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When the lights turned on and instructed the man to follow them, he did so, eventually bringing him to a large, expensive-looking suite, yet the style of the furnishing being remniscient of the fourties. "Oh, yes!!" he exclaimed, rubbing his hands together whilst grinning. Walking over to a safe in the wall, he opened it, seeing it to be filled to the bring with bars of gold. "I don't know what this place is... But I like it!!" Looking around the room more, the man looked to lose interest quickly. "But, it's still missing a thing or two... Hmm..." Shrugging, the man left through the door opposite of which he came, and eventually, wholly by luck, found himself in the lounge area.

Carmen chuckled a bit. "By that reasoning, the hat's got the poor man in an illusion. I wonder what he's seeing." She turned to Deadeye with a small smirk. "Good to see you've been fixed up, Mr. Deadeye."

Diana saw another man enter the lounge. "A new arrival?"

"Pleasure to meet you Miss Diane" D-Eye said, then turned to Carmen. "Took me a while to get my wires in gear, but all better now" He put his left hand out to her. "Was a good fight by the way" he said with a smirk.

The man looked over Diana, D-Eye and Carmen as he entered the lounge, blinking twice, although this was obscured by his sunglasses. "Well, looks like I crashed a party here." he remarked, walking further into the lounge. "Anyone care to tell me what this place is, and why I went from being at my clubhouse, and going here in the blink of an eye?"

Carmen looked over and shook Deadeye's hand. "Indeed it was." She looked over toward Greed and went back to sipping her drink, expecting someone else to answer his question.

D-Eye smiled and turned to Greed. "I don't think you can crash a party, if there isn't a party going on in the first place..." he said jokingly. "This place is a fighting Arena bud and mostly likely cause teleports or something....don't how it's done....need to scan the place sometime...." he explained to Greed, then started to trail off and speak to himself.

The man, which had been identified as Greed, chuckled dryly in responce D-Eye gave him. "I've just come from a room that puts my clubhouse to shame ten times over, and here I find a bar and two beautiful women. How is this not a party?" he jokingly remarked, an eyebrow raised above the glasses of his shades. Adopting a more serious tone, he continued, "So, a arena huh? That's new..."

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D-Eye chuckled a little himself. "This arena is for the purpose of entertaining some one or other, I don't really care who it's for" he said to Greed, adjusting his scanner. "Just a good excuse to have a little fun if you ask me"

Carmen continued to drink, chuckling softly as Greed calling her beautiful. Been a while since I've heard that.

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Greed snickered. "Hey, if there's price money to be had, I'm all for it. Frankly, I'm not very much in a hurry to get back to the gang. They can take care of themselve for a while." he remarked in responce to D-Eye, then seemed to think for a moment, which swiftly ended with a shrug. Walking closer to D-Eye, Greed said, "Okay, so with that out of the way, onto the stuff that matters. Like, what kind of Automail do you have there? Never seen anything like it..." he leaned in a bit closer to D-Eye once he walked infront of him, inspecting D-Eye's mechanical parts. This lasted for roughly a minute, before he spun around on his heels and turned to Carmen. "And you, what kind of Chimera are you? Part bat, part... deer? I can't tell."

Carmen looked toward Greed with a smirk. "I'm not a cobbling of a mess of monsters, sir. I am a succubus. Carmen V St.Luna, currently Rank 2 here. Pleasure to meet you." She replied as she held out her hand to shake.

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D-Eye raised an eyebrow. "Automail? no, these are a part of my body now good sir" he explained to Greed. "Could just call it a human upgrade, swapping the weak for the strong" he added, with a small smile.

"A succubus? Like those demonesses that kill a victim via sex?" Greed said, phrasing his words more like a remark then a actual question. He leaned a bit closer to Carmen. "I guess I should be suprised, but really, I'm not. Name's Greed." with that, Greed shook Carmen's hand, tilting his head downwards slightly to look over the rim of his shades, this revealing he had purple irises, with slitted pupils. If Carmen had a means of detecting souls, it would be noticed Greed had far more then just one. "A pleasure..." Letting go of Carmen's hand, he straightened his back and looked back to D-Eye. "Yeah. That's what Automail is. A mechanical addition to a person's body. Most have 'em because of some accident left 'em missing a limb or something, but sometimes because people just want to upgrade themselves. And you, I hear, fall into the latter catagory. Can't say I blame you much."

Carmen smirked as she noticed more than one soul within Greed. "Yes, just like them except I'm able to kill with just a kiss. Greed... an odd name, if you don't mind me remarking about it."

D-Eye shook his head slightly. "If your going to categorical me, then your going to have have to slot in both the former and latter I'm afraid" he said in a serious tone. "But nice to meet you Sir Greed".

"Both catagories, hmm? That's a new one. But I still don't blame you. No offence, but you humans are pretty frail. You could do with a little boost here 'n there." Greed said to D-Eye, then looked back to Carmen, smirking slightly. "No doubt that's come in handy. I know someone'd who'd just love to be able to do that. As for the name, yeah, it's a bit of an odd one, I guess. But it fits like a glove. Greed the Avaricious, the one who wants everything. I want money, power, status, fame, women, sex... I want it all, the whole deal. And more."

"Seeing as I'm not a human, I don't mind you calling them Frail" D-Eye replied to Greed in a careless manner.

"You're not human?" Greed said to D-Eye, again phrasing the sentance more like a remark then a actual question. "Well, this place is just full of suprises! Can't wait what things there are for me here." he exclaimed almost excitedly.

Carmen looked at Greed, eyebrow raised. "You stay true to your namesake. Interesting. And yes, it's convenient to be able to drop opponents like that... but it's not as satisfying as beating them down... Not much compares actually..." She started to look off into space a bit as she drank a little more of her wine.

Greed looked to Carmen over his shoulder. "Heh... Sounds like something one of my brothers would say." Having said that, he looked to her glass, then to the bar, and finally back to D-Eye. "Alright, so, here's the deal. As you've heard, I'm someone who wants a lot of things. Right now, this includes that fancy Automail you've got. Where'd you get it...?" As he spoke, Greed's expression slowly shifted from neutral, to a more sinister one.

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Carmen raised an eyebrow. "Your brothers? ...Which one? And are they named after sins as well?"

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D-Eye chuckled at Greed a little. "Sorry bud, but you can't buy my armor" he said in a carefree manner. "Truth is, I had to build it myself, which isn't easy I can tell you that for nothing" D-Eye took his scanner off his left eye and placed it in his pocket. "Although, just cause of a few "mishaps" have happened, doesn't mean it's the end of me"

"Yeah, they are. Envy's the one that line reminded me of." Greed answered Carmen in the brief moment he looked to her. Looking back to D-eye, Greed tilted his head downwards to look over the rim of his shades. "It can't? Even better! If it's unique, I like it even better. So. Tell me, how'd you make it."

Seeing as Greed was more interested in Deadeye than her, she went back to watching the fight, sipping on her drink. "I see... I wonder why that is..."

"Well it's simple" D-Eye said, grabbing his welder tool. "All you do, is model together your nerve system to metal via hot iron poker" he said with a smirk. "That and robotics, artificial limbs that have bee upgrade to combat, heck even scrap metal can work....no...I'll make it work"

"Eh. Nothing worth mentioning, really." Greed said to Carmen, this time only moving his eyes to look at her as he spoke. Swiftly looking back to D-Eye, Greed said, "My nerve system? Oh no, this won't be for me. I like my body just the way it is. No, I wanna sell this stuff on. I'd make a killing! So, seriously. Tell me how you do it... I'm just dying to know!"

D-Eye raised an eyeborw. "You want to sell on, what's happened to my body?" he said, more repeating then asking a question, he shook his head slightly. "No, sorry...I'ts bad enough thinking what I went through...I can't let that happen to other people...not even for a profit" he said to Greed in a serious tone.

"You're looking at it from the wrong angle, kid. You see, this is how you should be looking at it. There are dozens of folk out there who've already lost an arm, a leg, both arms, whatever. I shouldn't need to tell you that that's a major pain in the ass. Now, your automail would give these folk a their lost body parts back. Give them a second chance at life and whatnot. What do you think is better, having folk stay a cripple, or literally given them a leg to stand on?" Greed said as he leaned closer to D-Eye, placing both his hands on the bar counter behind D-Eye. "You tell me that."

D-Eye's expression turned a bit more flat. "It's not as simple as that, I can't just throw it on someone and have it work like click and clack" he said to Greed. "The process takes time, training and pain...unbearable pain, I think those folks are in enough pain" he said, sounding kinda caring. "Plus there are parts of me that can be manufactured and sold, I'm sorry but until I find a safer way of getting to this sort of technology my answer is no!"

"No?" Greed said, taking a step back and standing upright. "Whatever." Greed sighed, then crossed his arms and turned towards the doorway leading towards the spectator stand. I'll just be taking yours then. "For a change of subject. You said this was a arena, right? Well, it just so happens I could do with a little exercise. How 'bout we go for a round?"

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