WAOA Arena

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"I meant in the arena!" James said quickly to Laguna. "Jesus, I wouldn't even chance an arm wrestling contest with people unless I was sure they could be healed quickly!"

The Meta rolled to avoid some of the chains, and as he came up he grabbed the bruteshot and slashed apart another few. The remaining 20 chains started to wrap around him, but he fired a grenade at the ground beneath him, breaking the chains but sending the Meta flying away from Carmen. He landed on his back but quickly got up again, facing Dromaeus.

"Arena's kinda occupied right now, dude."

James snorted.

"After the fight." He said patiently.

Dromaeus loosed his arrow at Meta's face as soon as he turned to him, the heavy steel tipped arrow flying at him with enough force to punch through an iron shield. Once the shot was taken he laid the bow aside and drew his sword again, advancing steadily but cautiously.

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Carmen let out a huff seeing the Meta break through all of the chains. As he was somewhat alone, she shot another gust of wind toward the Meta, giving him a wide berth at first and eventually aiming to drill into his back.

Time seemed to slow down as the Meta grabbed the arrow in the air, and then it was back to normal as he threw it with as much force as it had been shot with against Carmen. He took his brute shot and launched a grenade each at Dromaeus and John. Then the wind punched him in the back, causing him to growl in frustration while glancing behind him.

"In there? Not to the death, no. Well... kind of." James said to Gwen. "You can be killed, but they resurrect you in some kind of machine in your own room. It's not so bad, actually. I mean, it hurts, when you go down, but you don't feel it when you're in the machine. I've been through a whole lot worse." He considered it, and then looked at them again.

"Only if you're up for it now. It can be nasty in the arena. And I should warn you now, if we do come face to face, I don't hold back."

Dromaeus stepped aside as the grenade came his way, his cautious approach allowing him to see it coming. When Carmen's wind attack drew the Meta's attention Dromaeus seized the opportunity and charged in earnest, drawing back his sword to run the Meta through.

With the arrow suddenly flying at her, Carmen quickly casted Treachery and shot a small purple beam toward the arrow. Since the spell caused the arrow and her to switch both position and direction, the succubus had to quickly fly to the side of the arrow as it sped toward the Meta again. Not wanting to take chances, she summoned a small but concentrated gust of wind to fly with the arrow as she dodged, increasing its speed immensely.

...How much longer... is this going to take?

"Last I checked dying is not a cool thing." Her enthusiasm wavered and oscillated. "I guess if you say so."

"That's fine with me. Besides, we haven't told you what our powers are yet." She made a coy smile at James. "I will accept the challenge when it comes." She raised a fist in cheer.

"Powers? Now this sounds interesting." James replied, matching EMily's smile with his confident grin. "What have you got?" He recognised Gwen's lack of enthusiasm and he turned to her, his grin fading again.

"Hey, no pressure." He assured her. "If you don't think you're up for it, then don't jump in at the deep end. I wouldn't feel right about fighting someone who was in there against their will, let alone being in there against my own."

With most of the guards dead, and all but one of the surviving currently in shock, there was only one soldier left to finish the operation. He started to make his way towards Carmen, avoiding the fight.
"Hey! We need the AI over here to start the operation!"
He said, pointing to a small connector by the fortifications.

The Meta saw Dromaeus charging, and leaped on him with a roar, using his left forearm to push the blade sideways before grabbing the wrist. The leap was powerful enough to knock Drom down on his back, as the Meta's other hand closed around Drom's throat with immense strength. The leap had brought him out of the way of the arrow.

Carmen spotted the connector and looked over toward the Meta and Drom in close quarters. ...Lizard... just hold out... She nodded toward the soldier before flying herself as low-key as possible toward the connetor and took the AI out of her pocket. "Alright, I believe this is yours..." She remarked as she presented the chip toward the sole soldier.

She looked at the other soldiers in shock and thought for a moment. It may be time for me to finally use Lust...

Dromaeus snarled and spat as the Meta began to choke him. He prepared to blast the superhuman with a wall of pure energy, but then with dawning panic, he realised that he had no idea how he could do such a thing. Nonsense words flashed through his mind, but he didn't recognise them, and they remained infuriatingly beyond his comprehension. Beginning to splutter helplessly he squirmed in the Meta's grip. Twisting his head in an attempt to loosen the fingers at his throat, he noticed his potential salvation lying tantalisingly close. With his vision darkening he stretched out his free hand across the ground and hooked the rim of his discarded iron shield with his claws. Dragging it close and sliping his forearm through the leather straps, he took it firmly and then swung it upwards with strength born of desperation. The iron rim crashed into the side of Meta's faceplate with the force of a car crash.

OOC: Interesting trivia. Supposedly a Spartan hoplite could deliver a blow with the rim of his shield with so much force that the trauma exceeded the wounds often seen on the victims of car crashes and IED explosions.

"I should probably drop the cockiness." She cleared her throat, but gave another smile. "Well, in a nutshell it's all based around electromagnetism. Anything you can think of that's centered around the topic is in my wheelhouse." She turned to Gwen.

"Gwen, don't worry. You're amazing with what you can do and I know it. It's like you've forgotten how much we've been through together."

"Yeah, I know I'm fine at fighting... it's just... I don't like the idea of repeatedly dying over and over. I mean what does that feel like? That seems so cheap."

"Gwen, don't worry, alright? I would never let anyone kill my own sister. You have my word. I would fly at the speed of light to save you. And I don't just mean that in the figurative sense."

"Of course."
Gwen made a small smile and hugged her.
"Thank you."

When she retracted, she took a deep breath.
"Mine are based around gravity. The force that holds us to the ground and what keeps light from escaping black holes." Her confidence seemed to be boosted.

John thrusts his hands into the ground and when he pulls them out they covered in earth and rock, john then charges at the meta and goes for a punch to the face or helmet

OOC: @Random. I could believe that. Although I would attribute the Spartan's destructive capability on pressure, not just force. Car crashes and IED explosions deliver a large force over a wide area. Spartans deliver a comparatively smaller force over a smaller area. Same pressure, different method.

The Meta was beaten aside, and a small crack had appeared in the extremely tough visor. John's charge was stopped with a heavy kick to the abdomen, striking with enough force to shatter ribs. The Meta slowly got up, holding one hand to the side of his head. Looked back down on Dromaeus, he pulled out the arrow that had previously been shot into his chest and stabbed at Drom before running off against the soldier.

The soldier nodded and took the chip, turning to put it in. Before he was able to, the Meta pounced on him, crushing the soldier against the hard metal floor. However, the chip bounced away from the corpse and out of the Meta's reach.
OoC: @Random: Doesn't suprise me one bit. At the first battle when the greeks faced the persians in open battle, the lightly armoured persians were crushed as the hoplites charged.

James laughed.

"Hey, if you've got talent, don't be afraid to be proud of it. I'm certainly not going to judge you." He remarked, before falling silent to allow EMily to reassure her sister. He frowned when Gwen described death in the arena as cheap. Death was cheap. Death was pointless. He knew this better than most, had seen it happen too many times to people who didn't deserve it, and who should have been able to survive. It could happen in an instant, without warning and was apparently completely random. It was horrible and tragic for those who lived, but in the end, it was a bitter end one way or another. He didn't say this much, however. Better not to upset the sisters with his war-weary, jaded philosophies.

"Electromagnetism and gravity. So what, you can control natural forces? That sounds pretty badass." He said encouragingly.

OOC: @Slenn Yeah, I know that much. It was probably far more deadly than the car crash for that reason.

Carmen cursed under her breath before running for the chip, flapping her wings to gain speed. Before grabbing the chip, she turned toward the Meta and casted a close-range Violence in his direction. She nervously eyes the connector and the Meta as she skids to a stop. ...Damn it all.

Dromaeus roared in pain as the arrow plunged into his chest, piercing the fur armour and grinding against his sternum. Mercifully, the head snapped before it pierced the whole way through the bone, the Meta having applied too much pressur for the slender arrow to withstand. Even so, it was a bad wound, and the steel barbs held it in his flesh. Groaning, he rolled onto his side and pushed himself up, clutching at his chest around the shaft. Brreathing shallowly, he leaned over and picked up his sword, before beginning to jog towards the Meta, trying not to exert himself too much. Drawing in a slow, laboured breath he shouted at the Meta.

"Face me! I am not dead yet! Do not do me the dishonour of turning your back while I draw breath!"

EMily smiled and nodded.
"Yes that's right. In fact our two other sisters can use the nuclear forces."

"We've gone through a lot. And the powers mean a lot to us on many levels. It connects us to our sisters, and it's enabled us to investigate worlds and aliens we never thought were imaginable."

"Nuclear forces? Isn't that kind of overkill? I mean, if they're scientists and explorers as well." James asked.

The Meta help up the dead body as protection against the Violence, and combined that with activating his overshields. After the beam had passed, he tossed the mangled corpse at Drom before walking towards Carmen, reloading his bruteshot.

Carmen took a few steps back as Meta advanced, a small green aura beginning to envelop her. If Meta stared at her for too long, he'd start to feel a little woozy. Remember... don't screw around this time...

Dromaeus saw the corpse sail through the air and with a snarl of effort was able to throw himself out of its way.

"Whoreson." He growled, before gripping the arrow in his chest where it entered his flesh. He snapped off the shaft just behind this with a snarl of pain before sheathing his sword and taking his dagger in a backhanded grip. Gasping raggedly as he urged himself towards the Meta, he steeled himself against his pain with a shrill warcry and broke into a full charge. Getting into range he threw himself high, aiming to cling to the Meta's shoulders and set into him with the dagger, striking whereever the armour seemed softest.

John thrusts his hands into the ground and when he pulls them out they covered in earth and rock, john then charges at the meta and goes for a punch to the face or helmet following it up with a stomach punch

EMily spoke calmly. "I know it sounds like it's overpowered. But Sara takes care to not be reckless. She and her sword, Gluon, have the power to bind and split atoms. She could use that power to wipe out a whole army with an atomic explosion by tossing her sword at the ground. Yet, she doesn't. The great cost of power combined with the fact that she feels such an act would be an atrocity, limits her from doing so. Much of her power takes time to use, and so she can only attack a few times. And even then, she's also our primary defense. She can create and synthesize any mass of atoms she wishes, as long as her energy stores are fine. She could make a buckler made of solid diamond, because it's pure carbon. Even though she's the same age as us. She's like a Joan of Arc; a big sister and a defender in many ways. Always there to make sure none of us get hurt. Only when she's sure, will she unleash the might of fission and fusion."

"And Winona's no push over, despite her size. Her primary powers lie in the weak nuclear force. And with her hammers, she can create Z0 bursts, which create knockbacks from a distance. She can detect beta and alpha decay, which has saved us many a time from catastrophes. Her neutron beam is powerful, but like Sara, she has to be careful that none of the radiation strikes anywhere else."

"But she's probably the bravest one isn't she?"

"Without a doubt, she is."

The Meta dropped his bruteshot as Dromaeus clinged to his shoulders. Noticing John, he spinned around so John's punch hit Drom, before kicking John at Carmen.

"damnit sorry" he said

Carmen calmly flies herself out of John's path before taking her whip using it to fling Meta's bruteshot across the length of the arena. She calmly put the chip into her pocket again before continuing to eye the Meta as her aura dissipated. A magic circle opened up under her once again.

OoC: @David: So when did he say that? While hurtling through the air?

John's punch crushed Dromaeus's spine and pressed him into the Meta's armour. He choked up a dark slick of blood and slipped down, his eyes glazing over. Even now however, he locked the claws of one hand around the collar of Meta's armour and hung limply, reflexively thrusting his dagger at Meta's lower back again and again, sheer dogged, bloody minded determination compelling him to fight to the bitter end even with his clearly fatal wounds.

James listened quietly to Gwen and EMily, absently stroking his stubbled jaw with one hand. The powers of the two absent Mason sisters sounded impressive. But it was the deeper love and respect these two clearly had for them that struck him.

"Sounds like you lot really can rely on one another. You're lucky. Having your siblings so close to you like that... it's something that you can never really understand the value of it in full. Not while you still have it anyway." He smiled, a softer, warmer expression than his cocky grin.

"I don't know if I even want to face you in the arena now. Not when I hear the story from this side."

OOC: @Slenn Wow, you really do get it across well. Nicely written.

The Meta growled in pain, and grabbed Drom's hand by the collar, and tossed him at Carmen, then followed up by drawing his magnum pistol and fired a few shots at Carmen.

OOC: @Kirke Dromaeus was still hanging from Meta's back. That would be an awkward as hell shot even without power armour.

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