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"Sounds to me like you'd prefer to just stay at home. Anyway, shall we get outta here?"

"Yeah, sure. HUD, where am I going?" Rex said as he went to move out of the ruins.

Kenna followed Rex.

Ragnar nodded.
"Extensively, in every possible way. I have greatly increased muscle mass and bone density, two hearts, enhanced lungs, an augmetic kidney, various enhancements in my head, skin, just about everywhere you can think of. As is the case for every initiate when he is chosen to become a Space Marine, to give up his normal life in service of the Emperor of Mankind. As for the teeth and eyes, that is a trait specific to the Sons of Russ, the Space Wolves. The first step of our ascension is to drink from the Cup of Wulfen, to ingest the Canis Helix gene-seed. We are then sent out into the wilderness. If we survive the effects of the gene-seed, and all the perils of the wilds of Fenris, then our augmentation begins." He came to the bar as well and rummaged through the bottles, selecting one, and then setting it down again with a defeated expression on his face.
"Among our chapter we drink, feast and tell our tales and sagas when there is no battle to be had. When I was human... well, I don't really remember. Haven't been able to since training. But it probably involved drink too, as well as hunting, fishing, chasing after women. A typical Fenrisian boy's pursuits."

Solaris listened to Ragnar's explaination of what had been altered about him while the water boiled, her expression growing increasingly one of disbelief with every word Ragnar spoke. It sounds absurd... But it's good to know. I'll need to know where to strike, should I ever face him. "And these enhancements? The were done surgically, for the most part?" She asked after the water finished boiling, pouring the water in a cup, and dipping a tea bag in it. "And you say you've never had a moment's rest ever since becoming a... Space Marine? That sounds cruel, I must say..."

"Surgical, chemical, hypnotic and psychic therapy." He corrected Solaris. "I have had time to rest, but precious little of it. When I was at The Fang before coming here I'd been on active duty for 8 years. That is of little consequence though. Space Marines need little rest. We are perfectly engineered for battle. We are war incarnate. The Emperor's angels of death." He broke off his dark monologue with one of his wolfish grins. "And besides, I'm still a virile young lad by Adeptus Astartes standards. Barely 30 years in the chapter's service."

Finishing with moving the teabag around in the cup of water, Solaris threw the bag in a bin, added suger to the water and stirred it a bit, before turning around, and rested her left elbow on the bar counter, and resting her tilted head in the open hand, while leaning forward with subtle suggestiveness. "Hmm... That sounds as fascinating as it does terrifying, the enhancement that is. As for being a living instrument of war, well, it's not completely new to me. There are a handful of people like that on my homeworld, too." She commented, then took a small sip of her tea after blowing in the cup. "Thirty, you say? I had thought you were younger... Is decreased aging also a result of your enhancements?"

Eventually Rex and Kenna exit the arena.

"Oh yes." Ragnar chuckled. "I am only a blood claw, which is to say, the youngest and least battle tested of my chapter.Once a battle brother manages to survive that, and the weak, stupid or unlucky have been weeded out, he progresses through the different titles of the Space Wolves. It is usual for a blood claw to become a grey hunter once he has more than a century of combat experience under his belt, and long fangs are usually two or three hundred years old. It has been known for a Space Marine to live for a thousand years and still appear as demigods to the common man. Excluding those who are granted the gift of being interred in a dreeadnought, of course. Such heroes of the Imperium remain in the Emperor's service for millenia. Some say that there are dreadnoughts alive today who fought alongside the Emperor during the Horus Heresy, over ten thousand years ago." His smile slowly faded away, to be replaced by a curious, searching gaze, his eyes seeming to pierce right through Solaris.
"What kind of people are these? And what is your homeworld? I have been wondering about that." In all this, Ragnar gave no sign of a reaction to Solaris's suggestive body language, though this was not to say that he had not noticed it. Inwardly, he allowed himself another wry grin at the idea of how he might once have reacted.

"Back here again..." Kenna said, stretching.

OOC: Too late for me to be getting into any new conversations, but @Gear, if Kenna sees Solaris and Ragnar, then she would undoubtedly notice some of the wolf-based insignias and embellishments on Ragnar's armour, and of course, the massive wolf pelt that is draped on it. The wolf's head which is still attached looked like a monstrous beast with daggerlike teeth and long, pointed ears, and had to have been almost the size of a bear.

"Milenia old... My..." Solaris said as she tapped the rim of her cup, seemingly impressed. Her expression changed, however, when Ragnar looked with a piercing gaze to Solaris. Not the kind of look she was hoping to get. Questioning me, are we...? Fine, I can play this game. "State alchemists. These are alchemists who've shown exceptional talent, and were offered the chance to serve in the military in exchange for prililaged information and other such perks. They're often called "Dogs of the Military", because the military practically holds them on a leash. The types of alchemy these people practise are varied, but each is a force to be reckoned with. As for where I'm from, the country of Amestris. I doubt you'll have heard of it, considdering it's dimensions away."

Rex seemed pretty unfazed by the transition from jungle to sports arena.

Kenna noticed Rex's lack of reaction. "You been here before or something?"

"It seems pretty familiar. A little on the low-tech side, maybe. Hardly any neon lights anywhere." Rex said.

"Alchemists? I cannot say that I've met any of them before, though I've fought with the mortal armies of mankind a few times in the past. Never heard of any from other Wolves either. What kind of work is this alchemy exactly?" He was about to go on to ask what Solaris herself did for work when a thought occurred to him. Dimensions away? But that does not make sense. No other dimension can exist save that of the Warp. Certainly nothing from which any good can come, let alone humans.

"Thank god for that. My eyes would probably hurt after a while of that."

"You get used to it after a while."

"I guess..."

"The act of transmutation." Solaris answered. "I won't weigh you down with the speciffics of it all, but basically, it's taking something, and turning it into something else. Say, for example, you have water..." She began to explain, setting her cup down, and pointing a finger downwards to the tea in her cup, then moving her hand upwards with the steam rising from it. "With alchemy, you can turn it into steam." Picking her cup up again, and taking another sip, Solaris rose to her full height, then pointed to the now-unblemished wall were Ragnar had punched a hole into it, and torn the wire out. "Another example would be the repair of the wall. The blonde woman with the fedora--the one who we thought worked here?--She did that, she's an alchemist." She said, wishing to move the focus away from herself.

Ragnar followed Solaris's pointing finger, frowning as he tried to grasp the foreign concept of alchemy. Though he did not recognise it from anything he knew of the wider Imperium, there was one source from which it did sound familiar, and that was enough to set off alarm bells in his head. Servants and devotees of the Chaos god, Tzeentch, could change the laws of time and nature through dark sorceries. Using such eldritch energy to fix a wall or evaporate some water seemed a mundane thing, but dabbling in the ruinous powers was the first, fatal step to being lost to them.

"I... I see..." Ragnar muttered, visibly troubled by this.

"You don't trust alchemy?" Solaris asked after taking another sip from her tea, noting Ragnar's expression. She thought about furthering his distrust of alchemy, only held back by having told Ness Solaris used alchemy herself, and thus knew doing so a thing could easily backfire. Thinking on it more, she realized she didn't see Ness use any alchemy in her fight, while Solaris would need to rely on the lie that she practiced alchemy to be even remotely combat effective. "I don't blame you. Alchemy can lead to horrors... And such things might overshadow the good it can do in some eyes. But then again, so can a simple object such as a knife. On my world at least, however, there are strict rules governing alchemy, and those who would break it are punnished severely." She eventually settled on saying.

As the paramedics had wheeled Carmen's corpse off, Ness followed after for a bit before getting shoved off after a while. ....There goes my chance to find out how to get off this floor... She had walked back into the lounge and was drinking a glass of water before taking out her PDA and playing an arcade shooter. Despite her looking distracted, she was listening to the people around her.

Seeing Ness enter the lounge again from the corner of her eyes, Solaris looked over to her, and gave Ness a small wave accompanied by an equally small smile. Looks like you're a lucky girl. Things could've been very bad for you. Pity...

Ragnar did not look entirely convinced, though he did not look as though he was about to grab his bolter and start shooting either.
"An object such as a knife can be an instrument of the Emperor's will, or it can be a tool to carve blasphemic symbols and spill innocent blood, but there are other arts that began as chaotic, and that can never be redeemed." He asserted. "This alchemy... I confess, I do not know of it. And yes, that does worry me. Faith, duty, steel, these are all real, tangible things that I know to be right. Alchemy, Psykers, and the workings of the machine spirits... these are things that I do not understand, and I think it would be safer to leave them to people who know such things. At least it is controlled, I suppose. The type of power you describe... it does not sound like something that people should have unrestricted access to."

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Looking back to Ragnar, Solaris gave a small nod, and finished her tea before speaking. "Indeed. That the average person shouldn't have unrestricted access to alchemical knowledge is agreed on where I'm from. When I mentioned state alchemists are given access to privilaged information, the types of knowledge that could be used to do great harm if used by the wrong people is what I meant. But these are military personal, so the parralel between this, and say you using that weapon you carry can be drawn. Since I should hope a citizen wouldn't have access to such a thing." She commented, then paused. "And furthermore, alchemy isn't some occult art, it's a science." How is "faith" in any form tangible... It's a concept, nothing more.

OoC @Berk: 'Kay. Laters. \

....Another one of those guys...? Odd... Ness thought as she listened to Ragnar. Hearing Solaris, she blinked a bit. ...That's true with almost any sort of knowledge... but yeah, alchemy especially. Still, it's worth learning... is what I want to say. Her eyes flicked up from the screen to Ragnar and then back to the game ...But I'd rather not risk ending up as a splat on the wall...

Turning around, Solaris placed her empty cup in the sink, and began washing it. While she did, she glanced back to Ness. "It looks like you're more chipper. Were those few moments of sleep enough for you?" She questioned.

"Not... at all..." Ness said with a small sigh. "The commotion just jolted me up to the point that I can't fall back asleep again... So I'll just wait until I'm tired again..." She said as she looked up from the game for a moment and then looked back down, thumbs tapping rather feverishly on the PDA screen.

"Hmm... Maybe you should do something of intensity to help you get tired faster. Stay up all night like this, and it'll mess up your internal clock." Solaris suggest, turning to Ness after finishing washing her cup, putting it away, and drying her hands. "How about...? A friendly fight? Nothing serious, of course."

"Uh.... I-I'd rather not..." Ness said initially but thought for a bit afterward. Well, she's new so... If she fights with me now, at least she'd be able to not have to worry about fighting for the next week... Hopefully, she won't try to hurt me too badly... "...Actually, sure. The sooner you get the fight over with, the sooner you can relax afterward."

She stuck her PDA back into a pocket and got up off the couch, albeit a bit slowly. "You know the way to the Arena, right?"

"I appreciate you accepting. And, no. I don't. Could you tell me how to get there?" solaris asked with a smile as she walked from behind the counter and approached Ness. If I'm going to keep up this act that I'm human, I'll need to learn to minimize the ussage of my abilities. You'll be the perfect to do so with. If not... Well, I suppose I'll be left with little choice, then.

Ness smiled a small bit as she motioned for Solaris to follow her. "It's no problem. Yeah, just follow me. It isn't all that far from here." She said as she turned the corner and eventually led the other woman toward the locker rooms. "So since this is going to be friendly, I'm guessing we'll be fighting until one of us gives up or starts bleeding... more likely me since you have that regenerative alchemy. Was that what you had in mind?"

"No, not really." Solaris responded after reaching she locker rooms, shaking her head lightly as she looked around for a moment. "A hand-to-hand fight is what I had in mind, first one to hit the ground looses." She added, turning to Ness, and smiling somewhat sheepishly after a moment. "I'm not exactly a skilled fighter, you see... I've taken self defense classes, but that's it. So I'll need to hone my skills before I can even think about fighting most people here..." She explained, then blew a small sigh. "In all honesty, I'm not even sure why they bothered bringing me, of all people, here."

Ness nodded and smiled. "Ah, that's probably going to be a lot better for us then." She stretched herself out a bit before scratching the back of her head. "I'm... not really good with hand-to-hand myself, so I guess we both can help each other out in that sense... but you might be able to use other forms of alchemy to help you fight others, if you know any other types." She suggested before noting Solaris' sigh. Her expression got a bit more solemn. "I'm wondering the same thing. I loathe people fighting... but maybe it was just a case of extremely bad luck for every one in here."

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