Run From Fate: An Escape RP (Accepting Escapees, Started)

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"You aren't forest people I take it?"

Ha, forests. Forests were Fromanzio's least favorite places on the anything ever. Especially ents. Screw ents and everything that made them. Those were the worst creatures. Stoic, boring and powerful. Such a waste. Fromanzio would turn them all into firewood if he could, and he can, and has.

Fromanzio laughed at that and said simply. "Fromanzio was killed in a forest once, if that helps. No, he isn't. His extent of tree hugging involves burning down entire forests, killing all that inhabit them and then turning the trees into pulp. That, and enjoying nice walks somewhat near them. Do oranges come from forests?"

As David was walking down the street, he did some fancy trick with his revolver when for out of nowhere, a skinning looking thug in his 20s comes at him with a small pocket knife and says "hand over all your bullets and money now" David just stare at him with a blank look on his face then just started laughing, the thug was completely confused "what are you laughing about?!, I've got a bloody knife!" he said when David suddenly stopped laughing.

"first you're too sickly and skinning looking to be threatening boy, and second if you don't stop pointing that "knife" at me i'm gonna shove it up your ass and then mine will through your goddamn throat......are we clear?!" he said letting out a huge amount of blood lust however the thug being stupid and not knowing the danger lunged forward in an attempt to stab David but David quickly grabbed the thug's right hand (the hand that was holding the knife) with his left hand and did a 180 degrees spin before elbowing in the right side of the face.

The thug dropped the knife and it hit the ground just before he himself did, "i guess not" said David before he lit a smoke and then throws the knife as far as he can "stupid boy" he mumbled looking back then shaking his head and walked on out of town and heads into the forest.

OOC:let me make it clear that i am not trying to "jump on anyone's back and be involved in their story" i just prefer to kind of co-op style RP with someone

Billy was getting more and more confused, first the strange looking woman had magically made herself leaf clothing, than the jester had turned himself into a cat. These magical types were strange. Than again, he could become half shark in any body of water, so he didn't really have reason to talk.

The jester-cat and the strange-looking woman had started talking about a hunt. Kesin would have been more than happy to help, it had been awhile since he had last sunk his teeth into anything good. However, this was interrupted by the regular-looking human running up.

"Listen to me. Stop playing with that cat and start moving forward. I think The One is already in that town."

Kesin's heart jumped to his throat.

Him, here. Already? We've got to get out of here!

The strange looking woman was significantly less concerned.

"Fine we'll eat later."

Kesin didn't know if this woman was insanely brave, or just plain stupid. Either way, she had already started on her way, and Kesin didn't know the forest, so he was kinda forced to follow.

The woods were hard to navigate around, Kesin was easily able to keep up, but how could he be quiet with all these damn leaves and sticks making so much noise whenever he stepped on one? Eventually, the strange-looking woman turned towards the group.

"You aren't forest people I take it?"

Kesin shook his head, "No, I'm significantly better in the water." Kesin replied.

"Well it's an island, so I have a feeling it'll be useful sooner rather than later.
How are the rest of you with the water?"

It was still early, and with skies like those any pursuer on the open water would spot them from miles off.

"In another hour or so we'll be so deep in here it would take days to find us, but the main land will be better, much more room to manoeuvre. We should eat soon; we'll need it to keep our strength up, especially if we want to get to the mainland. When the sun goes down."

Sieran listened to the red creature, and nodded. "I suppose we've no other choice then." She went over to them, but cast a quick glance back at her ship. It had been her chance to get away from her home, and find adventure, but it seemed that it would be harder than expected. She'd ended up on some backwater planet, which was apparently ruled by an entity they called the one. Maybe she'd be able to find or build another ship. Maybe the shuttle would still be there if she returned.

Her brother said something to her, trying to assert an authority he'd simple never have. She ignored him, and turned to the red one. "So, who are you?"

\ \Juda/ /

As Sieran promptly ignored what he said and turned to the newcomers, he simply rolled his eyes behind her back. He understood that on the Tarsonis, neither of his siblings much respected him, or really understood him. And on the ship, that was fine, mainly because he kept to himself as much as possible. True, he resented their disrespect, the fact that both his younger siblings considered themselves superior in just about every way, but there he could accept it, because there he could make sure that sort of bullshit was limited.

The fact she refused to listen to him at all was frustrating, and was starting to test even his even temper. Though, he was sure they were both being tested by the crash landing earlier, and the death of her friend.

As he followed and listened, he wondered if part of the problem was his approach, and decided that he'd need to try a new one if this was going to work.

The One looked over the androids for a time, and noted that perhaps they had suddenly deactivated. Unfortunate and annoying to happen in this city. However, the other beings here would take care of them in due time. There were other circumstances that needed to be looked into, and chances are it would get more annoying to hunt them and their possible disturbances that could be happening. He made his way away from the town now, towards the woods as it would likely be the first place they would flee....meaning it would be easiest to just hunt them down now.

While it was possible for The One to simply destroy the forest and then take whatever problems lingered about, he decided that the small island needed the forest all the same. Besides....the trees did little to hinder his highly advanced sight, and he began moving forward, with the trees offering no problems to himself....and finding some odd ripped bits of clothing as he walked. Something had indeed happened here, meaning that he perhaps was already on the right trail.

As the red man continued to work, with his comrades saying something now and then before taking it out of the ship, the man turned to Sieran for a moment to look her over.

"Me? They just call me Red. Pretty damn simplistic, but I don't think I give a damn on this planet. actual name is a bit annoying for most to say, and I would rather just deal with Red. And you are...?"

The man who called himself Red continued his work on the ship, seeming to grab anything that distinctly seemed to have a charge or some property that might have interest and tossing in a bag. They worked relatively fast, and seemed intent on getting out of there right now.

"You can come along for a bit. We got an escape ship here, so we are not stuck on this silly island. Hate for your...donations to do nothing for ya, eh?"

as David walked through the forest he felt a sense of danger and that he should hurry up he did just that suddenly he heard a voice
"In another hour or so we'll be so deep in here it would take days to find us, but the main land will be better, much more room to manoeuvre. We should eat soon; we'll need it to keep our strength up, especially if we want to get to the mainland. When the sun goes down."said the voice.

people! finally someone who might know what's going on around here

thought David as he headed to where the voice was coming from "hello? anyone there? i'm not gonna hurt you if you don't have hurt me" he said to the group of Kesin, Fromanzio, Vask

Fromanzio was hearing his new allies go back and forth and back and forth on plans. It was frankly getting old. He had his own plan, it might not go that far, but it was still a plan. The Jester came out of his panther-form in a surprisingly conservative flash and said simply.

"If you fear this "One", you may want to keep moving away from here. The forest is a fairly obvious hiding place and some form of scout has to have been sent. Fromanzio could kill the scout, but who knows what that would do. We recommend a simple distraction."

Fromanzio thought for another moment and figured the shark looking one could be useful. "You, shark looking guy, go get in water and start gathering food for everyone else. Fromanzio doesn't eat so don't worry about him. This part however, is important. Can anyone other than Fromanzio start a fire? If not, Fromanzio can do this by himself."

"If you fear this "One", you may want to keep moving away from here. The forest is a fairly obvious hiding place and some form of scout has to have been sent. Fromanzio could kill the scout, but who knows what that would do. We recommend a simple distraction."

Kesin nodded his head, for all this Jester's wacky talk, he still seemed intelligent enough, and his planned seemed like a better idea than, hide in the forest on the same island as the thing we want to get away from. Kesin was snapped back to reality when the Jester began talking to him.

"You, shark looking guy, go get in water and start gathering food for everyone else..."

To say Kesin was caught off-guard would be an understatement. His eyes quickly scanned up and down his body, looking for anything that gave away his identity, but other than his skin-color and teeth, nothing really screamed "Cetean". To top things off, how did this Jester know that he was a hunter?

"How did you...never mind. I'll be back with the food later. Try and stay closer to the shoreline, though, I don't want to have to go through this place and risk the One finding me first."

With that, Kesin took off away from the town in the direction of the opposite shoreline. Once he reached it, he quickly stripped, packing all his clothes away in the watertight bag, and dove into the water. His change was much swifter and a lot more comfortable than becoming a human. Back to his original state, Kesin began the hunt.

OOC: ok i'm scratch this post because i thought someone else in the forest and then had found another town when they were still in the forest my bad people carry on

Having been hiding for a while, Sylvia thought that now she should perhaps try to attack the strange creature that terrorized this planet. Perhaps she could take it down. Perhaps she would die. Either way, she didn't really have a home to go back to, so why should she care?

Quickly running between the trees of the forest, she jumped into the air, higher than humans could, letting out a battle roar and threw a spike of ice towards the giant creature, trying to do as much damage as she could before she'd start to slice it with her katana. If nothing else, this would serve as a distraction for others.

Vask turned to face David or at least would have if he was still there, as opposed to him having teleported randomly out of the forest. She'd been poised to rip him off the ground and break his neck for sneaking up on her like that. A random roundhouse kick of rage felled a nearby small tree.

Wait, fire.

"Are you crazy? A fire would be far too easy to track; even if this one doesn't see the smoke and the fire doesn't spread the ash would make it obvious. What do we even need a fire for? You can turn into a cat so the night shouldn't bother you. Anyway we should be off this island when night falls." She did her best to hide the worry in her voice, the thought of fire making her shiver slightly.

"Now I'll help with hunt."

Kesin had been right, over land he was easy to follow, little effort made to cover his tracks and not moving particularly fast. Vask didn't take long to reach the coast just in time in fact to see Kesin transform. So was anyone here not a shape shifter? Taking a moment to look out to sea again she breathed deep the salty air. The sun was getting higher, be midday soon.

Approaching the edge of the water and peering over. It was crystal clear, her eyes picking out fish from quite a distance. The dorsal fin of her unlikely companion letting her keep track of him even as he strayed into deeper waters.
She spoke, not loudly but in a tone that carried.

"Not that I doubt your abilities but perhaps some bait would help."

Vask touched the surface of the water running her index finger along it. The water became thick and red as blood flowed from the surface of the skin, summoning blood felt like a bit of a waste of her talents but if was the most effective for now. Soon they'd flock to her, or school to her which might be more accurate.

With her other hand behind her back Vask recited something under her breath, a burst of the golden lights tinkling with a slight chime of ethereal bells. She kept them behind her back for now, ready to attack when the bait was taken. To get off this island she'd need a shiny new set of gills.

"Now I'll help with hunt."

Fromanzio laughed. "That's the point! Fromanzio will use a bit of misdirection to lead the ones tracking us to another location. He can move much faster than they can after all. If Fromanzio is to do it alone, that is fine. He will be back soon. Try not to die too quickly now!"

Fromanzio held back a laugh as he knew it might make him more obvious. He gave up on most sense of subtlety and began flying around the trees, dodging, weaving and twisting to ensure he got to his unknown location as soon as possible. Really, just a way to keep The One off his tail until he could learn a bit about the creature, besides, Fromanzio never had a disdain for forest fires. He still hated the forest.

A simple fire spell would do. Start a small spark to spread on top of a tree, branches fall and soon the nearby shrubs and trees are on fire. It would take a while for anyone to notice, plenty of time for Fromanzio to be on the other side of the forest with his group.

"Right! Time to do this. Ready Fromanzio? You know the chant...right? Oh what was that chant? Damn it all! Firan moto borialah? No...that wasn't it. Come on! Slow flame spell...BORIAS!"

A huge jet of flames erupted from Fromanzio's mouth as he said that and set the nearby trees ablaze. That wasn't a slow fire spell, in fact, it was already getting hot. Fromanzio turned around and flew as fast as he could away from it. By the time anyone moved in close enough, he would already be long gone. Flames were like that.

As Sylvia attempted to jump him, the slashing weapon was grabbed by The One, who quietly regarded the beastlike woman for a moment. As he quietly looked over the attacking one, he realized that perhaps it would be better if she was instead closer to more of what should be in these forests. The ice spike, which had struck him in the arm, was regarded quietly for a moment until he finally turned all of his attention back to the beast, and let a glow fly from his hands into Sylvia. As she fell to her knees, she began to change. Soon, she was more of a beast than a standing assassin. He regarded her for a moment longer, before continuing on his path, leaving the beast to its own devices. As fires suddenly burst, The One knew that the escaping figures had to be reasonably close now. With one of them being 'sacrificed' to try and slow him, that meant that he would be upon them soon, and that would be the end of that.

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