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The cat than turned into a human, one who had a layered costume of blue, yellow, and green. A belt with a drink mixer, some sort of bomb capsule and several alcohol products attached to it. Achoo! It's been Cattail all along!"

Carmen seemed a little less excited after hearing that. "Hmm... I see. Well, I'm guessing this human took many people with him due to his blunder."

"Yup. Though, you'd have to be a fool yourself to follow some business to the bottom of the sea. So, not much of value was lost." Jack said.

"What... Just happened?" Erica asked, somewhat dumbfouned. "You know this person?"

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"This is one of Sir Goodington's goons. He is Cattail. His theme is Cats and cocktails. Thus his name, cattail. He must have gotten some sort of transformation ray to turn into a cat"

Carmen nodded slightly. "Well, if they were invested, they had no reason not to at least see what was going on. The entire underwater notion should've been enough warning for them to pull their money."

"Should have been." Jack said as he finished off another bottle.

"And you were one who was fortunate enough to survive? ....Or did you cause it?"

"...Well...That gets a bit...complicated..." Jack said as he grabbed up another random bottle.

"That honestly raised more questions then it answered..." Erica remarked as she rubbed her forehead with her right dindex finger, middlefinger and thumb.

"Whoa. Back up the fun truck." Greed remarked, having noticed the amounts Jack drank in a short space of time. "How can you drink that much without passing out?"

"Have I mentioned I'm a superhero yet. Cause I am"

"Then just give me a straight answer. Did your actions lead to that man's underwater sanctum's fall?" Carmen said flatly, her eyes narrowing slightly.

Jack looked over at Carmen and some of his usual gloom seemed to go away and be replaced with what could only be described as smarmy. "That place was fallen long before I came along." he said with a slight grin.

"And this is relevant, how?" Erica asked Clover, crossing her arms.

Carmen noticed his smirk and smiled lightly back. "I see. Well, I can't spite you for having a little fun in a soon-to-be ruin." That explains a lot...

"I have to fight supervillains. And every superhero or supervillain has a theme, mine is multiplying of course"

Jack's smirk ran away from his face. "Wasn't fun. Not a bit." he said.

"You are truly bad at explaining things, did you know that?" Erica remarked, then sighed. "I shall leave you to deal with your... acquintance now. Good day." With that, Erica returned to her suite.

Greed grunted upon being ignored. Standing up, he picked up the puzzle sphere at the edge of the bar counter, then left the lounge and returned to his suite also.

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Carmen blinked once before sighing slightly. "Then why bother in the first place? ...Don't tell me, you didn't willingly go in there, did you?"

"Heh...The straight answer? No." Jack replied.

Carmen nodded lightly before rising up off her stool and heading toward the door. "I understand... Well, I'll be off to bed. Farewell, dear." And here I thought he was adventurous... Just one who stumbled into something... How dull...

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"Mmm." Jack said as he took his last drink and went to turn in for the night.

The man also found a room for himself.

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A small kobold came into the room, being a creature of the tunnels he didn't have a very hard time seeing anything, actually when they turned the lights on he had an harder time seeing "Ah, why do you hurt Kobold! Light bad! Light bad!" He said dazed and stumbling towards his room which was richly decorated with lots of gems and shiny minerals and of course a large shrine to his god Gaknulak decorated with black sapphires and other black gems and minerals and then went off to see what this arena was all about where he was blinded yet again by light "Ah! Why place so mean to kobold! Kobolds kill place for this treason!""

"Kupo? Who turned out the lights?" Muttered a high-pitched voice in the dark room it had found itself in. Having been informed to move forward, the source of the voice did, into a room that a human would describe as 'cramped', where everything was proportionally designed for something at least half as small as the average man. The room had very nice, small furniture; a tiny bed, a miniscule desk, and a small wardrobe that still managed to be very spacious for what it had to contain. The room made up for the 'essentials only' furniture with a large number of instruments decorating the walls, mostly consisting of bells, trumpets, flutes, chimes, and lutes. The instruments all served as nice decorations, but were still obviously functional as well. "Oh wow, kupo! I can really just stay here, and all I have to do is fight? I can do that, kupo!" The voice chimed in again. Wanting to explore the grounds of the arena, the lagomorphic creature to whom the voice belonged wandered out of its room.

The kobold got adjusted to the light and was starting to dig up the arena with his pick axe and shovel, he seemed to be saying a prayer under his breath, when he saw the small rabbit like creature coming in he turned his head toward it, his eyes obviously said that he didn't trust the creature... Far too cute to not be up to something "What you doing here! Did Gaknulak send me something to eat!" He said reaching for his hand axe he attached to his belt

The lagomorph had wandered its way into the arena, marveling at the size of the room before having its attention caught by the kobold that was waiting there for it. "Oh! This must be where the fighting happens. Hold on just a minute, kupo!" The creature exclaimed, then sped back out of the arena with impressive speed for its size. The creature soon came back, now sporting a size-appropriate long-sword (That looked more like a short-sword or dagger by human standards) and heater shield. It also was wearing thick boots made of leather, and a set of scale-mail armor that on inspection actually seemed to be comprised of scales plucked from some large reptilian creature. Having made itself ready for battle, the creature noticeably cleared its throat and declared, "I am Moogle Knight Phonis! Let's have a fun and honorable fight, kupo!"

Despite how cute the creature was, kobolds were around the same size as moogles and had scales and descended from dragons which led to the armour being slightly intimidating and slightly insulting "Go way from kobold! Kobold not ready for fight! Kobold fight tomorrow!" He said digging up more of the arena

The Moogle Knight had been striking a valiant pose as it awaited the kobold's reply. Hearing the response it had gotten, Phonis visibly deflated, his ears, pom-pom, and wings all drooping slightly as his arms fell to his sides, causing the tip of his sword to clang against the ground. "Did... Did I do something wrong, kupo?" He looked around the arena, making soft squeaking noises subconsciously. "Is this not where the fighting happens, kupo?" Is this just someone's backyard or something?... Oh if it turns out I just challenged a baby Bangaa to a duel, I'll be a laughingstock...kupo...

"Kobold not prepared to fight if you do not know why, you do not know kobold! Now go before Kobold rethink decision!" He said looking for a source of wood in the area after he felt the hole was deep enough

"Oh... uh... okay, kupo. I'll just... go look around some more then." Phonis dejectedly replied. He shuffled his way back out of the arena, his features still droopy and dragging the tip of his sword along the ground behind him for a short while before remembering that was a bad idea and sheathing the blade.

The kobold looked around at the place "This is very bad place to improvise with... Perhaps use some of the weapon lockers... There better be string around here!" He said starting to take apart any of the surroundings he could use

Carmen yawned as she woke up and sauntered out of her room. As she walked to the lounge, she noticed the dejected looking Moogle Knight walking and simply stopped and stared at it for a few moments. Then keeping a blank face, she slowly moved toward it, her bangs hiding her eyes.

Kenzo entered the arena complex and walked around, being careful to not run into anything or anyone.

Kenzo might notice some snoring coming from Rex in the arena. Apparently, he'd fallen asleep outside waiting for someone.

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