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@Kikre: Im collecting battle music!

Steve dies... There really isn't much else to say

@Demon: An Enemy Has Been Slain, First Blood. Point META

Radec saw the Meta finish Steve, then pulled out an Arc Cannon. He fired, and a crackling blue lazer sped towards the Meta.

The Meta was hit in the chest and was knocked flat on his arse, then fires a couple of grenades at Radec after getting up.

Steve and his dragon slowly regrow in tanks in a room above the suites. Their heads would regrow first, and screens showed the battle currently taking place.
OoC: @Gearhead: I gotta ask, how did you get that Sarge badge?

OOC: @Kirk So would they be able to see without the rest of their body

OoC: @Demon: Yes. ...Don't think too hard on it, I certainly didn't.

Radec dropped the Arc Cannon, wondering how the Meta had survived that, and rolled out of the way of the grenades. He drew his sniper as he rolled, kneeling as came out of the roll, and fired at the Meta's chest.

OoC: There's a Halo universe quiz. Get enough answers right in a short enough time. I got all of them perfect within a minute.

Time seemed to slow down, as the Meta looked at the approaching sniper round. He walked up to it as it froze in the air, and looked at it a moment before stepping aside. Time resumed and for Radec it would seem like the Meta had simply teleported. He fired a grenade while running against Radec.

Radec jump to the side, dodging the grenade. "You may actually be my equal..." he growled. He drew a triple-barreled shotgun pistol, then activated his claok, fading from view.

They both came back to life inside their tanks. Though the rest of their body was in horrible pain "Ow dying really hurts... You know this tank needs more chocolate in it"

The Meta looked around, trying to spot Radec. He reloaded his bruteshot and slowly turned around to keep an eye on all directions.

Radec waited for the right moment, then attacked. He fizzled back into view within arm's lenght of the Meta, showing the barrel of his bruteshot down with one hand and shooting him point-blank in the face with the shotgun pistol with the other.

The Meta dropped the bruteshot and activated his overshields, absorbing the majority of the blast. It still hurt though, and it showed. He roared and snarled as he swung wildly at Radec, using his fists to try and beat Radec into a bloody pulp.

@Gear: only one shotgun blast to the face? what lesser being do you think your dealin with here, Chuck Noris?

OoC: @Silver I don't know much of the Killzone verse, so I assumed one triple-barrel-point-blank-shotgun-blast would be fairly powerful. And Chuck Norris is an asshole.

The meta managed to get a few hits in, denting the armour. One blow cracked the armour on Radec's left arm, the edges of the crack peircing skin and drawing blood. Radec teleported away before he was killed, reappearing a fair bit away fromd the Meta, and tossed a grenade.

@Gear: Chuck Noris couldnt even hold a candle to Maine!

OoC: @Gear: and it was. His overshields are shown to take around six shotgun blasts at short range.
The Meta snatched up his bruteshot and leaped through the air, coming down at Radec with a downward cut just as the grenade exploded.

OoC: @Silver I'm completly serious, Chuck Norris is a fundie, right wing asshole. The fact that there's a long-dead and long-unfunny meme based on him is just icing on the cake.

Radec dodged back and the grenade threw up a dust cloud and pebbles as it detonated. Radec drew his knife and rushed the Meta, trying to jam the blade in his jugular.

OoC: @Kirke A thought, can we customise the arena in future? Terain, mooks, items, weather, etc?

OoC: @Gear: Yeah, we can do that. I just picked a ordinary arena for the first match.
The Meta slashed at Radec's knife arm, then followed with a stab against his abdomen.

@Gear: Chuck's an ass, i know. The new baddass is Juicey Flanigan, that guys legit :P. but eyah i get your point. Also, @kikre, i could play mooks in some fights, if you'd want.

@Silver: That'd be nice, thanks.
@Gear: I kinda need to go to bed, so if you'd be so kind as to let the Meta or Radec win with the next post, it'd be appriciated.

OoC: @Silver The biggest badass is BANG SHISHIGAMI! He's so manly his ultimate attack makes his clothes burn off!

Radec moved his arm, dodging the blade, but he didn't react fast enough for the abdomen strike. His allready-damaged armour was peirced, and the blade went into his gut. Radec gave a pained gasp, then teleported away, dropping a grenade as he vanished. He reappeared behind a rock, clutching his wound.

OOC: @Silver Nu-uh Saxton Hale is way more badass than what;s his face

The Meta looked around, then down on the grenade as it exploded, sending him flying. He landed with a thud five meteers away, with most of his legs gone.
"Battle, over!"
Medical personel came out to assist Radec and thw Meta.
OoC: off to bed.

OoC: Sorry to interfere, but I must agree with @Gear, and say that Bang Shishigami is the ultimate badass.

@Kikre: Theoretically, If Miane defeated Carolina in a fight and stole her AI(Epsilon) and her equipment(SuperSpeed and Camouflage(changed armour color, different to cloaking)). Would he keep them in the next fight, and Carolina not have them? I only ask as it would be fine in most cases(ie: a normal sword and set of armour), but these abilities and AI would get rather confusing when they can be duplicated after each battle considering the difficulty of obtaining them in the first place. This scenario would also work the other way round, we're Carolina defeats Maine .

OOC: @Hatch Saxton Hale is so manly that he rides eagles and crashes into his company so his butler can give him steak

OoC: Edited my last post back to it's original state.

OoC: @Demon, yeah, I don't like Saxton Hale.
too cocky for my liking, at least Bang provides justice, Saxton just feels more like a "Ooo look at me I can do stuff that isn't even logically possible" character. anyways, I don't want to clutter this thread up with OoC posts, so I'll stop now.

Radec sat, leaning back against the rock, and let the medics do their work.

OOC: @Hatch That's kind of the point of him. He thinks he's the best thing since fried gorilla... Though in his defense he does constantly do amazing things like wrestling with Siberian tigers

@Kikre I found some symbols that could be used for the Arena Signs or warning about the conditions of the battle.

@Kikre:(x2): Do I have to wait for the battle to end befor i can do anthing?

OoC: @Silver Kirke's gone, fight's over.

Healed by the medics, Radec strode out of the arena, ragged but standing proud. He stoped at the arena door, and turned back. There were people watching, were there not? He gave a Helghast salute, then exited the arena.

OoC: ...anyone still here?

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