WAOA Arena

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After she exited the lounge, Solaris stopped walking, and crossed her arms upon running into Carmen. She opened her mouth and looked to be about to speak, when Pix vibrated, this causing a delay as Solaris smiled at the feeling. "Well, hello to you too." She said casually. "You're looking rather lively for someone who died, practically twice in a row. And she can answer your question herself." She added, looking down to Pix near the end.

Carmen looked away from Solaris, an obviously annoyed expression on her face. "...Right. While one of those deaths was intentional, there was no excuse for the other happening." Damn wolf... She said before looking to Pix. As Solaris gave her the cue, Pix looked up at her as her head formed out of the breastplate.

"Y'know, you were supposed to deny the whole leech thing." The slime girl said indignantly before looking to Carmen still just as annoyed with her. "Anyways, we teamed up a while ago. I'm helping her out so she doesn't have to worry about getting too roughed up." She said nonchalantly. Carmen raised an eyebrow before looking up to Solaris. "So you went and joined up with someone else, hm?"

Aww~ Did I hit a nerve? Solaris thought while supressing a smirk as Carmen looked a away.

"Terribly sorry. I just thought you'd prefer to do so yourself, rather then have someone do it for you." She said to Pix with something of a sheepish smile. Looking back up to Carmen, Solaris shook her head lightly. ""Joining up" would suggest a mutually beneficial relationship, whereas here, she's just being nice." She stated, then looked to Carmen with half-lidded eyes and a small pout. "But even if I did, you can't realistically blame me. I thought you died, and corpses don't make for very good allies."

"...Understood... on all of those points." I was acting like that fox would be... no more of that... Carmen growled under her breath as she looked toward Solaris. "Either way, it seemed like you were looking for me. What is it, dearest ally of mine?"

Pix shrugged a small bit, her arms rising out of the breastplate to do so, causing the gel around Solaris to show signs of thinning out a bit. "Sure, but I actually don't want to be known as being a living thing... at least not to anyone aside from the loony turtle we met back there. It'll get me out of having to fight more than I need to... though I'll more than likely want to more often than not."

"I did." Solaris said to Carmen with a small nod. "Someone suggested a two-on-two fight. Seems like a good oppertunity to make use of this little alliance of ours." She answered, then turned around and began walking back to the lounge, motioning for Carmen to follow.

As she walked, Solaris glanced down to Pix, although not enough that she could no longer see where she was going. "That was a tortoise, not a turtle."

Pix blew a sigh as her form melted back into the gel suit, causing it to thicken back up to normal consistency. "It's green and has a shell, close enough on all fronts for me." She said nonchalantly, her mouth now fading into the breastplate before making it look like a normal suit once again.

Carmen sighed and nodded. "Very well... Let's be off then. I'm rather eager to redeem myself..."
She said, walking alongside Solaris, her left hand resting on her left hip and tail arcing upward.

Solaris chuckled lightly in response to Pix, looking up again, before glancing towards Carmen as the two walked alongside eachother. "Oh. By the way, you wouldn't happen to have a weapon I could borrow, would you?" She asked with a small smile.

Carmen looked over and casually snapped a finger before a red whip appeared in her hands after a small puff of black smoke. She cracked it once and the sound echoed through the hallway before it seemed to roll up on its own as the succubus handed it to Lust.

Just then, Pix rippled a bit her face reemerging. "You've got me, lady! You don't need stupid fetish stuff! Did you not see that sweet-ass drilling I did!?" Though it didn't get us much of anywhere...
Carmen scoffed a bit in response. "Your sexual likes aside, dear, a weapon is a weapon."

"It does seem suspicious. I'd like to find out more." Horst said, before following Bruce into the lounge.

Solaris looked somewhat curiously as Carmen cracked the whip, and took it when handed to her, running a gloved finger along the material. "I've never handled a whip before, so I'll more then likely end up lashing at myself with it." She said mostly speaking to herself. "Although, I assume this isn't quite a normal whip, correct?" She asked next, looking to Carmen.

Once Pix's face re-emerged, Solaris looked down to her. "But your functioning as a weapon, as well as armour would reduce the effectiveness of either, wouldn't it?"

As Horst followed Bruce into the lounge, Solaris glanced at the two as they passed her. Another new arival? More people to stand in my way... How annoying.

" No better way to find out, I suppose. " Mordin said. When they reached the lounge, Mordin saw Ness in a couch and went over to her to see if she was just sleeping, our if something was wrong.

"Yes, it's not. You won't need to worry too much about hurting yourself with it. Simply keep your mind on your target and the weapon will do the rest of the work for you." Carmen stated as she continued walking, keeping her voice low enough to not be overheard by others.

Pix sighed once again. "Sure, but it's not like we're gonna get blindsided. I can harden up pretty quick." She replied before having her face melt back into the breastplate. Carmen silently shook her head as she continued.

Ness was peacefully asleep, hand still holding her hat on her head. As Mordin checked on her, she mumbled a small bit as he got close and turned away from him.

Horst walked over to Ness and cleared his throat loudly.

"I'll be sure to keep tha in mind. Thanks for lending it." Solaris said to Carmen with what appeared to be a grateful smile. Carmen might see it was forced, however, as the muscles elsewhere in Solaris' face didn't move as they would with a genuine smile.

"Well, then, it'll simply be one more advantage. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I'm taking every bit of help I can get." She said to Pix, speaking with a lowered voice outside the lounge, and entering after her response, looking around. "Now, then..."

Mordin allowed Horst to try and wake Ness as he backed up and left his gun at his side for now.

In the dormitory, Ragnar's door was ajar, and inside the room the sound of muttered prayer could be heard. The light was low and flickered oddly. If anyone was to look in they'd find that he had removed the lightbulbs from every light fixture and jammed in a number of candles that he'd found somewhere. Now he knelt by the bed, a hulking figure in the low light even with his head bowed and one hand resting reverentially against his forehead. His helmet was sitting on the bed in front of him with his bolter and chainsword, and his red hair lay unbound across his broad shoulders.

Carmen sighed a bit as Solaris forced a smile at her and she noticed the few things in the woman's face being off. "If you don't want it or feel you need it, simply drop it. You need not try so hard with your charade." She said, not seeming angered by the gesture as the duo turned inside.

Pix made no reply as Solaris walked into the lounge.

Ness continued to sleep despite Horst, only shifting a bit more to try and drown out the noise.

Horst kicked the couch hard. "Hey! Wake up!"

Once his prayers were completed, Ragnar got to his feet and sheathed his chainsword, clipped his helmet to his belt and picked up his bolter. Snuffing out each of the candles, he went out into the hallway and headed for the lounge.

Solaris briefly glanced towards Carmen with a raised eyebrow, before looking straight ahead again, and shrugging lightly. "Again, I don't know what you're talking about."

While still holding the whip in her right hand, Solaris wrapped her arms around her waist and looked to Horst forcedly trying to wake Ness up. "My. How impolite." She said casually.

Mordin continued to wait for Horst to do his thing.

"Another fine day in this Warp-wrought prison." Ragnar remarked dryly as he strolled into the lounge. "How are my fellow inmates today?" He was grinning, but his voice was brittle and the grin was clearly somewhat forced, more a bearing of his fangs than anything.

Ness let out a small shriek as the couch was kicked and she was shoved onto the floor by the force of the kick. She groaned and awoke, her eyes bloodshot due to the lack of sleep she was able to get along with the rude awakening she'd just received. ...I really should've stayed in my room... She rubbed her eyes for a while and looked up at Horst blankly. ".....Yes?"

Carmen shrugged in response herself. "I won't press on it further. I just hope once you're forced to drop the act, it won't be overly brutal for you." She said softly, looking forward. Seeing Ness getting tossled around, she let out a small chuckle. Looking to Ragnar, Carmen waved casually in response.

"Your concern is touching, if misplaced." Solaris casually responded to Carmen, brushing off the comment entirely.

Once Ragnar entered the lounge, Solaris first looked over her shoulder, then turned to face him, giving a small wave. Her body was still covered in the green slime suit that was Pix. "I'm doing well enough, considdering."

Mordin gave Ness a smile and wave before looking over to Ragnar, eying him with clear uneasiness.

"I was wondering if you could tell me what's going on here." Horst said, before looking up at Ragnar warily.

Ragnar scanned lazily over the room before turning to Horst. "Not much. You've been transported to an arena in..." Suddenly his attention snapped back to Carmen, and just as quickly to Mordin. Reflexively his bolter came up, but he stopped himself before it reached his shoulder, remembering his promise not to attack anyone outside of the arena.

"What... you... impossible!" He exclaimed, eyes wide. "I saw you die, right in front of me!" This was obviously directed at Carmen.

Carmen idly scratched the back of her head, not seeming all that phased by Ragnar's surprise and booming exclamation. "Ah, they probably should have mentioned that. But when you die in this arena or even in this residential area, you're brought back to life via some machine in your room." She explained, sighing a small bit before cracking a small smile at Ragnar. "You say that as if you missed me. I'm flattered~!" She said, placing a hand on her chest and smiling widely, though it would be very hard to tell if she was mocking him or being sincere.

Ness blinked blankly and froze up for a few moments after Ragnar screamed. Looking back to Horst, she sighed. "You've been transported to an arena to fight for bloodsport and the like. At the end of this tournament, the rank #1 fighter gets to leave and have one wish of their granted." She said, letting out a long yawn afterward and nearly falling asleep after the short explanation. "....Leaderboards... are around here somewhere."

Mordin cautiously moved away from Ragnar as he seemed to be quite unstable.

With Carmen in conversation with Ragnar, Solaris moved to a free couch, and sat down with crossed legs. She momentarily looked to Luistorg and thought to challange him once more, but refrained from doing so upon seeing he was wholly absorbed in a book. Blowing a small sigh, Solaris looked down to Pix. "And there we have our juggernaut. As I'm sure you've seen." She said with a hushed voice that would likely go completely unnoticed by those not within a few steps of Solaris due to the various people speaking in the lounge. Looking back up, Solaris glanced towards Mordin and Horst, looking the two over carefully.

"You have yet to explain your daemonic appearance!" Ragnar growled at Carmen. He had noticed the machine in his room but had no understanding how the working of such devices, and so had left it alone. That it could bring the dead back to life was... unnerving. When Mordin moved it caught Ragnar's attention again, and he turned his fierce yellow eyes on him.
"What must one do to challenge another to combat in the arena?" He asked to no one person in particular, teeth gritted.

"Well, that sounds just great..." Horst sighed, before pointing at Ragnar. "What he asked. How do these fights get set up?"

Carmen looked up at Ragnar's angry face, blinking blankly. "Just ask, dear. Or wait for the big voices from above to force you to fight. Either or." Carmen said casually. "As for my appearance, it's because I'm a demon. I apologize for being so difficult hand about it before." She continued. "To be precise, I'm a succubus."

The gel around Solaris seemed to move up and down slowly in response to what Solaris had said, seeming to come the closest to a nod Pix could muster without having her head stick out of the gel suit.

Ness simply nodded in response to what Carmen had said before slowly rising to her feet and trying to half-sleepwalk her way out of the lounge. She mumbled "Excuse me." to who she bumped into as she moved out of the lounge and toward her room.

Mordin was really starting to feel uncomfortable as he slightly adjusted his grip on the gun in his hand. "I hope I haven't done anything to offend you. If I have, please accept my apologies." he said, thinking it would be far better to appease the big guy rather than do anything else.

Listening to Carmen's response to Ragnar, Solaris raised an eyebrow. A demon? I wasn't expecting that, I must say. Her gaze drifting between Ragnar and Mordin, Solaris blew a small sigh, somewhat disappointed that Ragnar hadn't opened fire yet. Standing up again, Solaris walked to Mordin's side, into his field of vision. "You know, you'll have to fight someone sooner or later. You might as well get it over with." She commented.

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