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Carmen shook her head before shifting into a fighting stance. "This is more of a sparring match than anything for me. I need a little practice with my close range abilities as well, so I thought I'd allow you to choose that you wished to work on. I'm fine either way."

"Very well. We shall fight at close range then." Aethion agreed before drawing his sword, a single handed, single edged blade of the same brassy material as Drayven's elegant two-hander. Holding the blade out in front of him, he assumed a basic fencer's stance.

With a small nod, Carmen took the dagger in front of her and chanted something. Soon enough, the dagger's jewel shined brightly before she ended up adorned with two gauntlets and armored boots on her and the dagger seemed to disappear. If he had seen the fight with Rex, he'd noticed the design of Carmen's was similar. "Good luck then, Aethion. Have at you!"

She quickly dashed in and launched a kick at his sternum.

"And to you... whoa!" Aethion was cut off as Carmen began her attack. He brought his blade to a vertical position with the tip downward and twitched it to the side, misdirecting her kick before following up with a sweeping downward blow at her collarbone.

Drayven came down to one of the front seats in the stands and sat down, watching the fight calmly.

Carmen giggled a small bit at Aethion's surprise as she brought her left hand up to block the strike, her leg sliding a bit as she shoved it down to give her a little more stability. "Perhaps I should have waited a bit. My apologies!"

After saying that, she quickly launched two right jabs in quick succession.

"No, I should have expected it. A swordsman must always be alert to a sudden change in his opponent's pattern." Aethion said as he concentrated on matching Carmen's attacks, slashing at her gauntlet to deflect it, sidestepping the second jab, before thrusting blade for Carmen's ribs just under her left elbow. He fought as a formally trained saber fencer, always making sure to keep the blade straight between himself and Carmen except when he was going in for a slashing attack, but his technique had the slightly mechanical nature of a relatively inexperienced fighter.

With grace denoting her being more skilled in CQC than she let on, she sidestepped Aethion's stab and shifted her body weight back as she launched a hook toward his armored jaw. "Not bad... but you need to be more fluid in your strikes."

There was a loud metellic clang as Carmen's gauntlet struck the high collar of Aethion's cuirass just at his jawline before sliding up and clipping him in the face. He stumbled back in shock at the blow before regaining his balance and assuming a defensive position again,rubbing his bruised, pointed chin. When he was ready he brought his hand back, and it began to shimmer and sparkle in a haze of freezing mist and tiny ice crystals. Keeping the spell ready to cast, he darted forward, the speed inherent to fencing revealing itself in his footwork. Closing the distance to Carmen he lunged, whipping his blade tip at her face, drawing it back and striking again at her belly with a swift from left to right. Though his attacks were still easy to distinguish from one another, they were fast, particularly the first thrust which blurred almost out of sight.

Carmen's eyes widen a bit at the first strike and managed to shift herself out of the way, his blade clipping her cheek and drawing black blood. The next strike she parried with authority, knocking the rapier way off course. She countered by launching a hard right cross to Aethion's chest. "Much better.. but your follow up was too slow."

OOC: Is Carmen significantly physically stronger than a typical human female?

OoC: Than a typical human? Yes.
Lett's say her strikes are pretty powerful, but nothing absurd like Rex would be able to do.

OOC: Alright, let's go with this then...

Aethion gasped at the sight of Carmen's blood, but before he could do anything more her fist slammed into the curved side of his breastplate, buckling it slightly inward. He stumbled backwards again, but the armour saved him from being winded, and he responded by stretching out his arm and engulfing Carmen in a blizzard of frost and cooled air, lowering the temperature to set her shivering, stiffen her joints and leave her feeling very uncomfortable in general.

"Spellswords have other ways to defend themselves than speed alone." He exclaimed with a bit more confidence.

Carmen was going to attack Aethion again, but stopped short due to the blizzard. She started to shiver quite a bit more than Aethion would expect as she used her wings and even her tail to try and shield and warm herself. "O-o-oooohh... Looks l-l-like... you've hit a.. w-w-weak spot of mine..."

She was too cold to try and cast something to warm herself back up.

Aethion was surprised by Carmen's reaction and just a short time ago would have immediately ended the spell out of concern. He had been told never to waste a good opening in a duel, however, and so stepped forward sharply. As the blizzard suddenly ended he hooked his front foot around the back of Carmen's knee and shouldered her off her feet. As she hit the ground he aimed his sword point at her neck.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

Carmen grunted a small bit as she hit the floor and looked at the point of the sword in front of her. She began to warm up a bit as a small red aura encased her. Her voice wavered less, but she simply nodded "Yes... I'm fine now."

Aethion swept his sword gracefully off to one side and bent slightly at the waist, extending a hand to her.

"Good. The frost spell is good for slowing down an opponent, but I have never seen anyone react to it as you did. Do you wish to continue?"

Carmen took the hand and stood up with Aethion's help before stepping back a few steps. "Ice-type moves are much more effective on me than anything else. I'll continue, but don't be afraid to use those again. I'll be able to take it."

Knife sits in the lounge, silently watching the fight between Carmen and the elf.

"Well... if you are certain..." Aethion stood back and took up a fencer's stance again, then sprang forward and lunged, delivering first a straight thrust and then two short, swift slashes in an x shaped motion.

With the aura still around her, Carmen took her stance again and quickly shifted, almost dancing her way around all three strikes. In response, she feinted another heavy cross toward the dent in Aethion's armor, then used her lead hand to swing an uppercut to his jaw.

Aethion backstepped twice, rapidly opening a gap between himself and Carmen, exploiting her much shorter reach. Gaining enough distance to keep her at just beyond blade's length, he extended his left hand and launched a razor sharp shard of hardened ice at the base of her throat with the speed of a crossbow bolt.

Carmen noted Aethion extending his hand again and quickly pointed a finger toward it, shooting a fireball to cancel out the ice shard, causing a bit of steam to rise from the point of contact. Using her wings to increase her speed, she darted forward in a zig-zag pattern before launching another cross at the dent in his armor, looking like a red blur.

Aethion was thrown off by Carmen's side to side maneuvres when he thrust his sword to skewer her in mid lunge, his sword glanced off her bicep. The second punch to the damaged breastplate caused it to buckle inwards much more severely, and Aethion was thrown off his feet. He hit the ground hard, eyes bulging and gasping as he struggled to inflate his lungs against the deformed metal. Coughing and choking, he fired several more ice shards at Carmen, the small projectiles allowing him to use the spell at high rate that did not deplete his magicka.

In the stands, Drayven leaned forward, tensing up as he saw the damage to the breastplate. Such a dent could be a killing blow in itself on the battlefield, if the warrior could not be extracted in time.

A tall man with spiky black hair appeared in a dark room, he seemed to look around. "Yachiru, you told me you knew which way to go..." he called out, then a small pink haired girl appear behind his left shoulder. "I told you to go right Kenny!" "I did go right, then we came to that dead end" "I meant the other right!" The man known as "Kenny" sighed. "That's called Left Yachiru, I thought you said you knew your way around the soul society?" "I do! but only for the snack bars, that's what you get for listening to my directions" the girl smiled and chuckled lightly. "The heck is this place anyways..."

Carmen circled her arms around to create a small flaming shield in front of her as she did so her aura began to visibly diminish as the shards hit the shield, but one got through and pegged her in the rib. She winced a bit before looking toward Aethion's chestplate and his reaction. "...Would you like to stop, sir? I fear I've gone overboard."

In the stands, Drayven rose to his feet and made to jump over the railings. Before he did however, Aethion drew a dagger from the scabbard on his belt. Wheezing, his golden face turning almost orange, he thrust the thin blade under the rim of one of the pectoral plates over his main breastplate. To reduce weight, elven armour was made up of several overlapping plates that were tied together by an underlying matrix of leather belts, allowing flexibility while still creating a tough, rigid outer surface everywhere except the thick central breastplate and helmet. When the knife sliced into the belts, Aethion's left pauldron popped off, the pectoral plate slipped away and he was able to yank the side of the breastplate upwards. The pressure released, he drew in several large gulps of air, his face returning to it's normal color.

"I think... I think that is enough for today." He gasped, getting to his knees and removing the cuirass and his helmet entirely, leaving him clad only in his greaves, mail tunic and a simple padded undercoat. "But you did not go too far. This arena is for fights to the death. You had me at your mercy, and still do. The victory is yours."

Carmen shook her head as she dispelled her gauntlets, grabbing the dagger that reappeared afterward. "If I remember correctly, you had me at swordpoint once you used that frost spell. That was my loss right there... so I suppose we can simply call this a draw. Do you need assistance walking, Aethion?" She offered, hovering and looking like she was ready to fly him back inside.

After being told where he was and what happens by the announcers, the man walked down the hallway and to his ideal room, which was a Japanese sitting room. "This is perfect Kenny! it's just like the soul socitey!" the girl said, then jumped down and started looking around for snacks. "a Fighting arena...how very interesting..." the small girl returned with a mountain of different snacks in her arms. "Are we going ot stay here for a while then Kenny?" She asked, as she begun munching. The man smirked and rested a hand on his sword blade. "Why not...it could be kinda fun"

"No, thank you. I can manage." As he spoke he grabbed his discarded sword and slid it back into it's sheathe, doing the same with his dagger. Scooping up his damaged cuirass and helmet in an awkward pile, he began to walk with Carmen as she hovered. As they went he glanced off to the side where his father was sitting. Drayven bowed his head and smiled thinly. Aethion grinned and faced forward again.

"It was a good fight. I think I learned a great deal from it."

Carmen smiled a bit in response before they made their way back to the lounge. "I'm glad that I was able to be of assistance. Any time you wish to spar again, just tell me."

"I will. Thank you Carmen." Aethion replied,. "For now, I had better try and repair the damage to my armour. Until next time."

Carmen nodded toward Aethion as she poured herself a drink. "Farewell, Aethion. Good luck in the future."

Deadeye, seemed to be watching Carmen while he was sat in the lounge. "You know alcohol does terrible things to the body..." He muttered to her. "Effects the mind....harms the body's organs...makes you weak..."

Carmen continued to drink before turning toward Deadeye, shrugging. "For humans, yes, that is true. Not so much in my case."

"Is that so?" he said as he got up, and put on his scanner. "Care to prove me wrong then?" D-eye asked Carmen.

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