WAOA Arena

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Carmen simply shrugged in response. "We're in an arena, correct? You can't expect everyone to be poised all the time." She gave the man a small wink after flipping herself back upright. "My apologies if that side of me made you uncomfortable."

Rex shrugged again. "I see. I'd just say to just let it pass, but obviously, you think highly of this chick. But I swear I've heard that name before... and I sure as hell don't remember any of those pokeballs." He put his hand into his chin for a moment or too.

"she called herself Long Fang of her Mighteyena. Big growly thing. Hang on, let me see if I can find a picture..." he blinks twice, then his eye shot out a hologram of Lyra Reed, her hair red, rubbing a mighteyena with one hand, holding a thin predator mask made of paper in the other. "that was her official poster. Mighteyena was her star pokemon, and she pretty much demanded to have that nickname."

Rex observed the hologram for a long while before nodding. "Heh... Yeah, I've met this lady before. ...You'd be surprised what she's doing now."

Fold watched the hologram for a moment, through his eyes, before retracting it. "Oh really? I don't know, I'm difficult to surprise."

Rex sighed before stretching himself out a bit. "Well, from what I've seen, she's basically the leader of a roving clan of alien warriors. She had this weird talking xenomorph and a cyborg around with her too..." He let out a small yawn before getting up. "On second thought... yeah, not that big a deal. Gonna tuck in. Later, dude."

He gave the trainer a wave before heading off to bed.

Carmen had already flown away and into her suite to sleep.

OoC: And night.

Gold watched Rex leave, thought for a moment, then laughed. "So that conspiracy theory was right! Who fucking knew?" he roared with laughter, pulling himself up and back to bed.

Knife shuffles into the lounge, bumping one of the tables as he does so.

OoC: Holy crap guys im sorry ive been gone for so long.

Knife yawns and stretchs out on one of the lounges, casually munching on a vegimite sandwich.

as Saber started to wake up he prepared himself incase he was picked to fight, he started with sword training and then did some magic warm ups and finally several forms of 30 push ups each

The various TV screens would show Carmen fighting off a small crowd of what looked like giant mutated behemoths. She wasn't using any of her spells or even her whip. The succubus seemed to be smiling as she was driving her hands, feet and even her tail through the thick skins of her enemies.

"Damn, girl's got moves." Doug says as he watches the screens, earning an affermitive 'Hmph' from Knife.

The little skirmish ended as the demoness calmly brought one of the last abominations to its knees in front of her. "Well.... I suppose I'm getting a little less bored now... but you're still a pathetic little thing." She taunted as she twisted her right heel on the thing's skull. "But... this has been exhilarating at least... So, farewell, may your soul scream for all eternity in Hell."

With seemingly no effort, she drove her leg through its skull and the fanfare played. After the medics cleaned the blood off of her, she made her way into the lounge, yawning. She gave a small wave toward Knife as she entered.

"So you've been here a while haven't you Carmen, is it always this quite around here?" Knife says after he returns the wave, "Or did I just scare everyone off?"
Doug laughs at this, and Knife just rolls his eyes.

The demoness shrugged as she poured herself a drink from the bar. "Lately, yes.. it's been fairly quiet. When I was first transported here, it was much more lively. Though I doubt you scared them off, I can't say you didn't."

"Eh, it's a shame really." Knife says, taking a bite of a vegemite sandwich he pulled from his jacket. "I was hoping to fight at least one other person here."

Tophat entered the lounge, and sat down in an armchair.

"A-ha!" Knife says, throwing his arms up in the air, "Another soul joins us in the land of the living."

"Yes, I suppose. I'm more of a visitor than a citizen of this land though."

Carmen looked over at Tophat, somewhat disinterested. "We're all visitors here if that's the case."

"Well no, you are living, I am not."

OoC: Anyone here?

Carmen raised an eyebrow toward Tophat before sighing and nodding to herself. "Right... I see it now. You're a curious little thing, hat."

Gold wandered out into the Arena, tapping one of his ever present pokeballs. "anybody want to spar? Or can I have the Arena all to myself?" he said to no one in particular, knowing the lounge fed a constant view of the arena.

Looking at the screen and Gold, Carmen smirked as she made her way out of the lounge and into the arena, spinning her dagger around as usual. "Shall we, then?"

Eva was in the lounge, a bottle of sake in one hand and her bandanna in the other.

"You sure you don't want to take on two guys at once or something? Seems up your speed." Bryce closed his eyes a moment, and the arena turned into a pokemon stadium, the stands empty and the floor littered with rocks as big as a man, plenty to hide behind.

Carmen just stared Gold in the eyes. "I'm fine with whatever you want. I still need to pay you back for the first time we met in this arena..." She looked around at the rocks and sighed. "I do hope you're not creating cover just for me."

From his TV in his suite, Sephiroth had been watching the activities in the arena, or rather lack thereof. With participants heading for the arena just now, and feeling mildly lethargic again, Sephiroth left his suite and made his way towards the lounge, with the intention to observe the battle closer up.

"Wouldn't dream of it, dear Carmen. I figured Smokey'll need target practice. If you'd be so obliged, of course." with that, he tossed out his pokeball, and a Vileplume appeared before him. It was accompanied by a burst of purple smoke.

Eva looked over as a tall, silver-haired man entered the lounge. She put the sake down for a moment, gave a small bow in her chair by way of greeting, then picked the bottle back up and took a sip.

Carmen casually hopped back and blew a large gust of wind toward the Vileplume, blowing away the smoke with ease and attempting to shove the pokemon back a few meters. "Let's see if that thing will even be able to touch me..."

Sephiroth glanced over at the elven woman as she greeted him. She beared some resemblance to the Altmer he had met earlier, yet had a skin tone, eye and hair colour more akin to a human. What's more, her appearal ressembled that which the people from Wutai wore, yet she clearly was not from there. Anyone from Wutai wouldn't react to Sephiroth in a positive fashion. Walking closer to Eva, Sephiroth said, "You. I haven't seen you here. You're no new arival. How long have you been here?"

Bryce grunted at Carmen's comment. "Smokey, use Sunny Day."
The Vileplume, recovering from the gust, performed a few stubby dances. Suddenly, the sun's rays began burning down on the stadium, imitating a desert with its intensity.

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