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"Or you could stick around here and growl like a neutered puppy." Rex said as he walked over to the bar, got a drink, and sat on a chair.

Kenna smiled slightly at Rex's remarks, then looked at Ragnar, noticing his teeth. "Hey, what's with the teeth? I get the whole wolf theme, but that's going a little far, isn't it?"

"Will you, now? How very kind. And here I was, thinking you were just offering to find out wherther or not there's more to me then I said there is." Solaris commented, then glanced to the side as she heard footsteps moving down the hallway. "Misguided as that may be. Now be quiet. Armour isn't supposed to talk." With that said, Solaris began walking towards her suite.

"Watch your mouth, mortal!" Ragnar barked at Rex, empty hand clenching into a massive fist. Grinding his teeth he turned away, and came face to face with Kenna again.

"A bit much? These are just my teeth. It happens to all of the Sons of Russ once they drink from the Cup of Wulfen to take in the chapter's gene-seed."

Pix's mouth melded back into the breastplate as Solaris got no response from the goo girl. Don't need to tell me twice lady...

"Gene-what?" Kenna asked. "Are... are you even human?"

"I was. I was born into the family of a smallhold Jarl on the death world of Fenris. When I was sixteen however, my prowess in battle and on the hunt brought me to the attention of the Space Wolves, and they took me to their fortress on the polar continent of Asaheim to be inducted into their ranks, and to serve as a shield of mankind. I am not human, not any more. Now, I am a Space Marine."

"I'll try to not get in the way of your god complex again." Rex said.

"...quite a story." Kenna said, taking in the Space Marine's history. She turned to Rex. "Hey, he just calmed down, don't piss him off again."

"And I'll try not to grind you into paste and use you to repaint this room. Regardless of how easy and tempting it might be." Ragnar shot back at Rex. Taking a deep breath, he tried to shut the man out.
"Space Wolves do like their stories." He replied with a weak smile. "What about you then? You talked about not having gotten to Mars yet... are you... are you really from Earth?"

Moving through the hallways, Solaris eventually made her way to her suite, entered it after unlocking the door, and closed the door behind her. The suite, appearing as a hotel room, was fairly spacious and cleanly. The main colour scheme was pink, salmon pink, sandy brown, and magnolia. The floor was partially covered with a carpet, leaving polished floorboards visible where it didn't cover the floor. There was an arched window opposite the door, with curtains draped infront of it. Somewhat infront of this, was a small wooden rounded table, with two chairs on either side. On the left hand side of the room, was a two person wooden bed with white beddings, with a sizble wooden bedside table on which a lamp sat to the right of it, and a drawer to the left. On the right hand side of the room, there was a large wardrode in the left corner, and a door to the adjecant shower in the right. In between these was a vanity table, with an antigue mirror above it. A chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the center of the served as the main source of light.

"Picking up where we left off..." Solaris began after she closed the door behind her. "I know it won't be easy. Which is exactly why I'm going to make use of every advantage I can get. For instance, certain forms of alchemy. I can't practice the forms I have in mind... But you might be able to."

"Yeah. Sceo, in Colorado. I don't really have a big grand story like yours though." Kenna said, going over to the bar and grabbing a drink before sitting in a chair and leaning back.

From Ragnar's face, Kenna might as well have said that her hometown was located in heaven.

"What was it like?" Ragnar asked, leaning forward and looking completely awestruck.

"Very diverse. There's old stuff, moderns stuff and foreign stuff all mixed together. My apartment's in a skyscraper that looks like a giant microchip, but it looks out onto an old, small, English square. Lots of... stranger stuff in that city too."

"What's an english square?"

As soon as Solaris closed the door, Pix quickly swirled off of her and onto the floor before rising back up into her normal form. Looking around the room, she smiled a bit. "Really nice place..." She said as she looked around before looking back to Solaris and tilted her head. "Alchemy...? What did you have in mind?"

"Kinda like a wide, cobblestone street with lots of shops and usually a fountain or statue or something in the middle."

"Really? I always pictured Holy Terra as being too crowded with palaces, temples and manufactoria to fit in wide, open spaces like that. What about the people? Living right in the cradle of mankind, right at the seat of the Allfather, they must be... well, I don't know. What are they like?"

"Allfather? What, is that some new-age thing?" Kenna said, sitting up.

"It's certainly better then sleeping in the hallway." Solaris said with a small chuckle, rubbing her sides lightly after Pix moved away from her. Sitting down on one of the chairs, she crossed her legs, rest her right elbow on the table, and her head in the open palm. "Starting with something relatively simple, transmuting things such as stone. This will open a lot of options, as you can transmute, for instance, fire spikes from the concrete walls of buildings, or create pitfalls in the ground. Just to name some examples." She explained. "Get a good grip on things like that, and we can move on to more complex things."

"Ah... I mean the Emperor. Sorry, its a bit of Fenrisian culture. That's what he is commonly known as on my planet."

"There isn't any Emperor, I'm afraid to tell you."

Pix blinked a bit as she looked toward Solaris, smiling widly. "...When do we start... and what's the catch?" She asked after crossing her arms across her chest.

Ragnar opened his mouth to protest this, but then stopped to think.
"Of course, you said that humanity had not reached Mars yet... That would mean that you come from... before the Age of Strife. And even before the Emperor revealed himself to the galaxy... Throne, how is it possible? How could these... whatever controls this arena, bring you here through time as well as space? The history of man before the Age of Strife is lost, but that would make you... well over 30,000 years older than I, anyway. Again, I mean no insult. I do not call you old personally, clearly you aren't."

"Age of Strife? That doesn't sound good... I'm from 2013 AD. that's really so far in the past where you come from?"

"We can start right now. And the catch is that one: You may not be able to preform it. Two: Even if you could, you need to know the exact composition of whatever it is you'll be transmuting, otherwise the transmutation will fail at best, and rebound at worst." She answered with a small smile of her own. There's also a third... But you don't need to know that.

Pix rubbed the back of her head a bit as she looked at Solaris. "So what constitutes me being able to even use it? And what do you mean by 'rebound'?"

"That's a very... simple dating system." Ragnar replied. "When I was at The Fang, on Asaheim, the year was 846 M41. That's a simplified form of the Imperial calendar, but it means that we were in the 846th year of the millenium, 40 millenia after some major event in Terra's ancient history. No one knows what that event was any more, mind you."

"There's also months and days and stuff, I was just giving you a broad idea. As for this ancient event, I'm not a history nut, but if you are from the future, your year count thing might be the same as ours, and if that is the case I know what started it."

"I'm not sure. Scholars can never agree on why this is. Some claim that the seemingly imposible is a result of a person simply not having a good enough understanding of a certian field, others claim it has to do with how alchemical energies pass through the body when preforming a transmutation, while others have abstract theories about how one's soul comes into play. Whatever the case is, the bottom line is that some people can use a certain form of alchemy, and others can't.c" Solaris answered. "And a rebound is what happens when a transmutation is preformed poorly, resulting in things going horribly wrong for the alchemist. To name an example, if you didn't draw the part of the transmutation circle that governs the reconstruction of matter perfectly, chances are the matter will recontruct as part of yourself. It goes without saying that this is to be avoided."

OOC: @Gear: The birth of Christ doesn't spring to mind, considering that that's what our own dating system i based on? :P That's the beginning of the Imperial system as well, they just don't know it any more.

Ragnar looked briefly disappointed, but shrugged it off.
"Oh? What's that?"

Pix blinked and shuddered at the thought of her goo being replaced with something... not gooey. "...So, attention to detail is a lifeline.... Understood." Taking a small breath , she looked to Solaris and nodded while sitting down. As she sat, a small puddle of goo spread out under her. "So what do we begin with first?"

"Our dating system starts with the birth of a guy called Jesus Christ. An entire religion was built up around his life, saying he's the son of god and that he performed miracles like healing the sick, walking on water and coming back from the dead." Kenna said, not really believing she had to explain who Jesus was. "Personally I don't believe all that stuff, but I do think he existed, and even if he didn't, his birthday is what the calendar is based on."

"The fundementals of alchemy. The most important rule is Equivalent Exchange, meaning that to gain something, something of equal vallue must be given up. Next, are the three stages of alchemy; comprehension, deconstruction, and reconstruction. And this is also where we run into... A slight problem, if you're going to learn how to transmute stone..." Solaris answered, trailing off near the end. "I can teach you how to draw the transmutation circle, but I haven't a clue what the composition of stone is."

"Ah, I see. The religion must have been influential for its time if it was the mark against which all of human history is set." Ragnar said thoughtfully. "Long dead now though. Only the Imperial cult remains, in all the forms that it takes throughout the galaxy. Well. That, and the worshippers of Chaos." He spat out these last words, lip peeling back in disgust.

OOC: It's pretty late now, I think I'll have to leave it for the night. Hmm, must say I'm surprised. Of all the things that Kenna and Ragnar would have to talk about, I didn't think the Imperial calendar would be high on the list. Ah well.

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