WAOA Arena

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The Meta growled in pain, and grabbed Drom's hand by the collar, and tossed him at Carmen, then followed up by drawing his magnum pistol and fired a few shots at Carmen.

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John raised another shield of rock but this time started punching, kicking and elbowing which sent a lot of rocks the size of a normal hand flying at the meta

"Indeed it has been. Our friendship has been our most valuable item. We've been through a long journey, and we couldn't have done it without it. Our companionship has always reminded us of what we symbolize in the universe. And why the universe functions the way it does."

"James, don't let our histories limit you. But while we're on the subject. Can you tell us a little bit about what you can do? And who you are?"

James was about to point out his focus on the personal relationship as sisters rather than as forces. But when Gwen asked to hear a report on his own abilities he almost unconsciously straightened his back and shoulders as though at inspection.

"I'm a special forces operative tasked with the containment and extermination of undead personnel and quarantine of a cleared area." He said clearly and officially. "I'm trained for long range sniping and mid range combat with personal assault weapons and sidearms. I only have my Glock 18C with me. I've also been biologically modified with genetic and viral manipulation, providing me with greatly increased strength and reaction times, as well as an accelerated healing factor. Aside from my armament and specialised modification, I'm a second Dan black belt in Shotokan karate and have been trained in CQC under international instructors." Finishing his report, he grinned again.

"I guess apart from the virus, I'm basically just a soldier. But I'm a damned good one."

Carmen flew to the side once again as Drom's body flew toward her. As the Meta shot at her, she managed to block the shots with her barrier. It fizzled but managed to stay somewhat stable afterward. Noting the Meta going for his bruteshot again, she took the chance to send a tornado toward Meta as she flew over toward one of the shell shocked guards.

She calmly embraced one and gave him a long kiss. As all succubi can do, that guard became her slave, his want of her outweighing his fear. It began to walk toward the connector as Carmen got ready to protect him as necessary, recharging her barrier a bit.

Dromaeus's body crashed to the ground in a smear of blood, his weapons clattering away from his broken body. Alone, he drew in one breath, then another, a deep rattle in his throat with each inhalation. He reached out slowly with one hand, dug it into the ground and dragged himself forward, towards the Meta, leaving a crimson streak behind him. Three times he carried out this laboured crawl, before slumping down and his head falling to one side, his eyes glazed and his jaws slightly apart, blood dripping between his teeth. He didn't move any further.

"It sounds like you're a jack-of-all-trades. Karate, healing, genetics, sniping, melee combat... It sounds like you've been through a sizable amount of experience yourself. I felt hesitant at first to ask you about this. Thought this might be a sensitive subject."

"Undead? Was this a part of the aforementioned apocalypse you spoke of earlier? Were these legit corpses that came back from the grave? How did this happen?"

The Meta ground-pounded, activating his bubble shield. The rocks and tornado would be held off, as the Meta ran out on the other side and took his bruteshot. Turning to face the others, he waited for the sight to clear.

The guard acted precisely as Carmen would expect, though something of a designflaw in his armour led to bleedings in... The lower area.

"Well, the karate, healing and genetic modification all come together very nicely. Up close I'm too fast for a human to react to, and I can deliver massive trauma with strikes that a normal human could only do light damage with. But yeah, I'm the product of a war that left nowhere on our planet safe. When your life is lived in an environment where most humans wouldn't make it for long... it changes you. It changes you a lot." James said in a flat voice, not particularly meeting EMily's gaze. When Gwen spoke he turned to her and some animation returned to his voice and expression.

"That was it. They didn't come back from the grave exactly. It was a virus that was spread through fluid contact. Only a living creature could catch it. But it spread very easily. Once you had it you were screwed. It had a 100% rate of lethality, and the smallest drop of blood could infect you. The same virus is what was used to enhance me. It was already there. They just found that I was immune, and did... shit, I don't know. Sciency stuff, to change its effect on me."

Carmen facepalmed a bit as she noticed the guard bleeding from... down there.

She handed the guard the chip as she continued to charge her barrier to protect him as he began to work. C'mon... just a little more time... She sent out another shot of Violence toward the Meta, hoping he wasn't prepared for it.

OOC: @Random. You know what board game you should play? Pandemic. It's like RISK but you work with other players to defeat an infection across the globe.

EMily chuckled at the use of the word 'sciency'. "In every group of individuals of a population, there's always at least one that's immune to a commonly fatal disease. Do you think there's an end in sight to this spread?"

Gwen looked up at the screen. Dang. I was kinda hoping that lizard man would make it. I'll have to ask him what it's like through that regeneration thing.

@Berk:i'm nick your guy's sword for a bit

John stepped infront of the wall "I've had enough of this! HEY YOU COME DOWN!!!" he said picking up Dromaeus's sword "face me like a man Meta if there any of one left in you" he said to The Meta trying to provoke him

The violence was reflected up in the air by the bubble shield, then it vanished. However, the Meta was nowhere to be seen.
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"Yeah, we were getting there before I ended up here. For the first three years the dead were unchallenged. People just tried to survive as best they could, and only a small percentage succeeded. I was among the relatively few to make it. When I found that the turning point had been reached and that world's governments were pooling their forces, using tactics proven to be effective, I signed up. I'd already had more than enough experience facing the undead with my family and our group, and our last stand left me with the kind of infection that the government's scientists wanted to experiment on. We began taking back selected areas, securing footholds, and then spreading out. Systematically exterminating the dead whereever we went and securing perimeters to move the supply lines up before pressing on again. That's what I was doing in Brazil, taking part in a sweep to eradicate any ghouls lost in the forest so they couldn't find their way out in a decade and attack anyone they came across. There were still a lot of them, and the world's culture will always be a lot more militaristic against such things in future, but we were getting there.

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@Random. It's pretty cool. Although it's not the best board game I've played, since it's pretty short. Board games and card games are all graduate students in my class play nowadays.

EMily was actually quite charmed by his story. Her eyes dimmed down, but her smile gave the impression that she was delighted.
"Such stories always remind me how progressive and devoted humans can be towards a cause. We can be so destructive if we fall back to reptilian thoughts. But we can also learn from our mistakes, set aside our differences, and save the common health of the planet."

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James knew that his story would likely not have a happy ending. Though the war would end in victory for humanity, so much culture and technology had been lost with its people that the world would never be the same. So many people had lost everything they held dear that they didn't know what they would even do when the fighting ended once and for all. He personally knew plenty of soldiers who had made the decision not to carry on at all once peace came about again. He wasn't sure how he would choose in that matter himself, or even if he would be allowed to survive as a carrier of the virus. But he could see that his words had had an uplifting effect on EMily. He had always been a ladies man in his late teens and early twenties and her smile pleased him, and this allowed him to produce a convincing smile of his own for her.

"It'll be hard even after the war ends, make no mistake. But the fact that we won at all does show that humanity is worth something."

OOC: "He had always been a ladies man in his late teens and early twenties, and this allowed him to produce a convincing smile for her." Somehow that made me chuckle. XD.

"Indeed it is James. And I have no doubt that it will be a hard ride getting back on their feet, as any global catastrophie has shown. But I'm sure, even humanity is good at recovering. Civilizations are often like that. They value life. Sometimes, you'll find that... life is hard to kill."

James nodded, maintaining the facade of optimism despite his doubts.

"Yeah... the dead won't inherit the planet. Life will continue. Maybe even humanity will, but I don't know. I'd like to think I won't be around to see what happens in the global scale. It'll take a long time for humanity to bounce back or die, whichever way it goes." He went to the bar and pulled another bottle from beneath the counter.

"How about we drop the discussion of the war?" He suggested gently. "It pays not to think about that stuff all the time."

OOC: @Slenn Heh, James was always supposed to be a fairly shallow, light character. A regular lad who would joke and flirt and do all that stuff. That side of him just seems to keep getting lost in the apocalyptic survivor's state of mind.

"Oh, I'm more than happy to." She giggled.

"Actually, is there any sake?"

EMily's face lit up at the suggestion.
"Oh yes! Please, give me a small glass. It's the one hard liquor I really love. So sharp but yet so silky."

The Meta disappeared from the arena, which meant that he could not be teleported away, since the rest of the facility was protected against teleportation.

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Carmen calmly sighed as she attempted to sense Meta's soul like the time before, still charging her barrier up.

There was a sound of rattling glasses as James disappeared beneath the counter.

"Sake? That sounds like it wouldn't be... wait, hang on... oh, wow. There actually is." He re-emerged holding a bottle of pale golden tequila and a clear bottle of sake, then poured out two glasses for the girls. He was about to open the tequila, then changed his mind and poured a third shot of sake before bringing them back down.

"Never tried this stuff before." He said as he sat and offered the two shot glasses in his right hand. And I've been to Japan for world tournaments. Kind of shameful really. Hell, I've tasted spirits from countries whose names I can't even pronounce!"

EMily sipped the alcohol. "Mmmmm.... with a hint of prickly pear. So nice." She said, relaxed. "Now all I need is some cherry blossom petals to come down from the ceiling." She chuckled lightly.

James knocked back the shot sake with one tip of his head and grimaced as it went down his throat. He examined the glass pensively.
"Not too bad... as spirits go anyway. I prefer beer and cider. Always saw wine and spirits as just an efficient way to get drunk on a night out." He laid the glass aside, went for his cigarettes and then changed his mind out of consideration, just laying his head back over the headrest of the seat.

"Maybe you can use the arena for stuff like that." He suggested jokingly. "In here the closest you're going to get to cherry blossom petals if if we start shooting plaster out of the ceiling. Doesn't seem like it'd have the same tranquil effect."

"Well, maybe. This place could do better with some vegetation."

Gwen got up suddenly from the bar stool.
"Is there a girls room nearby?"

"I'd put weapons or armour displays in here myself. Or maybe some maritime navigation instruments. Give the place an old school feel about it." When Gwen stood he pointed out into the corridor.

"Saw a couple of jacks on the way in here. Just outside the door."

I should not have drank that much. "Thank you very much." She bowed quickly and ran off.

"I'd put in an oscilloscope and a spectrometer to remind me of my own home."

James sat up in the seat as Gwen ran off.

"Uh-oh. That was quick." He remarked. "I've never seen anyone do that after just one drink." Shrugging he turned back to EMily.

"Uh... yeah. I know what those things are." He said, deliberately keeping an exaggerated straight face. As he did so he noticed that the sound of fighting from the screen had ceased.

How long has it been since they stopped? Wonder how it played out.

"Well she did drink that full glass of water earlier." She looked up at the screen as well. "It looked like that lizard man was not fairing so well. If I recall correctly."

"Hmm? No, he was crushed by that loudmouthed guy. I gotta hand it to him though, he was relentless. I've seen plenty of ghouls just keep going like that, but most humans or animals know the time to give up and die. He didn't seem to. I wonder if that's his species or his own individual personality."

"I'm sure we'll find out soon once we meet him."

Gwen came back.

"Had your little potty break?"
"Oh pblplplplt to you."

EMily rolled her eyes.

"It'll be interesting to find out. Many of the extraterrestrials I've come across have different ways of their own, and their resilience is quite different from one another."

James grinned to himself at the sister's banter once again.

"Yeah, you were saying earlier. What's it like travelling to other planets, where you're from? How far do you have to go to find intelligent life in the universe?"

"Well, in our time humans have made contact with only one other civilization. We're actually quite neutral with one another. Radio contact won't do much in outer space. Electromagnetic power dissipates the further you go away from the source. Even if a signal were to reach another civilization, it would be too weak."

"Travelling to other planets was essentially our job. It was over a matter of investigating a life form that is no more, dubbed the 'Dark Being'. A life form that was capable of absorbing entire biosystems. Through some relations with our father and the government, we were able to procure the latest ship that was capable of generating its own portals in space. It's the only one of its kind that is able to do so. With it we were able to dig deeper and deeper into the Milky Way Galaxy, searching for clues to the possible origin of this Dark Being."

"Such a search spans several thousand light years. Charting where we need to plant a portal needs to be carefully researched, as the power cost is very great and takes weeks to cool down the portal generator. During our search we've come across both alive and dead civilizations. Some planets that have dead or ruined civilizations still have life on them. Out of the several millions of planets that are in the Milky Way, only 6 of them could inhabit life, excluding the earth. 2 of them had life but were taken away by the Dark Being. 2 had survivors of the Dark Being's consumption that dug beneath the planet or had life other than intelligence. The rest are alive and well, and only one of them is the one that's met humans."

"You have a ship capable of long range space flight, but not communications? That seems strange." James remarked. "This 'Dark Being'... what was it, exactly? Do you mean a whole species, or literally a single entity? How could any one creature do so much damage?"

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