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Steve went back to his room and drank the most delicious chocolate cream in existence. It perfectly blended white, milk, dark chocolate and a bit of caramel together to make the most delicious brew in the world "A man could get used to this" His dragon ate some batteries and the ilk

OoC: @Demon ...the dragon eats batteries?

Radec extied the arena, dumping all his weaponry (save the knife and a pistol) back in the locker.

OoC: I think there's like a communal area, a lounge of some kind, but I'm not sure.

OOC: @Gear Yeah he's an electric dragon. It's like fire dragons liking spicy stuff or ice dragons eating ice cream... This is also one of the reasons why nobody uses electric dragons after the apocalypse

@Demon: Hah, sucks to be you! M e and my precious nuclear dragon are doing just fine in this apocolypse *dragon roars which burns abnd iradiates lots of stuff infront of it* .. there are some tiny little negatives though...

That reminds me, are you here for a fight,or have you already left?

Steve was in the arena flying laps around it with his dragon. "Maybe if we added a cow bell to you. You would be more intimidating" The dragon flicks his tail "Accidentally" hitting Steve "Gosh you don't have to take it so personally"
OOC: @Silver *Cue lightning bolt to the face*

The Meta paced back and forth in his room, furious that he had not been able to kill Radec.

OOC: So do I just jump in or whatever?

OoC: @Ven: Pretty much. Your character will show up in a dark room, then be guided to basically the hotel room of his/her dreams. After that, there's a locker room where your character will find any gear he/she wants. The arena itself can be customized. I'll be here for 40 min more, so if you want to have a fight, I'm up for it.

Tahril's eyes snapped open. His sharp eyes penetrating the darkness. Life in the eternal twilight of Commoragh had given him and all other Dark Eldar perfect night vision. His ears perked up as his century old paranoia kicked in and he was ever alert for danger.

"Greetings and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."

Realising that his alabaster skin was showing it age after not feeding, Tahril placed his helmet over his head to hide his degenerating features. As he did so he heard a voice and turned to its source, his cape billowing behind him like. When no attack came he straightened up, risng to his full height and let his hand fall off the pommel of his Huskblade. "What is this dreary corner of the Webway I have found myself in?" He then challenged the voice. "Why have you taken me? Speak!"

"This is the Evilington interdimensional arena, created to bring harmless entertainment to the masses. You have been brought here because we believe you would make a great addition to our roster. Please, follow the lights."
A series of lights began shining from the floor, showing the way to a door that was also surronded by a chain of lights. Beyond that, the lights lead to a room further down the corridor.
OoC: I'll be back in about 10 minutes.

Tahril laughed slightly. "This place is not so differant than Commoragh. Very well I will partake in your...Llith'antu khlavh" He said before following the lights. This was a wonderful oppurtunity to demonstrate his skill above all to creatures of other places and times. Every Wych, Succubus and even Lelith Hesperix herself would kill for this oppurtunity.

"I am so glad that you accept, here is your room."
The room was basically the best suite he could imagine. Another series of öigts continued down the corridor.
"Please come with me to the lockerroom when you feel ready."

Tahril's room was like his sanctum in Commoragh, in the high towers of the Dark City. Obsidian architecture covered everything while blood red velvet highlighted the softer materials. Flames of Dark Light burned to illuminate the room and Tahril smiled to himself and removed his helmet so his white hair fell around his shoulders. Despite the situation he needed to feed still. He would have to fight as soon as possible.

"I hear the ongoing fight is almost over. Please, follow me and we will get you prepared."

Hellosh, the Lord of Bitemark, finds himself in a dark room. "Where the hell am I?" Hellosh said to himself.

OoC: @Kirk give me the basic ideas.

Tahril re-fitted his tall, horned helmet and began following. What weapon to use? He wore two swords, one was a lethal Huskblade and the other was a curved Power Sword. His belt was fitted with numerous skinning daggers and also a Venom Blade. It was no secret in the Kabal that he preffered the art of melee combat over ranged and rarely fought with even a pistol.

"May I ask for your name for our records?"
The computer asked as Tahril on the way to the locker room. If he answered, he'd find a locker with his name on it. Inside, there was any gear he'd usually use.
"Hello, and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."
OoC: @Dirty: Take a look at the first post.
Also, the voice of the AI is the same as the voice for Sheila/FILSS from RvB.

"Tahril Dravian." He said as he poured through the locker. He preffered his weapon museum back in Commoragh but this would do. He clipped a Shadowfield onto his arm, coiled an Agoniser whip and hung it from his belt and placed his Huskblade into the locker. It was no sport to use such a weapon. He closed the locker and flexed his muscles, feeling the barbs in his armour bite into his nerve endings and sharpening his senses. He grew more alert and energetic, revitilised by the pain.

"Show me my foe."

"Arena? Well it's been quite a while since I killed something, and I don't want my skills to rust. So, whens my first fight?" Hellosh asked the AI with a sadistic grin on his face.

OoC: @Kirk Is Hellosh's weapons with him or does he have to take them from the locker?

"He is currently preparing. In the meantime, you can observe the match currently in progress."
Indeed, there was a TV in the corner of the room, showing the battle in the arena.
In the arena, Cpl. Short watched with horror as her sergeant's head was separated from his body by something invisible. She cursed under her breath as she tried to track the thing that had killed the rest of her squad, not daring to bring out her motion tracker, that was how the sergeant was taken. She thought she saw movement and launched a grenade there, but it only blew up some stone.
"Come out you bastard!"- She screamed, trying to sound more confident than she was. Suddenly, a large being in white armour and a golden, domed, visor appeared behind her with a low hiss. She spinned around, dropping her rifle, and tried to stab him. The large man grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up in the air. She gasped for air as she saw him grab the knife. He looked at for a moment, then shoved it in her eye.
"And the winner is: META! Battle, over!"
Short could have sworn the Meta laughed at her as she was thrown away, then it all went black.
@Dirty: They'd probably be in the locker.
"Exellent! Your first match is ready, please follow me."
A series of lights in the floor showed Hellosh the way to the other locker room than the one that Tahril was in.

Tahril could feel the pain and his muscles tensed beneath his suit as he drank the violence he had witnessed in. As an Archon such a poor display of brutality did little but envigour him slightly. It took a true atrocity to rekindle his soul now. He muttered something in the language of the Eldar under his breath.

Hellosh's opens his locker, and sees his weapon: Gigantic sword that no normal man can wield; luckily, Hellosh is far from normal. With great grace and speed, Hellosh grabs his sword; placing it at his shoulder.

"I am ready." He said to the AI, still having that grin on his face.

The arena gates open, allowing the two fighters to enter the arena. The Meta groweled threatingly to Hellosh as he passed.

"May I have your name for our records, please?"- The AI asked Hellosh.

Tahril strode with confidence through the gates. The grace in his movements hid the cruelty that dwealt within. His eyes sharpened to slits beneath his helmet as he searched for his prey.

OOC: Tahril is an Archon, having fed on the pain of others for centuries he is not truly mortal anymore. His skill and speed are legendary but he is no more stronger than an average human and is slightly more resilient.

"Lord Hellosh." Hellosh said to the AI.

"Hello! Hehehehehe!" Hellosh said to his Challenger, in a threatening tone.

Tahril uncoiled his Agoniser from his belt. The muscular, semi-organic whip tensed as he cracked it against the floor before writhing with a life of its own. He set his Shadowfield to activate in 10 seconds and drew his power sword with his right hand. He took a breath of air, his unfeeling throat absent of any relief or revitilisation from a cleansing breathe.

"you are to fight me? Very well." He cracked the whip again.

"The next batlle is Tahril Dravian against Lord Hellosh! Make ready, fight!"

At the announcement Tahril's Shadowfield activated and he was consumed by a thick miasma that swirled around him, completely obscuring his position in the cloud which begun to move towards Hellosh with firghtening speed.


Tahril stopped and the dark miasma around him came to a halt also which he could see through prefectly. He tensed and waited for Hellosh to enter the shadowfield.

Hellosh runs toward Tahril, thus entering his shadowfield. Hellosh could not see him, so he started swinging in random directions. With each swing, Hellosh's strikes become faster and faster.

Tahril struck from within his field, lashing out with his Agoniser whip with lightening speed and precision before dissapearing into the shadow field.

OOC: An agoniser is a pain inducing weapon, even the slightest caress sets the nerves alight with pain and burns out clusters of nerves also.

OoC: I'm gonna keep a tally on wins/draws/losses/kills/deaths. So far the Meta is the leader with 1 win, 1 draw and 5 kills.

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