WAOA Arena

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Tahril ran his hand over where his wound had been and had replaced the segment of damaged armour. Leaving his helmet in his room he left to find the observation area so he could drink in pain once more, if from a distance. His features still appeared to be youthful.

OoC: @Kirke: Wait, the marines are aarmor? Well, whatever... The point is, whatever defended them from death is now full of lead.
Also, edited in a random marine.

The Blank Creature... Had no pain in him to eat.

"The fuck is this shit?"- Asked Hobbes as the bucket hit is boot. Then Short came from the side and tackled the creature, screaming with anger. Meanwhile, Hampton checked what state Flanagon was in.
OoC: Wait, so is the marine dead or not?

Tahril folded his arms and watched coldly, his lips curled in a dark smirk. He wanted to know what else he would fight.

The creature fell down as tackled him, it's blank face looking at it. It pulls out it's cement jacket, and puts it on him... Causing Short to feel like he's drowning. The creature then jabs a syringe full of lead into him, and presses down on the plunger... But, instead of being filled with lead, he feels like he just got shot.

OoC: @Kirke I'm not entirely sure. Probobly not, though whatever the bullet manages to hit would be filled with lead in every crevice and everywhere where there's air, or if it pierced the armor, then it would fill his arteries and veins with lead. What matters is whether a bullet from a revolver would pierce the armor.

Short grunted as she felt like she was shot, but pulled out a grenade. She had a crazy grin on her face as she pressed down the button.
"Sayonara, bitch!"
She said before she blew up, and her rather large amount of explosives with her. Hobbes looked in horror as he was splattered with the corporals blood.
"Holy, holy shit..."

Meanwhile, Hampton helped Flanagon out of his armour.
OoC: @Wacky: She. And she was the explosives expert.
I don't think the armour would be pierced.

Tahril let out a shrill laugh at the explosion and clutched the rail, leaning forward towards the fighting. He was openly grinning and the fight had his rapt attention.

The blank thing was blown away, it's body blown a good four meters before it fell, like a ragdoll. It was burnt, covered in her blood... And looked like was immobile.

@Kirke: Alright.

Flanagon got up, and trained his pulse rifle at the being.
"Hey Hobbes, burn that bastard." -Said Hampton, with barely contained anger in his voice as he aimed at the being.
"Y-yes sarge, will do."
Hobbes approached the thing, dropping his smartgun and taking out his flamethrower. When he was four meters away he opened fire, thorching the creature.

The creature burned to death, and after it was burned, they might be able to see a nervous system of lead, as it too melts.

The creature began to grow back in the respawning chamber.

Hobbes sighed with relief as the annoncer said they had won.
"C'mon squad, let's go get Short."
"Yes sir."
The marines headed out of the arena, carrying most of their gear.
"You're like a fucking rock, man,. Doesn't anything move you?" -Hobbes asked Flanagon, wiping the sweat of his brow.

Short woke up in a tank, and saw on a TV that they had won.
Serves that freak right.
OoC: @Wackymon: Not in the arena, right?

@Kirke: Yes, not in the arena.

It, after a while, finished growing back, and stood in the chamber for a bit.

Tahril leans back and runs a hand through his long hair before clapping slowly. He had not expected the Mon-Keigh to triumph.

OoC: Eh, I'll try this out

A man was in a dark room "Well, this is new."

"Hello, and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."
The Meta stood higher up on the gallery, glaring at Tahril.

Tahril turned to leave, his new azure cloak billowing behind him. He looked up at the Meta before smirking and making his way to the exit.

The Meta growled threatingly before heading to another exit.

The man looked around "Hmm, I would ask a myriad of questions, but I assume I wouldn't get an answer. For now I assume I am a participant in this arena?"

OoC:The man in question

Tahril returned to his room to spend his time scheming.

OOC: off now, see ya later

"You were brought here because we think you would be a great addition to our roster. Please, follow me to your suite."

"Suite? Well it would be rude of me not to accept such hospitality." said the man as he followed

The lights on the floor would show the man to a suite that seemed like the best he could imagine.

The Blank Slate finished being rebuilt, and walked to his room. There he grabbed a few seemingly random objects (Including a cat, butter, bread, string, knives, tophats, coats, cement boots and other clothing, Fishes, poison, sleeping gas, Ice cream, peanuts, a computer, a fryer, a bottle of oil, and a gyroscope), putting them in a bag which he ripped the bottom out of. Oddly enough, the items didn't fall out when they were put in. It went to the locker rooms, as it put a few guns in the bag, took out a pistol, and put on a hat. It walked into the arena again.

The room in question was a standard, yet posh, room. Nothing out of the ordinary to what the average person would consider a suite. He sat in a chair and awaited further instruction.

"If you wish to parpicipate, please follow me to the preperation room."

"If I "wish" to participate? I wasn't aware I had the option, but I'll play along for now." he said as he followed the light

"Thank you. Can we have your name for our records, please?"
In one of the lockers, he would find any gear he would usually use.

OoC: Let's get this started...

A white-haired woman found herself in a dark room. "...Hmmm. I don't remember wanting to be here..."

"Hello, and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."

"Of course, I am Colonel Jade Curtiss of the Third Division of the Malkuth Military." He took nothing from the locker.

The woman tilted her head a bit. "That's... an odd name."

"The arena is named after the Evilington corporation founder, Lord Evilington. Please, follow me to your suite."
"Thank you Colonel. Please, enter the arena. A opponent is already there."
The gates to the arena opened, letting Jade through.

She nodded to the anonymous voice as she followed it. ...Do humans always give themselves such idiotic names?

Jade strolled into the arena, hands behind his back in a casual manner.

OoC: If this is against @wacky's character I'm just going to take the loss

The lights showed the way to the best room she could imagine.
"May I ask your name for our records?"
@Furi: O-kay... Well then, guess @Dot's character will be heading into the arena sooner than expected.

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