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Carmen looked over and smiled a bit. "Certainly." She downed the rest of her drink and waited for Deadeye to follow her to the arena.

"Perfect..." He muttered as he followed Carmen. "My reports say you were the person who stole my victory from defeating that...Lagunna guy..." he added, as he threw his equipment bag to one side.

Carmen put a hand to her chin as she entered the arena and turned to face Deadeye. "Hmm.... That battle royale, correct? Well, it was just that, I had finished my duel and it should've been expected that I would try to take the next available kills. My apologies, it wasn't all that honorable of me to do so."

"Oh no it's fine, because now I get to fight you instead" D-eye said with a slight grin, he moved his cape to his back, reveling his mechanical arm. with a flick on his wrist a blade popped out. "I do hope close quarters are ok with you" he asked Carmen, as he took a sickle from his back.

Carmen hopped in place a bit as she equipped her gauntlet/boot set again, the red plating glimmering. "I'm fine with that. Shall we begin, sir?" She asked as she shifted into her fighting stance again.

D-eye nodded. "Of course, I would say ladies first but..." D-eye then begun dashes, spinning his sickle. "that would be rather foolish of me..." he said, as he made 2 swipes at Carmen's sides.

Carmen backdashed twice, using her wings as extra leverage to evade Deadeye's strikes. She quickly altered her momentum to rush forward and launch a surprisingly strong corkscrew toward her opponent's chest. Feeling a little rowdy, she even screamed out "STRAIGHT-O!"

D-eye managed to cross blade his sickle and sword. as the corkscrew hit he was pushed back a bit, but unharmed. "Straight-o?" he asked, as he feet opened up at the back, making two small thrusters appear. he then repeated his previous strike on Carmen.

Noting the similar pattern of D-eye's strikes, she simply using her wings to boost herself over him and flipped in the air, sending one of her boots speeding toward the back of his head.

"Oh, don't mind any of my babbling. I'm just having a lot a fun today~!"

D-eye wasn't quick enough to counter, and therefore the kick hit. "Having fun?" he muttered, as he sword transformed into a crossbow. "Let's see if I can change that then" his thrusters then propelled him high and launched a couple of arrows at Carmen, he would hit the ground with a small swirl of his feet.

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Carmen dived over the the side, the bolts hitting the ground just behind her. As D-eye landed, Carmen rushed in becoming a bit of a blur as she zig-zagged to launch a hook toward D-eye's face.

"...Huh? What's wrong with me enjoying myself?"

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D-eye kept his tracker on Carmen, then waited for her to move before easily blocking the punch with his open hand. "Oh nothing is wrong, you have fun....just don't expect me to join in any time soon" he then went to kick low at her sharply, he reloads his arm while doing so.

Seeing the kick, Carmen quickly brought her other hand down to block it. She noticed him reloading and quickly swung her leg to sweep him off his feet, keeping the other leg she had blocked in her arm. Afterward, she let go and used her wings to get some space. "I see... To each their own."

D-Eye fell over on his back due to the kick, he chuckled slightly. "Indeed it is!" he said to Carmen, as he bought his cross-arm up and fired at Carmen, trying to aim for her legs and side. after his round was fired, he then started to get back up on his feet.

Carmen shifted to the side, the arrow grazing her thigh and making a small cut. Seeing that he had risen, Carmen kept her position, a green aura beginning to envelop her. If D-eye stared at her, he'd feel a bit woozy. (unless he's got some strong anti-illusion stuff.) "Is that all...?"

"Don't bet your life on it" (He doesn't so) D-eye quickly reloaded and tried to focus a shot, aiming directly for Carmen's chest. he fired his first shot which shot off to the left side. "Grr...what is wrong with my aiming..." D-eye muttered to himself, as he tapped his scanner to try and adjust his aiming assistance.

Carmen watched the arrow whizz past before calmly advancing toward D-eye, trying her best to make no noise. However, he'd hear (and if he turned around, see) Carmen charging a spell from behind him. "Well... maybe you're a little too dependent on that technology of yours?"

D-Eye continued to fire around, some missing by a milestone some hitting closer to the target. "But child you simply don't understand....Technology is the greatest gift of all..." he said, as cocked his bow. letting his arm turn back into a blade. "When Man has lost most of his humanity, then there is always an upgrade available..." he said to Carmen, he hear what sounded like an attack and turned around with his blade in front of him, but his left hand behind his back.

As D-eye fired at her, a few of the better aimed shots grazed her as she stopped to bring up a guard. As he turned, Carmen quickly and silently cast Violence, sending the red, high-damage beam screeching toward the man's back. The Carmen he'd see would still be charging something up. As the beam hit or missed, the illusion would dissipate.

D-Eye turned around in a flash. "Nice try!" he said, as his sickle and blade cross slashed at the beam with a orange after glow, his hands and arms cracked and melted a bit after taking the beam damage, the sparks would also cause mechanical parts of him to spark slightly. "Ow OW! hot hot Hot!" He muttered to himself, shaking his arms rather fast, trying to get the metal to cool off. "Umm, paintwork has gone now...suppose some steel can fix that...get my welding tools and try to mold it back...." he seemed to talk to himself.

@Hatch: That beam wasn't an illusion...

Seeing that D-eye was musing to himself, Carmen quickly stepped in, blurring, and launched an uppercut toward the man's jaw. "Please don't get distracted like that."

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D-Eye was far to distracted in his own little world to notice Carmen. it was only when he felt his body hitting the floor a little away from Carmen that he snapped out of it, his sickle landed and stuck in the ground between the two. "Ah...jeez...my jaw... he muttered as he stood up. "Alright girly, no need to get all pissy that I find talk to myself more interesting then fighting with you" he said mockingly. his right arm start to click and clack, as D-Eye dashed for his sickle, holding his blade out in front of him as he charged.

Carmen calmly shifted herself into D-eye's path. As he charged at her, she calmly took the blade in one hand and hooked her other arm around D-eye before twisting her shoulders to drive him down onto the ground in a modified judo throw. "I don't really mind, it's more for your sake than anything else."

As D-Eye was thrown to the floor, he wasted no time in grabbing Carmen and throwing her down as well. "You know it one thing to annoy me, but to steal me blade? that's just cold" he muttered, as he took several swings with his blade-arm.

Carmen brought her elbows and one knee to block in as D-eye struck her repeatedly. Most of the strikes caused sparks as they clanked against her boots and gauntlets. He managed to make a few more hits on her arms before she quickly did a breakdancing kick to sweep D0eye again, aided by her wind to make the move faster. Afterward, she'd spin around gracefully and launch another wind-aided kick toward him in the short time he was airborne to fling him back. "I didn't try to steal your blade. That would be dishonorable of me."

As D-eye was kicked back again, he used the weight his feet to brace the impact, thought it would cause the floor to cut up as he was dragged along by the force of the kick. "Then let...me have it..." he said to Carmen, breathing slightly heavily. Energy cells at 27%....this doesn't look good...I need to think of a way to spin this around... he smirked a little, as the back of his boots turned into chainsaw. "How about we rev this up a bit Girly?" he asked, as he pulled the chords, which made the chainsaw blades spin. he dashed faster thanks to his boots and went into swipe at Carmen, he also jumped off his hands and aimed his chainsaw heels at Carmen herself.

Carmen wasn't completely prepared for D-eye's sudden speed boost as his swipe hit her in the ribs. She was ready for the next attack though, diving to the side as the chainsaws nearly caught the tip of her tail. After she landed, she slid D-eye's blade back to him. She seemed to wait until he picked it up to make her next move. "There you are. Try not to let me disarm you again."

@Dotslash, The blade is, the Sickle (aka the one he dropped) isn't connected.

D-Eye grabbed his Sickle and grinned. "Oh don't worry...I won't let you get it that easily..." He said, then charged again, swiping and spinning with with blade and sickle, making a small orange after glow as each swipe was swung. 14% left....might have to resolve to it, seeing as death around here isn't a problem...

Somewhat used to his speed boost now, Carmen backdashed once before stepping in and parrying one of his spinning blade strikes with a hard backfist, cancelling his momentum. I'm not sure what that aftereffect denotes... but if he's like that man, I'm not letting this drag on.

"3rd Circle:... Greed..." A sickly green aura began to form around Carmen's free hand as she aimed to punch D-eye square in the chest with it. If it connected, he'd feel his energy draining from the point of impact.

D-Eye saw the punch, but let it threw and connect. "Aw sorry Girly....but having an Iron chest has it's advantages..." he said to Carmen mockingly, at the time he was spinning his sickle and was about to strike, but right arm (blade arm) seemed to close to the blade up. "What?" he muttered, then stepped back and tried to re-open the hatch, but had a hard time. like it was sealed tight or jammed. "What...in...the name..."

Carmen shook her hand as the impact of her hitting D-eye's chest had hurt quite a bit. She took a few steps back as well as D-eye might notice orange wisps flowing from his chest and circling around Carmen. "Not every attack is made to do brute damage. ...Something's malfunctioning? My apologies, I can't help you in this sort of situation."

She scratched behind her horns with her tail as she waited a bit awkwardly as the wisps began healing the small cuts she had sustained during the fight.

D-Eye stood there, almost completely paralyzed. "What have you done to me? my Batteries are at 2%!" he said demanding to Carmen, his feet and right arm seemed to be frozen. but his left arm was shaking, as he slowly tried to raise it up.

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