WAOA Arena

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Carmen got up, thoroughly surprised at his reckless rushing through. As such, she couldn't avoid the attack fully, Logan's claws catching her ribs deeply. She yelled out slightly in pain before hurriedly casting another Violence at him. "....I see... How sad for you." She said as she spit out a bit of black blood.

Gold wandered out of his private Arena, coated in blood with unexplainable gray liquid scattered across his hat.

The ice spike aimed for Greed's face shattered at the hands covering it. One of the spikes hurled at the chest struck a rib, and while the rib broke, shielded him from serious harm. The other spike, however, pierced Greed's left lung. Stumbling back further, Greed made a gurgling noise as the lung began to full with blood. He eventually fell against a stack of car wrecks and stayed in that position. Okay... No more playing around after this. Grabbing the ice spike, Greed pulled it out, coughing up blood as he did. Then, red sparks began shooting from both the burns on his face, and the hole in his chest. As he began the healing process, Greed pushed away form the car stack and began moving around in a circle around Aethion, doing so relatively slowly as he still recovered from the wounds.

"Hmm... Should you ever find yourself in Skyrim, try to see if you can purchase some mammoth cheese. It has a unique flavour, most unlike cow or goats cheese. It is fairly expensive, but worth it."

Logan roared in pain and was thrown back by the blast of Violence,much of the flesh on his face and chest scorched away as he hit the ground. Scrambling to his feet, he glared at Carmen, and she could see gleaming metal exposed in several places where the bone of his skull should have been present. Even as she looked, the flesh began to close over it again, and he surged forward one more time.

Laguna gave a small laugh. "Mammoth cheese? Ok, now I've heard everything. If I can get my hands on some, I'll be sure to try it."

Aethion grabbed his sword from where Greed had dropped it and slipped it awkwardly back into his sheath before placing his hand gingerly against his shoulder. Golden light began to play across his w, but it was faint and meagre, nowhere near as pronounced as the effects of his Destruction magic. He tried for several precious seconds before snarling in frustration and drawing his sword again, rushing at Greed and thrusting the blade in a series of quick, frenzied jabs, urgently trying to finish him while he was still wounded and weak.

An extremely persistent one... and I'm not willing to work for this. Carmen blinked for a moment before dropping her dagger and raising her arms in surrender. If Logan actually tried to hit her, she'd make no move to dodge.

The air hissed as Logan's right claws swept towards Carmen's face. When she didn't move however, they stopped, the tip of the middle one less than an inch from her eye.

"What are you doing?!" Logan growled, still panting heavily from the exertion of the fight, the last marks from his wounds closing as he stood in front of Carmen, one set of claws held defensively across his chest as the others extended for a death blow.

OoC @Berk: A fight between Logan and Greed would go on forever. o_O

The burns on Greed had healed for the most part, leaving only superficial damage. Greed had stopped the healing there to focus efforts on healing the more urgent injury. The hole in his chest too had healed, but the internal damage still persisted for the moment. When he saw Aethion rush towards him, Greed grunted and moved backwards, occasionally parrying a blow with his hands, the frenzied nature of Aethion's attacks making this easier to do, even if Greed was wounded. Not all the jabs missed, leaving cuts and gashes on Greed's upper arms and side, but nothing that worried him. Making the best of a bad situation, when Greed coughed up more blood, rather then letting it run from his mouth, Greed spat in in Aethion's face in an attempt to throw him off and get a moment of respite.

"Oh, never say you have heard or seen everything. I speak from expirience when I say, just when you say that, something new comes along that will baffle you." Erica asnwered, smiling as she looked up slightly. "This is a good thing, however. Imagine how dull life would be if you indeed had lost the ability to be suprised."

The demoness didn't flinch or even move when the claw was stopped near her eye. "Oh... nothing... You're obviously too resilient for me... There was no point in resisting and wasting your time... so I'll simply forfeit."

As she said this, the arena doors flew open. "It was interesting at least. Thank you for the match."

Aethion cried out in disgust and staggered back. He tried to raise his injured arm to wipe the blood from his face, but attempting to move it sent a bolt of pain down his side, and his disgust turned into a scream of pain. Dropping his sword for a third time, he blindly cast a wave of lightning bolts that spread out in Greed's direction.

OOC: @Nailik Yeah, Logan just kind of refuses to go down. Doesn't exactly have the widest range of tactics either. I think he's the very definition of a tank.

OOC: @Dot No, he stopped before he struck her. Just an inch before.

@Berk: Thought he extended his claws to kill her after that. Edited.

"I hear that. I like seeing new people and places. Speaking of which..." Laguna started heading out. "I'm gonna finish off my little tour, and hopefully find my room at some point. Later Erica." He smiled and waved as he exited the room, but suddenly poked his head back in. "Oh, and one last thing, try not to touch anything. Trust me, I tried looking for a vacuum cleaner and I ended up breaking the bar, so if you're worse with tech than I am it's probably best if we both interacted with the machinery here as little as possible." He left with a small chuckle.

OoC: Really late. I'm off.

OoC @Berk: Ya, same goes for Greed. It would definitely go to a stalemate if they fought.

As Aethion bolted back, Greed regained steady footing. Seeing Aethion extend his arm, the hand crackling with electricity, Greed knew what was coming and swiftly moved away from where Aethion was aiming. "Get over yourself, kid. You haven't even been hurt much." he taunted, the fact that he was speaking without effort indicating the perforated lung had been restored. Running towards another carstack, Greed ripped the door from the bottom car, and threw this like a frisbee at Aethion.

"Goodbye then, Laguna." Erica answered as Laguna walked out of the room. Having seen all there was to see in the respawning area, she made way to follow, then was slightly startled when Laguna poked his head back in. "Duly noted. I shan't touch anything." she answered in responce to his warnig with a soft laugh. When Laguna went his own way, Erica returned to the lounge, consulting the map she drew in order to do so.

Logan stared at Carmen in disbelief for a few moments, then his arms dropped to his sides and a second later his claws retracted, the triangular wounds left by them quickly disappearing.

"Right... well, yeah. You too." He said somewhat awkwardly, clearly more thrown by the unexpected forfeit than by any of the horrific damage done by Carmen's attacks.

Carmen nodded toward Logan before walking off and ripping her ruined dress off, only walking in a jacket and boots now. "Though I really do wish you hadn't slashed this dress... I'll have to get changed. Farewell" She said, obviously feigning annoyance before walking off to her suite.

@Berk: Had to get to sleep soon, so didn't want to drag this out too long. Plus, I don't really have a character than can deal with regens well, aside from Ness... but she wouldn't be one to fight at all.

Aethion was in pain, but Greed's taunts stung him, and he seethed as he wiped blood away from his face with his good hand. Seeing Greed rip the door from the car, he ducked under the throw and used the movement to grab his sword, before straightening up and advancing on his opponent once again. Moving closer, he gritted his teeth and lunged, dleivering a series o much more controlled thrusts as he tried to ignore the intense pain that came from his arm dangling and flopping with his movements.

OOC: @Dot Yeah I know, I'll have to do the same too soon in a moment. I was going more for the angle that Wolverine has had such a brutal and violent life in general that he's never found himself in the position of being able to allow a person to surrender unharmed.

"Uh... ok." Logan said, watching her go. He raised his eyebrows in surprise as Carmen tore most of the remains of her clothing off, before glancing down and noting that his own attire was badly damaged too, with his belt severed in two places and his white vest entirely burned away. Shrugging, he followed Carmen out of the arena to go and look for something else to wear.

Seeing Aethion charge towards him once more, Greed rolled his eyes in mild annoyance. Even knowing that with the stack of cars behind him, he couldn't move backwards much, Greed didn't move to the side, but rather walked backwards until his back was pressed against the carstack. He parried a few of the thrusts with his hands and arms, but once the sword struck Greed's chest, it was halted as if it had hit something hard. Through the holes and gashed in Greed's tanktop, it could be seen that his skin of his torso had turned the same grey colour as his hands and forearms were. Greed grinned as he swiftly stepped to the side and grabbed hold of the second car on the stack. Yanking on it hard, the two other wrecks that were stacked on the second fell and threatened to crush Aethion.

Aethion saw the cars begin to fall and backstepped quickly, but the top wreck knocked him to the ground crushing him from the sternum down. He choked and gurgled, thick red blood staining and then spilling over his golden lips and down the sides of his face.

Carmen eventually made her way into her suite and was pleasantly surprised to find a wardrobe within it. She sighed happily trying on a new dress before taking it off and going to sleep.

OoC: Night.

Hearing the sound of bones snapping under the weight of the wreck, Greed's smirk increased. "Ouch." He dryly muttered to himself once he turned around and seeing the state Aethion was in. He thought to end it quickly by stomping on Aethion's head, but decided against it, not wanting to smear the leg of his trousers with blood and brain matter. He waited for the life to leave Aethion and the announcement that Greed had won. Okay, now you got the right to complain. That looks like it hurts like crazy.

OOC: Right then, last post.

It didn't take long for Aethion's ruined body to fail.

"Victory goes to contestant Greed." Announced the arena AI as the medics automatically came in to check Greed for injuries.

The medics would find that the only injury Greed hadn't healed himself already were the superficial ones on his face. So, that is three wins, zero losses. I'm on a roll here! I gotta think of some way of beating number one though... Once the medics healed this injury, Greed left the arena, retrived his belongings from the locker and returned to his suite. I wish my clothes didn't get all torn up all the time though. Entering the suite, Greed tossed his ruined tanktop in the bin, then went to sleep.

After taking several more notes, Erica returned to her suite and fell alseep also.

OoC: And I'm off.

Clover was sitting in the lounge eyeing a cat. "Achoo, I know your up to, achoo! Something cat"

In the lounge, Erica sat on the couch crosslegged, eating a loaf of bread while reading a book. Greed sat at the bar, drinking a bottle of rootbeer. Neither paid much attention to Clover talking to a cat, although Erica wondered where the cat had come from.

Jack again entered to lounge to grab a few bottles of booze, not greeting or acknowledging anyone.

Meanwhile, Another man shows up in the standard welcome center. This man stayed sprawled out on the floor, only mildly conscious.

In the lounge, Aethion was standing near the bar at attention, though his head was bowed. Drayven was speaking sternly to him.

"I understand that your position was difficult last night. But never, ever drop your sword in battle! To do it once is bad enough, but to drop it three times? I have said it to Cas'Va, I will say it to you. Magic alone is not enough to carry the day in close combat! If you can ambush an enemy with a band of mages and rain thunder on them from above then a weapon is not needed. But when you are surrounded by enemies, or forming part of a battle line you cannot afford to neglect your guard!"

"I understand, Father. I am sorry."

"Do not apologise. Just remember it, and do not do it again. Furthermore, I want you to put some more effort into practicing Restoration magic. You may never wish to follow the path of a healer, but any High Elf who marches to war should know enough to heal his own wounds quickly in an emergency. A better knowledge of how to reset your arm last night may have allowed you to press the attack and claim victory at the vital moment."

"Yes FAther. I will."

"Good, good. Aside from all that, well done. You fought bravely. You just need to stop neglecting your defences, that is all. You are not some Orc who can bludgeon his enemies to death with their own soldiers while shrugging off spear-wounds to the skull."

Aethion chuckled slightly at this, and Drayven smiled, clapping him on the shoulder before walking away towards the couches near to Erica.

Clover started staring intensely at the random cat. The cat was a little white kitten with blue eyes "Achoo, You got to be, achoo, a trap, achoo, there's no other expl, achoo! anation"

Leaning against the bar counter, Greed's eyes drifted to Aethion as he recieved a lecture from Drayven. Well I'll be damned. Looks like folk really can just come back from the dead. I think I prefered it when I was the only one who could do that. He shrugged slightly at his own train of thoughts, then finished his rootbeer. When Drayven left Aethion's side, Greed left the empty bottle on the bar counter, he walked over to Aethion. "I believe you owe me something." he remarked, extending his right hand with the palm turned upwards.

Erica lowered her book and placed it upside-down besides her, glancing over to Clover. "Why are you speaking to that cat so, and, where did it come from?" Seeing Drayven walk over, Erica stood up and bowed slightly. "Hail, Lord Lif Ame."

Jack simply went to the bar and took a few bottles of booze and sat at the bar, also opening a bag of chips he had gotten from a vending machine in his room.

Aethion turned on hearing Greed's voice and nodded graciously.

"Very well. A bet is a bet." He replied, reaching into a pouch hanging on his belt and drawing out the intricately crafted puzzle sphere, before dropping it into Greed's outstretched palm.

Drayven eased into his preferred seat by the screen and glanced back at the exchange.
"Gambling on a duel. Must all youths go through the same ridiculous habits?" He wondered aloud, shaking his head in mild disapproval. Dismissing them, he nodded and smiled at Erica as she spoke.
"Greetings to you, Erica. And please, there is no need for such deference here. We are not on my estate, and you are not one of my vassals or bannermen. And if you come from the college of Winterhold, then I imagine you are a learned scholar, not a farmer or beggar."

"Sweet..." Greed said to himself as the puzzle was dropped into his hand. Holding it closer to his face, he smiled as he inspected it closer. "And for what it's worth, you fought pretty well. You would've won if you were up against someone not as sturdy as me."

Erica smiled towards Drayven and sat back down, taking another bite from the breadloaf. "As you please. Although admitedly, the reasons for my speaking so formally are twofold. Recently, names escape me. Lif Ame, however, is a name I would never forget." She explained once she shallowed.

While Jack was doing his thing at the bar, the other man came too and started his way into the facility proper.

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