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Interested? Well, it goes like this.

Fire Lord Zuko has just passed away, with no documentation of a heir due to a clerical error (or conspiracy?). Thus, Several factions have sprung up in the Fire nation, all are ether backing their Throne Claimant or a change in leadership. (Fire Nation officers start in the Fire nation. Beyond that, pick wherever to start.)

-The Fire Monks, who believe the job of all nations is to work in harmony and thus want a Council in charge of the Fire Nation, and Peace with the Earth Kingdom. However, they are loathe to capture cities because of the inevitable collateral damages, so their officers have become lazy. When they are captured however, they are the most loyal and productive in comparison.

-The Otohano, who believe the Fire Nation is the most powerful nation in the world, and should rule over all of it. They believe a ultra-Nationalist Fire Nation will bring great power. They are led by Seshain, a crazy bastard not unlike Ozai. Their Officers are monstrous, not caring about collateral at all if it means they get what they want, causing city captures to be less relevant.

-The Kaminohi, Who rally around the man who they believe is the true heir to Zuko, Kasai. They want to restore the old traditions of honor and peace, but the aggression of the Earth Kingdom sparked an Anger in Kasai that puts the Kaminohi in a double-fronted war. Their Officers are the most balanced, although fanatically loyal to Kasai and prone to anger when coming across nay-sayers.

The Earth Kingdom, under the dictatorial rule of Sho after taking the entirely wrong lesson form the previous war, sees a revenge opportunity and declares war. They face massive resistance from the Water Tribes in getting their War Boats across the ocean, however, due to their suspect at best reasons for starting up conflict. City captures are worthless, thus Earth Kingdom armies will move to engage civilian targets over fortifications whenever possible.(Officers start in Omashu, getting on the War Ship Vengeance)

The South Pole throws it's lot in with the Fire Nation in essence, acting as a Neutral-Zone for the warring parties so they can have some relief and Diplomacy. They did so in spirit of Katara, the Great Hero of Water. This attitude has caused them to run into trouble from some of the more zealous Fire Nation and Earth Nation transports and War Ships. (Water Tribe officers start on a transport boat, separate from other players, or at the poles)

The North Pole is, unironically, the exact opposite. Taking after Sokka, the Great Hero of Warriors, they take a militant Anti-Fire Nation stance. War parties can be spotted in the Fire nation and on boats, sinking Earth and Fire Ships alike. Sho is trying to find a way to contact their leader, whoever it is, since they closed their gates to foreigners, evidently finding a way to be self-sufficient. Earth Kingdom Officers may speak to court representatives at the docks about undertaking an espionage mission. (North Pole PCs are unavailable, for obvious reasons)

The Avatar is nowhere to be found, and although Aang tried to restart the traditions of the Air Monks, they are few and dying quickly in this changing world. (The Air Nomads are also NPC only.)

Everybody is required to make an Officer OC of any nation and they will lead a 5 Man Band, fulfilling missions given to them by their leaders (Me) and attempting to get promotions to gain some sort of end.


-Be Civil OOC, In character trash talk as much as you want.

-Soldiers and Officers CAN DIE. To that end, expect Soldiers in particular to die frequently.

-Cities can be taken a variety of ways, but cannot be taken by anything less than an army if you decide to make a siege.

-Traitors can be useful promotion opportunities in other armies, watch those other PC Officers.

Because this particular spoiler box wouldn't cooperate, here's a War Room of sorts.

Note: All nations not at Volatile relations are willing to speak to messengers of other factions.

Seems interesting, very Game of thrones'y if I dare say so.

I might write up a sheet for this, I might not, honestly I'm picking between this one and A:LoeDa and I don't think I could try for both.

How many members are you aiming for?

I could do with only a few, but I'd like a larger group.

Giving this a little bump, seems interesting.


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