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Rex chuckled a bit before grabbing another beer and offering Gold one. "Huh. Didn't think of it that way. Guessing life's more than hard for you back in your world, eh?"

OoC: And then I fell asleep.

OoC: Anyone here?

present and waiting

OoC: Hello?

The AI coughed gently to gain attention in Hellosh's room.
"Please, prepare for battle."

"Already am." Hellosh said, with a sinister grin. And then sets off to the arena.

In the arena, a large formation of men equipped with one-handed weapons and swords stood ready, with a line of knights in plate armour in front of them. They joked and laughed with eachother as they saw Hellosh enter the arena alone. Along the rim of the arena, on a ledge, were multible machine gun emplacements covering the arena.

Hellosh saw the knights. "That's it?" Hellosh said out loud. "What are you wanting for, you armoured hounds? Attack!" Hellosh shouted at the knights.

OoC: Took permission from @Kirk to commence an off-screen slaughter.

As the soldiers charged, Hellosh had a sadistic smile.

*Time skip*

After sometime, the battlefield was covered with corpses and blood. Some soldiers were cut in half, both vertically and horizontally. Others had their heads separated from their bodies, others suffer large stab wounds, others suffer bite marks, and others are nothing more than piles of gore! But there's one soldier who is still alive. Said soldier has lost his left eye and right arm, and seems to carry a large stab wound on his torso.

While still visibly bleeding, he walks to Hellosh. "You....bas...tard! AHHH! You mon-monster!" The soldier said, while charging angrily. Sadly, because of his wounds, he trips and falls, but the solider still crawls to Hellosh.

"My, my... You're not like the others, aye? Still fighting while being heavily injured, I like that!" Hellosh moves to the soldier. "You remind me of myself, fighting until death takes you; not caring if your enemy outclasses you. For that, I will make your death swift." Hellosh said to the crawling soldier. Afterwords Hellosh snaps the soldier's neck, killing him instantly.

"And the winner is: Hellosh!"

OoC: Anyone here?

OoC: Ok, I'll aska again. Anyone here?

When Dromaeus stumbled out of his vita-tube after being crushed by John Saber's rock punch, he had smashed his fist through the plaster on the wall in a terrible rage, and uttered a raw bellow of rage at the human's incompetence that had cost him the chance to take the Meta down with him. Now, days later, he stalked back and forth in the lounge, brooding silently.

James was down in the arena, having requested a simulation to train in for as long as there were no fights organised. He ran through a series of katas in the middle of a Roman amphitheatre, kicking up sprays of sand from the floor as he stormed through the maneuvres.

OoC: @Berk Heya man. Anyone in particualr you wanna fight with/talk to?

OOC: Eh, no preferences. Yourself?

OoC: @Berk I can few of a few shenanigins with Drom and... well, any of my characters really. Your choice. Laguna, Dan, Diana, Eva or Reil?[1]

[1] Since I don't think you've met some of those before, Dan is a bumbling skeleton knight, Eva's a genki elf assasin Reil's and a fundie paladin.

OOC: I have Drom and James fielded now, but I can change them to anyone else if you want. Reil sounds fairly interesting, actually. And Diana could be decent as well, whichever character she meets.

OOC: I'm gonna play as Diana then. It's kinda fun being a bitch. Brings back memorys of trolling as Hazama.

Diana was sitting in the lounge, rolling a tiny crystal between her knuckles with a scowl on her face.

Dromaeus turned and for a moment was surprised to see Diana sitting there. He hadn't heard her come in, an unusual failing on his part. This only aggravated his already ornery mood, and he went back to pacing. After a few moments he stopped in front of the screen to watch as James whirled and darted, blocking punches from imagined foes and countering with punches that would shatter the bones of any human, despite their apparent light, swift delivery. Whirling one final time he stamped down on the sand in a motion aimed to snap an enemy's femur with a loud, sharp exclamation of "KIAI!!!"

Down in the arena James held his stance for a moment, then stepped back and brought his arms to his sides with a cross-body motion, breathing heavily with exertion. He remained in this alert position for what would be regarded as a respectful length of time, he then relaxed and reached for his packet of cigarettes.

OOC: Thought you hated playing as Hazama. No wait, that was Relius.

OoC: @Berk I hated doing his evil actions and the lack of character dev. I LOVED trolling and joking.

Diana looked at the screen, watching James practice. "One would think that training requires a sparring partner or a dummy, but he seems to be doing... decently." She stood, pocketing the gem the had been fiddling with.

Dromaeus twitched his head to one side, just enough that he could see Diana in his peripheral vision from over his shoulder.

"A ranger or an assassin does not always have a companion with whom to train, or the materials to build a target." He grunted briefly, turning his gaze away again. "If they do not wish to become soft, or set in the ways of fighting a dummy or a single opponent then they must learn to duel against the shifting images of their own mind. If nothing else, it keeps the body strong and limber."

OOC: Ah what the hell, might as well give this another shot.

From the hall of the Dark Knights emerged a woman into the lounge, clad in the same black colored armor as Oz and Barbas, though her's carried an inlay of gold-leaf along the edges of the plating. Over her armor she wore a scarlet tabard, much like the one that Oz had. She glanced over at Dromaeus and Diane for a moment before she adopted a look of utter disinterest and turned her attention to the screens that showed James practicing. Seeing that James had finished, she let out a sigh of abject boredom.

"I am used to having one of an entire class pitted against me. No need for an imaginary opponent when I have defeated all the idiots that I am forced to mingle with, quite handily might I add." Diana looked at the new woman in the lounge. "A new combatant?"

OoC: 3 assholes in the same room, huh? This should be fun.

Dromaeus's lips peeled back slightly in what could only be a smirk.

"How flattering. Tell me, how is your throat?"

James took a long drag of his cigarette, held his breath for a moment, and then blew it out. A crude smoke ring materialised in the wisps.

"Yeah! Bitch!" He crowed triumphantly at the sight, then headed inside with a grin on his face. Behind him the projection of the amphitheatre disappeared.

Diana's hand started to go to her throat, but she stopped it. "...that was luck, lizard. I am certain things will be different next time."

The woman looked over at Diana as she heard her speak of her, not saying anything in reply and simply looking her over for the time being. Seems an easy enough mark. "Of course. I am not here to engage in idle chatter. Are either of you interested in participating in combat, or am I wasting my time and breath by addressing you both?"

"Luck? Did I not warn you that I had done exactly that to mages before you, as well as to warriors far stronger, braver and more worthy than your kind?" Dromaeus goaded Diana, still not turning to face her. "That was not luck, but a talent for exploiting your weakness. Though I must admit, your more foolish oversights did make for a far easier kill than the older and more battle-ready mages that I have slain." Dromaeus glanced at the newcomer and gave her a once over.

"Can you handle a blade? Or are you just another arrogant human wench whose blood is too hot to remain in her veins?" He replied.

James entered the lounge and went to the bar, blowing an amorphous mass of smoke as he did so.
"Damn it, I've lost it again." He said to himself and the room at large as he began to rummage among the bottles. "This calls for a drink to forget it. Anyone else want anything?"

Diana stewed from Drom's comments for a moment before looking at James. "Do not bother with me." She looked at the woman. "I would quite like to pummel something right now, so I shall accept your challenge."

"I can handle a sword far better than you certainly could, reptile. And at least with hot blood I need not spend hours a day sunning myself on a rock." The woman replied to Dromaeus without bothering to glance over at him, instead directing her attention to examining the shine on her gauntlets. She chuckled at Diana's reply. "I wonder how long that spirit of yours will last. I shall meet you in the arena." She completely ignored James as she walked out of the lounge and into the locker-room. Out of the locker she took a whip-like weapon, a longsword, and a dagger, and attached all three to her belt. She then made her way into the arena and waited.

Diana took a crystal out of her pocket, tighteneing her hand around it. She went to the lockers, suited up, and headed into the arena.

OoC: Any requests for the arena?
@Drak I'm guessing she's water or ice.

Now it was Dromaeus's turn to fume, and his lips peeled back to expose his teeth once more.
"Bite your tongue, rat, or I'll..." He snarled, beginning to storm towards the woman, gripping the hilt of his dagger. Before he did however, James vaulted the bar and darted in front of him, blocking his path.

"Whoa, settle down now mate." He warned, holding out the palm of one hand to halt the Argonian. "There's no need for that kind of crap on anyone's part. You said you wanted a warrior to fight? I'm an army Major with a second Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate. I reckon I fill the criteria. You want a fight? How about taking me on after the ladies do their thing?"

Dromaeus glared at James and for a moment it seemed he might lash out with his dagger. However, between James's slight height, clear weight advantage and the steely glint in the soldier's eyes, Dromaeus elected to stay his hand.

"You speak with more dignity than these preening skeever pups." He said slowly. "You are a warrior of reknown?"

"I guess you could say that."

@Gear: No requests for the arena on my part.

Ozma had noticed Dromaeus storming after her, and was disappointed that he seemed to have been stopped. A shame. It would have been fun to put two uppity ruffians down at once. I suppose one shall have to do for now. She smirked at Diana as she entered the arena, but made no other moves as she waited for the match to being officially.

oOC: I know this is an odd location for two fantasy characters, but it's fucking cool, so I'm gonna do it.

The arena was a series of walls and suspended platforms, hanging over what appeared to be a large, dark racetrack.
"Diana vs Ozma Moh Glacius!"
Diana held her staff tight in one hand, fire at the other's fingertips.

OoC: Combat music!

OOC: Right, guess I'll go and... do something else for now.

OoC: @Berk Too busy to fight right now? Fair warning, unless this is a quick fight, I'll probably have to come off after it's done.

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