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Luistorg shook his head at Solaris. "No, not a dessert flan, a Flan monster." He put his book in a pocket of his robes, then reached into another and drew another one, this one bound with leather with the image of a fierce creature depicted on the cover. With practiced manner, Luistorg opened the book and quickly thumbed through it. Finding the page he was looking for, he held it out for Solaris to see. The page the book had been turned to had a picture of a blob-like creature. Having been busying himself with his book, he once again failed to notice the slime covering Solaris doing anything.

"Nasty creatures. They debilitate their victims with slime or oil released from their bodies before they move in to kill. I hate having to hunt the things, you so rarely get away without needing your robes specially cleaned." Luistorg explained. "Though you say it's an experiment, what kind of experiment?"

Lapis had decided to leave Luistorg to his own devices for the moment and walked across the lounge, away from Solaris and over towards Jerrog, who was seeming to kill time by counting the various objects in the satchel he kept by his side.

As Pix began vibrating while clinging to her, Solaris couldn't help but chuckle at the sensation, biting down on her lip slightly to not do so out loud. Once Luistorg stowed the book he was carrying away, and retrieved a new one, Solaris leaned forward and looked towards the illustration Luistorg presented with feigned interest. "I see." She responded, before rising back to her full height. "As for what I meant by it being experiment, this slime covering me will absorb blows dealt to me, like a suit of armour. How well, I'm not sure yet." She explained, looking down to Luistorg, then paused a moment. "Hmm. Would you mind helping me test it by having a friendly fight?"

"Seems like quite the hazardous experiment." Luistorg replied, closing the book and stowing it back within his robes. "Though I'm afraid I'm not much of a fighter, at least in the one-on-one sense. Would you object to me having a partner? You could bring someone else along if you would allow me the same courtesy."

"Well, I wouldn't object to it. However, my partner isn't in very much of a fighting state..." Solaris responded, motioning over to the sleeping Ness, then looked back down to Luistorg, pausing for a momentas she thought. Although there is that tart... She has no way of knowing I replaced her moments after her appearant death. "Hmm. Let me try and find someone else to fight by my side. Excuse me." With that said, Solaris left the lounge.

After the arrival sequence or whatever, a man began wandering around the Arena. He stood approximately 6' tall, with a broad chest. His almost grey eyes slowly moved from side to side, and would fixate on any sign of movement or life.

"Hello, sir. Pleasure to see someone else here. Such a strange place." said Mordin Solus.

The man stopped and stared at Mordin. "Yes, it is... what is this place, exactly?"

"Appears to be some form of arena. Likely still in use, but not recently." Mordin said as he tapped his finger against his lip.

The man raised an eyebrow. "An arena? Interesting."

"Yes, wonder what kind of sport or even is held here. No seating in sight, very strange. Perhaps seating is hidden? But why? Safty? *inhale* Perhaps." Mordin said, mostly to himself.

"Right... So, is there anyone else here?" the man asked.

" Maybe. Maybe being watched right now. Suggest we leave. "

"Sounds like a good idea." the man said, looking over his shoulders for any cameras or people.

Mordin looked around for some doors and saw some, so he went to leave.

The man followed Mordin.

" Careful. No telling what is around here. " Mordin said as he drew a small sub machine gun and entered the locker rooms.

The man continued following Mordin, keeping his eyes peeled for any threats.

"You have a name?" Mordin asked as he silently moved along, seeming to be old hat at sneaking around.

"Horst. You?" the man replied. Unlike Mordin, sneaking was obviously not a skill that this man used regularly, if at all.

Bruce, having rested for what seemed like days, was now once again wandering the facility. He opened the door to the locker room and was thoroughly surprised and shocked to be met by an alien holding a gun against him. His helmet was hanging on his belt, but he still wore his armour and weaponry.

"Easy, don't want to hurt you it I don't have to." Mordin said to Bruce as he suddenly showed up. Mordin made no effort to lower his gun, seeing how armed Bruce was.

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Horst stopped and looked at Bruce. "Who are you?" he asked, eyes narrowing suspiciously.

Bruce glanced from Mordin to the gun, then over to Horst, before swallowing and answering.
"I'm not exatl'y known for tellin' my name to strangers. 'Least not when there's a gun aimed at me, mate. How about you lower the boomstick, and then we can get all friendly like." - His voice was fairly even and while speaking he slowly pulled his left arm up against his stomach.

"Name not important right now. Why are you here? Why are we here? Would like very much to hear an answer." Mordin said without lowering his gun.

"I'm sure you would, mate! S'why you should get that outta my face. Me brain gets oddly preoccupied in the face of death." Bruce stared at the gun as he said this, nearly going cross-eyed. He also edged backwards to put some more space between himself and the gun.

Mordin slowly lowered his gun after that. "Very well. But I will use it if I must."

Horst took a few steps back from Bruce and said, "Him putting the gun away doesn't make you any safer. So just answer and then maybe you'll be less likely to die."

"Ain't much use carryin' it otherwise, am I right?" - As Mordin lowered the gun, Bruce lit up, becoming a tad cheery. That cheer then pushed back down by Horst's death threat. "Easy now mate, I ain't carryin' all this gear for show. Now far as I can tell this place here is an arena of some sort. I wager you two got teleported in outta thin air?"

"Telaportation? Would make sense, only no such technology exists, to my knowledge. How could something like that be done? Well versed in theories, formulas, nothing ever proven, not successful, not convincing *inhale* but still..." Mordin said, going on and muttering a bit to himself even as he kept watch over Bruce.

"Yeah, that sounds about right." Horst said, still obviously wary.

"So was I, and the others who I've met. 'Parrently we gotta fight eachother in that big arena you lads came from. Now it ain't all bad, there's a fine bar up this way." Bruce nodded over his shoulder, turning to walk towards the lounge, looking back at the other two to see that they followed him.

"Seems suspicious. Too dangerous, I think. Too dangerous, too many variable." Mordin said as he did not move or look away from Bruce.

"Your loss. I'm gonna go get something myself." - With that, Bruce walked away. He headed to the lounge, got a beer, then headed for his own room.
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"Hmm. What do you think?" Mordin asked Horst.

As Solaris walked out, she'd see Carmen walking toward the lounge, looking a little more humble and lightly rubbing her chest distractedly. Noticing other footsteps in the room and looking up to see Solaris covered in Pix, she tilted her head. "....Odd, when did you pick up your little leech?" She asked, poking at Pix's form. Pix vibrated a bit again, getting slightly pissed off again.

As Solaris left, Ness would continue to sleep on the couch, her water bottle now draining onto the floor. She'd eventually begin to curl up, her hand moving to press her fedora down on her head instinctively as she turned a bit in her sleep.

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