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OOC: @Nailik Gah! What guy?! Me or the Elves?

Aethion nodded in understanding and straightened up from the gashes he was examining.
"I had heard as much. There were stories of fights in here before, but nothing that caused so much damage." He said, approaching the bar. As he passed the Marine, he shrugged.

"The danger seems to have passed." Meanwhile Cas'Va noticed Sephiroth's appraisal.

"Does something particularly interest you, human?" He sneered.

@Nail: Yeah. ....Yeah.

Carmen continued to listen. Did that body respawn as well or is it gone?

"Do you want one of these mini cakes" He said pulling out a box of glowing moon pies. He than turned towards Cpl. Short "There was a fight here! I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to stop those things"

Holly glanced at Aethion.
"The attacker has likely respawned, so I need to know who I'm supposed to lock up." - She said, before looking over at Lazer Pony.
"Uh, yeah. Leave that to me."

OoC @Kirke22: That wasn't what I was refering. She's called short. This amuses me.
@Berk: You! THAT guy!

"I did. As for what it looked like..." Sephiroth began to answered Cpl. Short, but then trailed off, not sure how to describe it. "It looked like a child's drawing. A stick figure, completely lacking in depth. You have security footage, I presume. If so, see for yourself." he finally answered, then drank what water remained in the glass, putting in down on the bar counter, running his right index finger over the rim of the glass, the leather of his glove making a slight screechy noise. When Cas'Va spoke, Sephiroth chuckled slightly, seemingly finding his question amusing. "Human, I? Not quite..."
Whenever he spoke, Sephiroth's voice had the same detached tone to it, this never changing.

Looking at the glowing pies Lazer Pony presented, Sephiroth shook his head. "I'll pass."

"The attacker will return to life in their quarters, will they not?" Aethion asked Holly. "Can you not simply check the barracks to see if anyone has recently come out of the resurrection chambers?"

"Oh? And what are you then?" Cas'Va pressed, looking sceptical and no more genial.

"If he says that he is not human, what cause has he shown to make you doubt him?" A regal voice came from behind him, and Cas'Va glanced behind to see that Drayven had entered the room without his notice.

OOC: @Kirke Captain Holly Short... after Eoin Colfer's character?

"As if they'd give me access to the recordings... Thanks for the info, this place will get repaired soon I think."
She headed out of the room, and ran over towards the respawn room.
OoC: @Random: Yes, partially. When I have the chance to customize my character in games, I tend to recreate Holly Short. So this is a Colonial Marine, with her personality with a few changes. Probably not going to use her in a proper thread.

"But I'm a super hero. I must stop all Ruffians, scoundrels, and Bandits... Or else I won't get my super hero disability check every month" He said to Cpl. Short

OOC: @Nailik Added my response to Sephiroth above. And yes, it is I! I just assumed that you were responding to the presence of High Elves, and a familiar name in particular.

@Kirke Ah, as good a person to use as any. I haven't read the Artemis Fowl books in years. There was another one recently enough, wasn't there?

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"What am I?" Sephiroth repeated as he stood up. Stepping infront of Cas'Va, Sephiroth closed his eyes, "I, am SOLDIER[1] 1st Class. We look human, more or less, but, as I said, not quite." Opening his eyes again, it could be seen Sephiroth's eye colour was a unatural pale-green, with slitted puplis, much like that of a cat. Although this was difficult to notice in the well-lit lounge, his eyes also emitted a feint glow, like the twinkle of a star in the night sky.

[1] Although spelled with all caps, it's pronounced normally.

OoC @Berk: Oh, I recognise the name alright. I'd be a pretty shitty fan boy if I didn't. :D

"What am I?" Sephiroth repeated as he stood up. Stepping infront of Cas'Va, Sephiroth closed his eyes, "I, am SOLDIER 1st Class. We look human, more or less, but, as I said, not quite." Opening his eyes again, it could be seen Sephiroth's eye colour was a unatural pale-green, with slitted puplis, much like that of a cat. Although this was difficult to notice in the well-lit lounge, his eyes also emitted a feint glow, like the twinkle of a star in the night sky.

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Cas'Va's eyes narrowed and he opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly Drayven clamped a hand on his shoulder.

"You would be best to leave your thoughts unvoiced, I think." He muttered in the younger Elf's ear. Cas'Va glared at him a moment, before shrugging off his hand and continuing to stare suspiciously at Sephiroth.

"You have been magically altered in some way, I presume?" Drayven asked, glancing at Sephiroth.

"Magic?" Sephiroth asked, much in the same way he had done when he was called human. "There is no such thing as "magic". Only phenomenon that are yet to be fully understood." he answered, stepping back from the Elves. "But no, I haven't been altered. I was born this way. Yet, all my life, I knew I was different."

OoC @Berk: Lif Ame.

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Drayven's lip curled slightly, a hint of a smile.
"No such thing as magic? I would not be so quick to suggest such a thing." He reached out over the bar counter with a single hand, the fingers splayed out. The air beneath it shimmered. And then, incredibly, the glasses sitting on the polished wood began to sink. Aethion, who was standing close by took one of the glasses and plucked it from the surface of the liquified counter, causing a series of faint ripples to radiate out from where it had floated, before bouncing back from the edges. Drayven lowered his hand and suddenly the counter was solid again, but with the ripples frozen into its surface.

"But enough flourishing. Do you know where you came from? Why you are different? And what is it that sets you aside from your... from other humans? Other than your peculiar eyes."

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Sephiroth looked at Drayven's display, paying attention to it, yet not being impressed at the same time. When the wood turned solid again, with the addition of frost, Sephiroth remarked, "I know it exsists, I have in fact, a few magics of my own, none of which would be wise to present here. However, I considder the term "magic" a false term. Admitedly, I don't know how magic works where you're from, but from where I am, "magic" is simply the knowledge of the Cetra, or Ancients, that can be tapped into when crystalised." he explained, then turned his back on Drayven. "What sets myself apart from other humans? Well, I have greather strength and agility then they." he began, speaking in a matter-of-fact manner, with little smugness to it, although small amounts of it was subtly present. "And... There is this." From his back, a single black-feathered wing sprouted from Sephiroth's right shoulder. After flapping this wing a single time, it retracted as swiftly as it had come. Turning back to face Drayven. "It should be said, that while other SOLDIERs can spawn a wing as well, they were altered."

OOC: @Nailik Fair enough then.

Maybe solidified would have been a better term than frozen.

Drayven shrugged.
"You are welcome to think of magic by whatever terms you wish." He said passively.

"a single wing? That is a strange way for these soldiers to be altered." Aethion added. "Why would anyone wish to create humans with one wing?"

"I'm not sure granting a wing is the desired outcome of the process, merely a byproduct. The enhanced physical traits is what's the goal first and foremost." Sephiroth answered. "Of course. This is only speculation. Who knows what exactly goes on the the Shinra laboratories."

"Twisting the nature of their own kind. Trust humans to spit in the face of those who created them." Cas'Va sneered, speaking up for the first time since the beginning of the conversation. Aethion glared at him.

"Why can you never just keep your silence?" He snarled.

"Created? Humanity evolved from the very same promordial beings everything else did. There was no grand design behind it." Sephiroth drly remarked in responce to Cas'Va, going to lean against a wall. "But. Why does this bother you?"

Aethion and Drayven both looked uncomfortable at Sephiroth's assertion, but neither remarked on it. Cas'Va bristled and stepped forward.

"You speak with the same impudence of the humans in Tamriel." He spat. "You stand here and dismiss the Divines, but what can you, a twisted byproduct of the bastard children of Lorkhan claim to know of them? You are in the presence of three direct descendants of Auriel. Do not dare..."

"Will you shut your mouth?!" Aethion snapped at him. Drayven turned back to Sephiroth, masking his concern over his retainer's outburst.

"Cas'Va Thrynn is possessed of very firm beliefs, and he can sometimes become carried away." He said to Sephiroth. "Please, do not be offended."

"It takes a great deal more then that to offend me." Sephiroth remarked in responce to Drayven's explaination, but then looked back to Cas'Va, his eyes narrowing ever-so-slightly, this being the only indicator of any emotion. "You are short-tempered. You should work on that."

Cas'Va glared back at Sephiroth, expecting more of a reaction.

"Ugh, I have spent enough time in this place for one evening." He spat, before turning and walking out. The other two elves watched him go.

"Remind me, why must we continue to employ that Thalmor fanatic?" Aethion asked, lip curled in distaste.

Knife walks into the lounge, flanked by Doug. "Alright, what's happening dudes." He asks.

"The one guy with the deep voice" Lazer Pony said indicating Sephrioth. "And the uh... Elves I think is what they are called. Were arguing, other than that not much" He took out his box of glowing moon pies "You want some"

"He in your employ, I take it?" Sephiroth asked Drayven as he watched Cas'Va walk off. Briefly looking at Knife when he entered, Sephiroth repeated, "I was attacked, and acted accordingly."

Knife takes a moon pie and takes a bite out of it, before cocking an eyebrow at Sephiroth's response. "Right, well G'day, I'm Knife." He says, holding out his free hand.

"He is." Drayven confirmed. "I admit, I find his beliefs distasteful. Unfortunately, our family are one of the few in the Aldmeri Dominion who do not believe that the other races of Tamriel should kneel to the Altmer, regardless of what our relationship to our Gods may be. Because of our beliefs, we are... not well favoured by the other noble houses. Cas'Va is a very gifted mage, and a cunning fighter. We need such men to call on in the event of a large scale conflict, and given our relatively small number of vassals, we cannot afford to exclude those who disagree with us, if they are willing to accept the coin."

The pie would taste like a regular moon pie. Except it would feel like your stomach was lit on fire when you finished "Oh by the way they are made of radioactive waste"

"Knife...? I'm going to assume that's an alias." Sephiroth said to Knife as he briefly looked him over before shaking his hand. Although, he let go and pulled his hand back rather quickly. "Sephiroth. SOLDIER 1st Class." he then stated, doing so in a hollow, professional way.

Even as he spoke to Knife, Sephiroth listened to Drayven's explaination, and although many of the terms used went over his head, he understood the gist of it. "So, he too is some soldier then. I wouldn't have thought him more then a initiate, given how... hotheaded he is. As for beliefs?" Sephiroth paused, and with a humourless chuckle, shook his head. "Often they're at the root of all conflict. The belief of superiority more so then others."

Knife looks at Laser Pony, then to the moon pie, and reachs up and crushes the moonpie over his head. "It's not an alias, that's actually my name." Knife says, turning back to Sephiroth, "As far as I know anyway."

"He is a mercenary, not a true bannerman." Aethion pointed out. "His hot head would be far more tolerable if only it did not cause him to scorn anyone who do not possess the grace or the long life of the High Elves. In any case, we do not need him to command an army and lead them to war. We simply wish to keep the Thalmor sympathisers back from out gates."

"It is our denial of our kind's superiority that has led to us having to hire mercenaries in the first place."

"Hey! I was just giving you some food"

"Radioactive food. I'd rather not get cancer."

"A hired soldier is a soldier none the less. As such, I would've expected a greater level of proffesionalism. But perhaps my standards regarding these things are too high." Sephiroth remarked in responce to Aethion. Once more, Sephiroth spoke with subtle smugness. "As for the pollitics, I can't claim to understand such things. I never had an interest in it. I only need to know what those in command would have me do."

Looking back to Knife, Sephiroth said, "That didn't sound all too convincing..."

Aethion looked down at Sephiroth with a passive face, but he could clearly tell that the man was mocking them, and was not amused.

"Perhaps if we can find a suitable political solution, we will have no need of men like him to defend our family." He said evenly. "As it is, I have been training for years in the arts of combat and leadership. I will lead an army for house Lif Ame if necessary, just as my father has done."

"We do not have a standing army as we cannot afford to sustain an effective one." Drayven added. "But we do still have friends, and I believe we are well regarded enough among the common people living within our holdings. A few veterans will fight for us if we call on them, and hopefully they will be the framework that will hold volunteers and paid men like Cas'Va together as a solid host."

"I wish you good luck in your endeavors, when you return to the place from whence you came. But for now, I'll take my leave. I'm sure we'll meet again, given that we're both stuck here for the forseeable future. Farewell" Sephiroth remarked, addressing Aethion and Drayven both. He began walking to the corridor that would lead back to his suite, but stopped as he passed Aethion. "Perhaps next time, you would care to test your mettle?" he asked, this time, lacking the minor smug tones he had before, yet still sounded as detached as ever. Having said that, Sephiroth walked off, entering his suit.

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