WAOA Arena

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James entered the arena with Diana, before getting down on one knee and placing the case on the ground. Quickly unlocking it and undoing the latches, he lifted the cover and took out his old Well MB-04 sniper rifle. Long, black and menacing, the rifle was polished and well oiled, the scope clean and the magazine fully loaded. Without his tac-vest James could not carry a spare mag, but he didn't expect to need more than the 15 rounds that he had. Slinging the rifle over his shoulder, he got to his feet.

"We'll see how well you work against more unconventional tactics." He said to Diana, not bothering to explain the rifle to her.

"I see. Then there is no connection between this magic and your memory loss?" Drayven said, remembering Laguna's inability to give the name of the Elven girl that he had spoken of, and his neglect to describe her.

"Probably not. And it's not total. I remember stuff up to a certain point, but after that... it's just random snatches, pictures and names."

Diana held her staff tight. "I welcome a new challenge."

The arena was a sprawling warren of houses, shops, blocks of flats, and car parks.

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Deadeye, who had spent his time make some minor upgrades to himself, walked to the locker room. A loud "thump" sound could be heard as his right leg walked along. Blood flow stable, armor stable, Insanity sable....finally everything is back to normal... He thought to himself, once he reached the locker room he threw off his cloak and adapted his right arm for battle.

Tophat inserted a clip into its pistol, glancing over at Deadeye.
"Lots of cybernetics, eh?"

"Of course, you could just ignore my point." Knife says to himself before walking over to Laguna and the Elves. "G'day, I'm Knife."

James glanced around slowly, marking the buildings and terrain around them, planning his tactics.

"Once you've had your first experience against a sniper, you might think differently." He remarked, waiting for the announcer.

"As many cases of memory loss are." Drayven said.

"How much of your memory is missing?" Aethion asked. "Is it everything before you came here, or a particular period of time? Do you remember your home? If you have a profession, or a family?" He looked as though he would say more, but then turned and stared at Knife in surprise.

"Knife? As in steel knife?" He asked. "Where did you get a name like that?"

Deadeye turned slightly to Tophat and nodded with a small smirk. "Yeah, you could say that..." Dead said as he pull a lever on his arm, bring out a small Blade on the underneath of his crossbow hybrid. "Then again that what you get for hanging around in Limbo, it costs you an arm and a leg" He added, as he loaded his arm with bullets and arrows.

"I wouldn't know, these limbs regrow." - Tophat commented dryly as it placed itself on a shelf in the locker, then walked over to the arena door.

"Today's combatants! James and Diana!"
Diana prepared to attack, waiting for James' move.

Laguna gave a wave to Knife, then turned to Aethion. "Yeah. I remember having a wife, though she's... gone now... and I had an adopted daughter, but I can't see her anymore..." Laguna seemed forlorn for a moment. "I remeber becoming president of Esthar, fighting a sorcoress, helping to save the world, then being transported somewhere else, but aftr that, it gets... fuzzy."

"Lucky for some then..." Deadeye muttered, he then chuckled his sickle and cloak into a locker and stood near the entrance of the Arena. "The name's Deadeye by the way" He said to Tophat, as a loose sort of introduction.

"Tophat. Shall we go, then?"
The arena door was closed as a large hatch in the floor opened, with a ramp leading down to another arena beneath the first.
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Deadeye nodded. "Yes let's, I'm rather interested to get results on my upgrades" He said ot Tophat as he walked down the ramp slowly.

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James moved suddenly with blurring speed. He drew his pistol from his shoulder hoster and levelled it in a single swift motion, snapping off two well aimed shots at Diana before breaking into a full sprint. He didn't run directly at her however but to the side, firing one-handed at her as he ran. He knew he had no chance of hitting her if the first two rounds had missed but didn't care. His intention was to get her to run for cover, hopefully panicked by her first experience of coming under fire with a firearm. Meanwhile, he made a line for the nearest block of flats, moving faster than any normal human could run.

Drayven bowed his head gravely.

"I am sorry to hear that you lost your family, Laguna." He replied. "My own wife is with child back on our estate in Summerset Isle, in Tamriel. My younger son is there as well. It does lend a certain degree of urgency to our wish to return home, though I do not imagine that this compares to your own feelings." Aethion looked at him as he spoke, nodding in agreement, before speaking.

"A president... is this a person of importance? Someone of noble blood, or even royal?"

Carmen just sat back, sipping at some wine, not really listening to any of the conversations. I wonder... how things are going back home..

"Thanks guys." Laguna smiled. "And a president... it's bassically a king or queen that people vote for. Thing is, Esthar is very secretive and high-matentince, so when I became president, I had to stay there all the time. I barley every got out again until I was just whisked away somehwere else."

Diana ran, just barley dodging the bullets. She hid behind a wall, then popped out and threw a fireball, hoping to catch James before he got away.

James held his position out on the balcony. He wished he could light a cigarette, but knew that the smoke could easily give away a sniper's position to a capable spotter. Instead he remained motionless and waited for Diana to come into the open, listening carefully in case she didn't fall for his trap and tried to search the other rooms.

"Were there no measures in place to prevent those gifted in magic from preying on the rest of the world?" Drayven asked.

James felt a twinge of impatience as he waited and wished he could light a cigarette. He knew that the smoke could easily alert a competent spotter though, and instead simply held his position and waited for Diana to show herself, listening carefully in case she didn't fall for his trap and tried to search the other rooms.

"Were there no measures in place to prevent those gifted in magic from preying on the rest of the population?" Drayven asled.

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James heard the roar of the flames and threw himself forward, rolling out of the way before regaining his feet and moving again without losing momentum.As he got close to the glass front doors of the apartment block he fired his pistol at it, causing cracks to spiderweb out from the bullet holes. Lowering his head and thrusting his right shoulder forward, he smashed through the thick glass and stumbled into the lobby. Rubbing his shoulder, he glanced behind him a moment then quickly headed for the stairs, taking them three at a time as he rushed upwards.

"This president is chosen by the people?" Drayven asked, surprised. "How unusual. And yet... perhaps it is a system that could be beneficial. Is he chosen by the nobles, or the peasant class? Those who are not regarded as worthy of holding land or titles?"

"Surely your duties would have taken you from your city on occasion. Were there no wars to be fought, or other nations and peoples to deal with?"

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Diana saw James go into a block of flats, and sprinted after him. She arrived at the doors out of breah, and look around the lobby.

"As far as I know, everyone born there that isn't a crimnal can vote." Laguna said to Drayven before turning to Aethion. "Esthar had found a way of literally becoming invisible. They lived away from the rest of the world, tried to stay outta things."

Diana went into the room, waving her hand to try and make the oily air disperse. She oppened the Balconay, and looked around outside.

"Not really. If a sorcress decided to do anything, it would take masive effort to stop her."

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James grinned as Diana stepped out onto the balcony before lining up the crosshairs in his scope on the side of her head. As she began to look around he exhaled, steadied the rifle on the wall, and squeezed the trigger. At such a short range the shot would be loud, but if the target didn't already know he was there, then she wouldn't hear it anyway.

"What happened then? Was the second sorceress stopped?"

The lobby was all silent, with no sign of where James had gone.

James had reached the third floor and now moved swiftly through the dark hall, pleased that none of the lights in the building seemed to be on. Choosing one of the doors on the left, he braced his shoulder against it, took hold of the doorknob and then pushed hard against it. With a groan and then a splintering crunch, the doorjamb cracked and the door swung open. He noticed that the other side of the room had a glass sliding door leading out onto the front balcony and grunted with satisfaction. Grabbing a knife from one of the drawers, he searched the cupboards and soon found a green home first aid box. Inside it was all the usual stuff, bandages, antiseptic, gauze and catgut thread.

"Perfect." He muttered, taking some of the items inside, before glancing at the cooker. He thought about the attacks he had seen Diana do and glanced at the knife in his hand before grinning and advancing on the cooker.

Five minutes later he was on the balcony, having left the door of the apartment broken and swinging open. He scowled down at the empty streets.

"I guess it would have been too easy if she'd stayed in the open." He said to himself, before glancing across the row of adjacent balconies.

"Why woudl they wish to do such a thing?"

Diana had about a milisecond to hear the sound before the bullet struck. She fell.

"I... don't know, honestly. The only way to beat her involved time travel or something like that, and I wasn't a part of that. But her plan was bassically to make all of time and space explode, so I'm guessing we won, otherwise we wouldn't be here talking about it."

Diana summoned a flame, holding it in her hand as an impromtu torch, and looked around. Eventually her eyes fell upon the stairs, and she went up them caustiosly.

"There was a pretty bad war with a very powerful and tyranical sorceress, called Adel, and Esthar was the center of her rule, though they really didn't like her. When I helped stop Adel, they convinced me to become president, and cut themseves off from everyone else. There was never an offical explenation, but my guess is they just wanted to be left alone."

"I dunno how I got the name really, one day I just woke up just knowing 'My name is Knife 28, and I'm in a Mall where I'll have to fight to the death.'" Knife explains. "How about you fella's, where're you from? Middle Earth, AlagaŽsia, Tamriel, Eristed?"

James got to his feet, casually swinging the sniper rifle back onto his shoulder. Drawing his pistol again, he opened the plate glass door on his balcony and hurried through the apartment back out to the hall. Moving through the hall with his pistol held out in front of him he came back to the broken door and pushed it open with the barrel of the gun, trying to get a line of sight on Diana's body.

So she wanted to destroy every plane of existence completely? What would she have to gain from that?"

"Sometimes, a tyrant stands to gain very little from their actions. When their minds are taken by madness, they cannot be reasoned with. Only stopped in whatever manner is necessary." Drayven glanced around sharply when Knife spoke again, and Aethion reached for his sword reflexively.

"By the 8! Where did you go to?! Do not sneak up on us in the middle of an exchange of stories like that" He gasped. Quickly regaining his composure he answered.

"We are from Summerset Isle, in Tamriel. My name is Aethion Lif Ame and this is my father Drayven, lord of Aedirn's Watch. We were told that an Argonian is here. I presume it was he who told you of Tamriel?"

James leapt the wall of the balcony, easily making it onto the adjacent one only a few feet away. He sprinted straight across and leapt to a third, before continuing this process until he was six balconies away. Crouching on one knee he unslung his sniper rifle and pulled back the bolt to cock it, before placing the barrel on the wall and waiting.

In the room that he had vacated, the air was starting to take on a weird shimmering quality, and had a faint oily scent to it. The front door was still clearly broken in, but he had closed the balcony door behind him.

"That doesn't make any sense! When they had just regained their freedom, why hide themselves away from the rest of the world?" Aethion exclaimed, shocked.

"A strange decision, I must say." Drayven replied. "Many nations and civilisations have been conquered, oppressed and liberated in our world's history, and they have never sought exile in such a manner. Freedom has always been celebrated by those who did not always have it."

James saw Diana, laid out in a pool of blood.

Laguna nodded. "We never did find out why. Honestly, someone that messed up... I'd rather have taalked to her then fight her."

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Diana gave a quick search of each floor she poassed. When she got to the fllor that James had been in and noticed the broken door, she exstinguished the flame and looked inside warily.

Laguna shrugged. "I didn't really get it either, but it's what they wanted, so I did my best to keep it a secret. We were found eventually though. We stayed off the map for years, and even when we were found it was just one or two groups of mercs, but then... all hell broke loose." Laguna's smiled dropped again. "Another evil sorcress showed up with monsters and armies everywhere, including Esthar. The Presidential building was well defended, but the rest of the city..."

James went into the room and quickly hit the switch for an air conditioning unit, setting it to full power before backing up to the door again. There he waited until the smell of gas had dispersed, before striding forward to the balcony again. Seeing the crumpled body, James levelled his pistol and fired another shot into Diana's head, jolting it to one side. Satisfied that the kill was confirmed, he turned away and walked out, holstering his gun.

Drayven nodded gracefully as Aethion introduced him to Knife, then returned his attention to Laguna.

"If the woman was as deranged as you say then speaking to her would have had no benefit. She would not see reason, and even if she could be temporarily appeased, such a powerful sorceress would never be contained. And if she brought in an army of creatures from whatever nether plane exists for your world, then you would have had to fight in any case."

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Diana's body vanished, and she respawned, rubbing the side of her head in pain, confusion, and anger.

"I know all that, but I wish we could have at least tried, you know?"

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