Run From Fate: An Escape RP (Accepting Escapees, Started)

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As The One proceeded towards the area Raynor had marked, thoughts of what to be done about this particular set of problems came to mind. With such a wide area, the new inhabitants could quickly blend with the rest of the populace. However, that could be a better solution than any other solution that could be thought of. Newcomers blending in and then staying would be best, and keep the overall peace that required constant maintenance and careful guidance.

The newcomers would likely be a lot more trouble than they were worth though. Especially as some radio chatter seemed to be picked up, claiming all sorts of oddities and disturbances which now seemed to be going on. While some of it was more along migrations, such as different species coming to the front and arriving at the city, others....were being problematic. Magicians, and perhaps a demon had entered the realm. Some of which seemed to be different. Something would need to be done about them at some point or another.

Action would not be required until ultimate judgement had been done. Until that point, this was to make sure nothing was left to cause problems from the newcomers. Ships, portals, and other such things which would need to be sealed.

As Juda proceeded to try and explore, he would note that some individuals were wandering about the area, apparently looking for the crash that they had done. They were as varied as they were shifty, with a large green man, a smaller blue human, a large short individual, and then a more demon looking individual, with horns and red skin. The obvious differences did nothing to conceal the weapons that they carried, as well as how they did not manage to see Juda as he looked around.

However, in the city, for the pair on the rooftops, it began to become obvious that something was happening among the populace, some whispers seemed to be being share,d and individuals began moving on some way or another, some walking with more purpose, others returning to their homes, and some taking out their weapons, checking their packs, and then making their way out of the city. For the more attentive, it would appear that something was going on silently with the town, and that it involved nearly all who lived there.

Rykar had lost his patience with the odd human and the Demon Jester. "You do not need to worry about me." He said in an aggravated tone. "I'll find the checkpoint on my own." With that, he reached under his coat and started to walk away. He took a few moments, not really paying attention to where he was going as he checked the syringes he pulled out. Right around now, after that display, he didn't mind a little pick-me-up. Or at least something to make the interaction worth his time.

Right, he gave away all of the good stuff on the sea-ship. He only had military grade formulas.

With another growl he put the syringes away and slung the weapon over his shoulder after unloading it. As he looked up, he noticed something was going on. There were much less people on the dock, and those who were left were going away. He looked back to the human run boat and saw them untying the ship and getting ready to leave. Were they not supposed to stay for the day? He'd never seen something like this since... Since...

He didn't care too much for the other two, but what if the God was about to intervene? What if it was that nauseating Jester that caused it to arrive? What if Rykar could kill a god? That would be the ultimate proof for his studies. That would be massive enough to end the war that divided his people. He lowered his head, looked around, and attempted to follow the others looking to get away from the scene. Rykar's not getting anywhere... Oh, No, he'd want to remain in a position where he could watch everything, where could a better spot be to observe from than an elevated position? He'd quickly, yet casually make his way to a home down the road with a balcony. He'd climb up and watch.

Kesin noticed the strange woman drawing a knife and walking away towards another rooftop, but lost sight of her shortly after. He figured he should be prepared to defend himself if she were to come around, but he had more pressing concerns. The town was almost deserted, and it was still daytime. Residents were either packing up and leaving, or just running into their homes. The only people remaining on the street were the group below him, and a few stragglers already on their way out. Kesin didn't understand what was going on, but it seemed awfully suspicious.

Then it hit Kesin.

Wait a minute. Those people probably aren't from around here. The probably came from the portal that was just here. If that's the case, then they don't know much about this planet...or its inhabitants, but the locals do, and they all just left. That means somethings coming, something they can't fight against. Something unique to this world

Kesin gulped, his skin going ghostly pale. "The One," he whispered, his throat getting dry, "He's coming,"

Resisting the urge to panic, Kesin tried to calmly climb off the roof. Once he was on the ground, he figured, he could make a break for the sea and stay ahead of the monster. Unfortunately, as he was standing up, Kesin's foot slipped, sending him tumbling two stories towards the ground, just inches away from the group he was listening to.

\ \Juda/ /

As soon as the scouting party came into view, Juda froze in place and didn't make a sound. There were four of them, varied races, and it looked like all of them were armed. While the weapons they held were alien to him, the way they were held made it clear what they were. And the fact that they were heading slowly but steadily in the direction of the wreckage, made it clear as to where they were headed.

He didn't so much as let out a breath as he watched them walk past, and when he was certain that they didn't see him, he carefully moved backwards, as quietly as he was able. He had no idea if they could hear him, but since they didn't seem to hear him approaching earlier, he supposed that it was a safe assumption that they couldn't. But he didn't take his chances as he backed away, crouching until he was reasonably certain that they were far enough away.

Then he turned and ran as quickly as his cybernetics would allow, so that he flew through the brush before bursting out in front of Sieran. He skidded on the patchy grass and stopped just short of her. "Sieran, there's a scouting party. Four, all armed. Headed here. We need to go.", he said quickly, just before glancing back the way he came.

Kara saw the reptile start walking away when she noticed that something felt different. Looking down, she saw nothing but empty streets below her. Only a few people remained walking around. "What the hell is happening?" she mumbled to herself. Then, all of a sudden, the man who came climbed up the rooftop stumbled off and fell to the ground. By now, no one but the group by the port and the two people behind Kara were outside.

Kara started becoming concerned. In addition to the empty town, all of the ships at the port had left. She jumped down from the rooftop, keeping a grip on her knife. As she looked around, her gaze fell on the man who tumbled off the roof. She started to walk towards him, constantly looking around her for anything that might be a threat. When she reached him, she held out her hand.

"I hope you can tell me what's going on."

The woman that Kesin had seen on the rooftops earlier, came towards him, knife drawn. For a moment, he thought this was it. That she would kill him for whatever he had. Thankfully, when she reached Kesin, she reached out with her empty hand.

"I hope you can tell me what's going on."

Graciously accepting the hand, Kesin hoisted himself off.

"Thank you," he said, smiling, though that quickly faded, "We have to get out of here, the One is coming, and you don't want to be anywhere near him when he shows up,"

Strange Vask hadn't expected such a direct attack. Still no time like the present. Last time she'd clashed with the creature she was massively under prepared, lucky to escape with her life and even luckier to escape with most of her limbs. Then again that was centuries ago. Vask was younger, dumber as well.
"The One? Someone important?"
Her eyes were a sort of cyan now, a radial pattern against the black background, widened to take in the seen. She swept her head across the town checking for anything she could make use of.

"Well you''re different and I find different interesting. You're... Calming to me, of all things you could provoke." Luna said tilting her head and looking him over a bit. She walked a few paces back and forth to get an overall look of the A.I. and his body. Her cheeks blushed a perfect rose pink once she had realized what she was doing.

"I'm sorry... it's just You... Seem familiar in a strange sense. I guess it's cause I helped the professor who adopted me until he died. He had me working with robots and I was fond of them, but one day he just set me to house work and I can't remember why." Luna said, her shoulders drooping and her entire demeanor.becomming somewhat saddened. "Oh well, better not to dwell on the past. I was hoping to walk with you to town, would you allow me the pleasure?" She asked him, recovering from his previous thoughts.

"The One? Someone important?"

Kesin turned towards the strange-looking woman. Looking at her closely, he could see she didn't seem...natural. Like she wasn't really there. However, she certainly seemed to be searching for something. Kesin assumed it was a weapon by the look in her eyes, but, that didn't really matter right now. If he kept talking to them, and The One showed up, he could almost guarantee that the beast would come for him, and he wasn't sure that he could escape it this time. He had to finish quickly.

"Yes, very important. He is an unbeatable monstrosity, that kills for practically no reason at all. He killed my parents, and they were very strong. I wouldn't even attempt to fight it, you're better off getting out of here, now,"

"Yes, very important. He is an unbeatable monstrosity, that kills for practically no reason at all. He killed my parents, and they were very strong. I wouldn't even attempt to fight it, you're better off getting out of here, now,"

Some weird human was talking too. Fromanzio was curious if any regular humans existed in this world, very possible that was the case. He once had gone to a world of only oranges. Why were oranges so stuck on his mind? Does the Dark One like oranges? If so, Fromanzio might be able to strike a deal. Assuming he also likes orange juice.

"Fromanzio just got here though! Oh bother, fine. He will find another place to send his oranges. Where are we going?"

"Well then let's get out of here." She speaks with a confidence and certainty like failure isn't even a possibility. "The forests get dense quickly so it's good cover and if you know your way around these parts there's a lot you can do to cover your tracks. Barely have to go a few miles in places and no one'll find you.
So how does one earn the wreath of someone so formidable?"

Sieran smiled when Juda left her alone to work, and she got right to it. It would take quite some time to repair it, and even then it would be hard when a couple of items were broken beyond repair. Hopefully this planet wasn't deserted, since that would mean further problems. She wouldn't be able to get what she needed if they were undeveloped either.

Sieran's thoughts were interrupted, as she didn't get left alone for as long as she would have wanted.

"Sieran, there's a scouting party. Four, all armed. Headed here. We need to go."

She got back up on her feet, and noticed how her pants were bloody, from crouching in the blood on the floor of the ship. Sieran shrugged, and turned to Juda.

"Cherry! We can ask them if they have any Quantum positronic energy capacitor, or Hyperdyne Tee Shunts to sell." She said, and looked through her pockets to see if she had anything to barter with.

\ \Juda/ /

Juda glanced back when his sister looked at him, then promptly said something about some capacitor, and shunts. The fact that she seemed excited, and not the least bit worried about the newcomers being armed, made him wonder if what he told her actually sunk in. Looking between her, and the mangled remains of the shuttle, he had to shake his head.

"Sieran, the shuttle is a dead loss. And I doubt they want to sell anything. Get your things, we need to go. They didn't look friendly.", he said mildly, but his tone was firm.

Using his free hand, he set down his pack and opened it so that she could start stuffing her tools inside, before promptly turning to keep an eye on the foliage behind them. The four armed scouts were sure to burst out at any moment, and he was planning on being ready when they did, if they did.

Normally, he would have assumed the locals were friendly until proven otherwise, but the fact that they were armed changed things. Better to not take chances, especially since he had to look after his sister Sieran. He supposed it was good that she didn't seem overly worried, but at the very least, she should have shown at least some concern. The fact that she didn't concerned him.

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I'm no stranger to roleplaying nor this site. I've only just realised it has roleplay threads on the forums is all! =D

The large Reptile finally found a suitable location to climb, getting up onto a second story Balcony, he started to think.

There was a reason why it was deemed to be a god. This creature had gone through and cleared the entire Firebase. Only a handful of enemy survivors could be tested afterward, but they all had the same story. The great Battle-master, Tanith, his age catching up stood no chance against this One. He has been his army's primary staple for over a century. With all of his chemicals, his imbalances, his might and intelligence... What chance did he have? Even with Tanith getting taken by surprise, there had to of been well over 200 solders in that base. Someone had to land a shot.

Rykar got on top of the stone balcony, he looked and noticed that there was some movement on the other side of the door. The, Jester, had gotten the warning and was not looking to leave the area as well. Rykar's bait was gone, or would be very soon. He had one shot, to take on a creature that had stopped an army, and ended a legend. "Mom! There's someone on the deck!!"

Rykar scrapped the idea. He was the stupid one, hoping to snipe and kill a god. He jumped off the balcony, landing the drop with ease. He was sure he felt Adrenaline as he ran down the road. He did not want to meet this creature head on. Time to get out.

Kesin was inwardly kicking himself. Why had he decided to warn these people? For all he knew, they were spies for The One, keeping an eye on Kesin until it could reach him. Yet...for some reason he couldn't fathom, Kesin trusted these people. These people he had known for only a few seconds. At that moment, however, his thoughts were interrupted by the jester interjecting his own thoughts.

"Fromanzio just got here though! Oh bother, fine. He will find another place to send his oranges. Where are we going?"

This caught Kesin off guard. Not only was he busy questioning why something would want to send a color to a planet that already had that color, but he also hadn't really thought of a place to go. He never figured The One would show up. Unfortunately, Kesin only really had knowledge of the ocean, and that wouldn't help these people if they were not water-breathers. Kesin's face turned beet red as he stammered for a response.

"I-" Kesin began, ready to admit he didn't know, before the strange looking woman interceded.

"Well then let's get out of here. The forests get dense quickly so it's good cover and if you know your way around these parts there's a lot you can do to cover your tracks. Barely have to go a few miles in places and no one'll find you."

Thank goodness, she knows the land

"Yes, that's a good idea" he said, she sounded confident in her abilities, and he wasn't in any position to argue, "Is it alright if I come with you?"

Kara sat back thinking, deciding if she should take her chances with what the others are calling The One, or whether she should avoid a fight. She decided to play it safe and follow the rest away from this place. If The One is really as powerful as the others say it is, then she was better off staying away from it.


The A.I. continued to stare at the girl, its optics remaining fixed on her for quite some time, saying nothing. What was with this girl? She was indeed a very peculiar being, at least next to what it had observed before. It was not common to act like she did, even if she was intrigued by its presence... Though The A.I. knew its knowledge of other beings was very limited, it had only observed so much itself and information stored within it was only useful to a certain degree. Still...

"If you so desire."

The A.I. turned its body and headed further into the town at a reasonable pace, what it had observed to be the typical walking speed of most beings, before its head turned to face the girl. The A.I. wouldn't have done that, but it remembered that facing another when talking to them was considering... Polite? It believed that to be the term, at least. "... What is your name?"

"Sieran, the shuttle is a dead loss. And I doubt they want to sell anything. Get your things, we need to go. They didn't look friendly."

Her brother insisted that they should leave, even though they hadn't even talked with the locals yet. She didn't want to leave the shuttle either, as Sass hadn't been given a proper funeral yet. They could still scavenge materials from the ship to use, if they needed to flee. There was plenty of parts which could be removed, and used in other ways.

"I don't want to leave." She shook her head. "Sass is still stuck in the shuttle, and we don't know if there's any other way of this planet. We could be stuck her forever if we just surrender it. They may be armed, but how much further has their technology advanced?!"

\ \Juda/ /

When Sieran told him that she didn't want to leave, and why, he had to turn and look at her. While getting off of the planet was indeed a priority, he felt that survival was higher on that list. After all, what good was having the parts to make or repair a ship if you ended up dying before you could use them? As for the natives tech level, even primitive bullets killed.

As for her friend... As much as he would like to have gotten her out of the wreckage and properly buried if nothing else, time was of the essence. Not only that, but as practical as he was, he doubted that Sass would mind very much, having already died.

It was after a moment that he inwardly cursed while outwardly shaking his head as he walked over and closed his bag, then slung it over his shoulder. The fact that his sister was akin to an immovable object when she made up her mind about anything, was troublesome.

"Fine. We'll stay. Just be ready to fight if it comes to it.", he told her flatly, his tone tinged with exasperation.

He wished that, just once, his siblings would actually listen to his warnings.

Luna followed the Large Robot into town, keeping pace comfortably with the larger machine. She couldn't explain why she was drawn to this mechanical creation, but it really didn't matter to her. A bar maid was something she was capable of doing with ease, but it wasn't something she enjoyed doing too much. The android girl was lost in thought when he asked for her name.
"Oh... uh... sorry. Thinking of things. My name is Luna, may i ask what's your's?" she asked the robot.

Vask looks out at the forest. Even on such a small island there's more than enough space for her work. Eyes focused on the edge of wilds, where the roads start to fade and the track gets mislaid. She'd always planned on going back, eventually, but there was something she missed about the glamour of the palace, even if this settlement offered only a pale facsimile.

Not that the prospect of return wasn't sweet, her cocktail dress was getting tight and the thought of listening to any more of the same bloody bands drove her crazy. Though there was some fun to be had masquerading as lady luck, neither part of that title really suited her.

She strode, slowly at first, but gaining power and momentum step by step. First to go were the shoes. Whatever convinced her to wear heals again? The ground was soft, unsure of itself. She appreciated the responsiveness, gave her a sense of presence.

The dress was next to go, it won't be missed; as the night black velvet shell is shed her silvery form is revealed in all its glory. It's not the beauty the dress promised; in fact the curves were more due to muscle than fat, she looks truly built. A compact predator, like a tiger poised to pounce on prey.

Though her back is to the group her eyes are purest amber at this point. Each black patch on her face dotted with several of the lights, coming in and out of existence rapidly as she takes in her surroundings.
She's there now, almost in the bush, why'd she stay away so long?

She knelt down placing a hand in the brush. The first few of her golden flies were in the dispatched and already exploring. Her first thought was her need for cover, easily done some foliage here, earth there. Camouflage was a useful skill to have, and was to be developed quickly lest you were something's next meal.

Quickly she tailored her new clothes, a mass of leaves and furs and earth. She was already starting to blend, were it not for her eyes you'd swear she'd vanished. The cold earth and foliage growing on her skin, better than any dress cheap or fancy.

She breathed deep the scents of her world; the rush of nostalgia was so powerful she almost fainted.
Who'd settle for one kingdom when they could have five?

She turned to them, the others as an afterthought, already regretting her promise to keep them alive, but not far gone enough yet to disregard it entirely.

"Try to keep up."

The One continued his march, the town slowly but surely coming into view across the water, which did nothing to slow the being down. It glided across the water as if it were skating upon ice. Not that it really mattered, as The One didn't care about appearance, only the proper functionality to carry out what needed to be done. The town was slowly coming into view, and then The One stepped upon the dry land once more, and surveyed the surroundings.

Unless the arrivals or creatures had decided to take a boat or other form of transportation, sweeping the island would not be too difficult. The town, as usual, would be the most difficult to sift through with there being a reasonable amount of populace still there, with locked doors and weapons loaded. A ultimately futile effort against him, but then it was not really him that they were going to have to fear. Multitudes were not seeking escape, thus it was not his concern to ultimately do them any harm unless they tried to oppose his path.

As The One approached, the body formed into a large silver creature, with no defining features, it was simply a seven foot tall silver humanoid figure, giving off nothing more than shape as it began its approach.

"OI! You down there? You folks alright?" A shout was heard by both Juda and Sieran, and it had apparently come from the red devil looking individual, who was already making his way down with the other individuals, their weapons still out and prepared as they did so.

All still seemed quite shifty, especially with their weapons, two being laser rifles and one being an ordinary pistol, along with the devil having some sort of arm mounted beam weapon. It was somewhat more obvious that the talking was left to the red one.

"This ain't a place to stay. Especially with all the other strange...happenins around here. Not very safe, and not very smart."

\ \Juda/ /

"OI! You down there? You folks alright?".

Juda turned to face the voice, which had come from one of the four armed scouts, though he wasn't sure which one. As they made their way out of the foliage and into the open, he kept his guard up even though he stood a little straighter and lowered his Crab Claw just slightly. His eyes did widen just slightly in surprise, however.

He didn't think that he would be able to understand the native tongue, but that apparently wasn't a problem. That, along with the fact that they weren't automatically attacking put him on edge, and piqued his curiosity.

"This ain't a place to stay. Especially with all the other strange... happenins around here. Not very safe, and not very smart.".

He nodded once. "You're right, but we aren't from here. Any reason why you're armed?", he asked easily, motioning towards their weapons with his organic hand.

"We don't mean to cause trouble or any harm.", he added after another moment.

"OI! You down there? You folks alright?"

Sieran turned in the direction of the voice, and saw that the source was a red individual, but he wasn't alone. They had weapons which appeared advanced, but she wasn't an expert on weapons. She assumed that they weren't much compared to the soldiers of the Tarsonis. However, it did give her hope that they might have tech that could help them get off this planet.

"Yes, we are fine." She answered him.

"This ain't a place to stay. Especially with all the other strange...happenins around here. Not very safe, and not very smart."

Sieran nodded, and let her brother talk first. "Why is it not safe to stay here?" She asked, after he was done stating the obvious and asking pointless questions. "We can take care of ourselves."

The red man looked at the pair for a moment, seeming somewhat surprised at the question as to why they were armed in the first place. Exchanging a look with his comrades, who spread out to look around for a bit, the man spoke again.

"Well, I don't know about you peace loving folks, but I imagine that isn't smart to NOT be armed in the first place." He almost seemed to take a tone as if explaining things to children, only to quickly become grim at the prospect of it not being safe to stay there.

"And it isn't safe because this is a ship. And if this IS a ship, that means The One is coming, and he doesn't much care for ships, especially if they could be brought back to functioning. And he also doesn't look kindly on those who know how to build a ship, making it a very bad idea to stick around one..."

Suddenly, one of the men started waving, and said something in an odd set of clicks and moans. The red man nodded, and then the group seemed to start looking over the ship almost immediately.

"Now, grab whatever you damned well can. The One is apparently ALREADY on the damned island. Bastard moves faster every time, I'm sure."

As The One made its way into the town, it detected an odd set of signatures, and knew to quickly go and examine the problematic source within the town. As it made its way towards the source, it quickly noted where it came from. A pair of individuals, one clearly robotic and the other less so, were going along the street. The One approached the pair, and stopped in front of them.

"You. What is your primary function?" The One asked the A.I., and without waiting for a response turned to the maid looking Luna. "And you, what is your function here in the streets?"

\ \Juda/ /

Juda listened carefully as the red one out of the bunch explained what was going on, namely that the planet was hostile, particularly due to someone, or something called The One, who seemed to particularly dislike ships, be they damaged, functioning, or in the progress of being constructed. Apparently, being unarmed on this planet, whatever it was called, was a very bad idea as well.

His thoughts were promptly interrupted when another said something in some indiscernible language.

"Now, grab whatever you damned well can. The One is apparently ALREADY on the damned island. Bastard moves faster every time, I'm sure.".

His eyes narrowed a little as he glanced back at his sister, and the ship. Staying there was no longer an option, if the locals were to be believed. Even if this 'One' was something they made up, being out in the open was a bad idea regardless, particularly around something that drew attention, like a crashed shuttle. As it was, it looked like a dead loss to him, though he was hardly an engineer.

After a moment, he looked back at the scouting party and grunted softly. As it was, the situation was far from ideal. They didn't know the locals, or the land, and there was nothing yet to really indicate that the scouts were trustworthy. But there were four of them compared to him and Sieran, and while they could possibly fight them off, he didn't like the odds. For the moment, they would have to make do, and go with them.

"Wasn't planning on staying much longer. Lets go, Sieran.", he told her firmly, flashing her a look that said that he wasn't in any mood to argue.

If need be, he could always pick her up and drag her to safety kicking and screaming. She may be wily, but he had the strength to do it if necessary.

Kesin had followed the golden-looking girl towards the forest, as had the human. For the time being, he had stayed behind the girl, as he didn't know about these so-called, "forests".

Arriving at the edge of the forest, Kesin took the girl's pause as a chance to look around. The forest was, different. The foliage stood many feet in the air, and everything was green. Not a green like seaweed, or his hair, but a lighter green. An inviting green. Still, this was not the ocean, and Kesin wished for the day he could return to his underwater home, but as long as The One was still around, that was not an option.

Kesin was so distracted, he almost didn't notice his guide strip down and run into a bush. Almost being the operative term. As she flung aside the cocktail dress, he felt his face suddenly go crimson. After a few moments in the bush, the girl returned, wearing a gown of leaves that made it almost impossible to see her.

"Try to keep up."

Kesin nodded and followed her. He debated trying to do that himself, but convinced himself that it probably wouldn't work out right. For the time being, he'd stick to running away.

"Try to keep up."

Fromanzio watched her change clothes with a disinterested look. She wasn't nearly as powerful as him and that would mean there is only one worthy fight on the entire plane. He would have to fight and kill The One. He sounded powerful, almost impossible to beat, but Fromanzio knew that nobody exists without weakness. Ascended magi could rip the plane in half, but a sword with enough hate behind it could sunder any defense made by one. Now wasn't the time to pick a fight though, Fromanzio figured he should disguise himself as well and decided to change his form.

"Fromanzio can do that too! Watch!"

Fromanzio's body began absorbing the light around it, slowly shrinking into the shape of a jungle cat. Perfectly designed to hide in the forest and never be seen until the time to strike was right. The One would be just like the oranges at some point. Some day, he would be drinking One Juice and it would taste...onederful.

[Pretty bad when you fuck up your own chars name.]
Rikar watched the others as he too jumped into the forest. He was on his own though, a fair distance away from them. He wanted to see if The One would go after them. Importunately, his own method of going in and hiding wasn't... Well, it wasn't good. Tearing through and snapping branches, forcing his way through paths too small for him. "Errngh."

He eventually found a good hiding spot. Well, as good as it was going to get. He crouched down and started to look around, trying to find where his little 'bait' experiment was. Wait... Where did those people go? With an almost vicious growl, he called it off, standing up and taking a more nimble approach to going through the forest and trees. He occasionally picked a leaf off a branch, eating it to see what it tasted like. Not too bad... Could use some seasoning.

"Not bad clown."

Aw look at the kitty. *Pet* *Pet*

"Though I'd work on your skills at hiding. For one if you're going to wear a tail you shouldn't forget about it." She looked down and the furry black snake slivering out of the brush, in plain sight. Someone wasn't used to wearing tails
Still better than the others.

She was hungry

How long had it been since she'd had a good meal? Sure there'd been the odd snack, but they were nothing special and the pretence of civility really disrupted a good meal.

There were tracks on the earth, hardly surprising of course, a forest like this was more alive than any city, and still found time to sleep every now and then.

Vask got up close to inspect the prints.

"Deer, you up for a game kitty? Shame to waste those pretty little claws, long as you don't mind getting your pretty little coat red."

"Deer, you up for a game kitty? Shame to waste those pretty little claws, long as you don't mind getting your pretty little coat red."

It was strange. Most people by now were deathly afraid of Fromanzio, running away and calling for guards to do terrible things. Although, if she was impressed by the panther, perhaps another spell could make her even more impressed. Fromanzio himself never had to eat, demons who did eat did so out of an addiction, not a need. Still, food did taste good, that never changes. Fromanzio's voice was still whimsical past the panther disguise, though if he felt like it, he could change that too.

"Fromanzio could do that. Killing is his specialty after all! Though he assumes you want less of a show, more brutal, less fantastical. That's fine, Fromanzio can do that too. Just point him in the direction."

Kara looked out upon the forest as she and the others came to it's edge. "Smart hiding place," she mumbled. It would be to easy to find something that could sufficiently hide her from The One. But she wasn't worried about herself. She turned her attention to the lizard and saw it noisily thrashing around. If it's going to follow us... she thought to herself. It definitely didn't appear to know how to move silently. The two humans (at least she thought they were humans) and the flying jester may not know how to move without making themselves noticed either, and if The One knows where they are, it wouldn't be long before it found her.

Kara escaped her thoughts to see what had happened so far. As she looked up, she noticed the woman stripping down and walking into some brush in the forest. Kara was completely lost as to what just happened. She assumed nothing important would happen for at least a few minutes, so she left the group temporarily to see the current state of the empty town. As she approached the abandoned city, she heard what sounded like talking coming from it.

I thought this place was deserted. Who is that?

She hid behind a building at the edge of the town and listened in to what sounded like an interrogation. She could tell one person was asking all of the questions, but she couldn't understand exactly what was being said. The whole thing confused her. Why would someone stand in the middle of a ghost town and interrogate people? She was thinking about who would do that when the realization hit her like a truck. She wanted to take a look just to be sure, but she didn't want to risk being seen by something as dangerous as it. Instantly, Kara made her way back towards the group at the edge of the forest, where she was greeted with the sight of the woman, now covered in leaves and dirt, talking to a panther. Kara grabbed the woman's arm and made her face her.

"Listen to me. Stop playing with that cat and start moving forward. I think The One is already in that town."

A stranger approached her; human female didn't look like anything special. Vask didn't appreciate the contact. She looked the woman in the eyes, listened to her whining and responded quite quickly in a fairly dismissive way. Though her panic was at least amusing.

"Fine we'll eat later."

She shook the woman off who'd though it was a good idea to grab Vask's wrists.

Vask didn't sound so concerned. She began leading the way again. The ground was turbulent, a mix of mud and compost, which wasn't quite committed to the idea of rotting yet. Her feet weren't particularly fazed deftly negotiating the detritus without a step put wrong, or a snap of any twig. Her weight distributed in the best of way, so as to keep her from unbalancing . Cat like agility was more impressive when you weren't actually a cat, the clown had it easy. She was making quick deliberate progress, it was a shame she had to be followed by these guys, and otherwise she'd have vanished into the brush.

She was inspecting her surroundings, to the untrained eye the mess of colours and textures would quickly become overwhelming but even when you couldn't see it the forest was teeming with life. The sounds of a thousand species filled the air and the ground was dotted with various tracks.

"You aren't forest people I take it?"

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