WAOA Arena

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Diana was pinned under the ice, real fear in her eyes as she felt the pressure. Putting the pain aside for a moment, she hastily pushed out both her hands, forming a wall of wind, trying desperatly to push Ozma off.

OOC: Sorry to disappoint you @Slenn (or your characters:P) but I'm getting pretty tired.

Dromaeus grinned savagely as Diana cried out in pain from the arrow striking her wounded shoulder, and nocked another arrow. This one he aimed at Ozma's back as she moved in on Diana.

James was still watching from a distance, his part in the fight forgotten. As Gwen and EMily appeared in the stands he waved to them, his eye caught by the light colours of their dresses in the darkness of the surroundings. Turning back to the fight he caught sight of Dromaeus preparing to shoot Ozma in the back. He scowled deeply before flicking his cigarette away.

I've seen about enough of this backstabbing bullshit for one fight." He muttered, before striding purposefully towards Dromaeus and the women.

"Hey! Lizard guy! You forget about something?" He shouted. Dromaeus was startled and loosened the tension on his bow before turning to face James. The pistol in James's hand issued three loud, flat reports. Dust was thrown out from the back of Dromaeus's fur armour, and he jerked and stumbled backwards before falling heavily to the ground. James shook his head ruefully.

"Next time you want to talk about dignified warriors, real fights, and skeever pups or whatever, try actually fighting fair yourself first." He barked at the fallen Argonian, who twitched feebly in a slowly spreading pool of blood. James glanced at the two who were still fighting.

"I'm done here." He said, not caring who was winning. "I'll let you ladies get on with it."

Carmen had been watching for a while now in the lounge, showing slight interest in the fight, but a little more in Ozma's whip and some of the magic on display. Hmmm... Maybe I should make a few modifications to mine? She raised an eyebrow at the tendrils growing from the knight's back. Interesting...

OOC: @Random. It's okay. I figured you'd be pretty bushed.

The two sisters waved back to James. They figured they probably got a little too late.
"Damn, that lizard guy lost again." She put her hand to her cheek and sighed.

"I just hope both of them get a good night rest. James doesn't look too happy at all."

"I hope all of them get a good night rest."

Ozma didn't reply to James or even seem to acknowledge he was even there anymore. She started to cackle to herself as she picked up on Diana's fear. Though her four individual tendrils were pushed back by Diana's windwall, she merged all eight together to form a massive tendril, which she attempted to use to force through Diana's retaliation and wrap around her like a python, which would freeze if it managed to entangle her to keep her that way.

OoC: @Drak I'm sorry, but it's really late and I'm not feeling so good, so I'm gonna have to cut it off here. You win the fight, godmod and end it however you like. Night.

@Gear: M'kay.

Ozma succeeded in ensnaring Diana and rendering her helpless. Pulling her closer with her icy tendrils, she looked the woman in the eyes as she began to cackle louder and louder. Pulling her away slightly, she rested the tip of her sword on the bridge of Diana's nose for a moment, getting a glimpse of the look of fear on the other woman's face before driving her blade forward, stabbing through Diana's skull. Once the body had gone limp, Ozma's tendril tossed it aside, causing it to land half-way across the arena.

With Dromaeus dead and James having forfeited, the announcer declared, "The Winner, Ozma Moh Glacius!"

Ozma continued to cackle until the medics arrived and healed the burn wounds on her face, restoring it to pristine condition, at which point she quickly regained her composure. The tendrils of water attached to her back then suddenly lost composition and fell to the ground, leaving a big puddle. Ozma then left the arena with a graceful stride. I would have hoped to have killed the reptile as well, but this is acceptable for now. She thought, wearing a satisfied look on her face.

EMily and Gwen turned away as Ozma was dealing the finishing blow.

"Let's head to bed. This fight turned out more gruesome than expected."

"Yeah..." Gwen sighed, forcing herself to stop sticking out her tongue at Ozma from a distance.

They proceeded into their rooms.

Carmen shifted in her seat a bit as she saw Ozma finish the fight off, smiling a small bit as she sipped her usual red wine. "Well... quite the flourish to end that fight with. That woman seems like fun."

OoC: Would everyone kindly tell me your characters wins/losses/draws/kills/deaths? It was too long since I updated the rankings, and I would like to get it right.

OoC: Would everyone kindly tell me your characters wins/losses/draws/kills/deaths? It was too long since I updated the rankings, and I would like to get it right.

Hellosh: Wins: 1 (If the mook battle counts) Losses: 1 Draws: 0 Kills: 50, I think. (assuming if the mook battle counts) Deaths: 1

OOC: @Kirke Dromaeus: 1 kill, 1 victory, 2 losses, 2 deaths. James: 1 kill, 1 victory, 1 loss, 1 death (he never actually engaged Diana or Ozma in that last fight, and only challenged Dromaeus, so it seems to me that that should be a victory for him.Obviously Dromaeus interfered in their fight and so his death would count there, though since he didn't kill anyone it doesn't matter.

OoC: Anyone here?

Ok so whats going on?

OoC: Would everyone kindly tell me your characters wins/losses/draws/kills/deaths? It was too long since I updated the rankings, and I would like to get it right.

The only new thing for my characters is that Ozma fought, and now has a score of 1/0/0/1/0

@Gear: I see...

The Blank Slate sat in the locker room, doing... Nothing. It was sitting there.

James reclined in one of the chairs in the lounge, legs crossed and smoking.

In the main air duct, above the lounge, the Meta silently stalked. He made little noise, but if someone was paying attention, they might hear heavy but quiet footsteps.

The Blank Slate began to walk around, carrying a wide verity of random items in a bag with the bottom literally punched out. It eventually enters the Lodge.

James leaned his head back and blew out a smoke ring, directly overhead. Smirking as he listened to the footsteps and watched the point where the metal panels buckled slightly, he quietly undid the clasp on his shoulder holster and eased out his pistol before levelling it at the air duct. If he fired at the Meta, the bullet would pass straight through the ring before striking him.

Sir Dan was in the lounge, trying to figure out how he could drink something without a jaw.

The Blank Slate looked at Sir Dan, and looked at the drink he was holding. He saw that there was another drink, and picked it up... And seemed perplexed on what to do.

The Meta stopped as he heard a pistol being readied, and sat completely still in a crouch.
OoC: @Random: Oh, misread that then.

Eventually, Dan decided to try and do something. He looked straight up, and poured the drink down whwere his mouth should have been. The result was it falling through him and ending up in a puddle on the floor. He moaned, embarresed.

The Blank Slate saw what Dan did, and tried to do the same, resulting it in flowing all over himself.
It seemed confused as to why it did not happen like it did with Dan. It looked at James.

James caught sight of movement from the corner of his eye as he sat with his gun levelled at the ceiling. Glancing over, he caught sight of the skeleton knight and the (what, a literal giant piece of roofing slate? Ah, whatever.) And his jaw droped, allowing the lit cigarette to fall into his lap.

"What in the name of... argh, shit!" He cursed, slapping away the embers as they began to singe his combat pants.

Dan watched the Blank Slate try and fail at drinking. He almost laughed, but decided that he had no right to judge, so he stopped himself. He looked over at James, mubling an exclemation. "Mmphmy hrm, ym mllrgnm?"

OoC: You guys want translations for Dan or shall it just be Pyro-neese?
@Wacky I honestly think that you should try Sir Dan sometime. He seems like your kinda character, still has some seriousness and power but for the most part is just so fucking goofy and fun to play.

The Blank Slate looked at James, and seemed confused about James's actions, and Dan's actions.
"?" it went.

OoC: He looks like this
@Gear: Maybe if I ever play any of his games. Also, I'd like a translation.

The intercom chimed to life, with a message directed at James.
"I am sorry, but use of weaponry in non-combat areas is restricted to Combatant and Evilington security. Please, put away your weaponry."

The Meta moved slightly as he heard EIA, and activated his over-shields as well.

James got slowly to his feet, still staring at Sir Dan and the Blank Slate. Hearing the announcement, he scoffed and returned the pistol to his holster.

"If you insist..." He muttered before returning his attention to Sir Dan.

"What did you say?"

The Blank Slate began to look around. Looked at the fridge, and began to press against it, punching it, and kicking it, attempting to figure out what's going on.

Dan spoke slowly, tying to pronounce his words more carefully. "M phrd "mmphmy hrm, ym mllrgnm?""[1]

[1] I said "Blimey mate, are you allright?"

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