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"Not as difficult as I'm about to be about it." Ragnar replied with a vicious smile, fangs glinting for Carmen's benefit. With that said, he turned his attention to Mordin.
"Your very existence is an offense, xenos abomination. I would purge you both right here, right now, but I swore not to raise a hand in anger where it could risk innocents. I challenge you both to combat in the arena, where I can bring down the Allfather's wrath on you as is right."

"Right. Let's be off then." Carmen said, turning toward the Arena without another word, the smile gone from her face and replaced with a darker expression. A shame you're on this self-righteous tick of yours... I probably won't be the one to kill you, but it will be the death of you...

Mordin's eye flicked from Solaris to Ragnar and back several times. "Seems foolish to accept, so I will not. Fighting presents nothing but danger with no reward, therefore, not worth it."

Ragnar levelled his bolter at Mordin.

"I'd like to remain a man of my word, but my duty as an Adeptus Astartes takes precedence above all else. In here, or out there, it's your choice." Seeing that Carmen had accepted the challenge he grunted and nodded without looking away from Mordin.
"A moment, daemon. I have not forgotten you."

"That might apply normally, but not here." Solaris responded as she brought an index finger to the left corner of her lip. "As I said, you have to fight, for more reasons then one..." With that said, Solaris paused to let her words sink in, her eyes drifting to Ragnar, then Carmen storming off. She momentarily thought to join Carmen, just to stay on her good side, but quickly decided against it. This should be interesting. Seeing Ragnar raise his bolter at Mordin, Solaris moved away, towards the bar, while supressing a smirk.

Horst looked at Mordin and said, "Well, that's not exactly true. The girl with the hat said the top-ranked fighter gets to leave, and gets a wish granted. That seems like a pretty good reward to me."

"Most unfortunate." Mordin said before rolling behind some cover (meaning the couch Ness was sleeping on) and trying to shoot Ragner in the head.

Ragnar fired as soon as Mordin moved, the explosive shell bathing Mordin in heat as he dived. Ragnar cursed and began to move as well, knowing full well that the alien would attempt to shoot back. As Mordin popped up to take aim Ragnar hurled himself to the floor in front of the couch, beneath Mordin's line of fire. Before the xeno could adjust his aim Ragnar lashed out with a booted foot, smashing the couch back to try and crush Mordin against the wall. Ness would undoubtedly be awoken with a shock (and probably knocked off the couch) but he would not risk injuring her by returning fire with his bolter.

When Mordin took cover behind the couch Horst was standing in front of, Horst quickly moved out of the way. "Why not just take this fight to the arena where you're less likely to get one of us shot?" he asked, glaring at Mordin.

Seeing Mordin roll behind cover, Solaris once again vaulted over the bar, abd crouched down behind it to avoid stray fire. Even better! When behind the bar, Solaris began moving towards the exit of the lounge, a small on her face. While still doing her best to hide her amusement at the events, Pix would feel Solaris' chest trembling slightly as she supressed a chuckle.

Doing the opposite of what Horst said, Mordin moved away from the couch and closer to Horst, banking that Ragnar wouldn't injure a fellow human.

As Solaris barely managed to suppress her chuckle, Pix did little to nothing in response, though thoughts were running through her head as Solaris moved out of the lounge. ...Well, someone likes seeing some blood get spilled... I wonder if she's an M as well as an S though?

"You're just trying to piss me off, aren't you?" Horst growled, before taking a step towards Mordin and bringing up his foot, intending to kick the Salarian in the face with what would be a surprising amount of force.

Moving quickly, Solaris left the lounge, then stood up quickly. Pressing herself against the wall on the left-hand side, and moved along it, while glancing towards the fight as it raged on. When at the edge of the hallway, Solaris quickly moved around the corner, there blowing a small sigh. Knowing management didn't take kindly to destruction of propperty, she wondered how long it would take before they stepped in.

Kenna, hearing the commotion in the lounge, ran in. "What the hell's going on here?"

Horst looked over at Kenna and replied, "Well, this guy," he pointed down at Mordin. "Decided to refuse his, he then pointed at Ragnar. "Offer of a fight in the arena, instead choosing to start one in here."

Kenna looked at Mordin, then at Ragnar. She picked up on Ragnar's wolf-like attributes, but Mordin had her completely stumped. For now, she walked into the lounge, looking at Mordin and Ragnar in turn. "Frog guy, Conan, will you two leave each other alone? If you gotta fight, take it into the ring!"

Ragnar scrambled to his feet and drew his chainsword, the teeth spinning to life with a roar from the promethium motor.
"Face death with dignity, alien slime!""Ragnar bellowed furiously. He did not shoot at Mordin, just as the Salarian had predicted, but kicked the couch aside with contemptuous ease to clear a path to his prey.
"It is the xenos's choice to face judgement here." he growled without looking around to see Kenna. "I challenged him to fight for his life outside, but I should have known he would not take it. His kind have no honour to speak of."

OOC: @Gear: Don't forget the massive wolf pelt around Ragnar's shoulders, as well as the wolfen features of his face and armour.

"I started no fights! Would rather no one die here!" said as barely avoided Horst's kick and continued to get away from Ragnar.

Rex happened to be right behind Kenna. "The fuck is your problem guy?" he asked Ragnar harshly as he took out his Fazatron and aimed it at Ragnar.

OoC: @Random: that's what I meant by "wolf-like attributes."

"Sounds to me more like you threatened this... guy, and you wanna kill him Arena or no Arena." Kenna said, annoyed. She looked over to Mordin. "Don't worry, this place has some kinda revival system. We get injured or die, we just come back in top shape."

"Well, I'm pretty sure you fired first. He just challenged you to a fight in the arena." Horst pointed out.

OOC: Presuming there was a sound of the weapon cocking or something...

Ragnar glanced over hhis shoulder when he heard a weapon drawn.
"It is my duty to persecute and destroy the enemies of the Imperium wherever I encounter them." He replied. "By all that I stand for, I cannot suffer the xenos or Chaos to live. That it chose to cower behind these people rather than face me in the arena is simply down to cowardice."

"He drew first! And would still rather not die at all!" Mordin said as he tried to keep his distance from Ragnar.

"Listen buddy, I understand being devoted to your cause, but this ain't right. Trying to blow holes in people just because you can't have your way isn't right." Rex said as he kept his gun leveled at Ragnar.

"Sounds good to me." Kenna said to Mordin, then looked at Ragnar. "So what, you'll just kill anyway that's not like you?"

After Kenna and Rex stormed into the lounge, Solaris peeked around the corner, disappointed that the gunfire had stomped, and that she still heard Mordin's voice. She briefly considdered sowing more animosity, but realised this would only serve to discredit her charade as things stood, thus decided to wait with it.

"This is not 'my way'. This is the will of the Emperor, and the sworn duty of all Space Marines! Of every citizen on every world of the Imperium." Ragnar snapped. "An alien is an enemy of mankind, pure and simple. And you should know well, that to draw a weapon on any servant of the Emperor in defence of an alien is treason. Lower your weapon, and I'll forget about it." He turned his glare on Mordin again, but heard Kenna's question.
"There are not many in the galaxy like me. But if it is an enemy that I am sworn to abhor, then yes. I will kill it. That is what I was made for."

"Hey man, I'm a soldier too, and a damned dedicated one, but even I don't follow orders that strictly. Killing people just because they're there is bat-shit crazy. What the hell did aliens ever do to deserve that?" Rex asked as he refused to budge an inch.

Mordin considered shooting Ragnar while he was distracted, but decided against it for the moment.

OOC: We'll say he passed up on that renegade interrupt :P

OOC: @Outis: Maybe he shouldn't have. :P Mordin probably could take Ragnar down with a clean headshot, but if this lazatron is just a standard lasgun/pistol, then it certainly isn't going to be killing Ragnar any time soon.

What? Ragnar kept his attention on Mordin, but the Salarian would be able to see that Rex's last statement had confused the hell out of him. "Aliens have killed billions of humans and stolen hundreds of worlds away from the Imperium. They have earned our hatred many times over. Any 'damned dedicated soldier' shouldn't need to be told that."

"The hell you talking about? Aliens don't even exist where I come from!" Kenna said, disturbed and exasperated by Ragnar's behaviour. "And this one doesn't even want to fight!"

"I'm pretty sure we're not from the same outfit, bud. And what is killing this one going to prove? Has he ever stolen a planet? If he has, by all means, blow em away." Rex said to Ragnar.

OOC: Naturally Rex is also aiming for the head, which is the most vulnerable part of Ragner.

"It exists here." Ragnar growled, but then hesitated. "What do you mean 'they don't exist where you come from'? There are no aliens on Fenris either, but that does not mean they do not exist!" Hearing Rex he shook his head and growled under his breath.
"If you are human, and do not count yourself among the traitors to the Imperium, then we serve the same purpose. And the mere presence of an alien is a crime in the eyes of the Emperor! Why am I having to repeat this?"

OOC: @Outisakanobody: Rex is behind Ragnar, isn't he? He can't get a clean shot on his head then. The power pack on his back is in the way. Same with the pauldrons at the sides. Don't forget, Ragnar towers over other humans, so Rex is aiming upwards, which spoils the angle even further.

Kirby the Karate style Tortoise fighter watched Ragnar from a distance. He started to causally stroll up to him and tried to look as non-threatening as possible

As the discussion continued, anyone paying attention to him would notice Horst backing away slowly.

"All kinds of crazy crap is around where I come from. Aliens though, not present. Heck, we haven't even gotten to Mars yet! And even if this alien was from a species that attacked you, that doesn't mean you have to kill him!"

"Don't try to seem too upset about the whole lack of bodies yet." Pix said casually, her mouth forming in the breastplate.

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