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The Blank Slate looked at Jade, and just stared at him with it's blank face. It didn't seem to do anything.
Then it pulled out a shovel from it's bag, dug a hole, and put an ace in it.

The room the woman walked into was lavish and seemingly overdecorated. Everything was made with the finest red silk. The woman smiled as she entered. "My name is Carmen V. St. Luna."

OoC: @wacky, Jade is a guy, and I'm just taking the loss, I don't see him having a chance here

OoC: @Furi: Try! You never know until you try, who knows, maybe it'll work.

OoC: Actually, after looking at Jades moveset...

Jade raised an eyebrow "So that... thing is my target?"

It begins to ready it's pistol, aiming at Jade.

@Kikre: Im going to do something! i know, i know, its a unimaginable thing for me to do but i feel i should.
Um.. how do i get carolina into the arena? would there be a door or something,,,

Jade smiled "Isn't anyone going to answer my question?" he said sarcastically as he raised a hand towards the creature and waited.

The Creature continued to aim at Jade. It began to move behind a tree.

OoC: @wacky, tree? What? where did that come from? Isn't the arena flat?

OOC: So I feel like getting in on this. Are there any rules against bringing in a team of guys?

OoC: Last I checked, it was a meadow with a pond full of fish, and a mountain nearby. I imagined there would be a few trees here and there.

Carmen was lounging in a lavish chair, watching the fight commence with mild interest. She seemed to be sipping a red drink as well. "What exactly is that... thing that man is fighting?"

As the thing started to go behind a tree Jade spoke "Oh flames of hell, cremate my enemies in a cage of fire. Infernal Prison!" Pillars of flame would erupt at the thing from beneath him from a multitude of angles.

OoC: Hey guys. What's up? A fight going on?

OoC: @Drak Not that I know of, though unless they're all from different universes, they may have to share a room.

The Thing looked around, and watched as the pillars of flame flew towards him, enchaining him to the tree... However, the tree begins to burn, the chains still loose, "Bite the bullet!" he shouts, as be manages to squirm his arm free.
It still didn't seem to mind, though, as it pulled out it's barely functioning gun, and pointed at him.
"Time to fill you with lead."
He shoots him once, then quickly burns down to bare, white bone.

OoC: Edited.

OoC: @wacky, based on your explanation, he would have been burned to a crisp by that due to him saying it would cremate him

OoC: Off to bed, @Gear can handle any questions.

Jade had been waiting for the thing to fire the gun, and as he fired a blue light surrounded Jade, slowing the bullet immensely. It still made contact, and left a hefty bruise on his chest, but was not fatal. "I believe that makes me the winner."

OoC: ...why is this so slow?

Carmen raised an eyebrow at the fight ending on the screen. Sighing, she put her drink down and walked up to the locker, picking up a whip and a small jeweled dagger and began heading toward the arena.

OoC: @Gear, I'm not really sure what Jade is supposed to do now...

OoC: @Furi No, I mean, the avarage wait between posts in a normal WAOA thread is only a few minutes. Here, it's like 10.

Jade looked around, confused as to why nothing was happening

ooC: dinner

@Gear: So could you sort of GM something? I'd bring in some characters to fight some others if anyone wanted to, but I have to get them introduced first.

OoC: @Drak Sure. For the record, your characters all start in a dark, blank room. Your call if you want them all in a group or seperated.

"Greetings and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."

@Gear: Makes sense to keep them in a group for now.

Six figures found themselves in a pitch black room, with no recollection as to how they had gotten there.
"Urgh...My head..."
"That's the last time I accept a drinking challenge from Barbas..."
The room was filled with a chuckle, deep in tone and loud enough that it made the room feel as if it shook. "You repeat yourself so often I nearly mistook you for a parrot, Martym."
"Tis true. Perhaps I shall simply never learn." The second voice joined in on the chuckling.
"I can't see a thing. I wonder if this is what it's like for Balxy's--" The fourth voice was cut off by what sounded like a metal gauntlet smacking into the back of someone's head, followed by groans sounding like a man in pain.
"Quiet yourselves." The other five voices fell completely silent upon hearing the sixth, as if by a trained response. "Who is there? I've no patience for games."

There was scilence for a second."This is an automated system." A sereis of lights appeard along the floor, leading to a door-shaped hole. Light was spilling out of it, and it was impossible to see what was on the other side.. "If you wouldn't mind, please follow the lighted path."


OoC: @Gear, so... is Jade still in the arena? Still not sure how this works...

OoC: @Dot I don't think you can enter the arena until there's a fight right about to start. Carmen would either be chilling in her room or picking her equipment out in the locker.
@Furi Once you're done with a match, you exit the arena so it reset and you can heal and re-equip. Your call if you take a break or go straight back in.

"I don't like this one bit."
"And I am inclined to agree."
The nearly room-shaking laughter started up again. "And here I thought my peers were warriors, not children!"
"Do not mistake caution for cowardice, you ungainly brute."
"Why not let Barbas go through if you're all so scared of risking your own necks? Let him risk his own."
There was a sigh sounding like it came from the sixth voice. Soon after there was a metallic clanking that headed for the door.
Hearing the noise, the other five figures seemed to shrug and follow after the sixth, all of them heading through the doorway that was now revealed.

The five figures went through the door, temporarily blinded by the light. When the light faded, they found themselve looking into what seemed to be a dream hotel suite.

OoC: @Drak The suite changes itself depending on the tastes of the character(s) in it, so you have to describe it. I'm not sure how it's gonna work with six characters though.

Carmen was still watching the man on the screen, sipping her drink. Those flames didn't pack much to them... I hope whoever I get to face is much more entertaining.

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