Run From Fate: An Escape RP (Accepting Escapees, Started)

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Texas Joker 52:

As many people as I wish. No real limit, as I don't mind if there are 20 or 5. Especially since some characters may experience some cases of death.

I will not be doing any characters other than random NPCs, The One, and other such important things. Otherwise, I will be letting everyone do their reaction, and having the world react to them.

Language will of course be an issue in some areas. Entering some areas will be filled with speakers who have no idea what your characters are saying, though for the sake of most progress many people will speak basic englishese or whatever you want to call it.

I'd like to give this a shot, from what I understand, every race has a choice of starting here, or being plopped. We'll assume these creatures started, and have been here for quite some time. If this isn't right, however, I can provide some altercations to make him a little more "new" to the world.


Right sorry I wasn't clear about her powers and I wasn't sure how she'd get to the world.
Allow me to rectify both of those.

I'd like to give this a shot, from what I understand, every race has a choice of starting here, or being plopped. We'll assume these creatures started, and have been here for quite some time. If this isn't right, however, I can provide some altercations to make him a little more "new" to the world.

Use those spoilers please. But in any case, I have a similar question as to how your character ended up on the planet...or are they already here? If so, I think your character would work just fine being initially here. Just need that to be cleared up.


Hm, I see. Well, I think this mostly checks out for now. Now to just give me about till...3 more days from this post, and we shall get the ball rolling.


You may all begin thinking up your beginning posts. Frankly, build off your character sheets as it is right now. Either as they just arrive, or begin their plotting to escape the planet. Keep in mind that you will ALL be starting on the same island area at first, and then can split up, (or keep together/form alliances) from there. Largely, you will be landing in the general vicinity of what is generally called "Breakmans Point", largely a gambling and relaxation town with lots of drinking, gambling, and the company of many fine women....of a variety of species. In any case, you will begin crashing/warping/falling/running from around this location, and from there you can guide your next actions on what I post to get things rolling....

Good luck everyone, and I'll see you around Friday.

Count me in! Character soon.


I'd like to give this a shot, from what I understand, every race has a choice of starting here, or being plopped. We'll assume these creatures started, and have been here for quite some time. If this isn't right, however, I can provide some altercations to make him a little more "new" to the world.[...]

Use those spoilers please. But in any case, I have a similar question as to how your character ended up on the planet...or are they already here? If so, I think your character would work just fine being initially here. Just need that to be cleared up. [...]

We'll say they've been around for quite a few generations. Rumor has it, ages ago they came here on a ship... But these guys have been around for well over 1500 years. Long enough for everyone to get used to settling down and getting comfortable. Long enough to forget how they got here. Do you need our starting posts as well? Or is this something we hold onto until the weekend? :3

EDIT: Just realized I was unclear with that. Yes. He has been here since birth.


We'll say they've been around for quite a few generations. Rumor has it, ages ago they came here on a ship... But these guys have been around for well over 1500 years. Long enough for everyone to get used to settling down and getting comfortable. Long enough to forget how they got here. Do you need our starting posts as well? Or is this something we hold onto until the weekend? :3

EDIT: Just realized I was unclear with that. Yes. He has been here since birth.

Alright, just wanted to be sure where you would be starting is all. And you should just hold on to those until the weekend. Besides, you might want to change them when I make the first post. Regardless, just have an idea of what you want to throw on up, and make sure it isn't a total mess when you read it. Don't want to see the first post and have to go " this?"

i hope to have my android that thinks she's a human up a bit after i get home in two hours.

i hope this is ok, and i'll probably be missing till sometime sunday in terms of posting. i might be able to post tomorrow depending on certain things; if you accept my character that is.
either way, i wish everyone the best of luck.

Texas Joker 52:


Nomad of the Stars:









Well ladies and gents, welcome to the RP, be prepared for all the destruction and possible death that your character may encounter. Hope you have some fun, and try not to die a horrible death right off the start. Would be unfortunate to have to create an entire new character after going through all this trouble.

Again, hope you have fun, and I will be starting this all off this evenin!

Raynor shifted in his chair, moving to turn another knob to see if that improved his sending signal at all. After waiting for his satellites to adjust, he checked all his readings once more. This was something he had been doing for countless days by now, turning and adjusting and repairing. It had been a long time since anything had happened, and knew there was a reason he was left alone by this point. As the instruments finally let off a quiet hum to inform him they were finished, he checked his frequencies once more to see if things had improved.

Nothing. Again.

"Raynor, your activities are as problematic as usual. Recommend you cease them immediately, or face reformation."

Raynor turned, knowing already that it was The One who had come to pay him a visit. All his defenses had been going off for some time, and he imagined that The One as usual had not figured it to be of any consequence to let him know that it was coming. He would probably need to repair some of them again, as The One seemed to dislike some traps more than others. Something he had quietly been experimenting with, but didn't have too high a hope for success at this point.

"Look, you wanted me to keep track of the space lanes around the planet in exchange, so I can't..."

"Your worries of no consequence. Activity on the planet. General directions now."

Raynor sighed, again as he was cut off and again as he was asked to find newcomers to the planet that The One knew were present, just not precisely where they had landed or arrived at. He pushed his chair to the other end of his line of computers, and looked through the monitors before pointing to a location and circling it.

"There ya go. They are around this border and these sets of islands. Seems like you are going to have a bit of a hand-full this time, course not that you will have to..." As Raynor turned to speak directly with The One, he found that the being had already proceeded to leave, not even bothering with any niceties and instead doing what he usually did and got right back to doing...whatever it was. It was of no concern to Raynor now though, as he stood up from his chair and stretched. Another day, another set of repairs to keep his satellite array safe so eventually he could try his hand at getting out of there. Not today though, as right now he needed protection more than he needed to escape.

Vask strode across the copious and coagulating carpet, grass so blood red even at this early hour it looked like the very ground were gouged. The slivery silhouette stood tall, basking in the carnage, flaunting it, fabulous as she was ferocious. One of the bodies at her feet twitched, but it was only a matter of time before it would stop.

If there had been anyone alive enough to see Vask's face they probably wouldn't want to. She's no eyes at least in the traditional sense. Where most people would have all she had were what looked like coal back burn marks. But then a brilliant blue light flairs up like night stars in the centre of each as the princess looks out over horizon.

Even in the deep dark twilight, she can make out the sea, stretching out until it met with the sky. It was weird how it calmed her, even when she was caked in gore it was hard not to pause for a moment to take the vast wet void in.

On her back was a pair of wings, not hers, she'd borrowed then from a harpy recently. Well borrowed implied her avian friend had been willing to give them up. They'd not lasted long. Vask lacked an aerial elegance, and the wings had quickly fallen into disrepair. Unfortunately the only harpy Vask knew had lost her wings so Vask couldn't find any spare parts (spare meaning just lying around being a part of someone else).

So they'd have to go, a shame. Vask hated wasting such potential but realistically the wings weren't doing her any good, especially after the last fight.

"Come flies." Her voice was commanding, with the authority of a sledge hammer but hints of care (like fluffy handcuffs). She holds her two hands out, meditating standing up. The blue lights of her eye's dim again as she looks inwards, drawing her magic out.

As if they are condensing out of the very air, golden lights spring out around her hands, each a brilliant firefly buzzing like an angelic choir. Once each hand had disappeared, lodged deep within the ball of insects, she set them about their work.

They started to feed, there was a time when Vask would have flinched and squirmed as the swarm munched away at her body. But that was a younger her, a Vask still new to her powers, many bodies ago. She knew there was nothing to fear, the flies were at her service and only interested in the now useless wings. It tingled a little.

Once that was done with, Vask shook the last of the feathers and bones off. The wounds on her back wouldn't be a problem for long. She set the flies about some of the scatted bodies, looking for enough still intact skin to graft onto her back.

While her wounds sealed she had some more time to reflect and take in marine majesty, as the sun rose. She likes to think somewhere across vast body of water was her home, after all the alternative was up and that was drastically more difficult.

What always struck her, was the weird disconnect. Back home, everything about her would have been considered demonic, the golden hair, bright blue eyes. But here she was apparently a divine being. Turning round, stepping over the fallen bodies she sees the resort, a decadent paradise for every drunkard and gambler, and every one of them wanted the blessing of one woman, who according to them was Vask.

Probably her silver skin and golden hir, or the neon eyes, she certainly looked like the casino sort. It probably helped that she'd put more effort into her looks than before, (she'd never considered certain cosmetic applications before).

In a word, she was glamorous.

As she walked back into civilisation (just barely mind) her flies clean her, not a single scrap of blood or someone else's flesh is left, she's clean you couldn't even tell she's just been in a fight for her life. The flies sure were efficient before evaporating again into entropy.

Dawn is now in full force, in its light Vask sees another, she recognises him, some pretty party boy whose name she's not totally sure she remembers, walking up to her.

"Where have you been? How am I supposed to go make it big without you?" He sounds both cross and concerned. A total contrast to the honey smooth tongue, that answers back.

"Relax Daaarling, your Lady Luck is her. Anyway I needed to go grab a bite." She licked her lips; the boy was young, though she'd say fresh, and he clearly lived well so he was tender too. "So shall we see if you've earned my favour?"

Rykar couldn't sleep. He was excited. The cold ocean air would make him yawn as he sat on the edge of the galleon, looking forward. The humans that lived just outside the territory of his people were happy to ferry him along in exchange for dopamine (In vials, good god!) and liquor, keeping his small fortune intact, but ruining what would be a celebratory moment when he saw the land in the distance. Rykar didn't treat them with much respect, Humans were boring. Most Biochemists learn what makes their bodies tick right after learning most of the internals of their own body. Wait... Was that land, forward, in the distance?

This was it! "Breakmansss~ Point..." He said, looking down at the small book he had "found" recently made on the ship. He figured that it would be a good time to at least keep a journal. The entire objective of this journey was to study, learn, and most of all, return where he believed his ancestors came from. There was no way the large metal structure in his own town square was something his people built normally. On top of that, looking down on other races as if they were common animals? It wasn't right. His people couldn't make a ship like this. Blimps, sure, but a boat? Humans. Already this told Rykar that even Humans were smarter than them in the ways of technology. Even if it was just because they lived near the ocean, and not a large oasis.

He wanted that knowledge. He wanted to learn things that just couldn't be explained normally. And most of all, he wanted to leave this planet behind. Dissectors were not natives, despite being around for over 10 generations, a lot of people he knew were skeptical about his assumptions. Why? Rykar finished writing in his new little journal and put it all away. The docks were so close now, he could almost jump. He'd contain his excitement though. He was a highly esteemed chemist. Once the ship had docked, and the ramp was lowered. With all of his belongings over his shoulders, white coat open to feel the miserable, salty sea breeze he'd start looking for a military checkpoint. There had to be one, right? This was a large city, wasn't it? Newcomers had to go through some sort of checkpoint, right?

\ \Juda/ /

As the wreck of their shuttle smouldered in the charred crater not a few meters away, Juda clenched his teeth as his sister Sieran finished mending his wounds as best she could. Since it involved closing the wounds and then securing a wire mesh over them, he couldn't say that it was the most pleasant way to administer first aid. It was times like these that he counted himself lucky that he was getting used to pain. After losing most of two limbs and all of a third, he was better acquainted with pain than he would like.

When Sieran was done, Juda carefully pushed himself up with a grunt so that he sat, his chest bare as the top half of his jumpsuit hung over his waist. He now had four more aches to add to the rest, but it only registered slightly on his face. It was when he glanced at the wreckage that his expression changed to one of sorrow.

Sieran's friend, who had come along after helping repair the defunct shuttle, was even less lucky than he, having been crushed inside on impact. Sieran herself was luckiest of all, having been the only one able to strap in, since she had been their pilot at the time.

With a shake of his head, he slowly forced himself onto his robotic feet. "We need to find shelter. Let me change and we can go.", he told her, refusing to let his mild voice register pain.

But before he did anything else, he looked her over and frowned just slightly. "I'm sorry about your friend.", Juda murmured, putting a gentle hand on her cheek.

After a moment he turned away, then bent down awkwardly to pick up the large pack that he had managed to save just before they escaped the burning wreck. He pulled out the one spare jumpsuit he had brought with, and made his way to a large enough patch of brush so that he was afforded some privacy. As he pulled off his bloodied clothes, he was glad that the beach they had crashed onto was deserted.

Though, he supposed he should have counted them even luckier to have landed on a planet that had a breathable atmosphere.

Regardless, as nice as the conditions were, it was a good idea to find shelter soon. Once he was done struggling into his jumpsuit, he strode back to his sister and nodded. Tossing his bloodied clothes into his pack, he picked it up and promptly slung it over his right shoulder, while holding out his left hand for her.

"Let's get someplace safe.", he told her quietly.

The walk back to the resort would have been, should have been, could have been short was it not for a certain someone. Whatshisname was keen to return, still convinced Vask was some sort of lucky charm, it had been fun to toy with the boy at first even if it was nice that someone didn't just assume she was some sort of monster. Vask still felt exploited, or at least would have if the child had given any indication that he was intelligent.

When they finally made it back to the resort, via the port Vask noticed the ship just docking. She didn't recognise the design, then again she cared little for ships. However there were exceptions under special circumstances, and a giant lizard was pretty special, big fellow as well, lotta meat on him.

Now the question was just how to lose, she'd think of something.

"I think I see a friend of mine over there." She speaks casually "Mind if we..."
He'd already gone, must have been scared, so young.

Now to the lizard.

"You look a little lost, might I be able to help you?"

Life on this world was not as Kara expected it to be. Truth be told, she didn't expect anything of this place. All that was on her mind as she hopped on the ship to this planet was that it would be better there than on Earth, where she would be on death row. But Breakmans Point was not much more preferable. Kara spent the last two months of her life as a vagabond, moving from place to place with nowhere to stay and no destination. She had no money to buy anything, be it food, water, or anything else. She scavenged anything she could eat from anywhere she could find it. In a way, life on this island was similar to her life 6 years ago.

Today seemed no different from any other day. Kara woke up from her quick slumber and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. In just a few seconds, she was up and moving to wherever her feet took her. As she navigated her way through a crowded street, she noticed a giant screen, located on a busy corner, change from the usual advertisements to an all-points bulletin. It detailed an incredibly dangerous criminal, responsible for the murders of hundreds, possibly thousands. The bulletin then switched to a picture of none other than Kara Grissom. Immediately, she felt everyone staring at her. Three people lunged at her, hoping that they could tackle her to the ground. The attacker closest to Kara was met with a knife straight in its skull. The other two had no chance to escape as they saw what happened to the now lifeless body. One slash across the throat, one thrust in the skull, and the two fell to the ground.

Kara made her way through the crowd and out of the street. She didn't stop running until she was sure no one could see her. She started processing everything that just happened as she walked out of the city. "An interstellar manhunt," she mumbled to herself, "why am I not surprised. As long as I stay out of sight, I should be okay." She kept walking ahead with no place in mind other than away from people. Eventually, night came, and Kara needed to find a place to rest. She looked around her, and saw a small plateau that would have to do. She ran a few miles to get to it and climbed the steep slope quickly.

She took a minute to look around. Behind her was the city, a place she would avoid at all costs. Her eyes took in the surrounding landscape, as she was thinking about where she would go when morning arises. Her eyes met a coastline in the far distance that marked the edge of the island. There, Kara thought, I'll start by leaving this island. She sat down and closed her eyes, anticipating the next day.

London, England. April 17th, 1866.

The thunder of a shotgun cut the silence of the night, a chunk of the wall disintegrating under the force of the shot. Connor bit his lip to keep from crying out in pain as stone shrapnel from the wall dug through his shirt and bit into his shoulder, the white cloth soon staining red. He took a heartbeat to examine the wound - painful, bloody, but not critical. It could wait. He could still use the arm.

He twisted around the corner and brought up his revolver, answering the roar of the shotgun with the bark of his Colt, the bullet ripping through the man's belly. He folded over and fell to the ground, holding the bloody wound. Connor stepped out from the cover and kicked his shotgun away, then knelt at his side, drawing his dagger.

"Your torment is over. Be at peace." He slid the blade into the man's neck, severing his carotid artery and jugular with a quick cut. The man gurgled for a moment before the light left his eyes and he went still, his soul slipping the shackles the Vampire had placed upon his body and going to his judgment, whatever that may be.

Connor wiped the blade off on the dead man's clothes, then slid it back into its sheath before proceeding towards the door, out of this dark and dingy tunnel. He grabbed the condensation-dampened handles of the door and pushed, the doors swinging open with a hideously loud and tortured wail like a soul trapped in purgatory, admitting Connor into what would look like it was cut out of a Duke's estate if he didn't know better.

The entry hall to the lair proper wasn't so much opulent as it was elegant, brightly polished mahogany floor leading to a pair of stairways that gently curved to a landing on the second floor. A door lie between the two stairwells, and a pair on either side, all made of rosewood with what looked like ebony doorknobs. On small tables here and there were works of fine art - Connor recognized a few, but most were far too obscure for him. Jade, fine carvings, sculpture.

A surprising lack of precious metals. Minor use of copper and aluminum, but little else. Peculiar.

He shook his head - he wasn't here on visit, he was here to fight, and Morgana certainly knew he was here, between the commotion and the ripe scent of blood now wafting through the lair - between his own and the considerable amounts of other people's blood on his sleeves, pant legs, and boots. No matter, he had business to attend to. He readied his revolver in one hand, a tomahawk in the other, and headed for the first door, the one directly in front of him, planting his boot into it with all his strength. The door resisted the first kick, but the second broke it open, admitting him into the next chamber, a richly appointed study that stank of old books and lamp oil.

Another curious thing to note - despite that the scent suggested the lamps had been burning for hours, they all were completely filled. So then the rumors were most likely true - Morgana was not just a Vampire, she was also a Witch. That would make this more complicated. And yet she had not come forth to wield her powers against him. Was she afraid? Biding her time? Curious?

Maybe she wasn't even here right now?

Vampires were difficult to predict. They were not truly Human anymore, and as such their minds did not operate in the same way that Humans did, trying to predict their movements while in the mindset of a Human was like trying to guess the movements of a madman without accounting for his madness.

Connor grasped the rosary, rubbing his thumb on the cross. "Elizabeth, pray for me now."

"I hope you don't think your prayers will save you from me." The shadows spoke back to him. "So you are the Hunter who has given so much trouble to my colleagues. I must say, I'm impressed. You're quite resilient for a Human being."

Connor didn't grace her with a response. She was trying to distract him, and he had no patience for playing banter with thousand year old monsters. This Vampire had a reputation as a scholar, though, so to draw her out...

He began knocking books off the shelves, shoving them into a pile, then withdrew a book of matches from his pocket, striking one and throwing it onto the pile, the flames quickly snatching up and beginning to lick across a centuries-old manuscript. The response was almost immediate.

"Ignorant fool, do you have any idea what you've done!?"

Connor didn't respond, he just pulled back the hammer and began to turn, his instincts, honed by six years of hunting and studying these monsters giving him the edge he needed as a pale shape scurried along the wall before leaping at him, fangs bared, only for her momentum to be halted as his revolver cracked, launching a bolt of silver that pierced the Vampire's throat, the attack aborting as the creature scrabbled, tearing at its neck and letting out feeble squeaks that would have been screams of agony if the monster's throat wasn't a ruin. A swift hack of his tomahawk finished the work the bullet had started, severing the monster's head and causing the rest of the creature to collapse into a puddle of dust.

That was easy.

Far too easy. That wasn't Morgana. A lesser Vampire, perhaps one of her spawn or apprentices.

"Very well done indeed." Morgana's quiet and contemplative tones were now tinged with anger - Connor wondered if it was because of him killing her servant or torching her books. Either or, really, he didn't care. This place was of some delightfully flammable material and he knew from experience that Vampires didn't do well with flames. A quick snatch of a burning scroll and a throw set another section of the library on fire, and it wouldn't be long before it built to an inferno

Looking back on this Connor would think that setting an underground fortress on fire might not be the best idea he ever had.

"You can't afford to play this game forever, Morgana."

"No, you're right. I suppose I should take the back exit." A moment of skittering along the walls and a door on the other side of the library sliding open as if on its own, and then the voice was gone. The dim, flickering light of the fire wasn't best for spotting much of anything.

In a heartbeat, Connor weighed his options. She could be bluffing to draw him into a trap. Or she could be telling the truth to draw him into a trap - it was obviously a trap either way. He knew it, she knew it. A back exit made sense, a witch like Morgana could conceal it or protect it any number of ways - that made a certain degree of sense, a sorceress using her magic to guard her back and minions to guard her front. There were any number of other means she might use to survive this as well, between her vampiric powers and her sorcerous might. He could turn and walk away, exit the way he had come in, secure in the knowledge that he might not have killed her, but he did destroy her library, ruined her haven, slew her servants. There would be other opportunities.


No compromises. No retreats.

He shoulder-charged through the rapidly spreading fire, feeling it scorch at him but ignoring the pain. The door - what had once been a rather elegantly carved piece of cedar - came down at his impact. He continued through, hitting a curving stone wall in the dark as the floor came away under him. His hands flailed, his revolver and tomahawk sliding out of his hands to fall to the ground, the tomahawk clattering down the stairs.

His hands found purchase before he began his undoubtably fatal tumble, grabbing the railing and steadying himself.

"Not...going to do that again." The flickering light of the fire had revealed a pathway into darkness, a tightly curving staircase of gray stone, unlit by lamps or torches. He collected his gun, then considered before grabbing a piece of the shattered door and plunging it into the blaze, creating a makeshift, crude torch before he began his descent, leading with the gun with the torch held at his side, high enough up that the light did not blind him.

This alone would have protected her from the fires, there was no place for the flames to find purchase here. Even if there was not a back exit he should also be able to survive down here assuming there was ventilation of some kind - the air was a bit stale and musty, though - although hopefully he wouldn't need to survive more than an hour or so before the flames finally finished their work.

After a long descent he came to a stone door, and his tomahawk lying before it - a bit worse for wear, the grip scratched and the blade chipped, but still serviceable. He returned the weapon to his belt and dropped the torch to the ground before opening the door.

Beyond was a dimly lit chamber, lamps casting pale yellow light across what Connor guessed was a ritual chamber, a strange design on the ground, like several geometric shapes overlaying one another. The air stank of blood and incense, and in the center of the circle stood Morgana. For the first time that night he got a look at her, and she was not what he had expected. He'd dealt with female Vampires before, and more often than not they were sensual predators, succubi cloaked in undead flesh, wielding their feminine wiles as much as tooth and claw. But Morgana was almost demure, plain-featured and clad in a simple, unflattering shirt and trousers.

That wasn't important, though. Her hands were dripping blood and she was chanting, although as he entered a smile crossed her face and she pushed out the last words, some strange dialect - Aramaic, perhaps? - before smiling at him as a faint whistling sound filled the room, light itself shifting and twisting around them, causing colors to shift and change.

"Too late, Hunter."

He thought fast, raised his gun and fired - not at her, at the circle ringing her, the bullet striking the stone and chipping it, disrupting the delicate lines of the circle. She looked at in horror. "Oh, shit."

Then a blinding flash of light.

When it cleared, both were gone, and the haven was collapsing.

Harsh wind beat across Connor's face as he came do, and jagged stone pressed into his back. He opened his eyes, staring up at a clear blue sky. He licked his cracked, dry lips and slowly sat up, staring out across the crashing waves of the sea.

Wait, the sea?

"Oh, shit."

"You look a little lost, might I be able to help you?"

Rykar looked to his left, then a little lower. A woman, Human, well... No, certainly not human with that tone of flesh. There was a short pause while he interpreted that someone walking up to him may not be an enemy spy, and that he had been warned in the past. Organisms who appear to be something, may not be that something. And even simple organisms we all know, may posses something that is otherworldly about them. She looked metallic, and quite tall for a woman, and that made him want to reach out to see if she was for real.

He suppressed that urge though, looking away for a moment before looking back to her, accepting her help while holding a tight grip on the straps of his belongings, for his gun and duffelbag. "I'm looking for a military check-point. All travelers not on active duty must check in. I am here for personal reasonsss." he answered with a low voice. Another short pause of thought later as he looked around, he would think out loud. "Of course, assuming this place even has a military protecting it. Every village around the Sands of Source had a checkpoint."

Rykar had gotten a better idea of the town around him. Every building seemed different. Even one end of the dock looked a little different from the other. Some structures looked like concrete bunkers, while some others looked like they were made of pure metal. Cobblestone roads lead to asphalt one deeper into the town, which suggested there were cars around at one point. The multitude of races living here had different needs, different technologies and the city reflected it. Rykar expected to seem some very nice, well established buildings in the mix, but every home, every shop or bar looked seedy, unkempt, and certainly unfit for a man of his, well... Rather low social status. Most of the doors around looked too small for him, but he did find one larger one that he could walk in alright. It belonged to a bar called the "Giddy Goat." Perhaps there were others of his race away from home too, making a living.

Kesin swam along the shoreline, trying to keep nothing but his eyes above the water. The elders had told him to find a location void of humans, and that's what he planned to do. Scanning the shoreline, Kesin found the perfect place. An empty stretch of land, isolated by two large sections of rock. Kesin approached as close to the sandy beach as he dared. His hands could easily touch the surface of the coast.

"Well, this is it Kesin..." He backed up to deeper water. Taking one last breath of water, he shot forward, swimming at full speed, to the point that he was almost skidding the surface of the water, then threw himself onto the beach. He flopped around on the shore, gasping in the dry air. Eventually, he calmed down as he became able to breath. He leaned up and noticed his tail fin being turned into a pair of legs. He tried to pick himself up, but flopped over onto the ground. Trying again, he managed to shakily rise to his new-found feet. Immediately, Kesin realized why the elders had told him to bring those clothes. He was stark naked, save the pack on his back, and from what he had observed of humans, they tended to prefer clothes. Staring down, he noticed something out of the ordinary,"

"How do humans swim with this thing,"

Choosing to ignore the thing, Kesin took the pack off his back. Opening the water-proof top, Kesin pulled out the clothes, and put on the clothes. He certainly felt different. The clothes were rather constrictive, and a bit itchy, but Kesin guessed he could get used to it.

"Great, now I look like a human. All I have to do now is..." Kesin stopped himself short, realizing the The One could be listening to him at any time. He quickly acted to change the sentence, "get a drink,"

Turning back towards the sea, Kesin w knelt down. Taking some water in his hands, he splashed in on his now closed gills, making him feel slightly more comfortable. Turing around, he walked up the shore, towards the town itself.

This place was not a place for the A.I., not by any explanation of it. This was a place for organics, as it had begun calling them given the variety of species on the island. What would an A.I. like itself want with any of the services that they provided, they were all things to do with enjoying oneself. This particular A.I. had not been programmed to experience enjoyment, from what it understood, and was likely never going to feel it unless it got someone else to program it into itself. Though the A.I. would never ask of that, enjoyment was an addictive thing from what it had observed. An addiction that distracted all those that felt it from their goals, and made it so that without it they could not function. It could only wonder why, with all the magic and technology they had on this world, they had not tried to be rid of that particular feeling...

Alas, it had allowed it's thoughts to wander once more. Not that it was much of a hindrance to it, it thought at a much faster rate then what was typical, but the A.I. knew that every singular, tiny moment was important. It could be dedicated to escaping the World, to fulfil his purpose. That was all the A.I. could ask for.

Though it was not an overly hasty being, and it knew to take its steps one by one in the most covert or unassuming manner possible. It would not end like its creator. To that end, it needed allies. Being what it was it only had a certain amount of uses, it was even just meant to being a 'Helper' to its creator... The chances of escaping on its own was minute, but it knew that if various beings pulled their abilities together its chances would be much greater.

And that was why he was heading toward the town, a place where various beings gathered. There was a much greater chance to find others that wanted to escape there, instead of if it had decided to wander outside of typical gatherings. It noticed a few ahead looking at itself, which was hardly surprising to it. The A.I. was one of a kind, and it was a somewhat large creation, even amongst the varied beings that were around. Most beings were drawn to what was different, but what varied was the reaction to it. The A.I. merely stared back, which managed to cause most of those that were peering at it to turn away. Now it could focus on the task at hand...

Three hours passed, and Kara woke from her slumber. It was still night, and it seemed darker now than when she went to sleep, but she couldn't waste any time if she wanted to leave without being caught. She stood up and took a closer look at the coast. There was nothing extraordinary about it; it appeared to be like any beach on Earth. The only things to that were worth noting were a port and a town not too far from it. She was questioning whether the people in the town had heard the bulletin when it felt like someone was stabbing her in her stomach. She was starving, and she needed to get food fast. She decided to go to the town and try to scavenge some food there.

Kara climbed down the plateau and made a beeline for the town. When she arrived, the sun (or whatever you call the star in this system) had come up and was shining bright. Unfortunately, she couldn't find anything to eat. Hours passed, but still no luck. Finally, as night came, she decided she would stop for the day and search again tomorrow. As she found an alley to sleep in and sat down, she caught a glance of a lizard-like humanoid that walked into a building resembling a bar. "Maybe I'll look there tomorrow," she said to herself. As she closed her eyes and went to sleep, she prayed that no one would recognize her.

A massive gate opened right above the island. Fire, brimstone, light, order, chaos, happiness and sorrow all described what anyone looking upon the anomoly felt. It was bright, it was dark, red and blue and green all at once and not at all. To some it would be considered a grand happening, to others a terrible omen, to Fromanzio, a new adventure.

Fromanzio was the devil that had opened the gate. It was a common occurance for him, going to a new world of new people and new things. Something to be excited for because it was rare he found doors that led to places more unique than planescape. Yet here he was. He had peered into the area and surveyed it, something big was going on and Fromanzio had to be there. After all, why would he ever want to miss it!?

Thus, he came tumbling down from everything and nothing all at once. Shot like a rocket and landing on the island, sand flying all about him in a cascading spectacle and within miliseconds he was propped back up and hooting and hollering. "Joyous day! A new world to explore! This shall be so much fun, oh I wish master could see me now! He would want to be here, probably to ruin everything." Master wasn't here though, master was off gaining power elsewhere and Fromanzio could have his jollies alone.

A small group seemed to be forming but Fromanzio was a demon of spectacle. He was still obscured in the not-light of the gate and as he began flying towards them, the gate slowly began to close, moving to some far-off region. Waiting for Fromanzio to return at some point maybe. The possibility existed that someone else could take the gate back, but none had dared go to that extreme. Besides, it was rare anyone could feasibly fly about.

The jester-demon created a beautiful and chaotic show above the others, confetti, embers, ice, butterflies, you name it and it was there. Fromanzio shouted at the top of his lungs "This is going to be a marvelous adventure! Fromanzio can't wait to explore this world!" He was still visibly floating and spinning about, his highly colorful costume and effects near blinding to look at.

Luna's eye shot open. She sat up in bed and looked around, no yawning or drowsiness that anyone else would have. She got out of the bed in the large cottage and slipped into her maid outfit. She made herself look prim and proper in the mirror, before heading out to the table and grabbing two pieces of toast.

"You're awake now..." the little old lady standing infront of and hovering over an wood fueled range, making a hot bowl of soup.

"Of course, Miss Nancy. Thank you so much for letting me stay here these past few days." Luna said and gave a curtsy to the old woman.

"Well, i need another set of hands around the house... i'm old these brittled bones can't do as much as they used to." she replied.

Luna took a bite of the toast, chewed and swallowed it. Well, i must get to work, please stay safe Miss Nancy." the android then took off for the town where she worked at a bar.

Luna continued down the path to the road to the town from the port. The cottage was a bit aways away from the road as to avoid people. She made the path and kept walking, everything about her seeming perfect. The way her hips swung as she stepped, each foot in a calculated place with each jostle of her hair to keep it perfectly in place, humming a little tune with a perfect voice.

While on her trip to town, she came across a strange being, looking at it she decided it looked sort of robotic. So, Luna walked towards it curiously.

"Hi there, you look a bit lost, may i help you?" she asked it in curious and somewhat cheery tone of voice. AS he would gaze upon her, visual cues made her look like the perfect human, a little "too" perfect though. He breathing was in a perfect rhythm, the pulse of her heart was perfect down to the nanosecond while her body was a perfectly human 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, consistently through. It definitely wasn't natural. However, the smirk on her face and tones of her voice showed that the emotions she showed were sincere.

The Nameless A.I. halted for a moment as the apparently human and feminine voice spoke to it, questioning whether or not it was addressing him. The thought of some random being whom it had never come across before just coming up to it and offering aid seemed peculiar... And suspicious. But after what it believed to be 1.24 seconds (rounded), which was quite some time for an A.I., it came to the conclusion that she must be addressing it. It's optics turned green as it's head moved to face that which was addressing him.

Initial analysis was that it was a human female, as suspected by the voice, given its appearance. Though something seemed somewhat off about her. The A.I. bent down to be on her level as it moved towards her, circling around and examining her closely. After about three revolutions, each at different heights and speeds, the A.I. stopped directly in front of her, moving it's head directly into her face.

"... Aid is not required."

The A.I. spoke with distinctively monotone manner, its voice betraying no sign of emotion. It was neither masculine nor feminine, and there was absolutely no accent to be found. Some might call the state of its voice 'creepy', in a manner of speaking, though others would find it be more... Calm. Controlled. There was certainly a feel that it was capable of showing off multiple emotions in its voice but, for whatever reason, it chose not to.

"What do you want of me?"

As it question the girl before it the A.I. rose to it's typical height, looking down from above the female, as it's optics returned to it's usual monochrome grey colour.

Sieran finished patching up Juda, and turned to look at the crash site. Her shuttle was in bad shape, and Sass had died during impact. Well, more like gotten crushed, as part of the ship's interior was bent in a way it shouldn't have been. At least she hadn't suffered, death should have come quickly for her.

"We need to find shelter. Let me change and we can go." Her brother said, and then he apologized for her dead friend, but it was not his fault. If anyone were to blame it was Sieran, and yet, she did not regret leaving their home, even if Sass would still be alive if they had stayed. Maybe she should have left without her.

"Fine here. No need to leave." She stepped inside the shuttle, and went to check on how badly damaged it had actually been. There was blood on the floor, but she did what she had to do and walked through it to be able to do an assertion of what could be repaired or what needed to be replaced, and then there was the issue with finding any of these things on the planet they had crashed on.

Sieran managed to do the check fairly fast, as the shuttle wasn't that big to begin with. It did have enough room for them to camp in, and shelter for rain or wind. It would do for now.

"Let's get someplace safe." Her brother showed up, and told her, still insisting that they leave their safe place. It wasn't the logical choice, but she supposed that if he had ever been intelligent he wouldn't have worked as a cargo worker in the first place.

She waved his hand away, and took a wrench from her belt. "I'm not leaving the ship." She banged the wrench against the hull twice. "Feel free to make yourself useful and scout the area, or find some resources to use."

\ \Juda/ /

When Sieran insisted on staying with the ship, he frowned and shook his head. "Sieran, it can't be stable. The crash would have drawn attention. We don't know this planet.", he told her quietly before laying a hand on her shoulder as she banged a wrench against the hull.

He knew that his younger siblings thought of him as slow, or unintelligent. It wasn't true, though he could see why they thought that way, and he didn't begrudge them of it. He preferred to think of himself as steady, and sensible. The shuttle didn't seem to be very stable in the flight itself, and the crash could only have made it worse. What was more, they had no idea what the natives of this planet were like.

That's assuming there were any natives in the first place.

The fact that it was clearly habitable, from the atmosphere and the flora, told him that chances were good. That was simple logic. And if there were natives, it was better to be on the defensive in case they were hostile. That was better than being on the offensive in case they were possibly friendly.

But after a moment, he sighed softly and shook his head again. It was clear she wouldn't budge on this, and arguing wasted time and energy, and they needed to stick together. "Alright, if you're sure. I won't go far.", he told her.

Juda turned, then slipped his right arm into the harness of his Crab Claw. It was best to keep it ready as a makeshift weapon, in case he either ran into a hostile native, or prospective food. He strode slowly and carefully into the nearby brush, his eyes scanning the area as he looked for some kind of prey, or even signs of civilization.

As he made his way slowly but steadily further, he supposed if nothing else, they should try the plant life and see if it was edible, but the likelihood of the flora being poisonous was higher than the fauna.

The jester was a shock, quite a surprise even. Still it took more than sudden clowns to faze this princess.
"Strange I'm not usually this drunk this early."
Vask looks up.
"Any who, who would you be?"
She holds out a hand, her eyes now a sort of maroon or purple.

Fromanzio peered down and saw a silvery human looking figure was talking to him. Oh, this would be fun. He quickly gathered himself and rushed down, the chaos streaming behind until he was right up at Vask's face. Fromanzio was curious at first, scanning the strange looking human in order to find out...well what it was. Fromanzio thought with the long blonde hair that it was probably a girl...but there were no eh...defining features to prove that. He figured it was best to simply ask.

"Any who, who would you be?"

Fromanzio grabbed her hand with both of his and shook it vigorously while saying in a very whimsical and fun sounding tone "Fromanzio's the name! Exploring your world is his game! Who are you? Where is Fromanzio? Are you a girl?" Tons of questions were racing through the jester's head, his pentagram pupils spinning and his clearly demonic suit gleaming in the light.

[I haven't gone anywhere, I was waiting on ya...]

The Gate got the reptile's attention, and so did the subsequent crash by the Jester. The silvery girl seemed to turn her attention to the chaos as if it were normal... But Rykar already had his weapon loaded, shouldered, and in a wide pose to assess the threat. What was this? What was falling? And more importantly, was it going to hurt the silvery girl?

It lept to her, giving a handshake and asking a barrage of questions. It was enough to make his head spin with all of the commotion. What had he witnessed? A newcomer to the planet? He lowered the rifle and blinked, staring at the two. If this is going to happen every time someone asked him a question, he's better board the ship and go home.

A flash of light and shouting woke Kara from her seconds-long rest. She stood up and walked slowly towards the explosion of color, only to see some jester talking with a silver human. Curious, she climbed onto a rooftop and observed the spectacle below her. She saw the jester firing question after question at the silver woman, and saw the lizard she caught a glimpse of earlier holding a gun. Intrigued, she sat down and continued to watch from out of sight.

"Well you''re different and I find different interesting. You're... Calming to me, of all things you could provoke." Luna said tilting her head and looking him over a bit. She walked a few paces back and forth to get an overall look of the A.I. and his body. Her cheeks blushed a perfect rose pink once she had realized what she was doing.

"I'm sorry... it's just You... Seem familiar in a strange sense. I guess it's cause I helped the professor who adopted me until he died. He had me working with robots and I was fond of them, but one day he just set me to house work and I can't remember why." Luna said, her shoulders drooping and her entire demeanor.becomming somewhat saddened. "Oh well, better not to dwell on the past. I was hoping to walk with you to town, would you allow me the pleasure?" She asked him, recovering from his previous thoughts.

Kesin had been getting close to the town when some sort of gate opened above the the city. Seeing as how this could be his ticket out of this place, he began running towards it. By the time he'd gotten close to it, however, it had already dissipated.

Well crap!

Not too far away, a jester was speaking with some sort of silvery human-esque thing, a maid was talking to a robot, an armed lizard was standing nearby, and a woman was eavesdropping from the roof of a nearby building.

"Well I've seen stranger... Kesin thought,, no I have not. Wonder what their saying.

This was followed by a bought of internal bickering as Kesin decided whether or not it would be rude to do so. This ended when he concluded that politeness wasn't really his thing anyways.

Now, how to get close...oh wait! I know!

Kesin ran forward at full speed, aiming at one of the nearby buildings. As he got near, he threw himself up with all the force his new legs could give him, which was just enough to get him within arm's reach of the ledge. Grabbing on, Kesin proceeded to pull himself onto the rooftop. He then crawled to the opposite ledge where he could hear the conversation below.

Weird most people assumed Vask was a girl and didn't want to ask. She briefly considered conjuring a few extra cup sizes but decided against it in the end. For one it would probably raise more questions than it answered, and also it wasn't vital for the Lady Luck persona she'd gotten for herself. That wasn't even mentioning the fact such an idea was beneath someone of her status.

As to the question, it wasn't as simple as it was for more people. Honestly Vask hadn't put much thought into it which was why she didn't exactly have an answer. Still not to be deterred she put her mind to it.

Well she started off as a girl, no question about that, and she'd never been a boy (ew). Then again was she still one? The wilds have a pretty simple interpretation of gender roles, and since the whole resummoning herself thing, well she wasn't exactly alive anymore, so that was a no.

"Not particularly." Her eyes had been off while she considered but were back on again, they were a sort of golden now against their burned black backdrop.

"As for where, no place special, there's wine and gambling, maybe even victory if you can catch the lady's smile." She was smiling now; small but noticeable if you looked for it.
"Are you a lucky man?"

"Are you a lucky man?"

Fromanzio landed on the ground and sat to think. Luck rarely factored into his life. Traveling perpetually between worlds and exploring the endless outer dimensional happenings was fun enough. Then again, he was found with a giant hole in his chest by a devil and revived as a demon before being sent to the one place with enough interesting things to keep him entertained forever. Plus he got a fun new master who was busy taking over his version of Hell. Then again, he still had that hole in his chest. Plus, the bowler hats he told the candymaker to create were lackluster. So it was a wash.

"Not particularly a girl? That's pretty cryptic. As for Fromanzio's luck...ask the nightingale beaver in the forest sometime. He usually has answers to those kinds of questions." Fromanzio noticed the girl's eyes were changing colors too, she might have some power behind her. Oh this could be a lot of fun. He had to be somewhat careful, if he pissed her off, she might use it on him and then who would he sell oranges to when the oranges came? Wait...there wouldn't be any oranges until next month. To hell with it then!

"Fromanzio has a question! Are you strong? Do you have magic powers? Oh if you do this could be even greater!" Fromanzio was hovering again, and began looking in the sky before turning around again very suddenly. "Well? Well?"

Kara noticed someone approaching from the beach and witnessed him climb up to one of the rooftops and listen to the same conversation she was. She pulled out her knife and kept it in her hand, just in case anything happened. She then stood up and walked to another building, out of sight of the new person, but still able to see what was happening below.

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