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Laguna looked around. "Little tense in here, isn't it?" He spoke to everyone. "Ok, just from a few seconds of watching this, I can tell that there's a lot of problems with this group. How about we just calm down for a sec and talk about this like civil people?"

Tophat looked over at the two knights. It was hardly intrested in the gloating loudmouth, but the one-eyed man was quite intruiging.

"R-really that would-- No, I can't, it wouldn't be right." She hesitated, fighting the urge to take the easy option. She'd left her gun back at the camp before she left so she wouldn't be tempted to do something like this, she wouldn't cave now.
"Im Mia" she murmured begrudgingly.

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"Yeah guys. This is escalating too quickly."

"Well, we're still trying to get to know each other. So I don't doubt that there would be some tension."

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Carmen looked over toward Dromaeus and Ozma in slight interest before turning to Mia and smiling warmly. "I see. Well, if you really wish to speak about it, I'll be willing to lend an ear... and of course, that offer to erase your bad memories will always be available to you." She replied before looking up at the ceiling for a moment. "I can relate to your plight, which is why I want to help you. I've done horrible and unhonorable things to numerous people..." She continued, seeming to have a sad look in her eyes.

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"'You have nothing to support your arrogance'. I find it amusing how your own words can describe you so well." Ozma replied to Dromaeus with another chuckle. "As I remember it, you could barely scratch my armor. Rest assured I'd have crushed you like I did that other 'weakling'."
Ozma outright laughed at what Laguna said, but made no other reply.

"You sound like a very trustworthy person" Mia moaned dryly at Carmen

Tophat leaned back and looked up at the ceiling, sighing.
"I should have guessed a place like this would attract arrogant meatheads."

"Ditto." James remarked grimly as Carmen spoke. "Survival comes at a high price. And it isn't always bad guys that you have to steamroll to ensure your own continued existance. Or even strangers, for that matter.


Before Ozma could finish speaking Dromaeus made his move. Bottles scattered everywhere as he vaulted the bar and lunged at her with the speed of an uncoiling rattlesnake, momentarily becoming a green blur before making contact with her. His muscular tail whipped into the back of the one-eyed man's head with the force of a baseball bat delivering a full swing as his body connected with Ozma's face and chest, slamming her off her feet and bringing the two down among the other group standing a few feet away. By the time they hit the ground Dromaeus's dagger was in her face. He brought it down to her eye, so close that it brushed her eyelashes.

"Armour slows you down." He hissed. "And it cannot save you from a skilled assassin if you deliberately leave openings."

Laguna looked at Ozma. "You could be a bit less... I dunno... mean and dismissive." He turned to Mia and Carmen. "You two ok?" He ran over to Drom when he attacked. "Woah, dude! You don't need to kill her!"

Tophat sighed again, then looked over at Dromaeus and Ozma.
"Would you two meatbags kindly take this somewhere else? You are reenforcing every negative stereotype there is about your kind."

Carmen heard the impact of Drom hitting the two knights before smiling to herself. Interesting... She smiled sheepishly at Mia. "I'm only being honest with what I have done before. The only thing I can hope to do is change myself little by little." She also nodded with James as the sad look reemerged. "Indeed. Betrayal was almost the name of the game where I was from. No one trusted anyone, and it eventually led to a huge conflict."

Gwen edged forward towards the confrontation between Drom and Ozma. She didn't care that there were revival machines that could take care of them if things got even nastier. Fights in a bar were immature and stupid. Even more so than fights on a playground.

"We're trying to have a conversation. Now if you two don't like each other, then stay the hell away from one another. Could we cool our jets for a moment while we settle things straight?"

Ozma glanced over at Tophat. "If you think you can disprove my words, then by all means--" She was cut off by Dromaeus jumping over the bar and tackling her. She glared at Dromaeus, practically growling at him. Before she could retort however, the one-eyed man's sabaton slammed hard into Dromaeus' side, knocking him off of Ozma. Holding out one of his palms aimed at Dromaeus' head, he chanted, "Spirits wreathed in light divine, gallop as arrows 'cross the sky and pierce my foeman's flesh!" A ball of light was launched from his palm that would tear through Drom's skull and leave a massive hole if it made contact. If it missed, it would tear through the floor and leave a hole there instead.

James, being a man of direct action, didn't bother trying to talk to Dromaeus and Ozma. Instead he bent down and grabbed Dromaeus by one horn, yanking him painfully to his feet and seizing the wrist with the knife. The ball of light missed by a hair. The Argonian roared in protest, but James shook him roughly.

"Shut up. I've already had to sort you out once, I don't want to have to do it where people are trying to take it easy." James barked. As he held him out to arm's length with his left hand he drew his pistol and held it ready, though not quite pointed at Ozma.

"And you, cut that shit out as well. I don't want to see either of you endangering people in here. There's enough of that behaviour in the world, and I won't let the fact that we're sharing accommodation stop me from neutralising troublemakers."

Mia nodded silently at James and Carmen as she watched the fight. When people started to break it up she sighed with disapointment and sat down in a chair.

Catching the sight of the ball of energy coming from Ozma's hand, Gwen extended her right hand outwards as if she was commanding soldiers.
"Enough!" She trapped the ball in a small gravity well with ease. "This bar is no place for a fight. A lounge is a place to relax. Do I make myself clear?"

Carmen sighed a small bit as the fight broke up. "Although I feel inclined to disagree with a bar not being for fighting... I mean you humans seem to fight in pubs all the time..., I'd rather not have to deal with it now." It would've been nice to see that whip in action closer up...

After saying that, a small magic circle opened up under the demoness... just in case.

Ozma quickly stood up and glared at Dromaeus some more. She raised one of her hands into the air, causing the air around it to quickly fall in temperature as four knives made of ice were generated between her fingers. Before she could do whatever she was planning on however, the one-eyed man grabbed her wrist. "Ozma, your behavior is disgracing our order. Return to the hall." Ozma quickly let go of her knives, at which point the one-eyed man let go as well. "Yes sir. My apologies, High Champion." Ozma knelt before the one-eyed man before leaving the lounge.

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When Ozma left, James released Dromaeus, shoving him away slightly. The Argonian glared at James and at the one-eyed man a moment, before backing off and going to the other end of the room, grabbing another bottle of craft ale as he went. James nodded and grunted his appreciation to the knight as he returned his pistol to its holster, then glanced at the Mason sisters, Mia and Carmen again.

"Sorry about that. Sometimes the only way to stop a fight is to drag 'em apart. Although I do seem to get stuck into these things all too often..." He explained in a tone that was somehow both apologetic and cheerful at the same time. He regarded Carmen with interest.

"If you don't mind me asking, what exactly are you if not human, Carmen? I never got round to asking you these things before."

Mia stood up and walked over to James before asking "Why did you stop them? Whats one less life in this world anyway."

Gwen cooled herself down.
"Yeah, what was with the demonic looking circle you just summoned earlier? That doesn't seem friendly in the least."

"Because Mia, a death in a civilized place would only make me want to leave more. Bar fights are immature and seriously lame."

Laguna went over to the lizard man. "Seemed like you and that knight had some history. You alright?"

James glanced down at Mia, his expression not quite stern, but definitely more sombre than it had been a moment ago.

"A lot of reasons, Mia. I come from a world where so many people have died, that any loss no matter who the person was is irreplaceable. Even assuming you didn't already believe that every human life is priceless. Secondly, too many people in the world- mine and probably yours- kill for the wrong reasons, or no reason at all. I'm not a good person. I have no illusions that I am. But I will always draw that line between myself and those people. I kill people who deserve it, when they are a definite threat to good people. Other than that, I leave them be. At least, when I can."

Carmen calmly stood up and extended her white wings while a small snaky white tail with a pointed end began to become visible. It shifted slightly as she gave a small smirk to James and Gwen as she explained. "Well, that circle looked demonic because I am a demon. To be more precise, a succubus, a seducer, a dream eater, et cetera."

She seemed to stay neutral as James talked to Mia Hmm... And here I thought he shared in my bloodlust. Too bad...

Dromaeus glanced up at Laguna as he approached.

"My history is with your kind, human. Not with her alone." He growled briefly, his temper still very raw.

James listened to Carmen, thinking back to when he had heard of a succubus before.

"A succubus.. .yeah, I think I've heard of them before. Some kind of sexual vampire, right?" He asked. Then his brow furrowed and he raised his voice.

"Hey, wait a minute! Was that your attempt to prey on me that first day in the locker room? When you put on your little shapeshifting show?!" He demanded indignantly.

"I apologize for my subordinate's behavior." The one-eyed man began, addressing everyone in the lounge. "She is fresh from the academy, and apparently they do not teach when the proper time to attempted to get under an enemy's skin is there."

Mia shrugged "Ok, i guess that makes sense." She said to Gwen "That all makes sense but didn't one of them say they Killed the other? Because wasn't there that law, 'An eye for an eye' or something?"

If Laguna noticed the hostility at all, he seemed unfazed by it. He sat next to Dromaeus. "Look, I'm sorry for whatever it is that's happened to you. I know people can be jerks. But I'm not here to hurt you. I'm just trying to keep everyone positive." He extended a hand. "I'm Laguna. You?"

"Then I see every reason why Mia would never use a memory wipe from you. No offense."
She turned to Mia.
"An eye for an eye isn't a law or a rule of any kind. It's an opinion. And it doesn't justify a fight in a lounge."

Dang, it's a race based aggression. There goes my shot at getting to know him. Oh! Laguna's making a move. Maybe I should too. She edged forward towards the bar.

Carmen simply seemed amused by James, letting out a small melodic giggle. "Oh no no! I'm not so desperate that I'd try to drain a male as soon as I see them. You have no reason to worry, sir, it takes a rather long time for me to require draining someone or eating their memories to sustain myself, unlike many of the lower class succubi you hear stories about."

Carmen looked over at Gwen, sighing slightly but nodding in agreement. "Like I told her, I'm not an angel... Hell, I'm obviously not anywhere close. In the end, it's up to her whether she wants my assistance or not. I'm not going to force her into it."

Dromaeus bared his serrated teeth at Laguna and issued an abrupt, ferocious hiss.

"Were you intoxicated in your mare's womb, fool? Look at you! Well dressed and groomed. Soft through and through! You are neither an egg brother, a son of Malacath, nor even a human who has experienced the pain and indignity of the whip and the pickaxe! What words would you bandy to me that I would want to hear?" He snapped.

"Well thats your opinion . Anyway I have to get some sleep Gwen." Mia yawned as she slinked out of the room.

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