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"Indeed." Aethion agreed. "I only hope that we can prepare sufficiently." He yawned, arching his back and stretching.

"Well, if I am to fight tomorrow, then I will go to rest, and prepare." He said to Laguna and Carmen. "I will see you tomorrow."

Carmen nodded toward Aethion before giving him a bow. "Rest well."

Turning toward Edward, she blinked a bit at the hologram. She turned back up to Edward with blank eyes. "Your employer's a cat?"

Laguna gave a wave. "Night."

"The correct term is catGIRL." Catherine corrected Carmen.

"Yup, pretty much. She's the reason why I am a cyborg." Edward added.

Aethion returned Carmen's bow both to her and Laguna before turning and strolling off, brassy armour gleaming under the lights as he went.

Carmen tilted her head a bit. "So she augmented you and forcing you to pay for the operation through labor? Or did she cut off your various parts for the sake of experimentation?"

Looking back at the hologram, she shrugged. "Excuse me, catgirl. I have a small hatred of your kind, please excuse any racist remarks I may make on reaction."

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"Actually, I lost my arm after an 'incident' with my brother...." Edward muttered. "Anyhow, I've became her assistant out of my own freewill.
The pay is still shitty, though."
Edward answered.

"Great, a racist succubi! How about you forget I am a 'disgusting' cat-kin and I will forgot you are a soul sucking, including other 'things', demon, agreed?

Carmen sighed a bit toward Cat. "The reason I said that was to see if you'd be the bigger party and ignore any racist statements I'd accidentally say to you. Old habits die hard, but I was going to attempt to refrain from saying anything offensive. Obviously, you didn't take that route........ Disappointing."

Turning to Edward, she nodded. "I see, that was rather kind of her... though shit pay isn't something I'd wish on anyone. May I ask more about this 'incident'?"

Catherine sighed as well "Whatever! How do you feel if I had 'Small hatred' of succubi? Pretty pissed, huh? *Sigh* Let's drop this.
And by the way, his pay isn't shit! He just likes to whine, a lot."
She replied.

"Well excuse me for wanting a better pay because I risk my life on a daily basis! " Edward said to Catherine.

"Yeah she's all kind sweet, occasionally... As for my 'incident' Here's an abridged version: Some shit happened, mostly because of me, and my brother chopped off my arm for it. Happy story, huh? :D And yes, this is a sarcastic emoticon." He replied to Carmen.

"By the way, is this a twisted alternate universe of comicon?" He asked Carmen.

Carmen just paused for a moment, dumbfounded at Edward saying :D before facepalming herself. "...Did you just say 'colon D'? ...What does that even mean!?!" He's even worse than that fox with her incessant babbling...

Taking a deep breath, she recomposed herself and then looked a little lost again when Ed mentioned comicon. "...Comicon? I- Is that some sort of human ritual? I wouldn't know anything about it."

She shrugged toward Cat's statement. "I'm used to people hating me for being a succubus. It comes with the race. And honestly, I get paid quite a bit for being in the army... but it never feels like enough."

"Oh... Yeah.... You're not used to fourth wall breaking, huh? :P Anyhow, pay no attention to my magical ability to summon emoticons. :O But seriously, I will stop now.

As for comicon, well: Comicon is a place where men dress like women, women dress like men and lawyers dress as lawyers! And also comics, but crossplaying is where it's really at! I assumed this is comicon because of the amount of cosplayers in here." He replied to her.

"Yeah, succubi usually have a bad reputation. Anyhow, why do you hate catgirls again?" Cathrine asked Carmen.

Carmen seemed lost as Edward explained everything to her. "...So it's like a masquerade...?"

Turning to Cat, the succubus seemed to flick her tail nervously around. "I'd rather not talk about that right now."

"Yeah, kinda.... Do you have a laptop? Or any type of computer?" Edward asked Carmen for a computer.

Catherine notices the way the succubus flicks her tail. "Is it personal?" Catherine said while moving her tail around.

The door into the lounge opened and James walked in, lighting a cigarette as he did so. He held the door open with his foot and Aethion walked in behind him, in full armour and carrying his helmet under one arm. He nodded his thanks to James who grunted a response, blowing out a puff of smoke before heading to the bar.

Carmen simply nodded toward Cat's statement before scratching the back of her head in response to Edward. "I'm aware of the existence of computers... but I don't use them myself."

Seeing Aethion and James, she gave both of them a small wave.

Catherine nods back.

"At least you know they exist. Do me a favour and google 'Comicon'. And while you are at it, google 'emoticons'." Edward said to Carmen, hoping she knows what google is.

James grabbed a can from the bar and raised it to Carmen in greeting, then cracked it open and took a swig.

"Hey Carmen. Haven't seen you around in a while."

Aethion bowed to Carmen and straightened up again, flicking back the long coppery hair apparently common to the men of his house.

"Good morning. Carmen, is it? I forgot to ask your name last night."

Carmen smiled toward James. "That's because you never come around here, James."
Turning to Aethion, she returned the bow. "Yes. Lt.Gen Carmen St.Luna. Nice to officially meet you, Aethion."

As Edward spoke of google, she looked completely lost to the point her tail arced into the shape of a question mark.

"Ah, I drop in and out. Place like this, you don't think I'd hang around all day without making time to drink a bit, do you?" James chuckled as he spoke. "Truth be told, it's easy to get kind of stir-crazy in here. I have so much spare time now, I don't know what to do with it. I clean, reassemble and generally mess around with my guns so much without even firing them, I might wear the parts out."

"Ah, a high title. You must have been fighting for many years." Aethion replied to Carmen. "Forgive me, but... you do not look like someone who has spent a long time in battle."

"Heh. Some of us are just that good, kid." James joked.

Edward facepalmed with his right hand. "Wait a sec." Edward sprinted off looking for a laptop. Others can hear the loud noises Edward caused for his laptop quest. Eventually, he fond a laptop.
Edward gives her the laptop and says: "Here's a laptop. Do you want more help with it or can you handle it with yourself?"

Carmen rubbed her arm a bit in response to Aethion. "Well... That's only due to disguise magic. If I were to show my true form... well, you'd be inclined to disagree almost instantly."

She nodded in response to James. "Yes... we're basically in a cage, that tends to make staying sane difficult."

Carmen took the laptop and tilted her head a bit. "...Uh... Help would be appreciated..."

"Okay, let's start with the basics." Edward taught her some pretty basic things, like what's the on button, how to type, how to use the mouse and how to left click.

"Did you get the hang of this yet? Can we move on to the next steps? He asked Carmen.

"Yeah. Doesn't help when half the people in this place are like something out of a webcomic writer's fever dream. Speaking of which..." James moved over beside Carmen so he could see the laptop from the front and whistled appreciatively.
"Nice. I haven't seen one of these in donkey's years."

"Oh. I... I am sorry, I did not mean to make you feel uncomfortable." Aethion stammered, embarrassed again. "It is a very well crafted illusion, at least. I had no idea that it was magic, and I have seen Illusion magic many times before."

Carmen smiled a small bit toward Aethion. "It's no problem, you wouldn't have known. You seem ready to fight yourself."

She nodded toward James before getting the basics of operating the computer. "Hmmm... Yes.. I think I understand. What's next?"

Aethion smiled back and nodded.
"If you still wish to fight, then yes I am. I will wait until you are finished with... whatever that is, and are ready to begin."

"Wonder if there's an internet connection here."

"Apparently, there is. I found out when I got here because I'm part cyborg." He answered James.

"Let's go to the internet!" Edward then clicks the google chrome icon. "The internet is an international computer network. It has a LOT of functions, and I do mean a lot. Start with typing www.google.com on the url. After you are in google, type whatever you want." Edward explained to Carmen.

Carmen followed Edward's instructions and tilted her head as she made it to the results page. "So this is like... searching through a library... Interesting..."

She looked over toward Aethion and nodded. "I'll finish somewhat soon. This device is... interesting to say the least..."

"Hah! Not too many libraries would have the kind of content that takes up most of the internet" James laughed out loud and continued to drink.

"Very well. I will be preparing myself until then." Aethion replied and began examining his armour, tugging exploratorily at the pauldrons and plates, making sure that it was all in good order.

"Yeah, but it has more 'questionable' content that most libraries won't accept. By the way, a friendly advice: Never turn off safe search!" Edward Answered Carmen.

Carmen seemed to be confused by both James and Edward. Curious, she quickly turned Safesearch off and saw... horrible horrible things. However, being a succubus, she was completely unbothered by a lot of it. "Oh... this is what you humans call 'porngraphy', correct? My library holds horrible things that your race wouldn't be able to comprehend. Aethion, let's begin, shall we?"

She calmly handed the laptop back to Edward before waiting for Aethion to follow her outside the lounge.

"Depending on what kind of mood you're in, and what else you're doing that night." James chuckled. He laughed even harder when Carmen turned off Safesearch.

Aethion finished examining his armour, then placed his sculpted helmet of his head so that only his eyes and mouth were unprotected.

"Very well, let us begin." He answered, following Carmen out of the lounge.

Edward takes back the laptop. "Meh. At least you're not scared off by the content. Well, I'm hitting the sack. Bye. " Edward said. Laptop in hand, Edward went to his room.

Eventually the two would make their way into the Arena. Carmen stretched out a small bit as she turned and looked toward Aethion. The arena transformed into a simple steel dome with little to nothing that could be considered cover. "Would you like to fight me at close range or from far range?"

"I can use some Destruction spells at range, but I am better up close." Aethion replied as he stopped a short distance from Carmen. "Do you typically let your opponent choose the range in a fight? The instructors that my father hired for the bannermen of the house is not so accommodating."

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