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I'm gonna say that Tophat's memory is pretty shit, so it will not remember people if not directly reminded of them. It will also have it's Chuck Norris clone body.

Tophat appeared in a dark room, and grunted slightly in annoyance as he stood up.
"So, any reason that I've been teleported to the middle of nowhere?"
"Hello, and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."
"Well that's just great. Why have I been brought here?"
"You were brought here because we think you will be a great addition to our roster. Please, follow the lighted path."
Tophat did just that.

OoC: @Gear: As always, your own choice.

@Gear: Up to you man.

Mia followed the lights on the floor until she found herself in the Lobby. She looked around the room and noticed EMily and gwen... She thought about going to talk to them but hesitated for about a minute, thinking back to their adventures, she realised that they were the only people she knew hear and were probably her best chance to know what was going on, even though she couldn't really care that much about it.



OoC: He looks like this

And no, it's not that. I never watched Space Odyssey.

OoC: I meant right now. Dan can't really communicate or fight that well, so... Maybe I should bring in Laguna or one of my fantasy OCs.

OOC: @Slenn Yeah, that falls pretty far outside my area of higher education.

"Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either. One way or another, the guy's several rounds short of a full mag. You'll probably know him if you see him, but just be careful. He's got a full face, pale gold reflective visor, and tends to make a lot of noise when he isn't hiding." James said to Gwen before turning back to EMily.

"I don't think this Lord Evilington guy is still in charge here. In fact, I thought I heard someone say that he was dead." When the Blank Slate spoke again he nodded slightly.

"So you aren't just a mimic. What the hell are you, for that matter?"

OOC: @Wacky. Alright then.
@Berk. The short version of that explanation is that conductors block EM waves.

She got a slight chill when she heard the Lord was dead.
"Dead? That just makes the situation even eerie and unsettling than before. And if he's dead, why, if anything, can't this place use the revival technology here to resurrect him? This seems suspicious."
EMily could see Mia in the distance. She hailed her from afar.
"Hello. You look lost. Can we help you?"

[Forgot to add this in] When Mia sulked over to EMily Gwen and James she remained silent, looking down towards the floor, her ears flat against her head and her tail dragging behind her

Blank Slate looked at James, and seemed lost.
|"Blank Slate."| He said.
He didn't seem phased by Mia.

@Kikre: Oh, do characters have memorys of people from before? or would they basicly be meeting them again for the first time.

James shrugged.
"I hadn't thought about it that much, to be honest. Maybe he died before they developed these tubes, and has been collecting worms for too long to bring him back. Or maybe he was of the same opinion as Gwen, that it wasn't right to be brought back like that." He said to EMily. Seeing her look at Mia he turned to the newcomer as well.

Oh, hey there. You alright?" He asked, noting the dejected body language.

Tophat entered the lounge, and looked over the gathered crowd.
"Quite a few around here, it seems."
OoC: @Slenn: I'd like to point out that Evilington lived during the early 21st century. He died hundreds of years before the arena was built.
@Silver: That's up for you to decide. Tophat doesn't remember, but only because he actually has pretty bad memory. If reminded, he'll remember it.

Carmen took a small sip as she looked over toward the dejected Mia slumping in. "Hmm... What's with her?" She mused out loud.

As she waited for Mia to elicit a response, she tilted her head upwards.
"I don't suppose the intercom voice could answer that question." EMily said. She cleared her throat. "Excuse me, intercom? I was wondering when did Lord Evilington live? And when is this place with respect to the time of Lord Evilington's death?"

OoC: I can#t really think of anything, so I'm gonna lurk until wanted.

Mia looked up to EMily "Y-yeh... I um, I don't know where I am Em..." She cut herself off and returned her vision to the ground as she began to say EMilys name, It brought back too many bad memories. She "Am i alright?" She said quietly but anger could obviously be heard in her voice "... no" She then said after a brief pause, much calmer than before.

James watched for a moment as EMily posed her question to the intercom, then looked back to Mia. He didn't need to be as socially skilled as he was to pick up on her anger and distress.

"Upset about finding yourself here?" He asked sympathetically. "Don't worry. You're among friends here. Mostly, anyway."

"Well, the intercom might answer that question for you. Although the answers it gives aren't exactly thorough. But besides that, what's your name? It's okay to come closer; we're friendly." She gave her a reassuring smile.

"Lord Evilington was born in 1983, and died in 2059. This facility was created in 2359, at the 300 year remebrance of the company founder."

Tophat raised an eyebrow at this information.
"Remembered 300 years after his death? Impressive..."

ooC: I know I've said this allready, but you guys think it'd be a good idea to have Laguna join in the chat?

Mia looked warily at EMily "Y-you don't remember me?" She asked, feeling a little hurt Its not like i'm worth remembering for all the pain and grief I've caused people but still I... Her thoughts were interrupted when James spoke. "No, Its just... Mia sighed Never mind, you couldn't help me with it anyway."

"Well, at least that answer told me what I needed to know."

"Hey, Mia. You shouldn't fret about it. All of us seem to remember at least something about another everyone here. But it's only fragments. You might be the only one who's been spared a memory blank."

@gear: Sure, I'd much rather you did something that nothing if you want to join in.(<read that in a happy/reasurng voice)

Carmen raised an eyebrow toward Mia as she listened to her a bit more. "So you have a few things you regret doing, miss? I might be able to help you with that."

She also noted the intercom and shrugged. "So that man's legacy involves forcing people to fight for entertainment?"

James groaned inwardly at what Mia said to EMily.
Oh great. This sort of attitude... Outwardly he shrugged his shoulders.

"That's a poor attitude to start out with. Maybe we could help if you start by saying what the problem is."

As this conversation was going on, Dromaeus slunk into the room, not making eye contact with the others but making no effort to hide his presence either. He went to the bar and began rattling bottles as he searched for a palatable drink.

OOC: Actually, as I recall, Dromaeus would have call to remember Mia if he remembered anyone at all.
@Gear Sure, bring him in.

Laguna walked into the lounge just in time to hear Carmen's question. "Not like you'd expect much else from a guy called Evilington, right?"

"You sound like you think this is a good thing Mia replied I'd much rather live in " blissful ignorance of my past"She murmured. She looked extremely doubtful at Carmen "I highly doubt that." She cynicly remarked.

OoC: Just wondering, Do you guys think my writings better than before?

OoC: @Silver Yeah, a lot. If this intro is anything to go by, you've certainly grown as a writer.

"I'm saying that not any of us remember each other very well. So it's not your fault that none of us remember who you are." Her face slightly saddened. "Look, I know it's unfortunate that you're the only one who seems to remember us legitimately. But I don't think any one is doing this out of spite."

OOC: @Silver Hard to say. You've only been here for a very short time today.

Carmen looked over toward Laguna and nodded. "I suppose so... but I guess his endeavors aren't any of our business once we break out of this place."

Turning to Mia, the succubus seemed to don a mischievous smirk. "'Blissful ignorance',hm? Contrary to what you may think, I can very easily make that happen. If you'll allow me to, you won't have to remember any of your past transgressions at all. It'll will be like it never happened, but those memories will be gone forever... though from your disposition, that doesn't seem like much of a problem."

Tophat sat down in a sofa, and glanced at the ratings hanging on the wall.
Ratings? Since some of those have died twice... There must be some cloning or something going on.
OoC: @Silver: Yes. It's quite good actually.

OOC: Might as well do something here since I've got nothing better to do.

Ozma strolled into the lounge, accompanied by a man in similar armor who had yet to make any appearances outside the Dark Knights hall as of yet. "Showing your face so soon, reptile?" She sniped at Dromaeus as she walked up to the bar. "I would have thought you'd be hiding your shame from dying so easily earlier. It's too bad you died so insignificantly, I would have given you a much more extravagant death." She chuckled at her own remarks as the other man stood silently next to her, eyeing the others in the room with his one remaining eye.

Dromaeus growled in frustration at the lack of mead behind the bar. Finally he took a large bottle of craft ale instead and popped the cap on the edge of the counter. Straightening up he finally paid attention to the gathering over near the screen. The long cat's tail and ears of the newcomer attracted his attention and he cocked his head curiously, unable to see her from behind. When the spellsword from the previous night suddenly stepped in front of him and blocked his view he snarled in anger.

"You did not defeat me yourself witch. And I would have run you in the first minute had the other weakling not struck me from behind. You have nothing to support your arrogance, just as she did not when I punished her impudence with my claws across her soft throat." He said, and spat on the counter in defiance.

"I know its just...sad, you know? I finally have a friend I could talk to about my past and they don't even remember me." Mia tried to smile, but failed. "I know you wouldn't do that EMily" Mia managed to say with bit of happiness and a calmer tone.

Mia glared daggers at Carmen"I'm NOT talking about it!" She snapped at her. She calmed herself down a little and added in less menacing "...At least not to random people"

Carmen giggled a small bit before rising out of her seat and seating herself on the floor a bit away from Mia, but closer than she was before. "Than let's get to know each other a little more. I'd hate to see such a cute face twisted by those frowns. My name is Carmen St.Luna. What's yours?" The demoness cooed as she extended a hand toward the sullen catgirl.

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