WAOA Arena

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"If you have worries or suspect intruders are in the facility; please contact Evilington personel and security will arrive shortly thereafter. Have a nice day."

The Blank Slate seemed to be even more confused, as he eventually gets it opens, and when it oppens, it's... Well, surprised.

"Uh... yeah, nice to meet you too." James said, shrugging slightly.

Dan extended a hand. "M'm Drn. Grrm tp rhpm hm."[1] He smiled, then pointed at the Blank Slate and lowered his voice. "Rmd thpm rhrm yrom tpr hrm phd hrd."[2]

[1] I'm Dan. Good to meet you.
[2] And before you ask, no, I have no idea what he is. Some people here are weird.

The Blank Slate picked up a drink, confused, and shrugged. It sits down in the fridge, looking at it's interrior.

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EMily and Gwen emerged from their rooms. Gwen popped her neck as she slid open the door.
"Mmmmm... I needed that."

Their shoes "click-clack"-ed against the hard floor.

"Hey, EM?"
"Mmmm?" She turned her head from viewing the bar.
"There's a mumbling skeleton over there."
"So there is. Let's go say hi." She made a coy smile.

"Hello, skeleton with a sword. What's your name?"

"James Connor." James replied, having managed to pick up on the skeleton's greeting, at least. Not one to be disgusted by dry bones after the number of corpses he had handled he shook Dan's hand, although gingerly, to avoid crushing it to powder.

The Meta decided to move out, and broke out in a crouching run, making quite a lot of noise.

Dan's skull flexed into a smile, then he turned to EMily and Gwen, giving a short bow. "M rd Hr Drlm Frtsq. Nc tm mt yrh mms."[1]

[1] I an Sir Daniel Fortesque. Nice to meet you madams.

EMily tried her best to keep herself from snickering at the sight. Although she did giggle for a moment at the combination of goofy skeleton and mumbled speech.

"It's nice to meet you too.... Sir Durlam? My name is EMily."
"I'm Gwen. We're sisters." They both curtseyed.

OOC: @Slenn Always good when that happens. I haven't even studied for a month. I can never do it when I don't have a concrete goal for it.

James glanced up as the Meta began to run and cracked his knuckles. He didn't need a pistol to take an opponent down. Hearing the sound of hard shoes on the floor even over the racket from the air vents he turned to see EMily and Gwen approaching and introducing themselves to Sir Dan.

"Afternoon girls. Enjoy your nap?" He asked, touching two loosely curled fingers to the brim of his hat in greeting.

The Blank Slate looked at EMily. It seemed confused by what they were saying, as he got out. He saw what the skeleton did, and bowed also.

"Mt Dnl. Jft cl mrm Dn."[1]

[1] It's Daniel. Just call me Dan.

Im going to do something, and hopefully for more than one post! Im going to be writing about someone who's very depressed, this should not be difficult for me at all.

Mia slowly opened her eyes in the same weary manner she had done countless times after her adventures ended and she... She decided to try to stop thinking about that as she shook her head. She didn't get up for a while, not really seeing any reason to as she hadn't seen much reason to get up for the last 4 and a half months either. Eventually her curiosity got the better of her and she slowly got to her paws and looked around the room, getting a little tangled in her tail as she turned around to see the nothingness behind her. She felt that this room was very fitting for her, she thought it matched her mood quite well.

"I think he said his name was Daniel."
"Oh! Okay."

"Yeah, it was a good relief from the match yesterday. We tried to catch as much of it as possible on the TV screen."
"Yes it was good. And yours?"

"Hello, and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."
The Meta exited the room silently opened a maintenance hatch in the air duct, jumping down into the corridor. He was cloaked, and therefore didn't show up on the security cameras.

"You saw it, huh? Not exactly fun and games." James replied to Gwen, shaking his head slightly."Jesus, between the lizard and that new woman with the magic, you'd swear we were actually fighting for something real, instead of taking part in what is basically a civil tournament." When he turned to EMily, he brightened up a little.

"Not half bad, actually! It's so rare that I get to sleep in an actual bed that this place might as well be a five star hotel. I'm almost thinking of renting a room here once the war back home ends!" He joked, a slight smile on his face.

The Blank Slate continues to be confused as to what James and Gwen were talking about.

Mia slowly looked up to the direction of the voice and blinked a little before reply in a unhurriedly "I wont, Voice, I know i won't."

The Meta quickly headed down the corridor, moving past the lounge door, and headed towards the gallery.
"Please follow the lighted path. May I have your name for our records, please?"
OoC: Thinking of bringing in either Tophat or Dionysius. Both could be quite fun in both interaction and combat. Thoughts?

"Do you think there's an equivalent of a Geneva convention at this tourny?"

"Just so long as we figure out a way to get a interdimensional gate between the two worlds." She let out a short laugh. She paused to hear the air duct. "What's going on up there?"

In the lounge the intercom chimed, and delivered a message directed at EMily.
"Interdimensional travel is only avalible through Evilington approved services, as per protocol."

Mia's eyes slammed shut as the light nearly blinded her, she hadn't been out much recently. "M.I.A " she slowly and drearily replied as she trudged along the path.

"I doubt it. We've been brought here to kill for the entertainment of a crowd, and historically that kind of pastime doesn't imply that the people running things are all about human rights." James said to Gwen before glancing up at the vents.

"Unless the rats here are built like Terminators, then I'd say it's that space marine guy that's been running around tearing shit up." He said, answering EMily. "Unless he comes down here I don't think we have to be bothered with him. In any case, management takes a dim view of people drawing their weapons in here, apparently." He snorted on hearing the intercom announcement to EMily.

"Damned control freaks."

The Blank Slate (A white humanoid base/manaquin, only featureless. It continued to be confused at what they all were saying.
|"Terminator? Here? Him? Management? Kill? Rights? Human? Gate? Just As Long? Bed? Control? Damn? Shit? "| It said.

"I figured there wouldn't be."

"Hmmmm... well if anything, we'll be continually researching the transition over here. Gwen's got something stored on her computer, and so she and I are sorting that out. I'm helping out with it since time-space bending also implies there's going to be some behavioral changes to E&M."

"It felt like there was a large mass was in that air duct. Who's this space marine guy? Does he have a name?"

OOC: @Kirke, Tophat please. I wanna see the psychic hat again. :3

Also, I give a cookie to the person who can reason as to why EMily couldn't 'see' through the air-vent. Hence why she asked what was going on in there.

@Slenn: Because there not see through. Or some sciency stuff.

Carmen slowly made her way into the lounge, yawning a small bit. She looked over the crowd gathered there somewhat surprised, though her face hid this. She calmly strode over toward the drink area and poured herself a glass of red wine before seating herself. It's... quite lively here today.

OoC: not really sure what to do or say now...

@Gear: Should ijsut have Mia walk into the lobby?

OOC: @Slenn Not a clue. Are air vents lined with a material with a high electrical resistivity?

"He's some nutcase that was hanging around here and then randomly decided to take the fighting out of the arena. The guards have been after him for weeks now. He's listed as 'Meta' on the scoreboard." James replied to Gwen.

"Is the way that you travelled here the same as whatever they used to reel the rest of us in, do you think?" He asked EMily. As the Blank Slate continued to parrot phrases from the conversation, he glanced at him in mild annoyance.

"What? Can't you string together a meaningful sentence?" He demanded.

OoC: @Silver Could if you like.

Should I stay here or leave?

OOC: @Random. Air vents are metal. You might have heard of what's called a Faraday Cage, which is essentially a conductive box made of metal. Conductors absorb electromagnetic radiation since the energy from that radiation is absorbed into the metal and creates an electric current. Hence why you should never make a phone call if the walls of your house have mostly metal inside. Only the information on the surface and outside of the conductor is what EMily can see.

"Huh.... that's a bizarre name. Not sure what to make of it really."

"Perhaps. For us a portal was created in our Mansion. Maybe instead, Lord Evilington knew for sure that we'd be drawn in."

The Blank Slate seemed confused, and tilted it's head.
It did nothing for a moment, and said, "What you say?" he says.

OoC: @Slen: Are you ignoring my character?

@Wacky. I unintentionally ignored it because I didn't see your text. Also I'm confused. What does this blank slate look like? Is it what I think it is? A blank slate from 2001 Space Odyssey?

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