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Logan nodded briefly and grunted in response to Tophat, before continuing to rummage through the bar.

@Gear Bear in mind what you'd be fighting against. It'll have to be an enemy with some way of even fending him off, let along killing him.

After going through his wardrobe, Greed picked out an outfit identical to the one he was wearing the day before. Smirking slightly, he got dressed before leaving his suite. Good. How lucky this place comes with a wardrode. I was worried I'd have to make my own clothes for a sec there. Entering the lounge with his hands in his pockets, he looked around those that had gathered there, mainly sizing up if any of the people had something worth taking.
Tophat would sense the plethora of souls within Greed.

Erica was up and about also, but she took it upon herself to explore the arena complex, writing down directions as she went.

D-Eye was viewing the footage of Lambda VS Meta on his scanner, give a small "Hmm" as he was slightly impressed.

Gumi was sitting down in the lounge, keeping to herself mostly with a small glass of wine.

Tophat raised an eyebrow and looked over at Greed as he entered the lounge, quickly realising that he was most likely a construct, as it knew that having several souls was far from usual.

OoC: @Berk: Hm... Diana's really the only one that has attacks dedicated to keepaway.

Also, if anyone wants Laguna or Lambda for a chat, say so.

OOC: @Gearhead mk2 Feel free to challenge him or piss him off if you want.

Rex sauntered into the lounge, yawning slightly before he flopped down onto a couch.

Carmen calmly made her way into the Arena and stood stretching herself out, waiting for someone to enter.

OoC: Damn, I really want to join in. It's getting pretty late though, and fights tend to last for quite a while.

OoC: @Berk: Um... I may not need to. Nevermind.

"Hello to you too." Greed said upon noticing Tophat was looking at him, lazily raising his hand in the way of a greeting. Walking further into the lounge, Greed took in an interest in the puzzle box Aethion was bussying himself with. Greed didn't know what the object was, but it was golden, this meant he wanted it. "What'cha got there?" Greed asked as he walked over to Aethion.

OOC: @Kirke Advantage to having the Meta show up is that we could basically cut right to it. I'd have Logan show no hesitation, just go straight to him and demand a fight.

"Hmm? Oh, just a puzzle from my home." Aethion replied, holding up the puzzle for Greed to see. It resembled a coccolith, several ringlike plates that overlapped in a sphere shape. "There are a number of ways to spread it open, but it requires the precise movement and turning of each plate to do it. I am trying to figure it out, and if I do, I may use it to hold some keepsake in the future."

OOC: @Nailik Aethion's armour and sword also look like gold, being the standard elven armour from Skyrim.

OoC @Berk: Noted. Though I had assumed his armour was too damaged to still be worn.

"Uh-huh... It looks pretty neat." Greed replied somewhat distant-mindedly as he inspected the puzzle, then looked over Aethion's sword and armour, inspecting the exquisite craftsmanship of it. Now to shake him down. "Say, what would it take for you to part ways with the thing?"

OoC: Unless someone wants me, may come off early.

OOC: @Nailik Nah, he would have had the dent beaten out of the chestplate, and would carry spare parts to replace the leather ties and smaller plates. And the image worrks now.

Aethion shrugged.
"I had not thought to part with it yet. Perhaps if I can figure it out, and you are interested enough to trade for it when I do, then we may do so?"

OoC: Yeah, I'm off. Night.

OOC: Oh. Well, that was anticlimactic. Alright then @Gear, do you want Diana to fight Logan?

"Trade... Yeah, I' have a few things I could trade for it." Greed answered as he rested his right elbow against a wall and placed his left hand on his hip. "Or... You could stake it on a fight. How 'bout it. huh?"

@Berk: Carmen's in the arena if you want Logan to fight her.

Rex heard Greed trying to get Aethion into a bet and shrugged before walking up to the bar, giving Gumi a small wave as he got a drink and slowly downed it.

Carmen laid herself out on the ground, yawning slightly.

Aethion glanced down at the golden puzzle for a moment. He had only recently bought the item at a market on Alinor quite recently, and normally would trade, certainly not considering the item worth risking a serious injury or even death for. Here however...

"Well, I do need to take advantage of this place to train as best I can." He replied. "And what would you wager in place of the puzzle?"

OOC: @Dot That would also be good, but Logan isn't going to initiate it against someone he doesn't have a grudge against. Carmen would have to challenge him, or get him angry.

@Berk: No need, Carmen's there. And the Arena AI could just say to Logan that there's an opponent up for a fight.
@Nail: You up for a chat?

@Berk: Hmm... Alright then. Or just do the AI thing.

Carmen continued to lay out in the Arena.

Moved down

OoC @Gear: Sure.

"Well, I have a good deal of valluables in my room, which would probably get you a good price at an auction or something. I've also got a good amount of gold bars. Or, if you win, I could teach you some alchemical tricks, if you're into that. Your choice." greed answered Aethion, smirking slightly, pleased that he hadn't refused the offer.

Erica had made her way to the respawn room on the righthand side, inspecting the machines present there, looking them over curiously as she tried to make sense of them.

"Oh hey there Rex!" Gumi said to Rex, giving a small smile and wave. "How yall been?"

@Nail: You mind if Laguna bumps into Erica?

Rex shrugged a bit, smiling lightly, though it was obviously a bit forced. "Lost one yesterday, but I'm doing alright... How about you?" Well... that loss still sucks, but... whatever...

Aethino nodded.
"Gold should be a suitable trade without having to examine it beforehand. A value of about 60 coins should be suitable. Very well then, let us test ourselves."

Logan tensed slightly as the arena AI spoke up.

"Attention contestant Logan. Please report to the arena immediately for your first match." Logan scowled.

"Go fuck yourself." He muttered as he went back to his drink.

"It is a requirement for all contestants to partake in at least one match in their first 24 hours. Please report to the arena, or punitive actions must be taken." Logan glanced at the screen, where he could see Carmen lying outside, looking relaxed.

"Seriously? Fine. Whatever. If only because I need to stretch my legs a bit." He grumbled as he pushed the shot glass aside and headed for the door.

"Aw sorry to hear that" Gumi replied with a small smile. "Me? Shucks I've been alright, still yall did give me the night scares for a little while..." she said to Rex, taking a small sip of her wine.

"I said gold bars, not coins. One of those bars is worth a whole lot more then sixty coins, though. So it's still a fair bet." Greed remarked as he pushed away from the wall. "Anyways, let's get this over with then." He headed out of the lounge and into the locker room, storing his belongings in his locker once he arived.

OoC @Gear: Go ahead.

Carmen calmly sat up and started to pace around the Arena, looking thoroughly bored. As Logan walked in, she looked over, slightly interested.

Rex blinked a bit and scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "Oh.... I gave you nightmares...? Eh, really sorry about that."

Gumi gave a dismissive wave. "Oh no no no! it's fine were all good buddy!" she said in a carefree manner. "Though it was pretty interesting to see that side of you, then again I think we surprise each other Huh?" she asked Rex with a small smile.

Laguna poked his head into the righthand respawn room, spotting Erica and the regen tubes. He knocked on the doorframe. "Uh... did the lounge get redecorated, or this a different room?"

Aethion nodded and got to his feet, putting on his helmet and tugging experimentally at various parts of his armour, ensuring it would all hold together. When he was satisfied, he headed for the arena.

Logan walked towards Carmen, looking her up and down as he went. She didn't look too impressive, even with the wings and tail. Hardly seemed fair to set him on her, and his distaste for the arena only grew.

"I'm supposed to be up against you then?" He asked. "Have you been in any kind of a fight before?"

Carmen smiled a small bit as he spun her dagger around her finger. "I don't think they would have teleported me here, were I not experienced. Don't hold back on me, you'll end up regretting it." She calmly turned and faced Logan with a small smirk on her face. A fool to underestimate me...

Rex chuckled a small bit. "Yeah... I don't like to get like that much... for obvious reasons. But yeah, your little ability was surprising too. Didn't think you knew magic."

After storing his shades, bracelets and jacket in the locker and locking it, Greed walked down the stairs, and entered the secondary arena. Standing opposite of Aethion, he rolled his shoulders and asked, "You wanna choose a setting, or can I pick one?"

Hearing the knock on the door, Erica hummed and turned around. "Oh, hello. This is a different room, needless to say." she gave Laguna a small smile before turning back around and resuming inspecting the various machines, holding her hands behind her back. "I thought I should spend some time getting familiar with my new surroundings if I am too stay here for an extended period of time. What brings you here?"

OoC: Changed Greed's text colour.

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