WAOA Arena

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OOC: It's a duel between Diana and this Ozma person, no? In any case, I have a long night planned tomorrow, so I can't be up til 5am again.

Upon hearing that the match had begun, Ozma took her long-sword and whip from her belt, holding the former in her off-hand and the latter in her main hand. She let go of the length of the whip and lashed it at the air to unravel it, revealing that it was actually a length of thick chain. At the end of the chain were 12 metal rods that were covered in spikes, each attached to the chain by smaller, individual chains. She started off simple, lashing at Diana's chest with her whip, attempting to bash and rake her with the rods at the end of her weapon.

@Berk: You could join in if you wanted. Just a suggestion.

OoC: @Berk Join in if you like. I thought it was gonna be a trio battle.

The spikes peirced and left gouges in Diana's armour, but nothing dangerous. She stepped back and threw a fireball.

OOC: Fuck it, I'll give it a shot so.

James and Dromaeus marched into the arena as well, before squaring up to one another. Dromaeus cocked his head as he drew his sword.

"What warrior enters the field of battle without carrying a weapon?!" He demanded. James smirked.

"I'm good with what I've got." He replied. Dromaeus replied with a derisive snort, before raising his sword and charging James with a snarling battle cry. He brought his blade down in an overhead slash expecting to cleave James's unarmoured head in two, but his blow was abruptly and painfully halted when James met his wrist with an upper block. Dromaeus realised his mistake raised his shield before trying to draw his sword back to slit James's wrist, but first James twisted and delivered a devastating roundhouse kick that shattered the shield and launched Dromaeus, roaring, into the air. He crashed down on the sand and rolled hard into the side of Diana's shin just momnets after she launched her fireball.

Ozma intercepted the fireball with her whip, the rods hitting it and setting it off before it even touched her. Noticing Dromaeus get tossed at Diana, Ozma chuckled to herself. "And here I thought I missed my chance to put you in your place, reptile. Freezing white the breath that robs the warmth of life and turns the air to ice!" She shouted, lifting her sword into the air. The air around Diana and Dromaeus would feel as though it dropped sharply in temperature. Above the two of them, a half-dozen large spikes of ice, each the size of long-swords, were created in the air, then quickly plummeted down towards the pair of Ozma's targets.

Diana barely had time to register Drom hitting her leg before the air around her turned bitter cold. She made a much larger fireball, trying to warm herself up, some of the heat bleeding over to Dromaeus by accident. When she saw the icicles, she held the flames above her head. Anything that touched them would melt away instantly.

Dromaeus scrambled to his feet growling with indignant rage that was balanced with exhilaration at facing a powerful enemy, intending to roughly shove Diana aside before beginning a more wary assault on James. When he felt the chill in the air however he looked up and gasped at the sight of the rapidly forming icicles, before hurling himself out of the way before they could fall. Regaining his feet, he sheathed his sword and drew his bow, aiming a shot at Ozma before loosing the arrow.

James groaned as Dromaeus crashed into Diana.
"Ah, shit. Sorry! Sorry, I meant to just crush his ribcage!" He shouted, before falling silent as he noticed the exchange of magic.

"Whoa... now that's something."

Hearing Jame's exclamation, Diana shouted at him, but kept her focus on the ball of fire. "This is nothing!"

Ozma's icicles would be melted by Diana's fireball, but not before having the effect of draining away the heat of the fire, eventually extinguishing it as the last icicle was melted. Noticing Dromaeus scramble about and fire an arrow at her, Ozma quickly shielded her face with the blade of her sword as a precaution. Because Ozma's armor wasn't for show, the argonian's arrow simply snapped itself in half after pinging against her breastplate. Stepping towards Dromaeus, she lashed at him with her whip, aiming at his feet to trip him up in addition to striking him.

Diana took a second to rest after the fireball was gone, then drew a gem, using the power in it as a pick-me-up. She conjured a fist-sized ball of wind and threw it at Ozma. If it hit, it would feel like a speeding truck

Carmen sauntered into the lounge and began watching the fight. "Another knight? And a female one at that. Interesting..." That reminds me...

Dromaeus chuckled as the heavy chain began to come around, the heavy metal weapon inevitably more clunky and slow than a rawhide whip. Hopping nimbly over the chain, he darted forward before Ozma could slow its momentum and grabbed both his sword and dagger hilt, drawing and slashing with both at the same time.

James watched as Dromaeus darted into Ozma's blade range, and shrugged in mild annoyance.
"Didn't see that coming." He remarked to Diana as he watched, before lighting another cigarette.

OoC: @Drak You still here?

Taking note of the two attacks headed towards her, Ozma quickly formed a plan in her head. Letting go of her whip in mid swing, she brought her sword up to parry Dromaeus' own sword strike, through she had nothing to keep his dagger from scraping against armor. She then quickly stepped to the side to avoid Dromaeus crashing into her after Diana's attack plowed into his back, since in attacking from the front he had placed himself in the pathway of Diana's wind strike.

"...not what I was aiming for, but it still works..."

Dromaeus was launched off his feet for the second time in as many minutes and thrown violently past Ozma. After coming to a halt he struggled to his feet, groaning in pain.

"Malacath's eyes, what the..." he muttered before turning to see where the blast had come from. His eyes blazed with anger as he realised what it was, and he grabbed up his weapons again. Glancing around, he searched for a way to gain the upper hand. Leaping to one of the raised platforms, he jumped across the gap to one of the hanging ledges, before climbing hand over hand up a chain supporting it, heading for the scaffolding that supported the arena.

Diana watched Drom leap into the scaffolds, then turned to James. "I suggest you back off. I do not want to kill you by accident." She held her staff tight in both hands, and it gained a sheen similar to the windballs.

James appraised the glowing staff with one eyebrow raised and a frown on his face.

"How bad is it going to be?" He asked, moving even further back from Diana than he had already been standing, and watching the scaffolding for any sign of Dromaeus. The distance to the scaffolding was too great and the shadows too deep to pick out the assassin, however.

Up in the scaffolding, Dromaeus took a long coil of rope from around his waist where it had been hidden by his armour. Tying one end securely to a beam, he took a leather handgrip attached to a complex set of rings and threaded the rope into it before drawing his dagger and glaring down on the two mages below with his teeth bared in hatred and bloodlust.

"The magic on this staff right now can smash a marble pillar into dust and pebbles. So I heavily suggest you back away, unless you wish to die." Diana held the staff tight, looking for Drom in the scaffolds.

Ozma watched Dromaeus climb with moderate disinterest, hoping he would lose his grip and plummet to the ground at some point. When he made it out of sight and it was clear that wouldn't be the case, she turned her attention back to Diana. "O queen with breath as cold as ice, your heart is colder still; a blade of frost become, to cut the land beneath!" She swung her sword of in front of her in Diana's direction. During her swing, daggers of ice formed along her blade and were launched at Diana, totaling at a dozen frosty projectiles. As Diana was dealing with that, Ozma made to claim her whip where had left it.

"Hey, I'm clear, so unless you plan on aiming that thing at me I think I can take any of the backlash." James replied. Even as he said so it occurred to him that there was no reason that Diana wouldn't try to blindside him with just such an attack. As he kept looking up he kept her in the corner of his eye and clicked the latch off of his shoulder holster.

Dromaeus watched from above, cold eyes darting from side to side as he assessed the risks and advantages of attacking either Ozma or Diana from ambush. As he watched their duel resume, he made his decision.

Diana saw the incoming icicles. Using what she had, she slammed the tip of her staff on the ground, making it shake slightly. A wall of air sped forth. Most of the ice projectiles spun away on a random trajectory or stopped dead in mid air, but a few were carried in the mini sonic boom as it head straight for Oza.

James shifted his weight to the left, tilting his head in the same direction just as an icicle passed through the space where his right eye would have been if he had not moved aside. Scowling briefly at Diana he glanced back up at the scaffolding.

"For fuck's sake, not cool lizard man." He muttered.

The Meta silently stood around five meters behind Drom, cloaked. He had no benfit of fighting however, and would meerly observe how the others fought.

Ozma quickly shielded her face as she attempted to stand her ground against Diana's attack. Her own icicle's did minimal damage to her, shattering uselessly against her armor. The burst of air however had managed to knock her off her feet, though she managed to quickly scramble back up. Charging towards Diana, Ozma lashed at her weapon with her whip, intending to entangle it and tear it from Diana's grasp, or at the very least smack it out of her hands from the force of the blow.

Diana's staff was wrenched out of her hands. Diana, however, smiled. She took a crystal, holding it tight in her right hand, and both her arms became wreathed in flames. She charged forward, swinging.

Since Ozma was still carrying a sword, and thus had a longer reach, she stabbed forward at Diana as she charged forward, aiming to intercept her and impale her on the blade before she got within punching distance.

Diana tried to turn so her side was facing Ozma, making her a smaller target, but the sword embedded itself in one shoulder. Still, Diana was in arm's reach. She reached with her flaming free hand and grabbed at Ozma's face.

As Ozma and Diana locked together and Diana began to use her desperate flaming hand to the face move on Ozma to try and repel her, the rope unfurled overhead. Dromaeus came zipping down holding onto the handgrip of his crude rappel device. About 15 feet up he let go and hurtled down at Ozma, dagger at the ready for an aerial assassination while the knight was held in place by Diana.

As Diana grabbed Ozma's face, forcing herself further down on Ozma's blade while doing so, Ozma screamed in pain. As she screamed, eight tendrils made of water sprouted out from her back, swatting Dromaeus away like a jet from a powerful hose as their emergence coincided with his strike. Two of the tendrils formed into a thicker one, then made to thrash into Diana and knock her away, freezing solid before the moment of impact to increase the force that would be delivered.

Diana was forced back by the icy bludgeon, Ozma's sword cuttig a bit more as she was torn off it. She tumbled away, then stood, dripping wet and holding her wound, but examing Ozma's face to see how much damage she had done.

Dromaeus gasped as the air was driven out of him by the water and he struck the ground hard for the third time in the fight. Grabbing his bow from where it had fallen earlier, he quickly nocked an arrow, wincing at the pain his bruises casued him and staggering to his feet, he fired it at Diana. At this point he was dizzy from being knocked about and simply wanted to take either one of them down by any means necessary, so as to emerge from the skirmish with a kill.

James yawned as the fight went on, and although Dromaeus had finally reappeared, he no longer felt in the mood to fight.

Diana saw the arrow coming at the last second and tried to dodge. Unfortunatley, the arrow went straight into the wound made by Ozma's sword. Diana scremed in pain.

EMily and Gwen rose from their quarters. The screens in their rooms had provided them with some updates on the fight that was currently happening. But that only prompted them to go off and see the real deal!

"C'mon Gwen! Let's see the lizard man!" She grabbed her sister's wrist and darted away as she followed the signs to the stands in the arena.

Once there, they felt like the stands were already crowded enough. So they felt like standing to watch.

Once Diana was thrown away, Ozma dropped her whip and clutched her face with her right hand. "M-My face...You insignificant worm! I shall crush you with the true might of Loslorien for that!" The tendrils of water remained clinging to her back, undulating back and forth while Ozma had nothing to immediately do with them. Seeing Diana in exasperated pain from Dromaeus' attack, she charged forward towards her. Upon getting close, she swung four of her tendrils down on Diana, freezing them at the last minute as she had done previously, aiming to crush her against the metal floor of the arena.
Throughout the entire time she was using her now free hand to cover up as much of her face as possible without obscuring her vision. Though it was obvious from the areas that weren't covered that she had suffered severe burns.

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