WAOA Arena

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D-Eye shrugged slightly. "Sorry bud, but I've only just patched after my fight with Carmen here" he said, nodding to Carmen. "Tell ya what, let me rest a while now, then I can go a round if you like?"

"Sure, sure. I'm not in a rush." Greed answered as he walked behind the counter to see what kinds of drinks there were. As he searched, tracing a finger infront of the various bottles as he read their labels, he idly commented, "You know what this place is missing? A jukebox. Someone should get one in here. A bar and beautiful women is one thing, but you can't have a party without some music."

D-Eye chuckled. "Well they do say that music is good for the soul, so I'd have to agree with you there" he said ot Greed with a small nod. "Anyways, I'mma take a nap....I'll see if I can make a music box whiel i'm at it...later!" he said, then walked back to his room.

"Alright then. See ya another time." Greed answered D-Eye, picking up a bottle of bourbon and pouring himself a glass.

Carmen finished her drink and got up holding her glass near Greed. "Could you pour me another glass, sir?"

When Carmen spoke to her, Greed turned around, tilted his head upwards slightly and lifted the right corner of his mouth, forming half a smile. "If you'd dance with me, sure."

Carmen looked toward Greed with a small smirk before stepping back, leaving the glass on the counter. "It's been a while since I've been to a ball, so forgive me if I'm rusty... Unless you're talking about a fight. I'm more than ready for that."

"Ehhh... No. I don't fight women if I can help it. Not that kind of guy." Greed answered Carmen. Taking a sip from his drink, then placing it down on the counter also. He refilled Carmen's glass with chardonnay, then walked out from behind it, extending his right hand towards Carmen. On the top of his hand was a tattoo of a winged serpent, biting the end of its tail. "And I'm not the greatest dancer myself, so no worries. Really wish there was a jukebox now though..."

Carmen chuckled softly as she snapped her fingers and an old-timey grammophone starts playing a soft song, appearing in a buff of black smoke. "Not to worry, sir. I'm prepared for something like this. ...Could you tell me about that symbol on your hand?" She noted the symbol on Greed's hand as she curtsied and took it in her rather dainty left as she waited for him to begin leading.

Greed looked at the grammophone appearing out of nowhere, then back to Carmen, looking at her quizically, then smiling. "No idea how you did that, but it sure is a neat trick." Holding Carmen's hand, Greed straightened out his left arm and began the dance, starting slowly, taking a step forward, to the left, backwards, to the right, and repeating this. "As for the symbol, it's the Ouroboros tattoo. It's proof that I'm a Homonculus."

Carmen followed his steps, a little awkwardly at first before striding along with the man. "Oh... Just a little something I can do. Nothing you'll need to worry yourself about. And you're a homonculus? I've heard of them... a product of alchemy, I presume?"

"You got it. We're--that is, my siblings and I--Are artificial humans. It's widely believed that creating a human from scratch is imposible, but really, nothing's imposible." Greed answered with a minor smirk. Too shake things up a little, Greed he diagonal steps to the pattern and turning around before the pattern repeated, but kept up the same speed.

Carmen followed the switch up in steps almost effortlessly, eventually closing her eyes a bit as the duo swayed around. "I can understand that sort of sentiment... Humans still try and believe that demons and angels do not exist... while proof is all around them. But it's interesting to meet... and even dance with an artificial human instead of a real one. I feel much more at ease..." She opened her eyes again, looking straight toward Greed. He'd notice her eyes were red and her pupils were shaped into the form of a cross, turned upside-down.

Greed chuckled at the ease with which Carmen followed. "Heh... And you call yourself rusty. This is about as advanced as I can go. Never really practiced formal dances." Once Carmen opened her eyes after closing them, he looked at them curiously. "Interesting indeed." Taking off his shades with his free hand, he clipped them behind the collar his tanktop, then went back to looking into Carmen's eyes. "So, do humans piss you off?"

Carmen let out a soft chuckle as she glided along with Greed. "Dancing is like riding a bike... You merely need to get back on to get the feel for it again. And yes... for the most part, I loathe humans. Few prove themselves useful to me, and even then, they barely fit my... requirements if you will. I'm sure you feel the same way about them."

A man found himself in a pitch black, rather distressed by this fact. He was covered from head to toe in a set of ornately designed plate-mail, leaving not a single inch of bare skin visible from the outside. Though his helmet had eyes holes, the depths of his helmet remained pitch black, even once the lights guiding the man to the doorway had come on and illuminated the front of him. Once a voice came seemingly out of nowhere to address him, he followed its instructions, seeing no other alternative, though he held himself with the posture of one not entirely at ease.

The doorway the man stepped through led to what looked like highly fancifully decorated officer's quarters that one might find in a European castle. He listened to the explanation given to him by the same voice from before, informing him as to why he had been brought here. An opportunity to slay those of which have been deemed the greatest warriors in the universe...This seems quite the blessing now...A truer test of merit and strength I could not imagine... The man left his room and wandered around the halls of the arena's back area, looking for a challenger.

A woman found herself in a dark room. As she followed the voices, the lights in the hallway would reveal, short black hair, violet eyes and a dark trenchcoat over a cybernetic set of black armor. The woman said nearly nothing as she found herself in her room and took a small black broadsword off from her back. There was an identical sword still strapped to her back.

It was a simple one, adorned with very little, aside from a small bed and a few books. Not exactly run down either, everything seemed clean, almost to a robotic and sickeningly clean sense, the white of the floor tiles almost blinding against the gray of the walls.

She sighed nostalgically before walking out toward the dark halls and heading toward the arena, following the maps posted around to it.

"Hah! You'd fit right in with my siblings. But, nah. Can't say that I hate them. Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly care for 'em either, but I can tolerate them just fine. If they weren't around, that would mean the list with stuff I want would be a whole lot shorter." Greed explained with a joking tone.

Thinking that the best way to find an opponent would be to simply enter the arena and wait for one to appear, the man made his way towards it. Being directed to a secondary door, as there was currently already a fight in one arena still in progress, the man entered said door and waited for an opponent, crossing his arms and letting his odd leather cape settle behind him as he stopped moving.

Carmen chuckled softly. "I suppose I could learn a thing or two from you. But don't you want to own everything already? For some reason, I'd think meeting your siblings wouldn't be that bad an experience..."

The woman walked out to the secondary area and stopped a few paces away from the man before her in armor. She said nothing again as she bowed toward him and held her black sword a little tighter.

"Own everything? Heh... I wish. No, I'm not even close to owning everything I'd want. In fact, If I'd write down all the stuff I still want, the list wouldn't even fit in this room." Greed answered, chuckling near the end. Once the song ended, Greed let go of Carmen's man, gave her a smile and walked back to the bar, picking up his glass again. "But now at least I can cross a dance with you off that list."

The man stared at the woman who came into the arena. Though he had a perplexed expression at what she was wearing, it would be impossible for her to tell due to his face not being visible. The man took in a rather deep breath, then said in an almost unnaturally dry and raspy voice, "You are to be my opponent?...Very well then...I am Weizoth of Karrnath..."
From up close, it could be seen that Weizoth's armor was an odd color of beige ivory, instead of a grey or silver-ish color that one might expect from Iron or Steel armor. His cape was also a matching color of beige, and had noticeable stitches running throughout the material, betraying that it was patched together from multiple sources of material.

@Dotslash: Any preference on terrain?

@Drak: Not at all. Take your pick.

The woman's eyes sparked up a bit, a few numbers running across them before she shifted into a stance, holding her sword near horizontally , the point aiming at Wei's chest. She spoke in an odd robotic voice. "Nexus Project 41X-16. Ailas: Vera Inoue. I shall be your opponent. ...Duel start protocol complete. Preparing to engage target."

The woman calmly shifted a bit before beginning to rush at Wei, saying nothing more and having near zero emotion on her face as she rushed headlong and quickly.

Carmen walked over to her drink and smiled toward Greed. "I'm flattered I could have helped to complete your list. And it's good to have a large list... It makes one more tenacious to get everything done."

"You got it. Plus, having such a big goal keeps me nice and busy. Given that us Homonculi don't age, that's really a good thing. Otherwise, things would get really boring, really soon." Greed remarked as he sat down and took a large sip from his glass. "Ahh... Good stuff."

As the fight officially began with Vera charging at Weizoth, the terrain quickly shifted into form, taking on the appearance of a simple field...filled with headstones. The fog was thin enough that it didn't obscure ones sight for up to 20 meters, but thickened around the edges of the arena to give the appearance of an endless graveyard.

Reacting to Vera's charge, Weizoth pulled open a book that hung from his armor with a chain and opened it. The book had a pitch black cover and pages lined with silver, but nothing in the way of a title written anywhere on it. As he held the book open and out to his side, the pages turned, seemingly completely on their own. He held up his free hand and began chanting unintelligible words underneath his breath. Despite having the book out, Weizoth was paying more attention to Vera as he rushed forward, readying himself to respond to her first attack.

Vera ended her charge by hopping a large distance and aiming a simple overhead slash with her sword aiming to cleave Wei where he stood. Despite the woman's rather small frame, her strike would split the ground deep if she missed.

Carmen took a swig of her drink and sighed happily afterward. "You don't age, hmmm...? How lucky for you. My true face has to be hidden through a few means... I'd be a little unsightly to say the least."

"It sure has its perks. Lots of things 'bout being a Homonculus does." Greed remark, then drank what bourbon remained in his glass, this time in smaller sips. After setting the glass down, he turned to Carmen, leaning against the bar counter. "So, you hide your face, huh? And say you're unsightly, even. I assume it's you look a bit older then the face you're currently wearing would suggest. Am I right?"

In response to Vera's overhead slash, Weizoth planted his free hand on his chest, producing a brief clattering noise as his gauntlet hit his breastplate. As Vera's sword came down, it struck a shimmering magical field that appeared around Weizoth a moment prior to the strike. The blow was deflected off and to whatever side Vera favored. While he had an opening, Weizoth lunged forward. His book flipped several pages on his own again, and a black energy started to envelope his free hand. He reached out with his hand to swipe at Vera, attempting to grab hold of her coat by the collar. If Weizoth managed to touch Vera then she would receive a burst of negative energy that would tear open a wound somewhere on her body roughly equivalent to a shallow slash from a sword.

Carmen let out a melodic laugh toward Greed's comments, downing the rest of her drink. "That's an understatement, if I've ever heard one! While draining souls does help with my real face... time always ends up taking a hold of me eventually. Please tell me a little more about the perks of being a homonculus... aside from the plethora of souls at your dispoosal from your creation?"

@Drak: For reference, Vera looks like a 16 year old and is around 5'4".

Vera was thrown back by the field and recovered robotically as Wei rushed toward her with his charged hand. In response, she simply stepped to the side before aiming to kick the man in mid-rush. Her foot would be much more powerful than expected, just like her strike was.

Greed looked suprised at the mention of the multitude of souls within him, although this was shortlived, as his expression quickly returned to his usual one, which is looking as if mildly amused. "So, you know, eh? You're just full of suprises. Guess I shouldn't really be suprised, given you're a being that feeds of the stuff." Having said that, Greed paused, narrowing his eyes slightly. "Alright. I'll tell you some more, since you've just told me a secret of yours. Equivalent Exchange. Us Homonculi are a great deal stronger, faster and more sturdy then your average Joe. How much depends on the person of course, but even the slowest of us is at least three times more capable then a human." Greed paused again, then chuckled softly. "Right. Your turn again. Don't supose you'd be willing to show your real face?"

Not being nimble enough to change direction mid-lunge, Weizoth was hit directly in the gut by Vera's powerful kick. While a normal man would have grunted, doubled over and have the wind knocked out of him, Weizoth took the hit like a champ, his posture altering only slightly in response to the blow. In response, he swung his still black-enveloped hand back to try and catch Vera by the arm.

Still recovering from launching the kick itself, Vera couldn't stop Wei from touching her and a shallow slash appeared in her armor. Shaking it off almost instantly, Vera charged again aiming a horizontal slash toward Wei's arm.

Carmen looked toward Greed, her face somewhat neutral at the request before sighing and smirking. "It's only fair. All those souls taken make you into a stronger being overall. It makes a lot of sense... The closest thing I've known to you are Reapers." The succubus' face seemed to melt before deforming into something grotesque, looking like a monster out of a Lovecraftian story. After a few moments like that, the succubus' face returned to normal and she smiled sweetly. "A truly lovable face, no?" Well... there's a little white lie told... With the souls I've taken... this actually is my face... Let's see if you can tell, Greed.

As Carmen's face melted and shifted into the horror it was, Greed leaned back slightly and cringed with some degree of repulsion. When Carmen reformed her face to her youthful one, Greed blinked twice before laughing. "I never tell a lie, so I won't say it was pretty. Still, I wouldn't call it the most ugly thing I've ever seen. Some of my siblings really aren't beauty contest winners either. And then there's Envy, who coincidently I compared you to earlier. It also likes to pretend it looks better then it really does, but in reality, ugh. Just plain ugh. What I just saw got nothing on Envy." Greed didn't catch on to Carmen's little lie, having no reason to doubt her.

Carmen raised an eyebrow. "Is that so? This Envy fellow and I seem to be similar... Could you tell me a little more about him. And I'm glad you're being honest. Even if your based off of a sin, it's nice to see you have upstanding qualities regardless."

Having nothing ready to protect himself from Vera's attack, Weizoth held up his arm defensively. Her blade struck his armor, and due to the force of the blow formed large cracks at the point where it struck. Weizoth was pushed back slightly from the force of the blow, but dug his heels into the ground and managed to stay standing. Using his free hand, he traced a symbol in the air as his book started flipping its pages once again. As he did this, a short sword composed of pure magical force and colored a monotone red appeared in the air above Vera. The short sword, completely of some force independent from Weizoth, swung down at Vera from in between the two of them.

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