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Laguna listened briefly to the description of the Thalmor, then turned to Aethion. "I don't blame him. I worked for a similar group myself once."

Carmen looked back toward Hellosh and flicked her tail a bit. "A demon, more accurately a succubus. I'm assume you're the same, unless you just like having needless horns on your head."

Rex calmly double tapped Drom's body with another shot to the head before returning his chain to normal. As the medics and fanfare came to be, Rex exited and headed for the lounge, slightly surprised by the sound of other people in there. "Good thing my face is back...."

"Inferior races? I ask you, do you believe in their cause or were you just following their orders? Hellosh asked the man.

" *Sigh* I am a hornic, and technically I am not a demon. Though, the great mother of my race was a FORMER devil." Hellosh said to Carmen, sounding like he hates being called a demon.

Carmen tilted her head a small bit, noting Hellosh's tone. "I don't see how that's something to be loathed, seeing as your subjects seem to love you so much. Being demonic is just part of your ancestry and your blood. It's just what you are."

Rex walked in and flopped down onto a couch, rubbing his new face a bit. "Dammit, now I know how everyone feels when Nail eats their face."

"If I believed in their cause then I would not have resigned and spoken out against them." Drayven snapped.

"Then you know it is not wise to keep demanding information so tactlessly from him." Aethion replied quickly to Laguna before tapping Hellosh on the shoulder.

"Those days are past for our family, there is no good to be had from this. Let it be." He insisted forcefully.

Dromaeus stumbled out of his vita-tube and leaned against the scorched wall of the room, breathing heavily and glaring in the direction of the lounge.

"Hey, I'm not the one who brought it up. And if he's not comfortable talking about it, I won't push."

Gearhead mk2:
"Hey, I'm not the one who brought it up. And if he's not comfortable talking about it, I won't push."

OOC: Aethion wouldn't have been accusing Laguna, but he would have been speaking urgently.

OoC: @Random My bad. But I think the post still works.

"I repeat, the mother of my race was a former devil. Besides the horns and eyes, I do not carry any demonic blood. And define 'love'. They only like me because I am the guy who runs the place. Except for my sister, nobody likes me for who I am." He replied to Carmen.

Hellosh garbed Aethion hand forcefully "Fine I will let it go, but first let me tell you this little Warning: I HATE being touched. No I LOATHE being touched! I will forgive you this ONCE because you are ignorant of that fact. So please, do not touch me again." He lets go of his hand.

When Hellosh grabbed Aethion, Drayven's robe fluttered. Suddenly an exquisite longsword with a gold filigreed, elongated handgrip and a gently curved, single edged brassy blade was in his right hand, and it swept up to arm's length where the fantastically keen edge hovered a hair's breadth from Hellosh'es spine. For the first time Drayven's expression betrayed his emotions, blazing fury at the threat to his son. When Hellosh let go, he slowly drew the beautiful sword back, his face still twisted in anger. Aethion took a step away from Hellosh, looking shocked at the sudden aggression by both men.

Laguna stood when Hellosh grabbed Aethion and he saw the sword appear. "Guys, guys! Calm down!"

Carmen seemed to nod a bit. "And from your tone, you've accepted that fact. That's a bit sad, but I have no sympathy for you either way." Noting the tension in the room rising, Carmen sighed a bit. This can only go well...

"I am calm." Hellosh said to Laguna, regaining his stoic mood.

"Good. If you pity me, it means I am weak. And I am not weak nor do I require your pity ." Hellosh said Carmen, while clearly hiding a depressed tone.

"...ok then. Good to know." Laguna looked at Aethion. "You ok?"

"I do not brag or make empty threats." Drayven said icily as he returned his sword to its artfully hidden scabbard, the large weapon disappearing as swiftly as it had been revealed. "I will have as little to do with you as necessary for the sake of peace. But I assure you, if you threaten my son again... it will be the end of you." With that he twisted on his heel and strode off, back straight as he gathered his composure again.

Aethion took a deep breath and exhaled again, eyeing Hellosh warily as he stood to the side, one hand on his sword hilt and legs slightly apart, the stance of a warrior ready to snap to attention or react to a sudden conflict at a moment's notice.

"I am fine." He replied to Laguna. "But I have never seen my father draw his sword in anger like that." He glared at Hellosh.

"Do not expect to be treated with the reverence you clearly want if you would raise an old warrior's demons so carelessly." He warned him sharply. "And do not threaten me with so little cause either. I can fend for myself as well."

Hellosh looks at Aethion. "Relax, kid. My sudden rage fit was because, as you told you before, I hate being touched. Your father will probably forget about this incident after a goodnight's sleep." Hellosh said to him.

Laguna watched Drayven leave, then looked at Aethion. "He'll be fine. Just a dad worrying about his kid."

Carmen caught on to Hellosh's tone and sighed. "Of course, of course. The weak can only be pitied." She replied sarcastically.

She watched Drayven walk off and noted Aethion's stance. Smart choice, kid.

"If you believe that then you are a bigger fool than I thought." Aethion snapped at Hellosh. "He will not forget this lightly. No good man would." He turned away from Hellosh, a sneer of distaste on his face.

"I know. And I have no doubt that I will see it again. But it is one thing to witness the wrath of the quartermaster in the recruit's barracks, and another to see it in a man that you have only ever known to be kind, disciplined, and stern at the worst."

OOC: By the way, I don't know if I made it clear enough in previous days, but Aethion is the equivalent of a human 16 year old, and is actively undergoing military officer's training. He's also in full Elven armour, except for the helmet. Still a kid by modern standards, but just just recently regarded as a man by the standards of a culture like the Greeks or Romans.

"I understand. Changes like that can be jarring at best and scary at worst."

Aethion shrugged.

If I were afraid of this, then I would not be suited to fight for my house. I would be better suited to sit at home with the children, my mother and her handmaidens."

"Exactly." Hellosh replied to Carmen, not caring if it's sarcastic or not.

"I get it, kid. You are upset. And What do you mean 'No good man would'? I just gave you a quick warning and let you go afterwords. I will give you this lovely piece of advice: 'Let sleeping dogs lie'." Hellosh said to Aethion, stoically.

"Nothing really wrong with that, but if you are looking to be in the army, yeah. You do need to get used to stuff that'll freak you out."

Aethion gritted his teeth and kept his back turned to Hellosh.

"Not the army. Not the Aldmeri forces. I will fight only for the defence of house Lif Ame. We do not seek conquest. We just wish to have the strength to ward off our enemies when and if they move against us." He replied to Laguna.

Carmen simply shrugged toward Hellosh before turning toward Aethion. "It looks like our next arena match is already decided then. Fear's not something to try and discard completely though. Remember that."

"I will." Aethion replied to Carmen, smiling slightly. "What do you mean, you wish to fight me next?"

"You're that disliked? Wow. I hope everything's ok back home."

"Most families loyal to the Thalmor did not take kindly to my father's resignation at a crucial point in their campaign. When he began to speak out against their more reprehensible actions, the matter only became worse."

Carmen shook her head. "So you only fight to defend your family's honor. I respect that quite a bit, since I do the same... most of the time. Also, I meant your father. If he does indeed hold a grudge, he may as well let it out against the man that caused it. ...Though I'm not opposed to sparring against you." She replied, giving a small smirk back.

Hellosh picks up his greatsword and leaves.

Edward comes back in. "Did the crazy guy with the big sword leave?"

"Well, good on him for taking a stand. You must have to face off against them fairly regularly."

"Oh! I see." Aethion exclaimed, embarrassed by his mistake. "He might fight for that, but I doubt it. He would not fight someone that he held a real grudge against unaless he meant to kill them." He realised that Laguna was still speaking and turned to him.

"Oh, no. They have not actually attacked us yet. But we believe that they will, in time. Plans like this among my race can take a long time to be set into motion."

"Ah, right. Pays to be prepared."

Carmen nodded toward Aethion. "I see... Still allowing that hate to fester won't bode well for him."

She looked over toward Edward entering and raised an eyebrow. Another FNG? "Yes. That man just left. Who are you, if you don't mind my asking?"

"I am Iron Fist Edward! A dimension crossing cyborg gunslinger! But now I'm stuck here until my employer fixes my teleporter."
"By the way, you have lovely" don't say breasts, don't say breasts, don't say breasts! "Erh, horns....."
Anyhow, this is my employer."
Edward shows Carmen a hologram of Catherine.


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