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Carmen motioned to a wisp idly floating around her. "I drained you by connecting with that last attack, Greed. This wisp is a small bit of your energy. ...If you run out of battery power, I assume you die, correct?"

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D-Eye smirked and chuckled a little. "You wish I'd die because of that....that's not the case" he said to Carmen. "When your man and machine, as long as one is still working, I live on" out of his back, 4 glass plates sprung out and pointed towards the sky, facing North, East, South and West. "Going to need more then being greedy Girly if you truly want to see me Die!"

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and time-bubble activate!

Carmen calmly shifted herself back into stance, readying herself for D-eye's next move. "Then I'll show you a little more of Hell... Come."

D-Eye chuckled at Carmen's statement. "Hell...I doubt you know the full meaning of the word Girly..." he said, rather amused. The 4 glass plates started glowing, like they were absorbing the nature light around him. 27% power....just a little more D-Eye ideally spun his sickle. "This maybe a bit late to ask, but what's your name..."

"Carmen Valencia St. Luna. And yours?" The succubus responded as a red magic circle opened up under her. ...He's waiting for those things to charge. I'll just use them to end him quickly.

D-Eye smirked a little. "Kazi miyo, but you can call me Deadeye like the rest..." He said to Carmen, the glass plates seemed to fold and slot back into his back, as his Blade popped back out. 42% will have to do then... "You've given me quite the run so far, hopefully you can keep it up....Carmen" he said, as he dashed in, using his crossblade attacks. (which is were he will swipe with both weapons in a X shape)

"I'll do so, Mr. Deadeye." Carmen responded as she calmly swung her gauntleted right hand up where the blades would meet, parrying them both. With her other hand, she simply reached her hand out toward him, another magic circle opening up while the one under here bathed her in red light. "To respond to your other statement... I know what Hell is. I live there. "

She casted Violence again, blasting her opponent again and the red light causing it to hurt more.

D-Eye braced himself for the Beam, he blocked it although he could feel the full pain of his flesh and metal burning and fusing with each other, he even let out a small "Agh!" due to pain, he continued to cross-blade and held a position as his blades clashed with Carmen's gauntlets. "You live in Hell...Impossible! what sort of creature are you!" he asked demanding, as he put more force into his swings.

Carmen casually backdashed her way out of D-eye's more forceful strikes. "Shouldn't it be obvious...?" She responded, lazily snapping her fingers and sending two fireballs toward him.

D-Eye managed to slice through one fireball, but the other hit him directly in the chest, sending him on his back. "A...Demon?...you really expect me to believe such tales?" he said to Carmen in a strained voice, as he tried to get back up, he was bleeding and sparking on his chest and right arm. He chuckled slightly. "A girl from Hell and a boy from the place between hell and heaven....how fate brings such amusements together..."

Carmen simply crouched as she saw Deadeye struggling to get back up. "Whether you believe them or not doesn't make this fact any less true." He's from Purgatory... or the human realm?

"You're at your limits. Surrender." She said with a more regal tone as she stood back up, another magic circle opening up under her, just in case.

"I see, so the creatures of the hell world have finally been released? how I wait for this day" D-Eye said to Carmen sarcastically, then coughed up blood. he seemed to smirk at Carmen a bit after her last statement. "Really? is that what you think Demon Carmen? My limits have my not been full discovered, but I know I'm not finished yet" after a bit of struggling he managed to sit up one knee, his blade crossed in front of him.

Carmen simply sighed as her circle bathed her in red light again. "Stubborn until the end, I see. Demons have been living on the mortal plane for eons. You've just missed most of us. Now then... 5th Circle:... Anger."

Her gauntlets began to glow bright orange as she calmly punched the air, sending a wave of demonic energy straight toward Deadeye.

D-Eye laughed, a little louder as the demonic energy came closer and closer to him. "Stubborn? I wonder if technology can go that far before being destroyed" he made no effort to move, the blast consuming his sickle in the fire and throwing him further away, now part of his mech were either shattered or cracked. "He...hehe....Hehehe!....Ahahaha!" he seemed to laugh manically, though his bleeding was rather serious, but couldn't move much at all. "Oh Demon Carmen....I've changed my programming, you are rather amusing..."

Carmen simply looked toward Deadeye laughing and kept a neutral face as she casted Limbo, binding all of the man's limbs with thick chains. "...Amusing, hm? ...Let me entertain you a little more then..." She cooed as she began to slowly walk toward him, a small sadistic smirk creeping up on her face.

D-Eye laid completely still, all apart from his left arm which he raised very slowly due to the chains. "if your going to entertain me, then at least let me see it with both eyes wide open..." He said to Carmen, managing to point a finger to his eyepatch.

Carmen simply smiled as she kept her distance and lazily flicked her hand toward him, sending a gust of wind to blow the eyepatch off. No more holding back, huh, Deadeye...? "I have no reason to refuse..." After doing so, she backed off a bit more.

As the eye patch flew off D-eye he smirked. "I am now confused, your either over confident or stupid....my feelings sway me to believe the first one though..." he muttered, as his right eye opened fully, Carmen would see a black eye with white spirals in the pupal. D-Eye slowly but surely broke free of the chains that was holding him down. "Insanity....is released..." he muttered under his chuckling, the chain like object on his left arm flicked and music could be heard coming of his left shoulder. "I hold on so nervously...to me and blade...I wish it was helping me..." he muttered, as his right arm transformed into a sub-machine guns like weapon, he then let fire fly at Carmen.

Carmen calmly shifted herself to the side, using her wings to outrun the SMG. She quickly threw another pair of fireballs toward him as she strafed around him. An odd one, definitely. But insane...? ...Draining him definitely seems like an option now.

D-Eye jumped up to avoid one fireball and slash in half the other with his sickle, although the flames where burning him he acted like nothing had happened. "But so far has no been good, it's been shitty and I feel awkward as I should...." his chainsaw boots landed in the ground and he dashed closer, zig-zagging to Carmen, while holding his gun upwards. "This fight has got to be, the most pretentious thing since I thought you and me..." Let fire unleash, he chuckled as the bullet shells fly around him. "Well now I'm imagining, a dark lit place. for your grave or my grave!"

Carmen calmly followed Deadeye with her eyes before unequipping her gauntlets and grabbing her dagger again. Despite being unnerved by Deadeye's sudden lack of self-respect, she kept a stone face as she prepared another spell. "Once more... 5th Circle!"

The dagger extended into a blade of energy as Carmen blurred past Deadeye, aiming to cut him deep in the ribs as she sped past. Afterward, she spun around and held the blade out with two hands. "Is this human... music?" ...How do they listen to things like this?

D-Eye blocked the dagger with his sickle, his legs turned sharply as he went for a high kick on Carmen's side. "Well I'm not Paralyzed! but I've seemed to be struck by you! I wanna make you move, cause your standing still!~" he continued to sing out, giving off a small orange after glow.

Carmen grunted as she turned the blade to block the kick, the force sending her skidding back. She regained her footing before slashing the air and sending a gale toward him, threatening to cut just as well as her energy blade would. Shit... I need to try and disable him somehow...

The gale cut D-Eye's skin and removed a few small metal plates. he begun shooting again, trying to get close at the same time. "If your body, matches what my eye can do! your probably die right through, me on my way to you!~

Carmen simply spun her blade around in a circle in front of her to try and block the bullets. Most of the fire got blocked, but a few bullets got through and hit her all over. She winced as black blood began to drip from the wounds. She had another magic circle open up as she waited for Deadeye to get closer. Now or never....

D-Eye's gun-arm steamed and reloaded it'self, he laughed as he dashed forward, firing as he did. ""Well I'm not Paralyzed! but I've seemed to be struck by you! I wanna make you move, cause your standing still! If your body matches what your eyes can do! I'll probably move right through me on my way to you!~" he spun his sickle and made a swing at Carmen's chest.

Carmen did a bit better blocking the shots this time around, only a few bullet grazing her. As Deadeye got close, she winced a bit as she swung her blade to block his slash. She quickly spun around to launch a hard roundhouse kick to his face. The magic circle under her seemed to increase in size as she did this.


D-Eye staggered backwards, he swung his sickle rather quickly near her neck, but seem to freeze before he could land the hit. System power at ZERO % a message sprung up on his scanner, D-Eye sighed as he was locked in his stance, steam blowing off his mechanical parts. "Well...that's that I guess..." He said to Carmen, as his eye closed up. "Mind passing me my eyepatch Girly?"

Carmen had thrown her blade up to block the strike and sighed a bit in relief as she saw D-eye power down. She dispelled the enchantment on her dagger before walking over to the eyepatch and putting it back on him, seeing as he was still frozen in place. She seemed a bit out of breath as she did this. "You're an... odd one..." She panted out as she took a step back.

D-Eye only nodded slightly as his eyepatch was placed back on him. "Says the demon girl...then again I'm half man half machine so..." he seemed to trail off. "Anyways, thanks you at least" he said with a small smirk, as he hand dropped his Sickle near his feet.

Carmen nodded. "No problem... That was surprising... to say the least." She said as she gave him a smile smile back. "...Can you move?"

D-Eye chuckled. "No unfortunelty not, one disadvanage to being part Mech you see...need time to recharge" he said to Carmen, seeing as the fight had ended a Crew came over with a medic and other people. "Well, I better get fixed and healed. when I'm able to move, I'll shake your hand out off respect" he added to Carmen, before being wheeled away on a small trolly by the small crew. "Hey Easy! My metal is glass now!" he shouted as he was wheeled away.

Carmen watched Deadeye get wheeled away before chuckling to herself. Yes... quite the odd one... just like him. She waved him off before calmly walking to the lounge.

The Meta stalked through the complex towards the powergenerator, his cloaking failing from time to time due to low power.
"Greetings, Agent Maine. We have a proposition for you." - EIA said, which made the Meta turn visible and face the camera, and a small human shaped burning hologram appeared by his shoulder.
"We are listening."

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