WAOA Arena

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Laguna looked at EMily "Actuallly, I did try it once when I was bored. Suffice to say, I was almost eaten by a six-foot-tall carnivorous cataipillar." He sat, and turned to James. "Yeah..." Laguna 's voice trailed off a bit.

"I guess those caterpillars misinterpreted your advice on which crops to eat." She giggled.

"Well ummmm... do they have water?"

"So, Galbadia huh? Never heard of it. Somewhere else in time, I take it?" James asked, grabbing a beer from behind the counter. He listened to Gwen's request and laughed.

"Aw Gwen, that's not how you're supposed to respond to "fully stocked free bar"! I'm shocked!" Regardless, he grabbed a glass, scooped up some ice and filled it up from the tap with casual cheer.

The grenade would cause the dagger to fly into the air but the singularity continued to pull the Meta toward it. It was noticably weakening though. As the dagger flew, Carmen used her whip to bring it back into her hands. She used the time her spell had bought her to buff her barrier the best she could.

"Probably." Laguna said to James. "I don't know much about your world, but that's a good thing. Everyone here is from different worlds, right? You never know what you're gonna find or who you're gonna meet." He looked at EMily. "I doubt it, but maybe. I did actually talk to some cthulu-lady once. It was... awkward, but interesting."

"Well, I'm thirsty, and I'm not in the mood for anything else." She said with half lid eyes. She drank her water and swallowed. She made a small smile. "Hits the spot. Nothing beats the original thirst quencher."

"Could I have milk? Ice cold please." She smiled at James. "I guess you could say we're not big drinkers."

James nodded and poured some milk before bringing down the drinks, carrying them like a man with plenty of experience in pubs. After handing the water and milk to the girls he raised his beer glass in the air then took a drink.

"Heh, I'd say a good pint of Bulmer's beats it, but each to their own. I've known people from all ends of the alcoholism scale, and honestly, some of the ones that don't drink much can be the most consistently agreeable. I think I lean slightly the opposite end myself. But hey, once you aren't an angry drunk, who really cares?" As he spoke he leaned against the window and glanced down on the fight.

"You're not wrong, Laguna. Even just among the people out there, you can see it. Lets see, we've got a handful of rent-a-cops, our resident nutcase who looks like a generic space marine, Carmen who has the whole wings and shapeshifting thing going on- and is that a lizardman dressed as a Viking? Christ. This is like a mushroom hallucination."

John ran at the meta with Katana and tried to cut him

The Meta blocked John's attack and kicked him away, then followed up by launcing a grenade at him before leaping into the air, firing another two grenades at the shell-shocked guards before coming down with a overhead slash against Carmen.

EMily downed part of her milk.

Gwen finished part of her water before turning around to see what James was referring to.
"I heard 'lizardman as a viking'. I'm assuming that's who you're talking about." Gwen pointed to Drom.

EMily's voice tried to imitate that of Sara's. And a sly smile went across her face from cheek to cheek.
"Gwen, it's not polite to point."

"Oh bite me." She took another glug from her water. "But seriously, this is pretty interesting."

OoC: @Slenn Did you see my last post?

Laguna looked at the screen. "A lizard-what?" He saw Drom, and squinted. "Could've sworn I've seen that guy before..."

John jumps into the air and roundhouse kicks the grenades out the window

@Gear. I did, but I couldn't think of anything to respond to that. *sweatdrop*.

"That's the guy." James confirmed, and grinned mischievously. "How many lizard Vikings do you see down there?" He laughed out loud at the exchange between the two sisters, getting to like them already.

In the arena, Dromaeus snarled as the Meta's jump carried him out of the arrow's flightpath, and instead drew his sword, marching purposefully towards him from behind. He kept quiet and resolved to finish him with one decisive blow, having seen what the soldier could do to the guards ad not wanting to risk a prolonged fight with him.

OoC: @David: A launched grenade that explodes on impact. Also, what windows? We're in the middle of a giant arena.

Carmen focused for a moment before flapping her wings, propelling herself under the Meta as he slashed at the air. After rolling to recover, she stuck out her hand toward the space marine and smiled. "7th Circle... Violence!!" She sent out the familiar red beam toward the Meta's back, the AI now in her pocket.

Laguna shrugged. "Some of the stuff I've seen... after a while, the weird just kinda blends together and it gets hard to remember or notice details sometimes."

OoC: @Slenn Ah, right.

The Meta held up his bruteshot and deflected the beam, sending it towards the remaining guards, killing most of them.

9 Guards left.
OoC: Edited as I realized that it didn't make much sense.

@Random. Wait, is this a lounge with a view of the arena?

"Sorry, Laguna. I got distracted by the fight. But what's a cthulu?"

"I don't know, James. But for appearances, he's certainly very cool looking. He looks like something straight out of a fantasy novel."

OoC: @Slenn TV screen.

"Um... kinda... cosmic horror thing, wants to destory all life, ussually has tentacles. It's hard to explain."

OOC: @Slenn It is. Whether it's a screen or window I don't know, but does it really matter?

"That he is." James agreed. "Looks don't mean a whole lot down there though."

Dromaeus didn't spare a thought for the deaths of the guards, instead using the distraction of the Meta to sprint at his back, leaping forward and bringing his sword and dagger down like the talons of some diving bird of prey.

stamping his right foot and as lump of earth shoots up, John then punches forward with his left fist and as it hits the lump of earth it flys forward at the Meta, then tensely raises his hands just above his head *earth defensive style* and huge great wall shoot up and goes as high as the arena and wide as anything *great wall of china!*

Carmen gritted her teeth a bit as she saw her beam fly off and into the guards. Seeing Drom flying at Meta over her, she flapped her wings to move backward before sending a small, but concentrated gust of cutting wind around the Argonian and into the Meta's ribs.

"In any case, Laguna. I'm sure our chances of finding what you're talking about here are probably increased." She winced.

"Meh, he looks formidable though."

The knife hit the Meta in the chest, and stuck there as he rolled to the side. The rock would still have hit him if it weren't for the gust of wind altering its course. He fired a grenade at Carmen before slashing at Dromaeus with great strength.

James glanced at Gwen and then back down at Dromaeus, leaning against the wall beside the screen with his arms folded as he sized up the Argonian.

"Hmm... I could take him. I should've probably gotten into this fight, actually. Gotta burn off some energy."

Dromaeus growled in anger as the dagger failed to penetrate Meta's armour. It looked like he was in it for the long run after all. Hunkering down, he sprang to the side when the Meta slammed his blade down where Dromaeus had been standing, then darted close, yanked the dagger free and attempted to thrust it up into the flexible material under Meta's arm.

Carmen calmly spun around, creating a large gust with her wings to direct the grenade quite a distance away from the guards and herself. After that spin, she took to the air and stayed back for the moment. She took a small breath as she began to focus herself, a magic circle opening up under her.

"this should protect the remaining guards" he said to himself before running up the wall and jumping over it Katana drew as he came down and sliced at the meta

The Meta grabbed Dromaeus wrist with his left hand before he could thrust the dagger in, and placed his bruteshot on his back while twisting the wrist around. He followed up by tossing Dromaeus in the way of John's slash and ran at Carmen at high speed.
OoC: @Random: It was a upward slash, though it doesn't matter.

Gwen and EMily continued watching the fight.

"I suppose we could try a few challengers."

"Only time will tell."

"oh Jesus i'm so sorry here i'll heal you" he said while preparing the healing spell to well heal the wound and does just that

Carmen sensed the Meta rushing at her and flew higher into the air before extending her hand toward him. "Stay in peaceful stillness... for the rest of your days... 1st circle... Limbo!" Her charge before her cast caused around 30 magic circles to open around her, all of them shooting a single, well-built, black chain, each attempting to bind the Meta as he ran.

Dromaeus stumbled off his feet, but with his right hand unimpeded he was able to strike John's katana aside before crashing into him.

James watched the Meta countering and throwing Dromaeus.

"...No. I'm pretty sure of it." He said to Gwen. He turned so he could speak to both sisters and Laguna.

"You guys up to a warm-up skirmish at some point then? I tend not to get into sparring matches- I've been involved in some nasty incidents- but it would beat the hell out of watching on a screen, and at least here no one can actually get hurt."

When John began a healing spell Dromaeus pushed him roughly away, rising with a murderous glare at the Meta. Flexing his left arm, he drew his bow again and held it, ready to fire at Meta's faceplate as soon as he looked at him.

"Does that regeneration stuff work outside the arena?" Laguna pondered. "Even if so, I'd rather interview people then fight them."

"I suppose we could."

"It's not to the death right?"

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