WAOA Arena

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The crazy man pulled out a lance crafted by an expert craftsman along with some jewel embedded Armour for his dragon and himself. He also selected a practical looking sword but that was not nearly as flashy as the rest of his stuff. He still had his back pack on, He than got two small bottles of something out of it though and than put them in his pockets. Radec would likely think he was a crazy man pretending to be a knight, though he also had the look of a survivalist. Radec would also notice that his dragon was extremely muscular with extremely long wings

Radec looked over the man and his small dragon. "You are to be my opponenets? A madman and a reptile?" He huffed, the sound distorted by his mask. "Hopefully, you can fight better than you dress."

"Hey I'm not a madman! I was right about the whole world collapsing, I showed all those people who called me crazy... By not giving them any of my freeze dried chocolate! And the Sparky Von Drakenheim Is a dragon not a reptile. They are of two separate genuses" He ignored the comment about how he dressed

"Please enter the arena."

Radec merley stared for a moment, baffled by the man. "... I know not where to even begin with you." He drew his knife. "Then again, I am much better in a battle then I am with words." He walked into the arena.

Crazy Steve mounted Sparky Von Drakenheim and rode towards the arena

The arena was a dusty deal, with plenty of rectangular rocks that could provide quite good cover.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our first contestants! Mael Radec and Crazy Steve!"

"This battlefeild will do." Radec sheathed his knife, drew his rifle, and vanished from sight, reappearing behind a rock.

Drakenheim flew up into the air breaking some of the rocks with his lightning bolts before seeing Radec and diving at him. Steve had his lance pointed directly at the soldier, If anyone was to know how to wield a lance they would notice he had an excellent technique despite his lack of strength

Radec turned, hostering his rifle. He dropped a grenade and vanished again, reappearing a short distance away. He drew a boltgun, and fired at Drakenheim.

OoC: These bolts explode a few seconds after hitting something.

Drakenheim did not notice the grenade but did notice Radec vanishing. He tried to swoop back up in the air again but his wing was damaged by the grenade's explosion. Though his sudden drop did make Radec miss his shots

On the opposite side from where the two combatants came in, a loud bang could be heard. It was followed by another, and another, as the door began to buckle.

Radec cursed, and drew his assualt rife. He fired full auto at Drakenhiem, but stopped when he heard the banging and turned to the door, gun leveled.

@Kirke: Mind if i join?


Drakenheim quickly turned towards the bullets and shot lightning melting the bullets. Steven ordered his dragon to stop and turned his attention towards the bangs

The door buckled even more, then was launched across the arena in at high speed. A large man in armour stepped out, cracking his knuckles.

"It would appear that another contestant wishes to join the battle..."
OoC: @Silver: Not at all, though your character would appear in a pitch-black room.

"A new opponent..." Radec kept his rifle levled at the Meta, waiting for his next move, though he occasionally turned to check on Steve and Drakenheim.

A woman in teal armour groggily awoke in a pitch black room. As she opened her eyes she quickly realised that her Recon helmet was lying on the floor next to her. As she got up and placed the helmet over her long red hair she saw...

Drakenheim couldn't fly very well so he shot several lightning bolts at the Meta, And than ran towards him. Steve had his lance drawn

The Meta looks over the two others, then becomes tazed by five sniper rounds coming from high above the arena.
"Please, continue with the fight."
"Greetings and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."
OoC: I gotta go, @Silver: Your character will be lead to her room. There will be an TV there showing the fight. @Gear: Can you answer any questions Silver might have?

Steve was getting fed up by this "I thought you said he was a new challenger! What do you think he's too good for us to fight"

OoC: @Kirke Sure thing.
@Shadow For the record, your character's room will be tailor-made for her. You gotta describe it youself.

Radec saw the Meta go down. "Dissapointing..." He turned back to Drakenheim, firing.

@Kikre: Oh ok. Bye bye.
Carolina looked around the room and saw the monitor which instantly caught her attention as the image showed Maine being shot. A blue glowing figure appeared and floated next to Carolina's head "Is that who i think it is?" She said, anger clearly in her voice "Thats impossible... I saw him get dragged off the cliff with the Warthog, He couldn't have survived that." "Well it looks like He did, Anyway it looks like he's paying for it now." There was a moment of silence befor Carolina spoke up "Is this one of the bases?" "No, Its not like any of the ones i know of." Epsilon relied, looking around the room.
@gear: Ok. Im just writing it.

The Meta slowly got up on his knees, then roared and stood up. Walking slowly into the arena, he took his brute shot and fired a couple of grenades at Radec and Steve.
OoC: And now I'm back.

Drakenheim was shot by the bullets and fell to the ground... Dead. Crazy Steve than charges at Radec with his sword drawn


Radec gave a small, grim laugh as Drakenhiem fell, and was about to fire at the charging Steve when a grenade wnet off at his feet. Radec flew back, landing face down, armour smoking. He got up, slowly.

OoC: @Silver Shadow: Sorry, should have said. There is a locker room, and wouldn't be any weapons in the suite.

@Kirke: oh, well um...
Carolina looked around the room, to her surprise it was her room from the Mother of Invention. She sat down on a chair and watched the monitor show Maine get back up and start shooting again, with a sigh Epsilon commented "Can anything kill that guy?"
@Kikre:(x2): What if there ideal room is a room filed with guns?

Steve hacked at Radec though lacking strength he would likely not harm him through his armour


OoC: @Silver You can have weapons on your wall as decoration, but the actual ones you take into a fight are in the character's locker, which is at the entrance to the arena.

The sword didn't cut through Radec's armour, though it left marks and cuts. Radec stood and booted Steve away, then drew his knife.

The Meta leaped into battle, coming down towards Steve with a downward cut from the bruteshot.

@Gear: HOW *DARE* YOU! IM NOT SALT! :P. Anyway, thanks for the info.

OoC: @Silver: ...derp.

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