WAOA Arena

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Kenna leant back in her chair, finishing off her drink.

@Berk I was kinda afraid to bring up the wolf thing, lest he bust out the chainsword.

Off for the night.

OOC: @Gear: Give it a try next time and we'll see what happens. Well, whether it's better to do that in the lounge or the arena, I don't know. We'll see.

Pix nodded a bit. "...Well that makes a lot of sense. Can't make something out of nothing, right?" Once Solaris got onto the three stages, the slime girl tilted her head a bit. "You sure you don't have books and stuff on this sort of subject? Rocks are just minerals gathered together and solidified. ...To know what exactly is in a certain stone is probably... hard..." Pix said after a bit, tilting her head and frowning a small bit. "...Maybe we can try something else? I'd rather not have stone instead of goo... The change would be waaaaay too freaky for me."

"I do have books on these sorts of subjects... but none with me here." Solaris responded, motion over to the width of the room with her free hand near the end. Resting the hand on her knee, she smiled slightly. "However, the problem is solved easily enough by borrowing books the woman that fell asleep on the spot earlier, or simply asking her directly. I'll only need to ask if she can teach me her methods of alchemy, and then you can inconspicously listen in." She answered, then paused. "As for other things... Well, the fields I specialise in are rather complex, and one must learn to walk before they can run, afterall."

Pix nodded in response. "Alright... wait, how do you know she knows alchemy? I didn't see her do anything like that... But she does seem more like a bookworm than a fighter... so borrowing books off of her should at least help us with our stone problem..." She then sighed as Solaris continued. "Jeez.... you've gotta stop teasing me about this 'next level' stuff. It's making me all wiggly with excitement." As she said this, the goo puddle underneath her vibrated a small amount.

As she was sleeping, Ness let out a soft sneeze before adjusting herself once more.

Lapis, Jerrog, and Luistorg had all felt it best to stay out of the way of the unstoppable Man-Tank as it began rampaging about once again, and had all kept to themselves by sitting quietly in the farthest corner of the lounge.
Luistorg had taken notice of Solaris leaving as the ruckus had started up once again and sighed in annoyance. Seems like there goes my only chance to fight a sensible opponent...

"I know, because I've seen her use it." Solaris replied. When Pix vibrated with excitement, Solaris first gave her something of a curious look, then chuckled lightly. "My. Aren't you the eager student." She said with a slime, shifting position in her chair, then lacing her fingers together and stretching her arms. "You call it teasing, I call it extra incentive. Just be sure to keep your eagerness to wreak havoc when you're with me bottled up. It wouldn't make much sense for a meek little peron like myself to have killer armour, afterall."

From inside one of the dormitory rooms there was a strange mechanical whirring sound, rising in pitch and falling again with a strange rhythm. The sound repeated itself a few times, then died away. After a few minutes, the door opened, and a tall, slender man in a pinstriped suit peered out. He had messy hair and sharp brown eyes bright with curiosity.
"Ah. This doesn't look right." He said to himself, looking around the empty hallway. "How did that happen?"

Bruce wandered into the lounge, grabbed a can of beer and then sat down on whatever furniture was still relatively intact. He glanced around the small battlefield and grunted before taking a sip.
"Seems like home. Wish it'd be warmer though."

In the darkness of the reception room, a new arival stumbled around, somewhat disorientated after being transported from somewhere in broad daylight, to the pitch-black room. When they lights flashed on, the figure covered their eyes while cursing. The figure was revealed to be a caucasian male with a muscular build, possibly in his mid-twenties. He had brown eyes, black hair reaching down to his neck and sideburns, a soul patch beard with stubbles elsewhere on his face. He wore a black short sleeved T-shirt with a white tribal print on the chest, simple belted black jeans, black sneakers with white toes and soles, a sleeveless black leather jacket, a black sweatband around his left wrist, and a spiked armband around his right. The silver belt buckle resembled a horned demonic creature, on the belt, a decorative chain was fastened, hanging on his right hip. On his back, he had both a double-headed battle axe, and a electric guitar.

Following the instructions, the man left the entree room, looked around his suite once there, curious about the strange machine, and eventually made his way into the hallways.

Looking around the hallways for a moment, the man spotted the other new arival, and noted his expression. "Hey, dude. Can I ask you a question?" He anounced as he approached the new arival.

The man in the pinstripe suit glanced around when he heard someone address him and smiled a greeting.
"Certainly! Assuming that I can ask one in return!"

In the lounge, Ragnar was leaning against the bar, staring out at the battlefield and looking contemplative.
"This place is far from home." He said when he heard Bruce's remark. "I still don't know what exactly brought us here, but it's obvious that they are no friends of mine. Xenos, or daemons, or some other renegades from these... other dimensions that some people are talking about."

"Yeah... so." The man began, stopping infront of the man in the pinstripe suit. "What the fuck is this place?" He asked, glancing around the hallways, before looking back. "I mean, I was told this is some kind of arena, but that's not telling me a whole lot."

The man's smile froze on his face.
"Ah... that was what I was going to ask, more or less. That announcer said 'interdimensional arena, didn't she? But... that's impossible! You can't just jump between dimensions like that. Well, not very easily anyway. I think it might be time to go and ask these questions to a few of the right people."

Bruce looked over at Ragnar, silently wondering how he could have missed the monster of a man.
"Well mate, I'm probably from one of those dimensions. Much of what's here is nothing like where I come from. For one thing, I've never seen anyone like you before."

Ragnar grunted in agreement.
"Hmm. And I have never come across humans who would target a Space Marine to defend the life of an alien before. Such a thing is treason... but I'm not sure they understand that. If this talk of other dimensions is true, I wonder if it even still counts as treason."

"Sure you can. Happened to me twice." The man replied, with a small shrug. "Anyway, if you've just appeared here too, yeah. Time to see if there are some more folk around, I guess." After looking around for a few more moments, the man looked towards the direction of the lounge, and began walking towards it. "I hear voices coming from there, so that's my first stop." With that said, the man stuck his hands in his pockets, and began walking towards the lounge casually. He didn't seem to be very concerned with the situation, more curious then anything else.

"Oh, well of course, I've done it before too." The man in the suit replied, walking with the metalhead towards the lounge. "It's just not supposed to be... wait, you've done it before? How?"

"I wouldn't know 'bout that. There's nobody lordin' over me I could commit treason against."

"This guy here." The man replied as he walked, pointing towards his belt buckle. "I get some of my blood in its mouth, and it goes nuts, then brings me back to my own world. It's pretty awesome. Second time I went to another dimension was a fluke, though. Some kind of portal opened infront of me while I was driving, and I couldn't move out of the way in time." He explained. After a pause, the man pointed towards his face with his thumb. "Oh, and I'm Eddie. Who're you?"

The man looked down at Eddie's belt buckle as he told his story and storked his chin thoughtfully.
"Huh. Some kind of portable teleporter module, maybe? Can't imagine why blood would cause it to activate though. Maybe, something to do with the... nah. That doesn't make sense."[/color] He glanced up at Eddies face again when he introduced himself, and smiled broadly.
"Ah, pleasure to meet you Eddie. I'm the Doctor."

Ragnar chuckled.
"I wasn't talking about you, more about some others around here when I tried to purge the arena of some new xenos creature. Oh, what did you say your name was?"

"Whuh?" Eddie responded with something of a confused look as the Doctor introduced himself. "Dude, why're you introducing yourself by saying what you do, instead of who you are?" He questioned.

"Name's Bruce, you?" He took another sip of beer and raised the second beer can. "Beer?"

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"Nope!" The Doctor replied brightly. "I'm not saying what I do, I'm saying what I am. I'm the Doctor! Pleased to meet you! Now. Shall we go and see if we can't find out where we are?"

"I am Ragnar Haraldson, of the Space Wolves." Ragnar replied, before shaking his head with a grimace.
"I'll pass. The drinks here are about as strong as grox piss, and most of them probably don't taste any better."

"You're actually called "the Doctor"? Shit, that must get really confusing often." Eddie replied, snickering lightly as he briefly imagined the various instances where the name would lead to confusion. "Almost there." He responded as the Doctor mentioned finding out where the arena was, exactly.

Not long after, Eddie strolled into the lounge, and briefly looked around before his gaze fell on Bruce and Ragnar. Although he looked quizically at the bear-sized wolf pelt draped over Ragnar's shoulders, he didn't seem to be taken aback by the man's size. "Hey. Excuse me." He anounced as he approached Ragnar and Bruce.

"I've tasted worse. It's surprising what people will create in from vegetables and other stuff. The really bad stuff is better as fuel!" He looked over at the two newcomers. "'Ello mates!", he said as he raised his beer can in greeting.

"Not at all. I always know when people are talking to me." The Doctor replied mildly. "They usually do when I walk into a room."

"They must be small machines, to be powered by the kind of stuff that we've got in here."
Ragnar twisted around to look at Eddie and the Doctor as they entered the room.
"Yes?" He asked.

The Doctor whistled appreciatively at the Space Wolf's great bulk.
"Well now, I don't think I've seen a human quite that large before."

"Now that's my kind of greeting!" Eddie said with a small smile as Bruce raised the can, giving an appreciative thumbs up, before looking between Bruce and Ragnar. "So, me and him..." He began, trailing off momentarily to point over his shoulder towards the Doctor. "Were wondering where this place is. Also why we were randomly brought here. Can either of you answer that?"

"'Fraid I can't help you there mate. We appeared here, same as you. I've been trying to find some way out, but no luck so far. 'Least the bar's well stocked."
OoC: @Random: By the way, the bar is supposed to have a massive variate of drinks. For example, you could probably find a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster there.

Ragnar glanced at Bruce as he declined to answer the question.

"All we've been told is that it is an 'interdimensional arena' where competitors must fight to the death to win their way out. I know not where it actually is, or if it is anywhere at all."

The Doctor's face darkened when he heard this.
"Bloodsports, eh? And who competes here, exactly? Are they given a choice?"

"Those who are ensnared by the filth that brought us here fight. Supposedly we have a choice, but they described some dire consequences for any who refuse to fight for more than a week."

OOC: @Kirke: The Space Wolves like to drink Mjod, a type of mead so strong that it would liquefy a normal human's digestive system within half an hour. It's made only on Asaheim and drank by about a thousand people, so even with WAOA magic it would be pretty damned hard for the arena to obtain.

"Well, that sucks... If the drinks are free, it still beats the last place I ended up in, though." Eddie commented as he rubbed the back of his head after hearing the replies of Bruce and Ragnar. "Has anyone tried just busting out of here?"

Pix sighed and crossed her arms a bit. "Alright, so what do we do, just sneak into that lady's room now? Given that she was basically a zombie, shouldn't be too hard to get what we want without waking her up." She frowned a bit in response to the other points Solaris had brought up. "I've been keeping myself in check well enough, don't think I'm gonna be happy enough about messing people up to break character." She replied indignantly.

With Ragnar seemingly not coming despite the challenge he had made, Carmen sighed to herself as she stood in the Arena and began a small solo session against a team of grunts. How rude to keep a lady waiting...

OOC: @Carmen: Oops. Sorry.

"I did try, but they told us that there was no way out other than to win the tournament." Ragnar replied to Eddie. "If they are telling the truth, well, that just makes getting out business as usual."

The Doctor scowled, a surprisingly frightening expression from an otherwise harmless looknig person, and looked around the room, searching for some sign of surveillance devices.
"So that's it? They kidnap people from their homes and just drop them in here to die for the sake of entertainment?" He snarled, drawing a long, tubular device from inside his suit jacket. A claw-like appendage popped open at the end of the device and it emitted a high pitched warbling sound as he ran it along the walls, searching.

"Not sure how I would. I don't have much in the way of explosives." Bruce said in reply to Eddie, then he tossed the now empty beer can straight into a thrash can that was still standing.
OoC: @Random: Okay, it's not that strong, but the effect is described as, "having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick", so it's probably pretty strong stuff.

Solaris hummed in response to Pix as she stood up. "Yes. Let's have a look. Books are strewn around practically all over the floor, so it might take some effort to find the things we're after, but it'll also good enough of an explaination for when... or if she notices something is missing. In a sty like that, something is bound to go missing from time to time, afterall." She responded as she approached Pix, spreading out her arms when near. "Of course." Was all she said in response to Pix's second statement.

"So, did you get anywhere when trying?" Eddie asked Ragnar as he walked to the bar, and picked up a bottle of beer and an opener. After popping off the cap, he looked to Bruce. "Could try tunneling through the walls." Looking to the Tv screen, Eddie raised an eyebrow upon seeing Carmen fighting the various grunts. Huh...

When the Doctor pulled out the devices, and moved it along the walls, Eddie looked down from the screen to the Doctor. "What're you doing? Searching for a weakspot in the walls, or something?" He asked, then took a swig form the bottle, assuming it was safe to drink after having seen Bruce drink.

"You're welcome to try, mate. Just don't break the bar, alright?"
OoC: Anyone want a fight? Might sign off otherwise.

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