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"To send a long range transmission, some form of radio through a portal. But since the ship is the only one of its kind to do that, it's not easy. The only other way is an experimental method using quantum entanglement, but no one's quite sure how to pin it down yet for extraterrestrial coms."

"It was a single thing that started out very small. About the size of a worm. It was created by an alien race that believed that all life should be under one roof. So they sacrificed themselves to their own creation allowing it to grow to the size of a city."

"The mechanism behind its absorption was so mysterious. It seemed that almost nothing would stop it. Looking at past vids, it was horrific at how efficient it was at consumption. With one swift throw of its tentacles, it would leave entire ecosystems void of life. Not even a single simple cell."

OOC: Picture the being from Final Fantasy the Spirits Within, only black and opaque.

OOC: @Slenn Never played Final Fantasy.

"It sounds... shit, I don't know. How did you fight something like that? What stopped it?"

"You know, when it first reached Earth, I asked myself a similar question. 'How could we stop this thing?' Even after all the research we poured into finding what it was about, it still remained a mystery. But the four of us remembered, that before anything began in the universe, the four forces of nature were once one during the supposed Big Bang. Even if our scientists have a different understanding of it than before. We then gathered energy from anywhere, and everywhere we could. Our energy levels grew drastically and faster than ever before. First Winona and I fused together to become one to represent the Electroweak Force. And then that being became one with Sara to represent the Electronuclear Force. Gwen was the last to fuse with us to become the Unified Force."

"At first the Dark Being tried to swing its arms at us. Yet they passed right through our unified form, it was incredible. It... didn't feel like anything other than a gust of wind. We took our chance to fly into the Dark Being on angelic wings and find the source of the beast. Through some seemingly endless duals of the mind, we were able to convince the Being to halt its course and return the life. In in the end, it returned the life it stole into small glowing pellets, and died as it shrunk back into the worm it once was."

The two sisters sighed solemnly as they took a moment to pause. EMily finished her sake.

"That's pretty much the second half of our story."

James listened silently as the sisters told the story, though it was obvious that he was barely able to follow the hard science involved in their battle plan. When they finished, he ran a hand over his head, sighing heavily as he digested the information.

"The four of you were able to defeat this world-destroying monster by yourselves? That seems... I can't even imagine... yeah. I don't really know what to say to that." He finished weakly. "Kind of falls outside my range of experience for heroism."

"It... wasn't the easiest thing to do. During our time in space, we grew stronger in terms of how much energy we could use. The Electroweak and Electronuclear forms were gained during that time."

"Like EMily said before. Not any of us knew what would happen if the Unified form would work. Not any of us knew it would work in the first place. Even when we were told from our parents and our 'benefactors' that we would be the ones to stop it. How we would defeat it was unknown. We remained unconscious for several days after the incident. We woke back up back at our home, the Mason Mansion Estate."

"So now our mission is to try and return the life back to the planets that it stole from. But we've decided to take a break from space travel and be on Earth to catch up."

"Sorry your break from travel ended up here." James said. "It must really suck, having leave cut short like that."

"It's quite alright though. At least we kind of know how we got here."

"It was some anomaly at the Mason Mansion. Dad told us to come check it out. EMily and I flew in, but not before I took a look at its space-time pattern. The only thing is, I need to research a way to get back. I could replicate it with my powers over gravity and space-time, but it's going to take a sizable amount of effort."

"oh right? I thought you were brought here the same as the rest of us. I'm surprised you volunteered in that case. I'd almost kill for a chance at some genuine down-time in a safe place that isn't basically a no man's land that we just reclaimed. I haven't seen an actual community where people weren't always armed and on active duty in... I don't actually remember." At that, James yawned and stretched his arms.

"Well, its late, and I don't know about you two, but all this talk of science and space travel has me worn out. I think I'll head back to my room. You going to stick around here for a bit?"

"Well, from what we've gathered, we started out at the same place everyone else did. The anomaly didn't show any thing on the other side."

"Some nap time would be pretty awesome right about now. Where are our rooms anyways?"

"The rooms are down the halls on either side of the lounge. I think there are name plates already on the doors for us, and they seem to be decorated for each person beforehand."

OOC: No idea if there are name plates, but it makes more sense to say that there is.

"Let us proceed." She said. They got up from the bar and started walking.

"My room is off the other way, so I'll be off. I'll see you around." James said, and left after giving them a casual salute.

"Goodnight, James. It's been good talking to you."

The sisters each went into their respective rooms.

OOC: Later peeps! It was a good session, and I like getting back to my old characters.

OOC: @Knife-28, Yes you can join, but you should read the beginning of the RP. Essentially your character will start out in a dark room. But I don't know how many others are on at this time.

@Knife: You don't need to post a character, but if you just want to explain what he/she/it is capable of, go ahead.
Plus, you'll need to wait for a GM to lead your through your character's introduction.

OoC: Hey guys.

For a brief moment in time, the entire room lit up like the sun, then, two heavy thuds and darkness.
"Well, I'd like to say this is new but..." One voice says in an Australian accent, "So, you still with me Big D?"
"I have a name you know, I mean we've travelled together long enough, I'd expect you'd know it."
"A simple, 'Yes' would have worked too."
"Yea well tough luck." The second voice pauses for a second, then lets out a frustrated groan. "Damn, you couldn't have picked a smaller fucking room could you, I barely have enough room to breath in here."
"Yea yea, gimme a second here, let me find a torch." The first voice replies, along with the slight sound of him going through his pockets.

"Hello, and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. We are currently operating under code red contingencies. Please, await security personel in your suites. Please, do not carry weaponry. Armed induviduals will be terminated by security personel."
A series of lights in the floor led to a door, and then further on to the best room they could imagine.
OoC: I need to leave for a bit, but I'll be back shortly.

Gold pulled himself out of his bed, looking at the shed wall opposite him. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he stood up and walked into his closet. It whirred for a bit, and attached his robotic arms in a hiss of steam escaping. wincing, Gold pulls himself out of the closet, and works the arms for a minute or two, feeling the sense of movement slowly build in his arms. Nodding to himself, he opened the shed and walked out of it to his main hotel room.
The rest of the room was devoted to making a forest clearing with a lake in the center, where his team sat around, or in, depending on the case. Nodding to them, he walked out into the hallways and continued walking to the lounge.

Rex was sprawled out on a couch in the lounge, a few beers completely empty around him.

"Evilington? That doesn't sound suspicious at all."
"I'm more interested in the interdimensional arena part, come on, you reckon you can fit through this door?"
"I'll manage."
Two pairs of footsteps set off, one slightly heavier than the other, until with a slight creak the door is pushed open, bathing two figures with light. The first, a man in his late twenties with long dark-blond hair tied back in a ponytail and wearing fitting pair of blue jeans, a snazzy trilby and a black jacket over a light blue t-shirt with the symbol of a rainbow lighting bolt emerging from a cloud.
The second figure is as different as he is taller, a massive creature three times the size of the man and best resembling a bird, though with seven red eyes and a pincer coming from either side of it's beak.
"Well, there's very little chance I'm fitting through there." The Bird says, looking at the (comparatively) small door.
"One mo," The man says, stepping out and looking at the hallway. "Yea, looks like there's a, yep, there you go." He finishes, pressing a switch on the wall which causes a section of it to raise itself into the roof, granting the bird access to the hallway.
"Well, that's enough fartassing around, let's go see see our 'suite'"
With that, the two follow the red lights down the hall, eventually coming to a room flanked with armed guards. "G'day." The man says, raising a hand at the guards.

Gold hesitated a moment, before settling next to Rex, sitting straight in a ramrod posture.

The man snored a bit loud before rolling over, face down into the couch.

Gold watched Rex for a moment, before pulling him on to his side. He stared at him for a moment, then sat back in the chair, reassuming his stance.

As soon as Gold touched him, Rex's foot kicked out toward him in a sort of defense mechanism. The man slowly woke up, a little red-eyed.

Gold swats the foot aside, his metallic arm probably giving rex the feeling he should have worn socks to bed. (Trying out metaphors. Hows that one?) he muttered "well, either wake up or stop fighting me when I try to make sure you don't drown in your own puke. Ass."

Rex rubbed his mouth a bit as he sat up, seemingly unbothered by the metallic arm. "My bad, dude. Shit's a reflex."

Gold walked over to the dining area of the lounge and poured out a glass of water. "its no problem. You wake up very calmly when compared to Sheldon. Guy likes to try and spear his... Awakener? Waker? Sleep depriver? There a word for that?" he walked back over to Rex and offered the glass.

Rex took the glass and downed pretty quickly. "The word I'd generally use it asshole."

Gold chuckled. "yeah, thats how sheldon puts it too. Listen, I need to apologize about before. I kind of cheated in that fight."

Rex looked over toward Gold, one eye closed. "Don't give me that 'I cheated' crap. You won, don't act like you didn't."

"not exactly a fair fight, which is what you expected, when I can whip out six guys to kill you before you get to me. And besides, we're gladiators right? We're supposed to make the fight 'look' even at least. No one at home would think it was fair if I had you going 7 on 1."

Rex shrugged a bit. "I don't exactly care that people are watching though, dude. Since when did we actually have an obligation to do anything?"

Gold shrugged. "I figured they gabe us room and board for free. Hell, you'd have to actually kill people to get that deal where I'm from. Maybe I just want to keep the deal for a while."

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