WAOA Arena

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John bit his knuckle trying very hard not to laugh

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In the arena, a large amount of guards were gathering. At the moment, around 30 were there, creating a defendable position in the middle of the arena.

"Our job is.... well..... I guess you could say it's 'universal.' And I use that word advisedly."

"Lord almighty Gwen. You still give people heart attacks," She paused, "But in any case. The wideness of the skirt acts as an electric charge capacitor. My hobby back in the day was practicing ballet, so it's a carry-over. But because of its wideness and its 'view', I've had to wear puffy bloomers. So I know where you're coming from."

"I guess I'm still a little stingy about it. But it's okay, bro. I totally understand." She shrugged.

EMily couldn't help laugh out loud at James' embarrassment. She took a deep breath before her next question.

"So what's happening at this place? Is there some tournament?"

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James frowned at EMily's description of their job, but seemed to understand the explanation of the uniform's function more. He chuckled at the mention of the bloomers.

"Very considerate of you. Right Carmen?" He said, glancing pointedly at her. Then he looked back at the door of the locker room.

"So, why are we all still standing around in the locker room?" He asked. "Lets head to the lounge, or out into the arena. I'm easy either way. And yeah EMily, it's basically a tournament. We get to kill each other for the entertainment of some unidentified crowd of ghouls. Weirdly though, death is temporary here."

"yeah it's an arena where we must fight to the death god knows you two got here and as to what's happening well here the short version a unstoppable and nearly unkillable future soldier is trying to escape" he says to EMily

Carmen giggled softly again. "Yes. Very considerate. I can relate more or less. If any of you need me, I'll be in the arena. Farewell." She quickly coiled her whip before heading out and seeing the guards. Hmm..? That's promising.

The sisters followed.
"Still, the idea of death for entertainment... while old as the Roman Empire and before that... doesn't feel right. And never has."

"Even if death is temporary."

"And this Evilington doesn't sound suspicious at all." She rolled her eyes.

"But let's head to the lounge and see the competitors. I can explain there in more detail as to where we're from. I know my explanation was short, but our story is quite lengthy." She made a half smile.

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James glanced back at Gwen as they walked.

"Apparently fights in the Colloseum were mostly not meant to end in death, actually. Gladiators were professional athletes. They wouldn't want them to die any more than a rugby or American football player today."

One of the guards walked up to Carmen, now and then glancing about to check for contacts.
"Wanna help? We've got a plan on how to defeat the Meta, but that requires around 30 minutes of us holding him off."

OoC: Hmm... how long will this Meta fight take? I got about three hours, and I may join in. If not, I'm more than happy to just chat for a bit.

Carmen put her hand to her chin for a few moments. I'd rather not assist these people since they imprisoned me here... then again, this could be an easy way to get myself out as well... Decisions, Decisions... "Very well. What do you need me to assist with?"

"That engineer with EIA is going to be here shortly, and the Meta will surely follow. Just keep him occupied until we can launch him out of this dimension, and then we can all go home. At least, that's the word I've heard."
OoC: @Gear: It'll probably take less than that, so feel free to join.

"I guess adrenalin and testosterone can mean anything in a fight."

"Do you know anyone else that's here, James?"

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"Definitely. I've seen people do things you wouldn't believe in the heat of battle. Done them myself as well." He said to Gwen before shrugging at EMily.

"You mean from before we came here, or since? Not many. I'd met Carmen the other day, and Laguna. Fought with a few others, but I only really talked to those two. And you girls of course. However that started."

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Laguna followed Gwen, EMily and James. "Kinda hard to sit down and chat when you're fighting to the death all the time."

Carmen nodded. "So we incapacitate him? I'm more than happy to assist with this." I've been waiting for this rematch..

OOC: @Kirke I'll send in some aid. Incidentally, Dromaeus scored a kill for the board last night.

"You get used to it." James said to Laguna. "What else have you got when you're in the field for a long campaign other than to get to know your crew?"

Dromaeus rose in his quarters and sheathed his sword before picking up his other weapons and heading for the arena.

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"True." Laguna said. "I was actually in the army for a while, so I know that feeling."

"On Earth in my time it's been said that a millenia and a century ago there was a great world war. Legend has it that the British soldiers at that time met with their enemy German soldiers during Christmas Eve. They shared songs and stories of people from their homes. They got to know each other, laugh, and cry with one another. Both sides got to know that they both regretted being in this conflict, and that it should never happen. And the following day, they charged at each other one last time."

"Just don't do the same mistake as you did last time. Fucker's dangerous."
A third gate, not leading to any of the locker rooms, opened.
"There's the engineer, let's get ready."

The engineer ran out from the open gate, heading to the fortified area, then his blood splattered the ground as a grenade blasted him apart. The grenade had been thrown, not launched, but it was hard to tell from where.
"Shit! Let's get the AI!"
The guard ran forward to grab the AI.

Carmen nodded. "So we incapacitate him? I'm more than happy to assist with this." I've been waiting for this rematch..

"i'll come and help as well my magic will help to hold him off" he said to carmen and the guard

"Oh yeah? Who'd you serve with?" James asked, his interest caught. Listening to the story that EMily told he shook his head and sighed.

"I know that one, yeah. People... people are fucking crazy when society breaks down. That was one of the nicer stories. In our war, things got a lot nastier than that. There were very few nice stories to be heard during the apocalypse."

Dromaeus marched towards the arena, seeing the defences being established at the centre. He caught sight of someone lurking and watching from the tunnel and recognised her as the same woman that he had slain the previous night. His nostrils flared and his primitive lip peeled back to expose his teeth, but he elected not to pay her any more attention than this. Resettling the weight of his shield by his side, he strode on past her with his shoulders back and head upright in the proud gait of a warrior.

Carmen looked toward the exploded engineer and bit her lip a bit before drawing out her dagger. Poor thing never had a chance... She cautiously walked toward the AI.

The guard grabbed the AI, and turned to head back. With a thump, the Meta landed behind him, decloaking and decapitating him at the same time. He fired off three grenades to take down the guards.

Several guards died, and many of the rest were knocked over or otherwise incapable of hitting their mark, shocked by the sudden attack by the Meta.

OoC: 24 guards remaining.

I guess it goes without saying that this man has been through a lot of grim material. I'll ask him at a more appropriate time.

"I just wonder what's in store for us. Are we at the lounge?"

"I was part of the Galbadian army. Gunnery Sergeant. Served in a squad with a couple freinds, Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac." Laguna took some dogs tags out from under his shirt. "Didn't really like it though. I would've prefered to become a journalist." He looked at EMily and Gwen. "Wish I had stuff like that. Though it's not like monsters and wizards want to just sit down for a game of Triple Triad."

Noting that the guards were mostly stunned, Carmen threw her dagger a good distance behind the Meta before focusing herself. "Consuming all... leaves the world cleansed... 3rd circle.. Gluttony!" A small black singularity appeared over her dagger and began to suck the Meta towards it. She also used her whip to grab the AI and reel it in. She held it for the moment, not sure how the thing in her hands could teleport her home.

"You'd be surprised, Laguna. Even if I don't know what Triple Triad is, you have to remember that it's only the monster and his species that knows what they really are saying. A whale song is 30 minutes long. A whale is no monster, mind you, but in it it's been estimated to contain as much information as such long fables as the Illiad or the Odyssey. And only the whale could read it. A monster might want to play, but there's translation errors." She winked.

OOC: are the guards attacking him at range or close combat?

"Yeah, this is it." James said to Gwen as they went in, and he headed to the bar. "Drinks, anyone? They're well stocked, I'll give 'em that." As he began to rummage around behind the bar he replied to Laguna.

"I was fighting long before I joined the army, but when I did get signed up I was attached to a multinational unit entitled CEQ. Reached the rank of Major, though I was never really command material. I could just put down ghouls better than any man alive. I never wanted it either. Before the world went to hell, I was looking at studying nautical science in the National Maritime College of Ireland." He chuckled. "And I ended up in Infantry. Funny how fate can mess with you, eh?"

When Dromaeus entered the arena he cared nothing for what was going on, only wanting to sate his fury. Recognising the obvious power of the Meta as a worthy challenge was the only thing that saved the guards from having to face his deadly blades. Even so, anyone who got in his way was viciously slammed aside or slashed at contemptuously as he strode into bow range of the Meta. Drawing the bowstring with his dagger clamped against the weapon's handle, he fired a steel tipped arrow at the armoured soldier.

The Meta groweled as the arrow stuck in his chest, doing no major damage, and fired a few grenades at the dagger, then one at some of the guards that were recovering.

22 Guards remaining.
OoC: @David: Well they attacking at all at the moment, but they are ranged.

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