WAOA Arena

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Carmen growled as she managed to hold Kenna's claws back before they tore too deeply into her sternum. Grappling the wolfgirl, hands interlocked, she stood back up as the two were in a deadlock. Carmen stared directly at Kenna, eyes half lidded as her gritted teeth eventually turned into a smirk. She lightly liked her lips. "...I think I'm starting to fall for you, dear..." She whispered softly. If Kenna looked into her eyes again, the feeling of submitting to her would return.

"Well, as I said, I thought the silver-haired woman was dead, and that would've dropped the number of people who don't use them." Solaris explained after initially humming questioningly in response. "In the short time I've been here, I've seen three people with a gun, against two who don't, myself included in the second catagory. And besides, they may have agreed to a friendly fi--" Near the sentance, Solaris trailed off upon seeing Kenna try to eviscerate Carmen. "Never mind that..."

Kenna stood up with Carmen, claws still in the succubus. Her head was down, but as Carmen spoke, Kenna looked up just for a split second to flash Carmen a psychotic smirk. Her eyes were wide open, and her pupils were the size of pinpricks. "Sorry, you're not my type." She turned her hands so that her claws were facing upwards, then slashed upwards, aiming to hook her claws under Carmen's ribcage.

Feeling the claws twist in her gut, Carmen grunted and clamped down her grip using her full strength to keep Kenna's arm where it was and eventually trying to pull it out, the claw still ripping tissue out of her. She sighed a bit before smiling back. "That's a shame. That look in your eyes is getting me all hot..." She said smiling back, her pupils getting just as intense. As she held Kenna's arm back, a magic circle opened up in front of the open part of her palm, aimed down toward Kenna's feet. "7th Circle...:" The circle glowed for a moment before shooting a blast of demonic energy straight toward Kenna's feet. "Violence!"

Regardless of if it hit or not, the blast would kick up a lot of dust and blow a small hole in the ground. Afterward, Carmen would try to fly up several feet in the air under the smokescreen, flapping her wings steadily as blood dripped from the hole in her stomach. She held a hand over it and sighed to herself. I wanted to try and not use this... but my hand's been forced...

Pix leaned back as she noticed the intensity intensifying. "...Yeah, that's... not friendly in any sense... Though it looks like someone knows magic after all..." Not good... "Who else did you see who used a gun?"

Kenna was thrown back by the energy blast, landing roughly a shot way off. She stood slowly, nursing her now limp left arm and struggling to stay upright. She looked for Carmen through the dust, her ears shifting into canine ears.

Solaris scowled upon seeing Carmen rip Kenna's claws from her abdomen, and to keep up the act of being meek and new to bloodshed, looked partially away from the screen, turning her head to the left and lowering it slightly. Her hair hung in a way that obscured Solaris' face to Pix. "Yes... It's safe to say this escelated greatly..." Well, well, well. She commented as she watched, taking note of everything going on. To be so fierce, when she lost so much blood... It's enough to make me wish I didn't change allies when there was still a doubt in my mind. Oh well. "As for others who use guns, some man with prostettic arms, a blonde woman, and a juggernaught of a man."

Carmen continued to hover above as the smoke cleared, a magic circle beginning to form underneath her feet. The flapping of Carmen's wings would give Kenna a pretty good read on where the succubus was flying, about 10 ft. up and noticeably distanced from her. Her flying continued to hold steady though the succubus looked fatigued by the damage she had taken. Noticing Kennas soul through the smoke, she smiled to herself ...Alright... what will you do now, dear?

As Solaris looked away, Pix blinked a bit. "....Oh... are you squeamish? ...Jeez, I didn't think people were this brutal." She tilted her head a bit as she gave out the list of gunners in the group. "...A juggernaut? With a gun? ...Oh boy..."

Hearing Carmen's wings flapping, Kenna looked around, zeroing in on her position. Using her good arm, she reached down to her leg and drew her pistol, firing at the approximate location of the succubus. Between the smoke obscuring her vision, her injured state, and her naturally mediocre marksmanship, most of the bullets would be way off, but it was more to harass Carmen and force her to the ground.

As Kenna opened fire, Carmen scoffed and flapped downward, landing onto the ground as the bullets whizzed overhead. The circle under her feet completed as she sighed to herself. "5th Circle:... Anger!" The demoness' dagger glowed brightly for a moment before a circle slowly moved outward from it horizontally, created a red blade of energy that seemed to pulse as Carmen wielded it. She slowly made her approach forward as the smoke began to clear, still holding her hand over the wound and wincing at the pain as her blood left a sparse black trail behind her.

Hearing Carmen land, Kenna holstered her pistol, then watched the succubus walk towards her as the smoke began to clear. Kenna slowly walked backwards, waiting for Carmen to make the first move.

"I've seen horrible accidents and dead bodies before when I was still a reporter, so I've soon some blood, but this was always from afar, with police tape between me and it. When it's so close to home...? Yes, I'm supose I am. I'm not a fighter, I don't have the stomach for these kinds of things." Solaris answered while watching the fight. "The fact that it could be me in their position isn't helping..."

Seeing Kenna draw her pistol, Solaris looked towards Pix, putting on something of a horrified face. Although it was hard to notice, Solaris' eyes didn't quite match the expression she was faking, as they were too still and focused. "It looks like that makes four people with a gun..." She said before looking back to the screen and lowering her head to obscure her face again.

Seeing Kenna back off, Carmen raised her sword into the air and then slashed it forward along the ground. A small torrent of demonic energy sped across the ground toward Kenna, only being as tall as the average table. The wave was still rather speedy and would hurt quite a bit once it hit.

Pic raised an eyebrow as she noticed Solaris' eyes. You don't seem that surprised... "...Right. Just another person to keep an eye on..." Pix sighed, rubbing the back of her head and producing a somewhat soft rubbery sound as she did. "...I'm sorry to hear you've been stuck into this position. ...Maybe I can try to help you out a bit when you fight?"

Seeing the energy wave, Kenna tried jumping to the side, but was slowed by her injuries and the wave hit her. She fell, writhing.

"What do you mean by that?" Solaris questioned, looking towards Pix briefly, with something of a quizical expression, both brought about by Pix's offer, and the noise she produced, before looking back to the screen. "Help, as in fight beside me?"

Seeing Kenna fall, Solaris blew a soft sigh. "Looks like it'll be over soon..."

Seeing Kenna fall, Carmen's face stayed neutral as she repeated her action sending another wave of energy at the woman writhing on the ground. As she slashed, the glow of her sword dimmed noticeably. That should be it... But those eyes... She stumbled a bit after the spell, the blood loss getting to her now as the adrenaline in her body began to wane.

Pix nodded a small bit. "Yeah, just that. It may seem weird but I can act like armor for you. You felt how I can harden up right?" Looking to the screen, she shook her head. "Don't count anyone out till they're actually out."

Kenna managed to force her body to stay still, and saw the other energy wave rushing towards her. Thinking quickly, she rolled out of the way, nearly screaming when she had to put pressure on her injured arm. Taking advantage of the stability her position offered, she drew her gun again, firing at Carmen. It was still not pinpoint accurate by any means, but it was better than her last volley.

"I said soon, not right now. The state those two are in, this shouldn't last much longer then five minutes. After that, they'll have bled to death..." Solaris commented, shaking her head. Upon hearing Pix's offer, Solaris looked to her curiously. She still kept up the horrified look, although it had diminished by a large amount. "Really? You can do that?" She questioned, then stood up and approached Pix. "Could you show me?"

Still being wary of Kenna and hearing her scream, Carmen cursed under her breath and brought her sword up in front of her. A small magical barrier formed in front of her as the volley was fired off, a few bullets passing through it due to Carmen's waning condition. A bullet pegged her in the shin and she limped a small amount, growling as she flapped her wings and began to fly at Kenna, keeping her barrier up.

Pix nodded as her form melted back into more of a goop and flung out suddenly at Solaris. If allowed, the slime would wrap around her, though she'd feel that she was being wrapped in a warm blanket more than a slime. Eventually, it would form into a suit of gel armor with Pix's face becoming prominent on the breastplate.

Kenna kept firing, aiming for Carmen's wings and slowly struggling to stand.

Carmen began to fly strafing around Kenna as she closed in to avoid taking too many bullets up front, the rest pinging on her barrier. After a moment or two, she lowered the barrier and slashed another wave of energy at Kenna and flew low to the ground behind it. Her vision began to dim a small bit as she gritted her teeth.

Solaris didn't move as pix flung herself at her. Once Pix molded herself around Solaris' body, she couldn't help but chuckle at the odd sensation. Once Pix molded herself around Solaris completely, and hardened herself, Solaris looked down, and tapped Pix. "Protective and comfortable. I could get used to this." She commented with something of a joking tone. "If you could join me like this every so often, I'd greatly appreciate it." And if you think to try and harm me in this state? Well, there will be a unpleasant suprise waiting for you then.

Kenna rolled to the side again, just barely dodging the energy wave, but dropping her pistol in the process. Seeing that Carmen was headed straight for her, she shifted both arms into claws, aiming to slash Carmen to ribbons when she got in range.

As she got close and saw Kenna dodge roll once again, Carmen slid and changed directions. She then slashed forward, sending a wave of energy through the air toward Kenna before stopping a few feet away from where Kenna was originally. The glow to her sword had dissipated once the slash ended and the dagger reverted back to its normal form.

Pix chuckled a bit and nodded. "Yeah, no problem! I'm happy to help."

OoC: Night. Don't care who wins.

Kenna moved again, getting out of the way of the wave. Deciding to end this now, she used the last of her strength to jump a coupled of meters into the air, aiming to slash Carmen on the way down. She landed the hit, slicing a gaping, fatal wound down Carmen's chest, then fell backwards as the arena deconstructed and the medics arrived.

OoC: What a coincidence, I'm off too. Night.

"I'll still try my best at avoiding hits when you're with me. I wouldn't want you to get hurt because of me." Solaris said with a small smile as she looked down to Pix, looking somewhat curious as Pix nodded. "How much blows can you take like this, though?" Turning to look to the screen again, Solaris seemed to looked away sharply and held a closed fist infront of her mouth upon seeing Kenna carve Carmen's open. Clinging to Solaris' body, Pix might feel Solaris' heartrate didn't increase as one would expect of someone who had been shocked.

OoC: That makes three. .o.

"A lot more than you're thinking. A loooot more." Pix replied with a chuckle. Solaris might note that the chuckle seemed a bit forced as Pix noticed tat Solaris' heartrate wasn't as high as the woman made it seem like it should be. ....So she's not really worried, huh? Might mean this is all a big front or her heartrate is reeeeeally slow... But I really doubt the second option there... "Well, let's maybe try this relationship out?"

After a while, Vanessa would walk into the lounge and give Solaris a small wave, blinking as she noticed the gel covering her. "Um..... What is that stuff on you? An alchemical byproduct?"

After the fight, Carmen tumbled out of her machine and clutched her chest, sighing a bit as she did. Ugh... I really shouldn't have played around so much... But either way, a loss is a loss...

Solaris nodded slightly, running a hand through her hair. While noting Pix's forced chuckle, she didn't think much on it. "I wouldn't mind giving it a try, but who to fight? Even with you with me, I'd really rather not fight that psycopath of a beastwoman..." She commented. When Ness came in, however, Solaris added, "Well. That's that dilema settled."

Turning to Ness, Solaris returned the wave. "Hello, Vanessa. Awake already? And no. This is... Well, let's not ruin the suprise." She said, tapping onto the Pix-breastplate slightly.

Pix giggled a small bit as she was tapped on but did nothing else as she looked toward Ness, though the face on the plate had seemingly vanished. Hearing the giggle, Ness thought it to be her imagination and sighed as she walked over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. "...No, I'm not really awake... I just wanted to get something to drink." Ness scratched the back of her head a bit as she unscrewed the cap. "...A surprise?" ...I'm not really looking forward to finding out what that is. It looks icky...

"Yes. It's a little something to move the odds in my favour in battle." Solaris responded, clasping her hands infront of herself. She humed softly, before tilting her head slightly. "If you haven't had enough sleep, I suppose you wouldn't want to humour me with another practice battle?"

Lapis then entered the lounge, followed shortly behind by another figure. The figure following behind her was quite small in comparison to Lapis, only standing about 3 and a half feet tall, and was overall quite less humanoid in appearance compared to her. The creature had canine features, a long face, large, droopy ears, and a tail, along with a white tuft of fur covering the top of its head, and fur of a more sandy tone covering it's tail. All of it's other features were covered up by it's clothing, which consisted of a set of fanciful robes.

Lapis and her companion stopped and waved to those that were in the lounge. "How do you all do?"
The creature beside Lapis seemed absorbed with reading a book that it had carried in with it at the moment, and failed to speak up.

Ness waved a little lazily toward Lapis and her companion. "....A little" -yawn- "...tired, but alright... May I ask who you are...? I don't think we've met..." Looking back to Solaris, the woman shook her head as she took a small sip from the bottle. "Right... Hopefully that.... gel will be of help to you. I'll help you test that out once I've actually gotten some rest, if you haven't already..."
She tilted her head a small bit as she noticed the smaller person stuck with its nose in its book.

A gooey hand extended from the center of Solaris' breastplate and waved at Lapis and her buddy silently before retracting back inside.

"I haven't, yet. But alright." Solaris said to Ness with a small nod, giving her a small smile after.

Once Lapis and her companion made their way to the lounge, Solaris moved her gaze from Ness, to the duo, and raised an eyebrow quizically at the sight of the two. "Hello again. I'm doing well." She said, looking to Laspis specifically, then to the smaller induvidual reading the book. "I haven't seen you before. Are you new here?" She questioned.

Again, Lapis, and likely her companion as well, would feel uncomfortable around Solaris at the inhuman pressence she emitted, although the exact reason for this apprehension would be unclear to them.

The smaller creature continued to be consumed by his book until Lapis gently poked him in the side with the butt of her staff. "Hmm? Oh, yes, right, introductions and all of that. You may all address me as Luistorg. I'm afraid I was recently brought here, same as the rest of you." He replied, shutting his book and holding it to his side as he introduced himself. Luistorg was preoccupied with looking at Ness, though Lapis took notice of the gooey hand seeming to grow out of Solaris' chest and wave to her. Her head tilted quizzically to the side and she raised on eyebrow in response, caught off guard by the action and the resulting attention it drew to the slime-covered Solaris. Lapis shuddered and clutched her staff tightly as she felt a tingle run down her spine from looking at Solaris.

Looking over to Solaris, his reply was, "My goodness madam! You appear to have been accosted by a Flan! Perhaps you would like to take a moment to adjourn to the washroom?" The only discomfort Luistorg seemed to show regarding Solaris was obviously due to her current appearance.

"A flan?" Solaris questioned, looking somewhat confused. "I can safely say this isn't a dessert clinging to me." Although I don't doubt Gluttony would see her like that. "No, this is... Well, let's call it an experiment for now." She responded, then paused. "Oh, and I'm Solaris."

Solaris considdered challanging either Lapis, or her companion, now identifiable as Luistorg, now that Pix would be taking the blows for her, but held off on it for the moment. She noticed Lapis tensing up out of the corner of her eye, but said nothing on it, having a good enough idea of what caused it.

Ness gave both Lapis and Luistorg a small wave. "Nice to meet you both. I'm Vanessa, though people call me Ness. So... how... loo---" She said before eventually finally getting too sleepy to speak and ended up falling over to the side and, luckily, onto a waiting couch. She slept silently for a long period of time.

As Luistorg equated her to something that needed to be washed off, Solaris' gel suit quivered a bit angrily as Pix fought the urge to verbally tear into the small creature. However, regaining her composure, she sighed internally and the gel stopped vibrating.

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