WAOA Arena

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@Furi: Edited and stuff.
@Gear: Uh.. yeah, I wasn't really sure what kind of character to make her... This just happened to pop into mind.

Barbas simply frowned upon hearing Carmen speak, as it meant she hadn't been crushed into paste as he had hoped. Turning in place to face Carmen, Barbas swung his hammer at the ground, kicking up a large stone that was hurled directly at the demoness. After doing so, he continued turning, taking several steps towards Jade and following through with his swing, aiming to crush Jade's head with his weapon.

Seeing Carmen's display, the man known as Oz started to seem much more interested in the fight. "I hope Barbas doesn't kill her. She looks like a fun little plaything."
"I agree with your words, but knowing you Oz, not your sentiment." said the thirty-something man with a chuckle.
The other three figures simply continued to look on, not even so much as paying the two men and their comments any mind.

Since Jade had plenty of time to see the attack coming he was able to easily duck under it. He then thrust his spear towards Barbas while saying "Sonic Spear!" As he said this the speed and force of the thrust doubled.

OoC: @Dot Not saying it's a bad character. Fits a succubus like a glove. It's just kinda... I don't even know the word. And I DREAD to think what she might be hiding in her room...

@Gear: Ehehehehe....

"My, my... How forceful..." With Jade preoccupied with Barbas, Carmen calmly lashes her whip to grab Jade by the neck. Afterward, she uses her wings to get airborne. With another powerful flap, she twirls around creating a small tornado around her and eventually using all that centrifugal force to try to fling Jade on a collision course with Barbas' rock.

If Jade does get thrown, Carmen will reach out to try to touch his forehead with a finger. He'd feel a very unsettling tingling sensation as her finger brushes ever so lightly on him.

OoC: @Dot I think it'd be something along the lines of a goat, some cuffs, and a lot of pleather.

Captcha=Souffle girl.

Barbas would take Jade's attack straight in the gut, not being fast enough to avoid it. While his armor did some work in mitigating the damage, the spear still pierced through it and planted itself in Barbas' flesh. His face contorted into a mask of pain as he coughed up more blood. Staying up pretty much only through rage and adrenaline at this point, he thrust his head forward, aiming to clock Jade on the forehead with his own, most likely substantially thicker, head.

Barbas was correct in assuming he had a thicker skull, and Jade found himself unable to recover fast enough from his strike due to the shock of Barbas's sturdiness. Barbas's blow knocked him unconscious, leaving him open to Carmens attack.

OoC: Yea, Jade isn't a front line fighter

As Carmen landed after sending Jade into a wall due to her inaccuracy, she scoffed. Noting Barbas, she extended her hand and casted Violence again, aiming straight for the large man.

If Jade wakes up, he'd start to feel like his body was on fire.

@Gear: That track... was way too good. And yeah, it works for her too.
You're right about the cuffs and pleather, not the goat though...

OoC: @Dot I meant for sacrificing or something, not for THAT. ...though I guessOHGODMENTALIMAGEAHHHHH!

Seeing Jade get yanked away, Barbas hastily turned to find him again, not intending to simply leave him unconscious. As he did, blood continuously oozed from the wound in his gut. Growling at Carmen for taking his supposed target so far away from him, he attempted to charge at her, stopping after a few steps as he found he was no longer capable of moving. At that moment, Carmen's attack struck him, making him lose his balance and fall over onto his back, unable to get back up again, despite how clearly he was trying to.

"Oh, looks like he's down."
"I always told Barbas charging off on his own would just get him killed. Being right is often a bittersweet thing."
"I expected more of him." The obvious lead figure sighed. "After such a display however, I am not entirely certain why."

Jade was pretty much KO for the fight.

@Gear: Hey, not my fault. You thought it.

Carmen sighed as she walked over and looked down at Barbas struggling. "...You poor thing. I'll give you the happy ending you deserve." She pointed her dagger toward his neck and a magic circle appeared before it. "5th circle... Anger..." The dagger extended as red energy shot forth from it, digging itself into Barbas' throat. She calmly pulled the energy blade out with a flourish before leaving Barbas to bleed out as she repeated the same process for Jade.

"You two should be proud. You managed to at least wound me. Very few can say that." She calmly stated as she finished cleaving Jade's throat.

OOC: I knew Jade wouldn't last in this, like any mage in a "Tales of..." game he is pretty much doomed without some front line fighters to block for him, but that was fun to try him out like this

OoC: @Drak Unless you got anything, I'm gonna call this fight.

@Furioso: Yeah, I didn't expect any of my characters to win solo either. They work best in tandem with other soldiers, which is why I brought in all six of them. (Technically there's eight of them, but one of them is just boring and the other I couldn't find any decent pictures of)
@Gear: Barbas just got stabbed in the throat, so he's pretty much done for.

"The fight is over! The winner is Carmen Valencia!" The rocky terrain vanished, leaving behind a wireframe void with the only things in it being Carmen and the exit door. Flotaing cameras came down to her. One of them seemed to be spraying confetti and fanfare.

Barbas and Jade's bodies vanished from the arena. Both of them popped out of regeneration tanks in their suites, alive and fully healed, but still feling the pain of every injury.

Noting the cameras, all Carmen did was stare into one and wink, expecting there to be people watching. She giggled to herself before walking into the exit door, hand on hip and an evil grin on her face. ...I wonder... Who will entertain me next...?

OoC: If you don't mind guys, it's pretty late, so I'm gonna come off. That allright?

"Aaaaand now he's de--" The man who was speaking was cut off by a loud scream of pain coming from one of the rooms.
The lead figure walked over and investigated, only to find Barbas staggering out of the room, panting heavily.
"My word! He still lives?! How is that possible?"
"Yes, enlighten us Barbas. We saw you die." The lead figure said, crossing his arms.
"I...do not know. One moment I felt life itself waning from my body...and then the next I was simply dropped out of a glass prison of some sort."
One of the figures was completely absent from the room, having been watching the arena the entire time and leaving upon seeing that Carmen had. The absent figure was waiting in the locker-room for Carmen.

@Gear: Should be fine.

The succubus yawned a bit as she had meant to go to her room, but paused for a moment as she saw the figure waiting. "I apologize, but I'm not signing autographs right now." She said halfheartedly to the man as she waited for him to move aside.

@Gear: Night, dude.

"Oh? You confuse me for some sort of toady?" The man replied, sounding more amused than insulted or confused. "You must not know who you speak to. Would you care to learn now? Or would you prefer to learn on the battlefield, after which I'll soon run my blade into your neck like you did to my compatriot Barbas?" He said, sounding playful despite, or perhaps even because of, the subject matter of his speech.

Carmen blinked a bit before sighing. "I hope you're aware that your comrade is still alive, and that you don't have a deathwish solely based on avenging him. I can still sense his soul milling around here..." She seemed to look in the direction of the room the man would've left before turning back to him. "Sure, tell me who you are now. I should at least entertain that since you came to confront me."

The man began to chuckle, before it eventually broke into a full-on cackle. "Barbas is an oaf, he got what was coming to him. No, I was simply using him as an example. A little bit of imagery to spice up our dialogue, you see? Though giving it some thought, such a death would be boring and unworthy of one like yourself. I shall have to think of something more imaginative." Seeing that Carmen was willing to accept an introduction, the man gave her a cultured bow. "Oz Moh Glacius, Knight Commander of the Dark Knights Loslorien."

Carmen smiled a bit at the man's show of culture and returned with a proper curtsy of her own. "Carmen Valencia St.Luna, Lieutenant General of Lucifer's Army. It's a pleasure, Commander." She gave the commander a small smirk. "I'm glad to see you're so confident in your skills that you think you can best me. I suppose giving you a simple climax wouldn't be fair to your bravado... I'll make your death one that demons and angels alike will sing about for eons. I just hope that you will do the same for me."

"The pleasure is all mine, Dame St. Luna." Oz replied to Carmen as he righted his posture. "And if you would do me an honor such as that, why I simply have no choice but to make the same promise." He added with a smile. "I look forward to the opportunity to relish in your agony. Perhaps at one point while we are here I could make you a dinner?"

Carmen paused for a moment before a melodious laugh came out of her. "Oh my... Did you just ask me out or say you wanted to feast on my body? Hm... perhaps there's no real difference between those two options... But sure..." She lightly brushed a finger on his cheek as she walked to the side. "You're amusing, Commander Glacius. I'll entertain either of those notions if you manage to win."

"Perhaps one, perhaps both, or perhaps something completely different? Telling would be ruining the surprise though." Oz replied to Carmen with a chuckle. He sighed lightly as she walked past him. "Then I shall find having to wait for the chance to best you practically unbearable."

Carmen smirked as she neared the door to her suite. "Hm... I just realized this has been one-sided. What should you give me if I were to win, Commander? It's not fair to a lady to assume she's to do all the work with no reward. Please... surprise me, I'm looking forward to our duel as well."

Oz stroked his chin as he pondered over Carmen's request. "Well, what is it you desire? You were gracious enough to offer to grant my request, seems only fair that you should make a request of your own." Putting has hands on his hips, he added, "If you don't have a request, expect me to, as you've said 'surprise you'."

Carmen turned on her heels with a small smirk on her face. "How about you become my personal servant for the entire day? Don't worry, I'll treat you nicely for entertaining me. If that doesn't suit you, feel free to 'surprise me'." She yawned a bit as she stepped inside her room.

"Fare thee well, Commander. Do your best when we finally meet." The door to her room closed as the succubus laid herself down on the bed. Her large wings transformed into a large snake which she happily petted as it coiled up on her stomach. "Humans are... still interesting..."

OoC: And I'm going to bed. Night.

Oz chuckled to himself as he turned around and headed back into the Dark Knight's Hall. "There are proper things to joke about, making one of the Knights of Lodis subservient to them is not one of those things. I shall simply have to ensure that I do not lose." He muttered aloud to himself. Entering the hall, he was in noticeably higher spirits.
"And where have you been?"
"Just scouting the competition and having a bit of fun."
"You went and beat me to that demoness didn't you?...You can keep her. You are most likely a better match for her than a God fearing man like myself."
"Let us not get too ahead of ourselves here, brother."
"Enough of this banter. Let us rest for the time being. Barbas, as penance for your failure and the besmirching of the name of our order, you shall keep watch. I am not entirely trusting of our hosts."
The knights all adjourned to their own bedrooms, aside from Barbas, who obeyed the orders of the leader and patrolled around the hall.

"Hello. I am afraid we are somewhat low on fighters at the moment, and we have a fight scheduled. Do any of you wish to participate?"

Barbas looked up from his patrol duties as he heard a voice asking about fight participants. Without a word, he began to make his way towards the exit...then he felt a hand on his shoulder.
"I can't let you do that."
"Why is it any of your concern what I do?"
"The High Champion gave you a duty. You would do well to not ignore it if you truly wish to get back into his good graces."
Barbas simply grumbled at this.
"Fear not, I shall represent us in this bout." As well as actually succeed. Turning to where he thought he heard the voice, the second figure said, "Aye. I shall take part."

"Thank you. Please proceed to the preparation room."
Cpl. Short sat in the locker room, checking her gear.

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