WAOA Arena

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"Hello, and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."

"Thank you!" Kendrik said brushing dust off his trenchcoat. He re-adjusted his hat and followed the lights to his temporary room.

"When you are ready, pleace proceed to the preperation area."
Tophat was given the same message, and nodded. It walked out of its room and to the locker room.

Kendrik was still swept away by his sudden appearance here but headed to the preperation room nonetheless. He stretched his arms out and yawned.

Tophat glanced at Kendrik, putting itself in the locker.
"Hello there."

Kendrik finished yawning. "Sup." he said. He felt the sentience within the hat. "Okay...didn't expect anything like that in a place like this." He muttered to himself.
His crimson eyes scanned this other figure. "What happens now then?"

"I believe we are supposed to fight. They can revive people from death here."
Kendrik would notice that the body didn't appear to be sentient. It had enough intelligence to breathe, but not more.

"Oh thats...weird but I suppose I've got time to kill.". He produced a stone with a rune on it from his pocket and held it close to the puppet. It glowed breifly before returning to normal and Kendrik smirked. "Something got your mind before me by the looks of things." He said pocketing the stone. "Lets get this done then."

"If you see my mind, you must realize I'm participating from afar. This body is replaceable, and I do not wish to try this revival first-hand." - Tophat said as it entered the arena, looking out over the sandy ruins.

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Kendrik followed after. "Damn....this place is hot." He found an outcrop and stood on it with his arms folded. "Alright them, lets see what you got."

"Do you wish me to fight fair, or should I give all I have?"
Tophat asked as it drew its sword.

"Im not gonna fight fair either. I can't go all out though." He rubbed his chin. "Whatever, go for it. I think I can take it."

"Very well."
Tophat drew its pistol, and fired off a trio of shots at Kendrik, then ducked down behind cover.

Kendrik had cast a magic barrier moments before the bullets hit with a flick of his hand. "Simple projectiles that a simple spell can stop." He let the magic barrier fade from existance and his hand fell down to his side. He shrugged his trenchcoat off his shoulders and flung it to one side. He wore a vest beneath the coat. His opponent had given him plenty of room. One hand motioned to the floor and a Magic Circle appeared around his feet while the other was raised with a condensed barrier, ready to ward off other attacks while the cirlce etched itself into the rock.

Tophat stayed in cover, now and then firing a shot against Kendrik. Meanwhile, it tried to shake things up by making his hands itch horribly.

The circle finished drawing. Kendrik drew both his hands together, closing his eyes and biting his lips. Next spell would have to shield his mind as this was annoying. When both hands touched a small black ball apeared and he threw it at the floor before jumping back off the plateu. The ball sank into the centre of the magic circle before a giant, black obelisk rose from the the ground covered in runes. Kendrik grinned as the obelisk began to siphon magical energy for him before he began to etch another magic circle into the ground.

Tophat reloaded, then ran at Kendrik. It slashed at him while making him feel more and more whoozy, almost as if he was drunk.

Kendrik didn't want to resort to his Craft and was determined to win with just standard magic. He leapt back having finished casting the second circle and waited for it to finish. Melee attacks were slightly problematic. A wavering hand managed to raise and maintained a barrier while he stumbled backwards. His free hand searched through his pockets for a specific rune. "This it?" He slurred. "Mental annoyance and simple attacks?" he grinned.

The obelisk began emitting a low hum.

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Carmen was watching the fight between Kendrick and Tophat from a seat in the lounge. "Hmm... An illusionist as well? That hat really is interesting..."

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@Gear: Long white hair, red eyes, black horns, white bat wings, white tail, white zip-up longsleeve leather jacket, red tube top under that, and white pants with black flames on the bottoms.


Carmen nodded along with Diana "Indeed. It's not something easy to master... then when you're born with a latent ability."

OoC: @Dot: & @Gear: I gotta ask, where are you getting the illusion idea from?

OoC: @Kirke: I'm just going with what @dot says.

A man appeared in the pitch-black room, wearing black shoes of which the toes were angled upwards, black leather pants, and a dark brown tanktop which had two red nodes on either side of the chest, lines of the same colour going over the shoulders and meeting at the back, connected by a node there also. Over this, he wore a open black leather jacket with a fur collar. We also wore three black braces on either wrist, and rounded sunglasses. He had black hair, spiked upwards.

"What the...? How'd I end up here?!" he exclaimed as he felt around infront of himself, trying to find a wall so that he could get his bearings.

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OoC: @Nail Who's this guy?

OoC: Well, Tophat can do mental illusions, but they are only seen by those Tophat actively make see. And now i really need to sleep.

D-Eye walked into the lounge, now all fixed and repaired. He glanced over the fight, putting on his scanner for a better viewing.

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Diana looked over as Deadeye entered, examining the metal man.

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Carmen was sipping on another glass of wine as she watched the fight. She gave a small wave toward D-eye as he walked in.

D-Eye gave a small wave with his left hand to Carmen and Diana. "Evening Miss Carmen and...umm...Miss..." he said, trailing off the end of his sentence slightly. he walked over and looked up at the monitor. "How the fight going?"

"My name is Diana. And the battle? Seems as though one sees things that we cannot."

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