either. My memory is unreliable at best."

Rex flopped onto his bed and fell asleep, but making sure that there was a spare hoodie in the closet beforehand. Yeeee....

Carmen continued to think before snapping her fingers, due to recollection. "Ah. We were speaking of humans enjoying violence... which is why we're here."

After hearing Carmen mentioned what the topic of conversation was, Erica tapped her forehead with her right index as she tried to remember where exactly the conversation had been left. "Ah, yes... Far too much enjoyment is taken from inflicting harm upon one another. Although this is hardly a trait restricted to humans alone.""

Carmen nodded a bit as she took a drink. "True, but the thing about humans I don't understand is that they always say that they don't enjoy watching violence when asked, and yet whenever something like that happens, they're looking toward it wide-eyed like the rest of us. Why deny something you can't help?"

"That is quite a big generalisation. A few might be like this, but not all. I can assure you that I most certainly find no enjoyment in inflicting harm on another being, nor seeing it inflicted." Erica remarked, then paused. "To answer your question, however, some might deny it because that is expected of them. But again, not all are the same. I don't doubt those that find this level of brutality amusing wouldn't hesitate a moment to admit they enjoy it."

Is that really so or are you merely saying that? "I see. My apologies for assuming things about you then, dear. ...I'm not all that well versed on how you humans work. I've only been introduced to your... this realm recently. And honestly, I've only met humans of the latter kind." Carmen replied as she sipped her drink.

"From your conversation with Lord Lif Ame, I picked up that you hail from Hell. And, if memory serves, that is a place where those that has lives less-then virtuous lives go after they pass on. So, this is to be expected." Erica answer, then moved some saliva around in her mouth, it being too dry for her liking. She stood up and walked behind the bar counter to see if there was anything other then alcohol to drink. "Am I wrong in assuming this?"

Carmen smirked as she noticed Erica looking for a drink. The succubus calmly vaulted over the counter and passed the woman a glass of water. "No, you're not. However, as I've said, the few humans I've met in the mortal realm have been the more violent type. They still live as normal human beings, but honestly, I could easily confuse a few of them as demons in their own right. Do you know of humans like that, dear?"

"Thank you." Erica said politely as Carmen handed her a glass of water. Walking back to the stool which she had been sitting, Erica said back down and gave carmen a small smile before taking a sip. After this, Erica's smile turned itself upside down. "Yes. I have encountered far, far too many people like that."

Carmen's tail swished lightly as she looked toward Erica, taking another sip of her drink. "No problem, dear. ...Seeing as you've met many people like that, keeping this peaceful temperament of yours is commendable. But I also don't see you as one who'd actively look for trouble or those types... so may I ask how you met some of these people?"

"Well, in my youth, I traveled with a group of dimensionally displaced people. And while we didn't actively look for conflict most of the time, it had a way of finding us. We faced a great deal of threats, both from man and demon both, I believe at several occasions, an enemy threatened the very exsistance of the planet we were on." As Erica tried to recall the various threats she faced in her youth, she traced her left index finger around the edge of the glass. "Truthfully, looking back, I'm suprised I lived through it all." She smiled slight before taking another sip from her glass. "And in recent times... Skyrim has no shortage of beasts. Nor bandits, marauders or cutthroats for that matter. I can hardly leave the walls of my city without being accosted by scum who wouldn't hesitate spilling my blood if it meant they get their hands on my coinpurse."

Carmen listened and nodded a small bit. "I see. So you simply had bad luck when with this group... but to save a planet is impressive to say the least. Wouldn't you think that these bandits would have heard of these escapades... or at least that you've been dispelling other advances on your possessions, and take an easier target? It seems highly illogical to keep coming after you when it will only lead to failure."

"I am hardly a famous person. The fact that I helped dispatch all these threats isn't known by many. But, even if this was the case, it would make no difference at best, and make me more of a target at worst. Afterall, they would most likely assume that I, as someone that "powerful" must be in the possesion of some rare relics." Erica explained, then drank the rest of her water and placed the glass down on the bar counter. "Nor do these people learn from defeat. Should they be defeated and live, they would only return with greater numbers and craftier traps and try once more. Plus, few bandit... clans, for lack of a better word, are connected to one another."

Carmen closed her eyes and placed her elbows on the counter, resting her head on her hands. "So they're simply greedy idiots. I've known my fair share of demons like that. It's a bit of a shame you didn't use that to make yourself more pronounced, but your reasons do make sense. So then what kind of humans do you usually try to surround yourself with, dear?"

"I don't only asscociate myself with humans. In fact... Now that I think on it, few of my friends are human. This was the case in my youth as it is now. But to answer your question, people that share my peaceful demeanor. That is a basic requirement. Although, there have also been cases were I enjoyed the company of those who are less resentful of violence. Beyond this, I prefer the company of calm individuals. I find being around energettic people for a great period of time to be draining." Erica anwered, then paused a moment to think of she had any other prefferences. "And what of you? What kind of people do you enjoy the company of?"

Carmen thought for a moment before smirking. "I enjoy the company of those who are calm and use their heads as well. That and those people who are also... ambitious. I always enjoy discussing plans and ideas with others. It's generally enlightening to see how those who want to make a change think. Oddly enough, I despise those who would try to meddle with others. Though I have a bias against humans myself, I do associate with some of the more interesting ones like that white-hatted woman you spoke to yesterday."

The succubus let out a small yawn as she finished off her drink and cleaned Erica's glass for her. "As such, this talk with you was enjoyable. I'll retire to bed, though I'm sorry to leave you to wandering the halls of this infernal place again if you can't sleep. Good night, dear." She gave Erica a little wave before heading off to her suite to sleep.

"Rest well." Erica replied, nodding Carmen at nod. After Carmen left, Erica spent some more time in the lounge, making various notes. Once done, she stood up and, after a bit of trouble finding her way, returned to her suite.

One done with the shower, Greed climbed into bed and fell asleep.

John woke up got dressed and went to issue a Challenge "ok I haven't had a match in a while so anyone who thinks they need some exsciene come to the Arena" he said over the intercom and then heads to the locker room

Lambda was in the lounge, standing in a corner, running through videos of her last battle.

Tophat entered the lounge and sat down by the bar. He glanced over at Lambda, noting the cybernetic parts in both mind and body.
"Greetings. I saw that fight on the television. Nasty bastard you met."

Lambda turned off the vid, looking at Tophat. "Affermative. He is very stong."

"He is also crazy. I assume you spotted the AI in his head?"

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"Correct. Multiple artificial intellegences detected. Some of them attempted to hack me."

@Kirke: Nice!

Tophat raised an eyebrow at this.
"Really? I do not know what the AI want, but they appear to be controlling or at the very least strongly influencing him. Did the AI say anything to you?"

Lambda looked back over the recordings in her head. "They attempted contact, but almost all of it was unintelligible."

Aethion was hanging around in the lounge, whistling a complex tune as he fiddled with a small golden puzzle device. Meanwhile, Logan came through the door, heading for the bar. As he went he noticed Lambda speaking to Tophat and raised an eyebrow, humming in surprise before shaking his head slightly and turning away to continue on his search for a drink.

"Yeah, that sounds about right." - Tophat muttered, pouring itself a glass of gin & tonic.
"AI, like all other sentient beings, require some mental space of their own. When more than two minds, artificial or not, share one body this space becomes compromised. Your very thoughts become shown to others, and emotions can freely move between the minds. This is maddening, and eventually results in personalities merging together. For equally strong minds, anyway. Weaker minds become tools for the stronger. This is most likely the reason for his... poor mental state."

Lambda stewed on that information for a moment. "How many AIs do you think he has?"

@Berk Heya. Lambda's kinda occupied, but I can bring in someone else if you like.

Gearhead mk2:
Lambda stewed on that information for a moment. "How many AIs do you think he has?"

@Berk Heya. Lambda's kinda occupied, but I can bring in someone else if you like.

OOC: Eh, don't worry about it. I'm hoping someone will drop in who's up for a fight, actually. I haven't done one in a long time.

"I am not certain, they are not in the best shape and AI are not a speciality of mine, but I would say at least five. Perhaps more, but no less than that."
Tophat looked over at Logan as the latter came up to the bar, raising his glass slightly in a greeting.

"5 artificial intelligences, one organic intelligence, one body..." Lambda added the data to her internal storage.

@Berk: I'd be up for a fight if it started soon.

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