WAOA Arena

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"Bad luck..." Solaris repleated, then scoffed lightly. "Unlikely. Luck, isn't a thing I believe in." She added, then looked to the entrance of the arena, giving no response to potentially using other forms of alchemy. "Anyway. Fighting in what I'm wearing now won't be the best idea, so, you go on ahead, I'll be with you after getting changed." With that said, Solaris walked back up the stairs, and made her way to her suite.

Ness nodded as she turned toward the entrance. You don't believe in luck...? "Alright, I'll be waiting then." As she stepped out into the Arena, she sighed a small bit. Hopefully, this won't go too badly....

Making her way back to her suite, Solaris closed the door behind her, and walked to the wardrobe, opening it and looking inside. Then, red sparks showered from her body as her clothes seemed to be absorbed into her skin, while in actuality, she was never wearing any clothes to begin with, only having altered her skin to make it look like such. Looking through the clothes in the wardrobe, Solaris put on a lowcut purple dress, still leaving her sternum exposed, reaching to above the knee with a slit on either side reaching up to the hip to alow for better movement, a pair of black slacks, a pair of red gloves, and a pair of black boots. I prefer my usual look... But I'll have to put up with this for now. She thought after giving herself a quick look over in the mirror, then left her suite again.

Making her way back to the locker room, she walked down the stairs, and entered the arena propper, wondering what the surroundings would be changed in to. "Well, then... Let's get started." With that said, Solaris assumed a battle stance, turning her body slightly so her left shoulder was facing Ness, and spreading her weight evenly by spreading her legs.

The arena was a city street, with skyscrapers and the like towering above Solaris and Ness as they faced off. A few streetlights illuminated the area, with one or two flickering occasionally under a seemingly blank night sky. As Solaris turned toward her and got into stance, Ness did the same, leading with her right foot though she hopped a bit in place. "...Right. Here we go!" With that, Ness ran forward rather quickly and swung a weak kick toward Solaris' leading shin, more to feel the woman out than anything else.

Anticipating the arena changing, Solaris wasn't too taken aback by it, keeping her eyes on Ness. When Ness ran towards Solaris, Solaris leaned backward slightly, placing her weight on her right leg. When Ness neared and made to swing her kick, Solaris pushed off with this leg, and leapt backwards by a small amount, and quickly after jumped towards the side. She was suprisingly quick on her feet.

Intending to tire the already fatigued Ness out further, rather then attack, she did nothing more for the moment, simply keeping her eyes on Ness.

With Solaris backstepping away from her kick, Ness shakily got back into her stance and moved toward Solaris once more, this time a bit slower than before. Ah... Nice dodge... And she's not attacking me back. I guess she really doesn't want to fight much after all. She calmly swung a slow but weak left jab toward Solaris' gut once she got close enough.

Seeing Ness move slower, Solaris leaned forward this time, hoping to make use of her opponent's decrease in speed to land a counter attack. Once Ness swung the punch, Solaris took a quick step to the side, and pushed off against Ness' arm. Almost imediately after this, Solaris tisted her body by a small amount, and swung a fairly quick but weak kick towards the side of Ness' knee.

Ness blinked in surprise as Solaris shoved her arm to the side and subsequently hit her in the knee. The girl's leg buckled a small bit as she was hit, but she managed to keep herself standing. "...Ow..." She mumbled to herself before she shifted back into stance. Afterward, she kicked towards Solaris' leading shin once again, using the heel of her lead foot.

Coming out of an attack, Solaris wasn't in much of a position to evade Ness' kick, and winced as she was hit. Able to keep her balance fairly well through it, only bending through her knee slightly. Solaris pushed off with left leg, and lunged forward quickly. She tried to grab Ness by the right trapezius muscle, close to the neck. If successful, she would apply a fair amount of pressure on it by pressing down with her thumb. Solaris wasn't very strong, however, not having more strength then one would expect from someone with her frame.

As Solaris lunged at her, Ness managed to react despite her fatigue. She would try to keep Solaris' arms from grabbing near her neck and then would try to push the woman away with her leading right foot once again, panting a small bit as she did. "Woah! Too close!" Ness wasn't much stronger than how she looked as well.

Solaris gritted her teeth as she was pushed back by Ness after her evading Solaris' grasp, and stumbled backwards, before making a small jump to the right, and from there, hopped forwards, and swung a right hook towards Ness' jaw, using the momentum from her jump to add some force to an otherwise weak blow.

Solaris stumbling backward had given Ness enough time to recover from breaking the hold as she managed to slide back up into a neutral position as Solaris weaved and swung her right hook. Noting the hop and the fist being swung, Ness hopped to her right to avoid the strike. Wanting to get a counter of her own, she crouched down and stuck her back leg straight out, aiming to kick Solaris in the same shin she managed to hit before. She was panting a little more as she did as her fatigue made the kick much slower than she would have liked.

Landing after hopping forward and swinging the punch, Solaris wouldn't have been in a position to evade Ness' counter, if it weren't for Ness' decreased speed as a result of her fatigue. Seeing the kick coming, Solaris pushed off the ground with the foot she landed on, and hopped to the side. From that position, when Ness kicked was held in the movement of the kick, Solaris swung a quick jab towards Ness' jugular vein, hoping to daze her with the blow.

Due to her fatigue, Ness wasn't in much of a position to block as Solaris' fist hit her dead-on. As she was already in a crouching position, Ness stumbled onto her bottom as she coughed and held her hand over her throat instinctively, trying to soothe the pain in the throat. She wasn't in any position to counter or even defend as she sat on the floor.

With the blow connecting, Solaris waved the hand with which she landed the blow twice, before rubbing the knuckles as she walked infront of Ness. "Looks like I've won." She commented, lowering her left arm, and pointing towards Ness with her right, looking down to her with something of a irate expression on her face.

After another small fit of coughing, Ness looked up at Solaris looking a bit confused at the glare she was getting before smiling. Right... People tend to not like each other after a fight... "Yep, you did. You're pretty good." She said as she slowly tried to stand herself up and wiped a bit of sweat off her brow. "Thanks by the way.... I think I'll actually be able to sleep now..." She said, extending the hand she hadn't used to wipe her sweat off toward Solaris, a bit weakly.

"Hardly... That was ridiculous" Solaris responded, sounding as annoyed as she looked. After blowing a small sigh, Solaris returned the smile, and shook Ness' hand. "Still. Thanks for the practice, and you're welcome." With that said, Solaris looked around the arena as she was delcared the victor, whereupon the surroundings reverted back to normal. After they did, Solaris looked back to Ness. "Will you need help walking?"

Ness tilted her head a bit as Solaris explained why she was so ticked. "...Ridiculous?" She nodded a it distractedly as they shook hands, but her expression changed to a more sheepish one as tried to walk and nearly stumbled, her legs feeling a bit rubbery underneath herself. "...Actually... yes. A bit of help would be nice..."

Solaris nodded, and moved Ness' arm around her shoulder to help support Ness' weight. Holding one hand on Ness' arm, and moving the other lightly around Ness' waist, she began walking towards the exit of the Arena. "Yes... Ridiculous. You were so tired, you were practically falling asleep on the spot, and still you managed to land several good blows on me." She explained, furrowing her brow. "I won because of that reason, and only that." Having trouble with a already weakened human... Disgraceful.

Ness tried to move around as best she could with Solaris' help. She managed to keep herself from stumbling too much as the duo moved along. "....Ah... Well, adrenaline will do a lot for someone when they're being threatened... Sorry about that...." She said sheepishly and apologetically as they managed to get back into the locker rooms. ...I guess she was expecting to win without much effort...

"I'll just have to try harder next time..." Solaris mumbled as she helped Ness move into the locker rooms. As they began moving up the stairs, Solaris slowed down a little to give Ness an easier time climbing up. "Oh. By the way..." She began after heading up three steps. "Is it true someone comes back to life after being killed in the arena?"

Ness slowly climbed up, managing to keep up with Solaris' slow pace. "Yes... it's true. I've gone through that a few times. It's not pleasant, as I'm sure you can imagine. You even continue to feel the pain of the killing blow landed on you once you exit that respawning machine in your room. It's surreal and creepy and just..... ugh!" Ness said, momentarily regaining a bit of life in her to shiver at the thoughts before the energy left her just as quickly as it had entered her.

"I see..." Solaris responded, looking troubled as she thought of the implications of this. It would likely seem as if the thought of still feeling the killing blow after resurrecting disturbed her. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind... This isn't something I want to go through..." She added. After reaching the top of the stairs, Solaris adjusted Ness' arm around her shoulder, and looked around. "Do you want to go back to your suite, or the lounge?"

"My suite... if it's alright with you. I'll probably be out for the rest of the day and more, and I'd like to not be woken up afterward." Ness said with a yawn cutting her off halfway. "Thanks again, Ms. Solaris. I really appreciate this..."

The locker room would be empty aside from a figure on the other side of the room. There was a lack of light around them so barely anything aside from the outline perhaps looking male would be apparent.

"Oh, you're welcome." Solaris responded with more of a warm smileas she began heading towards the suites with Ness, glancing to the figure that stood in the dark as she and Ness passed them. That wasn't there before, so it couldn't have been a manequin or the like... Hmm. Not thinking too much more on it, she continued heading towards the suites.

Well. She seems the helpful sort. Let's see where this goes. "Oh, and Vanessa?" Solaris began once they were halfway to the suites. "Might I ask if you're interested in forming an alliance? If today has shown me anything, it's that I won't be getting anywhere on my own."

As Solaris suggested the alliance, Ness seemed to think on it for a moment. ...Wait, she already tried to ally with Ms. Luna... I don't really trust that if she wasn't talking about it with her... But maybe Ms. Luna wasn't really into it...? I don't really want her to have to fend on her own... After a while, she slowly nodded. "Sure. I'll help you out the best I can."

That's that loss taken care of. "Thank you." Solaris responded with appearant gratittude in her voice. "I'll try to pull my own weight as best as I can. There are some other things I'd like to ask, but that can wait until you've slept." With that said, Solaris stopped moving, having reached the suites. "Which one is your room?"

"Room 429. Right there." Ness said, pointing at the door two down on the left from where they currently stood. "It's no problem, Ms. Solaris. I'm glad to be of help."

Solaris nodded, and moved with Ness to the door. Presumably after Ness unlocked it, she opened the door, and helped Ness get back to the bed, setting her down on it. "Well, have a good rest. Good bye." With that said, and after giving a small smile, Solaris left the room, and closed the door behind her.

Now then...

Once they would enter the doorway, Solaris would see that Ness' room was a pretty modest one with a few quirks. The walls looked to be made of steel and diagrams of inventions and theories scribbled on them with various sharpies. One wall was a large bookshelf that was filled to the brim with books, some were even strewn on the floors. There were other drawings on the walls of fantasy characters and alien-like technology. Opposite the flat, unmade bed stood a large drafting table, a computer on a metal desk to the right of it, and a small cartoonish robot to the left of it.

Ness smiled her thanks to Solaris as she was laid down and almost instantly drifted off to sleep.

The hallways would seem to be empty at the moment.

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Solaris briefly glanced at the interior of Ness' suite with mild interest, her gaze lingering on the various diagrams most of all. Once outside of the room, Solaris chuckled to herself lightly at how Ness seemed to fall asleep instantly. Not feeling nearly tired enought to head to bed herself, and curious about the shadow-veiled figure she saw earlier, Solaris made her way back to the locker room, and looked around.

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The diagrams Solaris would have seen were mostly abstract ideas of things like traveling across dimensions, string theory, and time travel.

As Solaris made it back to the locker room, she'd see the figure was still there, not having moved much from its previous location. It made no reaction to Solaris' entrance once she walked in, even if she made herself largely pronounced.

Seeing the figure didn't seem to have moved, Solaris looked a but curiously. After looking at them for a while didn't prompt any reaction, Solaris moved closer to where it stood, her slitted pupils widening to ovals as her eyes adjusted to the drop change in lighting. Is he asleep there? "Hello?" She said to announce her presence as she approached the figure.

As Solaris's eyes adjusted to the light, she'd see the figure looked like a large sculpture made of goo. As she spoke to it, it bubbled and wiggled a bit before it stretched awkwardly to 'look' at her, empty eyes blinking as she tilted her head. "...Hello?"

Seeing the figure, and what it was made of, Solaris furrowed her brow, wondering what the slime was, exactly, and how it was held together. While her initial thought were that the slime creature was a result of an alchemical experiment gone wrong, she heard enough stories of things from other dimensions to not view this as the only explaination. "Why are you standing in the dark like this? Furthermore, who and what are you?" She questioned, taking a step back.

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