Digimon: Radiance (A Digimon RP, Full)

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"Why do you do this?! I thought you were our guardians!" A frightened digimon said, the destruction of his village around him, the houses of his friends and family burnt to ashes. Nothing was right in his world, let alone the digital world, he was the last of Thanagar's guardians, the village of the birds had been roosted by these protectors of the world, yet he did not know why, as he stood there, broken sword in hand, he was prepared to get this one last answer from these Digimon before he returned to the primary villiage.

"I am sorry Ravemon, we do this for the greater good. I hope someday you will be able to forgive us." A noble voice said as she rose her hand in the air. As Ravemon looked up, he knew his time had come, but he also knew he was not going down without a fight.

"MOUSHUGEKI!" he yelled, charging at his enemy, determined to try to take her with him. The woman looked on as the raven dashed towards her, a single, remorseful tear streamed down her face as she called out her attack.

"Phantom Euthanasia..."

A flame of the brightest blue appeared on the palm of her hand, then, just as quickly, shot at Ravemon, hitting him in the chest. Within a millisecond, he was gone, and with him, the last of Thanagar. As the woman looked upon the destruction, she felt remorse for what had transpired, but at the same time, vigor for the next.

"Do not feel bad my friend, this had to be done, like the last few." A male voice spoke as he put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. "I would not qualify 19 villages and groups as a few... But it is as you say, it must be done... for the greater good."


"This cannot go on any more! I must..."

"No, you could not stand up to them, they are far too strong, even for one such as yourself." A voice from high upon the first said to his companion. They both looked though a crystal in the wall before them the destruction of one of the largest villages of their world, though unable to do anything about it.

"Cherubimon, we might be unable to do anything, but I know of thoughts who might be able to..."

"Do you mean the humans my lord?" Cherubimon spoke to the entity, who looked down upon his subject and nodded.

"Yes, they are already here, but there is a problem, it appears that I cannot speak to them, they seem to have anticipated this action and somehow blocked me from speaking to them. This is... disturbing..."

"Do not worry about it my lord, I will travel to the primary village myself and inform them. I shall leave at once!" the beastly angel said as he departed the chamber of his lord.

"God's speed Cherubimon...God's speed."


A pure white room, 7 beds, 7 mirrors, 7 pedestals, this is what Leon saw as he awoke from what seems like an eternal dream. It was the oddest thing, he looked around the room, next to each bed was a mirror, and in front of each mirror a stand, and upon each stand, an egg.

He looked to each of the beds, in which he saw people in each one, all of them he has seen before, but their names escaped him at the moment. 'this has to be a dream...' he thought, thought why he would have such a dream was beyond his understanding at the moment.

"Ok, I've had enough of this* he said as he slapped himself in the face to wake up from the most obring dream ever, but it did not work, the only thing that happened was him having a red mark and stinging pain in his left cheek.

"Well...Crap, this is real." He said, freaking out a little. As he began to pace back and forth, the egg near his bed began to shake and rattle. With a puzzled look upon his face, Leon walked over to it. The egg was quite odd, being purple with red gem like objects painted all over it, like some sort of expensive Easter egg. But at the same time, it was almost as if it was calling to him. As Leon approached it, the egg began to shake and move more and more as he walked closer and closer to it. He felt compelled to touch it, but worried what would happen, he did just wake up in a room with 6 other people when the last thing he remembered was walking to the drug store to get a slim jim.

As he touched the egg, the brightest of lights shined from it, forcing Leon to cover his eyes. When he uncovered them, there stood a little fuzzball, no bigger than a bowling ball, but with a mouth, and ears.

"Ok... um... Hi little purple thing? What am I talking about, the thing is a stuffed animal..."

"HEY! Im no stuffed animal! I am Zero the Dodomon!"

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Brad screamed as the creature talked, this was only going to get weirder as timed went on, he could tell.

The Egg.

It was the first thing Richard saw when a loud yell woke him from his slumber. Sitting up in his bed, the boy only took a moment's glance at the man in shock before he realized he had no clue where he was. He certainly didn't remember falling asleep, let along falling asleep in a place like this.

Richard then looked down to see that he was still in his casual clothes, which he never wore to bed. However, if he still had them on, then there was a chance he could find a clue to how he got here. Reaching into one of his pant pockets, Richard felt around and found one of his personal notebooks, with a pen and pencil stuck to the binding. Richard flipped the book open to find it...empty. At that moment, the reason for the blank pages came to him: the last notebook he had on hand was filled up, and he had just switched it out at his house when...

The teenager rubbed his head in slight frustration as he realized that there was a blank spot in his memory, something between retrieving the new journal and waking up here. Could it be that he was making this all up? Was he dreaming? No, not possible, even with all his dream journalism, Richrd never could actively realize he was in a dream. Whenever he did, it would force him to wake up.

Then, a rattling drew Richard's attention back to the Egg. Once he looked, he saw the Egg jostle itself on the pedestal it was placed on. The Egg appeared as if it was on fire, with a whitish base that changed to a bright yellow, then orange, then red, as the color moved across the surface to the top. "Is it...for me?" Richard blurted out a thought that popped into his head as he reached for the Egg.

When his index finger made contact, the fiery Egg began to glow as bright as the sun, making Richard looked away to protect his vision. When he looked back, the Egg was gone, and a small, reddish, sun-like creature sat on the pedestal, with a dancing flame upon its crown. "Well hi!" The little creature bounced up and down as it seemed to be happy to see Richard. "I'm Core, a Sunmon, happy to meet you!"

Richard didn't respond when the little, spiky ball spoke. Instead he found himself dumbstruck at the sight of the Sunmon, a trembling hand reaching for his notebook.

Groggily, Akesha came to, sitting up and blinking the sleep away from her eyes. Where am I? She thought, confused. Akesha could see she was in a white room with several beds in it, each next to a pillar with what looked like giant eggs on them. Nothing was adding up here. She closed her eyes, trying to remain calm.

How did I get here? The last thing I remember, I was at home... And then...

Suddenly, there was a cracking sound beside her, and she opened them to see that whatever was in the orange and yellow egg at her bedside was beginning to hatch. Akesha held her breath, watching as the egg broke apart, revealing what could only be described as a feathery ball with eyes.

Despite her situation, Akesha had to admit it was oddly... Cute.

"Hello, there, little guy. My name's Akesha. What's yours?"

The feathered ball regarded her for a moment before gruffly muttering, "Puwamon."


"I'm here."

Daria saw her brother sitting up in the bed adjacent to her own. They both looked around the room warily, parsing their brains for any memory of how they got here. There was none that they could recall. All they knew was that they were here, now, and between them was a mirror and a stand in front of it. On it rested an egg. Dirk cocked an eyebrow and asked, "Do you have any idea--"

"Not a one," his sister responded. He nodded, acknowledging the answer, and rose up to his feet. They both felt a rush of blood like they'd been lying like that for... they didn't want to think how long. They looked around the room and saw other humans, strangely familiar ones at that. They exchanged a look, telling each other everything they needed to say in the briefest exchange. These strangers and this place were odd, but the most important thing right then... was that egg. They both approached the stand cautiously. Or rather, Dirk approached cautiously. Daria stuck her face right up against it, nose pressing against its side.

"Waaaay bigger than a chicken egg... whaddaya think it is?"

"Whatever it is, you definitely shouldn't be touching like that!"

"Relax! It's not like--" Whatever she intended to say, it didn't get a chance to be said. The egg began to glow bright yellow, and the girl drew her face back with a little yelp. Both siblings took a careful step away from the egg as its colors shifted to orange, and then an increasingly hot rd. The color deepened further and further, until a crack spat by their ears. The egg split straight from top to bottom, and fell apart as such, leaving behind a little black creature.

Silence. Utter, slack-jawed silence prevailed as the twins gaped at this thing. They exchanged another glance. Say something to it. No, YOU say something to it!

The glaring lasted a short few seconds before Dirk admitted defeat. His shoulders slumped, and he crouched down a bit to get eye level with the little creature. "Uh... h-hi? What are--who are you?"

The little creature was silent for a moment, leaving Dirk believing himself a fool for trying to speak to it. But then it talked. Against all reason, it spoke in a tiny, soft voice.

"I am Botamon. Hi!"

The twins just stared. "...Botamon?"

Jason heard a yell and groggily opened his eyes, blinded by the white light. Groaning and covering his eyes, he lifted himself up from the bed and sat still, aware of noises all around him. Who was speaking so loudly? Lowering his hands, he blinked as he saw a tired looking blond guy staring directly at him. Starting up, he calmed down as he recognized the face. He was staring at a reflection of himself from a mirror located next to the bed. Confused, he turned and looked around. The sight that reached his eyes didn't answer any questions.

He was in a bright white room with 7 beds, 7 pedestals and chaos in the middle. Several strangers were either lying down or up and talking to fluffy toys. Jason's jaw dropped as he tried to process the events in front of him.

"Where... am I?"

His voice was croaky, as if it had been unused for a while. Staring down at his hands, he saw the oil that had been on them when he was at work earlier was gone. Had he fallen asleep at work? Was there an accident? Was this a hospital? Or...

"Am I dead?"

He said the question out loud, hoping an answer would appear before him. Covering his eyes again, he sunk back on the bed as his mind went in to overload, completely overwhelmed and confused.

A cracking noise made Jason perk up his head. There was an egg on the pedestal closest to him which was beginning to wobble and make noises. Blocking out all of the mess, he concentrated on the object, hoping he would at least understand this problem. The egg was much bigger than any egg he had seen before. Maybe it was an ostrich egg? Then again, what sort of ostrich would lay a teal green spotted egg?

Standing up and getting closer, he examined it more. It was wobbling with an increasing struggle whilst cracks appeared down the surface. Suddenly it stopped. Jason waited with bated breath, leaning a bit closer to investigate.

Suddenly the egg exploded, fragments flying everywhere. Falling backwards in shock, Jason shielded himself as he landed on his butt. Looking up, he found that what had replaced the egg was beyond insanity.

"Private Petitmon, reporting for duty, Sir!" Cried the small green floating creature, with tiny wings keeping it afloat as it beamed at Jason. The creature struggled to stay afloat as it lowered down to eye level, excitedly awaiting a response. Jason was horrified and dumbstruck.

"What the hell are you?" He blurted out, saying the first thing that came to mind.

"... Private Petitmon, sir!" The creature said again. Flying in small circles, Petitmon was slightly confused to the humans response but was still astoundingly happy. He finally had his human!

Jay half woke up, lying down and refused to open his eyes in defiance of the next day. He was still tire and he didn't have to be anywhere anyway so there was nothing that couldn't say he couldn't have a nice lie in today. Except Jay wasn't wearing his nightwear, he could feel he was fully dressed, shoes and all. In fact, the last thing Jay remembered was going to pick up some fruit to make a smoothie back at home. How the hell did he get back in bed?

Groggily half opening his eyes, Jay could see he was in the outfit he was wearing to go get the fruit, his favourite outfit, but he was not in any place that he recognised. Slowly, he opened his eyes and got up very carefully to get a good idea of his surrou-

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" A boy across the room screamed, startling Jay into a state of alert. Suddenly he seemed aware of people, people around him, none that he knew personally. If it wasn't for the pure whiteness of the room and the fact that everyone here seemed to be of an age where they would be capable for themselves, Jay would presume that he and everyone else here was kidnapped. That didn't really appear to be the case and what was perhaps the biggest give away besides the pure white room, the nice furniture and the generally pleasant and non-hostile awakening, screaming not withstanding, was the massive egg that was on the side of the bed on a pedestal. It was all Jay could focus on right now and actually made him forget the fact he had no idea where he was or how he got here. Reaching out, he went to touch the yellow striped egg.


Before he could even lay a finger on it the egg began to hatch. For a good second, a little beady eye stared at Jay and Jay stared right back, albeit more scared than whatever was hatching.


And then out came the little creatrue inside, a little white blob that seemed be both smiling and hovering, both of which unnerved Jay to no end.

"I... didn't know jellyfish came from eggs. Nor that they had faces. Or that they could...fly!" Jay said not taking his eyes off the little thing.

"Did you know I can talk too?"

"GWAAAAAAAH!" Jay screamed, doing a good impression of the other lad earlier.

"Sorry, did I frighten you? Serves you right for thinking me a Jelly-whatever, jerk!" The flying white blob said before sticking its ant size tongue out at Jay.

"S-sorry? What are you?"

"Me," The thing quizzed before turning itself almost diagonal, as if it was trying to tilt its head but had no neck, "I'm Poyomon, and you're a humon, aren't ya?"

"Hu-mon?" Jay repeated, "I'm a hu-MAN, if that's what you mean. My name's Jay."

"Well, 'Jay', it looks like you and me are partners!"


Richard carefully opened his notebook to the first page and huddled over it, so to not antagonize the fiery spiked ball...that talked. Taking a glance back at the "Sunmon", only to see that it was puzzled, Richard started to write:

Fell in wonderland? With other people...eggs with odd creatures inside. What's with the mirror, and why is everything white?

"Hey! Whatcha writing?!" Core hopped off the pedestal and into Richard's lap, causing the boy to jump back in his seat.

"No!" Richard made sure to keep the notebook away from the flame on top of Core's head. The last thing he needed now was to have his record of this to be turned to ash.

"Come on, I wanna see!" Core started bouncing all around Richard, who couldn't do anything but curl up in a ball around his notebook.

Travis' eyes shot open to an unfamiliar sterile white ceiling. Having been woken up rather unceremoniously due to all the commotion and never being a morning person to begin with, he was already not in the best of moods. Groaning at the prospect of starting his day, he sat up and wiped the sleep from his eyes, only to be greeted with yet another unfamiliar sight; several, actually. There were a whole bunch of strangers in his room.

Wait, this wasn't his room, and this certainly wasn't his bed. Where was he?

The last thing Travis remembered was crashing, exhausted, in his real room, at around 2:30 the previous morning. Now here he was, stuck in a seemingly exit-less room with a lot of people he didn't even really know. Great, just great. Rolling out of the bed and placing his face in his palms, he only now noticed what looked like a glorified Roman column about waist-high, with a white pillow at its peak, standing directly adjacent to the bed. What was on the pillow was the strange part, though: a rather large egg, yellow in color with white streaks that simulated waves of fire cascading up its surface. No bird on Earth save for an overweight ostrich could lay such an egg. Blinking a few times to make sure he was really seeing this, Travis could only stare.

Looking back over his shoulder, he saw the aforementioned strangers each accompanied by what appeared to be creatures no bigger than the size of a house cat, each slightly different in shape and color as well as overall, well, species. So...not only was this not a dream, this was some kind of adoption center for baby monsters? And they were all here to adopt? More questions than he knew what to do with swirled in Travis' head as he stood up, grabbing his skateboard that had somehow been brought with him to this strange place. Strapping it to his back like he always did, he was about to go over and ask some of the others just what was going on when an audible *crack* resonated from the egg next to "his" bed.

Travis froze at that point. Those creatures the others were, he guessed, "partnered" with. They hatched from eggs?

He didn't have time to ask one of the others for answers, as Travis' own egg began to shake and crack rather alarmingly atop its little pedestal. Instinctively reaching outward to prevent the egg from rocking itself off of the pedestal, the entire top half of the egg popped off like the lid of a mason jar and clattered to the floor without breaking. It was at this point that Travis locked eyes with the newborn, or rather, as best he could. See, the creature didn't seem to have its eyes completely open, like a newborn puppy, Travis guessed.

The small creature popped its "head" up over the edge of the eggshell and looked at Travis, who could do nothing but look back at it. It was...round, very round. Like, a perfect ball with eyes and a small cat-like mouth. It was covered in yellow fur and sported a fluffy yellow fox-like tail almost as big as it was. Swishing its tail about and knocking the remains of the eggshell to the ground, the creature sat on the pillow, its eyes never leaving Travis as it kept that permanent grin.

Then it spoke.

"Hi, I'm Relemon! You must be Travis, my partner!"

Travis could only respond the way any sane person would.

"...and you, must be sh*tting me."

It seems that Leon's scream had woken the others in the room, and with their awakening, it would seem there eggs hatched as well. He looked at each of the humans at each of them as they talked to there digimon, He decided to talk to his as well.

"So um... Zero was it? Pardon me if this is insulting, but what the hell are you and where the hell am I?"

"I can understand that you are confused, let me start by asking you, what's your name?" the small purple creature asked, looking up at the human that stood in front of him with his large yellow eyes.

"Oh me? They call me Leon, Leon Light, and you said your name was Zero, and you are a...what?" Leon asked, sitting on the bed as Zero turned to talk to him.

"They call our race Digimon, but me, im a Dodomon, as I said before, that's what I am. And I am your partner." He said, bouncing from his podium to his partner's lap. Leon looked down in wonder at the little digimon that sat on him, what did he mean by partner? Like detective partners? Plus, he was talking to a rather large furry beach ball no less, it was all very confusing.

"It means we are linked Leon, I can tell by that look on your face that you are confused, I can't blame you, yet again. But it should become clear in time." Zero continued, seeing as the human he was with was speechless.

Trying to find words, Leon examined the room, no walls, no windows, no exits, they were trapped in there. Upon further examination of the room, he saw enormous gems above each bed, He recognized the one above his bed, it was a Garnet, a beautiful stone with a deep crimson color, it was one of his favorites. Looking around the room, he saw 6 others gems, all of different types, an emerald, diamond, amongst others.

Putting Zero on the bed, he stood up so he could reach for the gem, as he touched it, a brilliant light erupted from the garnet, which also caused the room to rumble, and with the rumble, the wall that Leon has propped himself against descended into the ground, revealing a set of stairs.

As he looked to where the stairs lead, to his shock, they went right into a wall. Pulling himself around the corner, he looked around on the wall where the stairs ended, it was as he thought, it was where another bed, and another gem lay. It must mean that each gem is another set of stairs, and with another set of stairs, a way to get out of this room of white.

"Zero, I know you were just born, and hatching from that egg must have made you tired, but could you come with me to wherever this stairs lead when we get out of here?"

Overjoyed, Zero leaped upon his partner's shoulder, smiling as he said "Of course Leon! We are partners after all!"

With a smile, Leon looked at the room and spoke "Um... hey guys, I uh... think we need to touch the gems above our beds to get out of here."

"Lemme see, lemme see!" Core showed no interest in his surroundings, seemingly focused on peeking at what Richard wrote in his notebook. He appeared to grow frustrated, as instead of continuing to bounce all around the panicked boy, the Sunmon started to bounce on his head.

This has to be a nightmare, this has to be... Richard thought to himself even though the pain he felt on his back spoke otherwise. Combined with the stresses of being surrounded by strangers and the hollow feeling of being completely lost, Richard reached a boiling point. "Will. You. STOP IT?!?!" The boy quickly unfurled from his folded ball position, and open hand ready to smack Core away from him.

However, at that same moment, Core was still rising from his last jump, putting him out of the teenager's immediate grasp. Richard, so desperate to hit something, jumped up from his bed with the intention to spike the overactive ball into the ground. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who's side you were on), Richard miscalculated and went too high, his hand smacking the slightly-sparkling Emerald above his bed.

Once his hand met with the gem, the room rumbled once more, giving Richard pause as he landed on the bed. Heart pounding, Richard reached for his notebook again, snatching it out from under Core. With a pencil in hand, the boy hastily scribbled a new entry:

I'm in hell

Akesha blinked, realizing she wasn't the only one here. Carefully taking Puwamon in her arms, she turned to face the others.

She heard one of them mentioning touching a gem over their bed, and sure enough, there was what looked like an amethyst above the bed. Mystified, she reached out to touch it.

As the room rumbled, Jason gripped the bed tightly as he closed his eyes in disbelief. This is just one big nightmare, and I can't wake up. As much as he wanted to believe in that he knew what he was feeling wasn't a dream, it was too... real. After the rumbling subsided, he didn't relinquish his grip on the bed nor open his eyes, stuck to the spot as his mind tried to make sense of anything.

"Are you okay sir?"

The squeaky voice had a touch of concern in it. Opening his eyes, he could see the flying puff ball watching him, worry in his eyes.

"Yeah I'm... fine." Jason halted as he realised what he was doing. He was talking to it! He was officially crazy!

"Um... hey guys, I uh... think we need to touch the gems above our beds to get out of here."

A young man spoke from across the room. Turning to see, Jason saw he also had a monster with him, but he seemed to be friendly with his. Was he in a nuthouse? Was this just a group hallucination? As his eyes wandered back to his bed, he saw that the young man was right about one thing. An enormous topaz was above his bed. He let out a low whistle. That thing must be worth tonnes.

Standing up and ignoring the erratic flapping coming from the inquisitive monster, he walked closer to the gem. It seemed real. What was it the young man had said? Touch the gem?

"Why the hell not?" Jason said, voiced laced with sarcasm as he placed his palm on the gem.

As he made contact, the gem flashed with a bright light as the room recommenced rumbling. Grimacing as he covered his eyes, he turned to see that the young man seemed to be standing by an opening he hadn't seen before. It was time to escape this place. Jason almost ran across the room, desperate to get out as soon as possible.

"Wait for me sir!" The squeaky voice rang out behind him. Jason ignored it.

Reaching up to the young man, he stopped in front of him and opened his mouth. Unsure of what to say, he remained in silence for a moment before closing his mouth.

"Do you have any idea where we are?"

"No I dont, im just as confused as you are." Leon said, floding his arms as he pushed his back against the wall, his partner sitting on his shoulder.

"What i know is that these things, these Digimon are not our enemies, at least, not the ones in this room, they seem to want to help us, like that little guy behind you. The name is Leon by the way, You are Jason right? Ive seen you around town." he said, offering his hand.

"What are you doing Leon?" Zero asked, tilting his head/body to the side like a dog that has heard a strange noise.

"Its a gesture from our world Zero, its like saying Hello.

"Ohhhh! i get it!"

"See? They are not bad, just curious."

Akesha turned to the others, still holding the struggling Pinamon. Maybe together they could figure out where they were...

"I'm Akesha, and this is Pinamon, who are you?"

"Uh... I'm Dirk," said the boy twin, pointing at himself.

"Daria," said his sister, meekly waving at the others. Her brother suddenly shifted, making a disgusted face as something wriggled up his back. The black little creature came to rest on his shoulder, its big orb eyes blankly staring at the others.

"And I guess this thing is... Botamon."


The twins shared a look and shrugged, checking their beds. Sure enough, above one was a black onyx stone, and above the other a white pearl. Touching the stones, they heard the room shifting as more stairs opened up. After alerting the others that their work was done, they moved towards the edge of the room and huddled up, speaking in hushed whispers.

"Daria, I don't like this. This whole place is giving me serious creeps."

"I dunno, I think this is kinda cool! Who knows where we are?"

"Exactly my point. How do we know this isn't some kind of set-up?"

"Seems like a lot of effort for something that simple," said Daria with a confused frown.

"Maybe so, but we have no idea what's going on here. If we need these people's help, fine, but I say we split after that."

"Why? They're in the same situation we are."

"We don't know that! They might be in on it."

"In on what?"

"If it helps," said Botamon, crawling up on Daria's shoulder. "I think we can trust them!" Dirk narrowed his eyes and pointed at the little creature.

"You keep quiet until we figure this out. You don't make any sense. You should not be."

Daria broke the huddle, shrugging as she walked out towards the center of the room. "You can do whatever, but I'm sticking with these guys. This sounds fun!"

Dirk, however much he didn't like it, quickly followed her, muttering quietly to himself.

Jason looked down at the offered hand and gruffly shook it.

"Yeah, my name's Jason. Leon? You look familiar..."

Turning and seeing his little follower was still present, he shook his head.

"I don't know what a digimon is or why I'm here, but we should get out of here and try and get home. I want to understand what has happened."

Turning and nodding in acknowledgment to each newcomer, he saw each of them had one of the little monsters as well. They all had seemed to be sucked out of the blue and dumped in this fake heaven, trapped without an exit.

Turning and eyeing his follower suspiciously, Jason hesitated before continuing.

"You weren't planning to... eat us, were you?"

The floating monster looked horrified.

"N-no sir! I'm here to help you!"

"Help me? With what?"

"With anything, sir!"

Jason sighed and ran his hand through his hair. This was going to be stressful.

"Well, do you have a name?"

"Private Petitmon, sir!"

What sort of a name was that? Jason thought as he looked around the room.

"Well, Privatepetitmon, find me a way out of here."

The floating ball immediately set off, circling the room with joyful bobbing. After circuiting the room twice it flew down the newly formed staircase, clearly enjoying the new adventure it was entrusted with.

Turning back to the group, Jason focused his attention back on the other monsters the people had.

"Are you guys sure those things are safe? They look like some sort of laboratory experiment gone wrong."

Gems above the beds opening passages? Strange Jellyfish that can talk? Bunch of people all in a clear white room? This can only mean one thing, Jay thought, Someone dropped some mushrooms into the water supply or something and now I am hallucinating. Or maybe I'm asleep or unconscious! Any minute now I will come to and then someone will explain all of this with a simple 'It was all a-'

"Hey, are you dreaming?" Poyomon said and flew up to his face. Jay fell backwards onto the bed in suprise.

"Gah!" Jay screamed, "Don't do that, I was thinking!"

"Well stop that. You look weird when you do." Poyomon flew closer to him and sat on his chest, or maybe stood on his chest. It was hard to tell with a colour-less blob. "Didn't he say we should touch the gems to get-"

"Yes yes yes, I know!" Jay interrupted, and pushed the blob off his chest and back into the air, where he span for a little bit, ending up dizzy. Jay paid no mind and instead stared at his gem. A giant diamond, shining bright. If Jay brought this back to the real world and sold it, he'd probably not have to work for a long time. Still, all he had to do was touch it. Jay reached out and touched it, where, like the others it shone bright and the room once again rumbled as a wall opened, exposing a staircase. "Just like magic..."

Attempting to make sense of what was going on was beginning to make Travis' head hurt. He'd been in weird situations before, but this by far took the cake. Deciding to roll with it for the time being, he placed one fist to his cheek and sharply applied pressure, cracking his neck rather audibly. Loosening up, he noticed that Relemon was still staring happily up at him, not understanding the vulgarity he spat out as a first impression. It's certainly...cute, I guess, Travis thought to himself.

Now growing bored, he turned to see the rest of the group and their monsters gathering near a previously unseen staircase. Overhearing the conversation slightly, apparently there were gemstones located above their beds? And they were the key to getting out of here simply through contact? Travis looked over his own bed to only just now notice a large, radiant, sapphire glistening against the sterile white wall. All of the others appeared to have their own unique variations of crystal as well. It was almost as if...

No, that was ridiculous. They couldn't have been destined to come here. That kind of thing just didn't exist in the world anymore. Nowadays people forged their own fates. There wasn't any higher power pulling the strings here. Feeling his head throb again, Travis stopped thinking about it and awkwardly climbed across his bedspread to reach the sapphire above the headboard. Relemon turned to watch, saying nothing but curious nonetheless. The small Digimon's fluffy tail swished back and forth slowly as it watched its new partner with genuine interest. Travis could feel its eyes on him and looked back over his shoulder, forming a weak smile at the little creature, slightly nervously.

Doing nothing for the moment but staring at his own broken reflection in the sapphire's surface, Travis brought his right hand up, curled it into a fist, and pressed hard with the outer surface of his palm. The crystal was cold to the touch, unsurprisingly. A low rumble resonated up through the wall and back toward the staircase the others were gathered around as he removed his hand from the sapphire. Climbing off of the bed, he turned to Relemon once more.

"So...we're "partners" now? Alright, whatever you say, fluffy. What say you and I go see what the commotion is about over there?"

Relemon perked up upon hearing this with adorable innocence.

"Ok! Will you carry me?"


Extending his arm, Relemon hopped off of the column and into his outstretched hand. Bringing it close and cradling it like some kind of newborn puppy, Travis looked down to meet Relemon's gaze for the 3rd time in the past few moments. Whatever this thing was, it was his ticket to getting out of this place. That, and the others who had activated their crystals as well. Travis left his bedside and walked on over to where they were gathered, making sure his skateboard was secure. Coming up right behind and perhaps far too close for comfort to the set of twins, Travis introduced himself, as well as his precious cargo.

"Hey. You all seem to know what is going on? At least more than I do? My name's Travis. This little yellow...thing is Relemon. I didn't choose that name, it did. Anybody know how to get out of here? Or where here is, for that matter?"

Relemon wanted to interject at the notion of being called a "thing," but didn't quite understand the connotations in its simple-mindedness. It merely looked to and fro at the various new faces and Digimon, eager to get to know them further.

"Nice to meet you all!"

Richard scribbled more sparse notes in his book, mainly trying to build a story that, he thought, might jumpstart his memory. Core, finally taking the hint, just sat on the bed quietly as Richard wrote and the other people activated their gems.

Eventually, as the people looked like they were beginning to leave, Core spoke up, slightly startling Richard. "Hey, it looks like they're getting ready to leave."

Richard, after taking a breath to recover from the minor shock, decided it would be easier to respond to the strange-looking, talking ball by not looking at it. "Doesn't matter, need to think, need to remember which way I came so I can leave."

"What if they're going the same way? Isn't it better to travel together?" Core found it hard to understand this person he found himself partnered with. While he couldn't tell what their differences were, beyond the obvious, Core just felt like something as...off.

Richard looked up from his writing and finally took a good look at those he had woken with. These people, they're... Richard remembered his stories, several pieces of several different ones, all of them dealing with the idea of fate. "...familiar."

"Good!" Core got some of his energy back as he saw he was making progress. "Then we should go with them, we can trust people we know!"

But I don't know them...I just think... Richard rubbed his temples as he was starting to lose himself. "Fine." The boy hopped off the bed and slowly approached the group, Core bouncing alongside, knowing better than to ask for a ride. When they both got close to the others, Richard did nothing to attract attention, deciding instead to just be the silent follower.

With the gems touched, Leon looked though the corridor to see if his theory was right, and as the last staircase shifted into place, a large beam of light shined, illuminating the stairs. Zero and Leon looked at each other, a smile crossed both of there faces. He then turned to look at the rest of the group, it would seem they are socializing, Moreso after he started to talk to Jason. He decided to take this chance and explore ahead for a second.

Walking up stairs, Zero shoulder adjacent, looked around the room. Like the room before it, it was pure white, but there where two very different things about this one, the first was the most obvious, an exit. One large, giant arch leading to the outside world, and the other was a fountain like object sitting in the middle of the room, shooting a beam of light into the sky, it was octagon shaped, all joining above into a point the size of a pen, shooting light above them to some unknown location, but the curious thing was that on each side there was a gem, just like in the bedroom. As he examined the room the others joined him, each seeing the stone as well, it would seem.

"They look the same as the ones down there, just smaller." Zero said, hopping down from his partner's shoulder and looking at the gem. "Maybe touching it will do something too?"

"That's a good idea Zero, im willing to give it a shot." Leon agreed, looking at the gem, with no fear, he pressed his palm to the garnet, and yet again, a blazing light shined over the room. Once again, he shielded his eyes with his hands.

As the light faded, the young man opened his eyes only to see two very... unusual sights.

The first was that the very Garnet he touched was now sunken into his right hand. He felt no pain nor is he bleeding, it is just... there. This would be enough to freak anyone out, but the 2nd sight manage to do even worse.


"WAAAAAA! W...WHO ARE YOU?!" Leon yelled, falling back on his ass and pushing himself away from the furry dragon that stood before him.

"Leon? What are you talking about? Its me, Zero, i just... have seem to Digivolve, how odd..." the dragon said, walking over to the human. With shaking hand, Leon reached his hand over to the creature and put his hand on his head, his fur still felt like how the tiny Zero's fur felt, and even more odd, the garnet in his right head looked exactly like the gem in Zero's head, there was no way this was a coincidence.

Z...Zero? What is going on? You guys transform?" He asked, pushing himself up off the ground, dusting off his black pants, seeing if his set of goggles in his pocket where not broken, and making sure his jacket was not torn as well. Zero looked at his own body as well, surprised he was in a new form.

"Yea, its called digivolution, all Digimon can do it, I am now in my rookie form, its called Dorumon, but I am still me, I will always be Zero." the dragonoid responded.

'What a sight..." Leon thought, looking at his partners new form, it was amazing, before he was the size of a bowling ball at most, now, he stands chest high to him, a man of almost 6 foot, with purple fur, piercing yellow eyes, and even tiny little bat wings. And this is his rookie form? He had to wonder to himself if he would change into any other forms.

Then it dawned on him, once again, there where 7 other people and 6 other digimon in the room, who, much to his embarrassment, saw every single bit of his freak out. As he hid his hand with the Garnet in it form the others, he wondered, if the others saw it, let alone would they touch there gems, and if it would have the same effect on there partners.

Akesha followed the others into another room that apparently lead outside. "Wow..."

Suddenly, there was a flash of light, followed by a startled yelp from as one of the others of the creatures changed from a small fluffy ball to what could only be described as a furry purple dragon.

Despite herself, Akesha couldn't help but stare, and not just because the dragon's partner was freaking out.

Suddenly, Pinamon begin struggling in her arms. "Hey, wha the matter?" Pinamon said nothing, finally managing to escape her grip and hop over to a section of the wall with an amethyst in it. "You want me to touch that?' Nod. "Well, okay..."

Akesha reached out to touch the stone, leading to another bright flash of light. When it cleared, not only was the stone now embedded in her hand (which was freaky in of itself), but Pinamon had now taken the form of what looked like a dark gray and red owl in a purple ninja vest.

The newly-transformed Pinamon took to the air, stretching as he did. "...That feels better."

Akesha's mouth fell open. "...Pinamon."

"It's Falcomon now." the bird said simply.

Jason got no reply to his question, clearly the others were just as dazed as he was. As Leon walked down the staircase, the familiar monster flied back up over his head.

"I found it! The way out!"

"Alright, no need to make a racket." Jason was beginning to find Privatepetitmon's enthusiasm a tad irritating. He was confused and bewildered and having this creature act like a newborn puppy was beginning to get on his nerves.

Following Leon, he walked down the stairs into the next room, similar but with a fountain and, most importantly, an exit. Keeping his eyes on it, he began to walk towards it when he heard a yell. Startled, he spun around and saw a giant, furry, purple dinosaur standing in front of Leon.

Jason panicked and was frozen to the spot. Where did it come from? What in the world was going on here? All he knew is that thing had claws and teeth that could be fatal, and he didn't know if he was the next meal after Leon. Before he could react, his follower piped up.

"Don't worry sir, that's just Leon's partner. He won't hurt you!"

"You're telling me not to worry about a nightmare Barney the Dinosaur? That thing could eat me!"

"He wouldn't eat you, I'm sure he's full!"

What a relief. Leon seemed to be engaged in friendly conversation with the monster. Was he utterly mad? If a dinosaur appeared next to him, he wouldn't engage it in gossip. Turning and nearly running towards the exit, Jason was determined to escape this hellhole.

"No, sir! Don't!"

Jason paused, shooting the furball an annoyed glance.

"Now what?"

"You can't go until you've touched your gem, sir!"

"I did! It nearly blinded me!"

"No sir, the one on the fountain!"

How many damn gems would he have to touch to get out of here? Jason wasn't sure if the furball was threatening him or not.

If that thing is friends with the dinosaur, I'm not taking any chances. Sullenly crossing back across the room, he examined the fountain in more detail. There was more gems encrusted across it, similar to the ones above the bed, but smaller. Searching briefly, he found the small bright blue topaz midway up the fountain. Jason sighed and accepted his fate as he placed his palm against the gem.

Another flashed temporarily blinded him. What is with all these damn flashes?! Jason grimaced as he covered his face. Once he lowered his arm, he saw the gem was gone from the fountain. Curious. He looked around the fountain, hoping to find the moving gem until he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

The gem was in his left hand. In. His hand. As in, embedded in the palm of his hand. His jaw dropped as he touched it with his other hand. Yup, stuck right in there. He tried removing it, but to no avail. Why was there no pain? How did this happen?

"What in all hell is going on here?!"

"Why, what happened, sir?" The voice was undoubtedly the flying pipsqueak but yet was deeper. His curiousity piqued, Jason tore his eyes away from one unbelievable horror to the next.


In front of him stood a waist high dinosaur in military clothing, complete with a helmet, jacket and camouflage. It had large teeth, large claws, large cyborg boots and was standing directly in front of him.

Jason silently fell backwards in to the fountain with a splash. He was too surprised to do anything other than gawp at the monster stood in front of him.

"Are you okay sir?"

"p...p... Privatepetitmon...?"

"Not anymore sir. Private Commandramon reporting for duty, sir!"

Jason sat, struck dumb, as he tried to process this information. It seemed to him that where ever he was, there were no laws of nature and everything was going mad. As he tried to think of something to respond with, his eyes drifted down to the object in Commandramon's hands.

"... Is that a f**king gun?!"

Richard was satisfied with his observations, and took the initiative upon himself to proceed. Anything to get out of this madhouse. With a swipe of his hand, Richard let the Emerald sink itself in his hand, his eyes already closed in preparation for Core's expected transformation.

Turning around to see what his partner had become, Richard could have sworn he heard Core say something while Richard's eyes were closed, but he couldn't make it out. Regardless, Core had certainly transformed, the spiky ball turning into a lion cub with red fur, and now had two flames: one on his forehead and another on his tail. Richard felt his hand drawn back to his notebook, but resisted the urge. "What are you now?"

Core smiled as he bounced on his feet, not gaining as much relative height as he had when he was a Sunmon, but easily cleared his human partner's height. "Heh, I'm Coronamon now!"

Richard couldn't resist it anymore, and finally retrieved his notebook.

Change in central theme after this "digivolution". Note: look for common motifs.

Much like Jason's, Travis' questions fell on deaf ears. Alright then, Travis thought to himself. More silent types who would rather hang back than be social, great. Remaining where he was in the huddle with Relemon, Travis watched as quite a few members of their harem traversed the new staircase into the next room. Seeing this opportunity and rather sick of the silence, Travis rather rudely pushed himself forward in-between Dirk and Daria, toward the stairs.

"'Scuse me," Travis said rather flatly. Relemon only squeaked as this transpired, having not been expecting it in enough time to object. The tiny creature only buried its face in Travis' torso to avoid the awkward confrontation.

In the back of his mind, Travis knew that he should probably be nicer to these people, as there was no way of knowing if that staircase actually led anywhere. They could be stuck in this sterile-white purgatory for a very long time, forced into each others company. However, there had always been that driving force behind Travis' psyche: if he saw something, be that an opportunity or an object, he would stop at nothing to achieve or obtain it, no matter who or what stood in his way. It was a bold, but sometimes harsh view on life that had gotten him this far.

A fat lot of good that seemed now.

Ascending quickly up the stairs, Relemon bouncing slightly in his arms with every step, Travis took in the sight of this second room. Leon, Jason, Akesha, and Richard were all nearby, gathering haphazardly near a rather large fountain in the center of (sigh) another pukingly-pure white room. All of their creatures seemed to have transformed, it looked like. There was a purple dinosaur...thing with a red jewel in its head, a camo-patterned blue raptor with a freaking M-16 assault rifle, a humanoid bird dressed in ninja-garb, and a cat-like creature with its head and tail literally on fire. A throb from Travis' temple reminded him to keep disregarding logic in this situation.

While he was certainly wary of the now larger creatures in the room, their human counterparts seemed content enough to be around them. Well good for them, Travis thought once more. First chance I get, I'm out of this drug-induced nightmare.

Sweeping the room, Travis saw what he was looking for: a large gateway leading seemingly outside. There was natural light pouring in the room from the other side, so where else could it lead? Anywhere was better than here. You guys can keep your weird-ass creatures, I'm out of here. Making sure his backpack and skateboard were secure, Travis began briskly making his way for the archway, leaving the group in the dust. A small voice from his arms startled him as he did so.

"Hey, where are you going?! Didn't you see Zero, Petitmon, Core, and Pinamon over there? They Digivolved! I want to Digivolve, too! Go over to the fountain and see how they did it! You can't leave yet!!"

Travis ignored the throbbing on either side of his forehead.

"The hell I can't, I'm getting out of here. Sorry, but you've clearly got the wrong-ass guy here."

"You know, I was trying to be nice earlier, what with you being new to this whole world and all, but you're being a real jerk. How could you behave like that in front of those other two humans? And what's with those bad words you keep using? Are you trying to be tough? Now unless you want things to end up bad for the both of us, you'll turn around and go back to the fountain right now!"

"F*ck that," Travis said rather curtly. He was about ready to cut his losses and drop the fuzzball right then and there had it not been for what happened next.

"Henshin!"[1] bellowed Relemon, a rather sour tone to its voice. There was a sudden *poof* of yellow-white smoke the moment Relemon finished its proclamation.

Suddenly, it felt like Relemon weighed 200 pounds. Travis quickly lost his balance and toppled forward, clutching onto Relemon's suddenly not-so furry form for dear life. There was a loud metallic *clang* as Travis hit the ground hard with Relemon. Composing himself, he opened his eyes. Relemon had turned into an anvil to stop him from moving any further, like the kind you would see in those old cartoons. Its angry little eyes glared back at Travis from the flat surface of the anvil he was facing, with only its fluffy tail sticking out the backside. With another *poof the anvil disappeared and there was Relemon's familiar form, truly angry now, at least in its facial expression.

Travis got to his feet, continuing to clutch Relemon. He was beginning to understand the extent of what was going on, at least only partially. It was obvious enough these weren't normal creatures, but he didn't know they were going to have freaky powers, too. Relemon said nothing more, only gestured with her "face" toward the fountain, tail bristled like an angry house cat. Reluctantly, Travis turned around and slowly made his way back to the fountain, side-stepping the others and their Digimon, now all-the-more fearful of what they could do, after what he just experienced.

Seeing as how the others were gravitating around this particular area of the fountain, its clear water running peacefully, Travis located the reason they did so: there were some more gemstones here. Unlike those back in the bed room, these were smaller, triangular-cut variations of the much larger ones previously seen and touched. Guessing that he was supposed to located the sapphire he had touched earlier, he found the deep-blue gem amongst the others. Unsure of what to do next, he merely reached for the sapphire, much to the anticipation of Relemon, who was eying the crystal intently. The moment Travis' hand touched the sapphire, there was a bright flash of light.

Dazed, but unhurt, Travis blinked quite a few times as his vision returned. Relemon was no longer in his arms, for some reason, and Travis took this for granted. Maybe now I can get out of her-. Travis froze mid-thought as he looked at his right hand. The sapphire. Something had indeed happened when he touched it: namely, it had imbedded itself into the skin on the back of his palm. Shaking his hand in a vain attempt to get the thing off, Travis sighed at the lack of result. It was weird, but hey, at least now he might have some money coming to him.

Shifting his backpack again, Travis hurried toward the archway once more. Now that Relemon wasn't there to stop him, he should have a straight shot to the-



Bouncing slightly off of something soft and fuzzy, yet hard as a rock, Travis stumbled backward, dazed yet again. Swearing under his breath, having forgotten about the other Digimon in the room changing shape, most like due to their "partners" touching their crystals, Travis winced as he opened his eyes.

"I thought you might try that again. We're in this together, so you are going to stay here. Clear?"

Travis gulped as he nodded. That voice, it was unmistakable Relemon, but the tone was...different. More stern, yet feminine. A nervous cough escaped his lips. Damn it, Travis swore again.

"R-Relemon...?" The creature in front of him only shook its head in response.

"My name is Renamon now. Our names change when we Digivolve. You'll understand that more clearly in due time. Until then, sit down."

Giving up, Travis did so; staring at the ground in slight shock.

[1] Henshin (lit. "Transformation"): Transforms into anything of a similar size, though it can't conceal its tail.

The relative shock of both having a giant purple dragon say he is his partner and having a large gem fused to his hand was still lingering around Leon as he looked on to the the other humans, The only ones who still seemed reluctant to touch there gems where Jay and the twins, but who could blame them? Who knows what there partners will transform into. He sure as hell did not expect Zero to go from a fuzzball to a huge almost human sized dragon, thats for sure.

"Hey Zero, lets go explore while they get use to this, I want to see where we are and what the hell is going on."

"No problem Leon, lets go!" Zero cheered, still showing his immaturity as he ran out into the world, Leon having to dash to keep up with him. The duo looked upon the world in front of them.


A vast winter landscape was spread before them, giant mountains of pure white as far as the eye can see, the bitterest of winds could be heard and felt howling though the air, it was a tundra. Leon was in shock, how in the hell did they get here? That question was more prevalent now, more then ever.

"Zero...Where in the hell are we?" Leon asked, looking down at his partner, his body shaking, with both fear and chills.

"This is the Digital World, but to be more specific, we are in the Tundra Zone, the northern most part of the Digital World, but why we are here, i cant say."

"I dont think the guys are going to like this..."


"So, these are the ones?" a voice said.

"Yes, they seem to be, Our lord said they would be here, and he was right." another voice followed up.

"That seems to be a Dorumon with that human, they are kinda tough, think we can take it?" A third voice said.

"Do not worry, they are no match for the three of us, we just have to wait for the rest of them to exit the temple, and then we strike, this snow gives us perfect camouflage." one voice said, wagging his tail as he said this, as if he was excited to shed human blood.

"We are champions after all, a bunch of rookies cant hope to take us."

Akesha blinked, seeing the other - Digimon, was it? - transform into bigger forms. Beside her, Falcomon frowned and suddenly flew off.

Hey, wait up!" Akesha hurried after Falcomon, only to stop in her tracks at the sight of the tundra in front of them. "Woah..." Falcomon gingerly landed on the snow, glaring at his surroundings.

The twins stood silent for a moment, gaping at what they'd just witnessed. The little round creature they'd been carrying with them had changed, very suddenly, when they'd touched the two gems lying in wait for them. They glanced at their palms, where the stones had sunken in, and then back at their companion. In the corners of their eyes they could see others changing much like their own. Dirk had the courage to speak up first. "W-what... what are you?"


The little yellowish lizard smiled with a big, toothy grin and told him, "I'm Agumon!"

"So you can... change form? Or... what?" The boy clutched his head. "Oh, god, this is giving me such a headache." He waved to his sister dismissively. "You talk to it. I'll go mad if I think about this any more."

Daria approached the thing and crouched down in front of it, inspecting it with piqued interest. "So, you're like a little dino-dude now, huh? Neat!" She put her hand out, and chuckled as Agumon took it with his own, shaking it happily. That reminded her. "So, do we still call you Botamon, or...?"

"My name's whatever I am!" he explained. "So, you can call me Agumon for now."

"Really?" She tilted her head and pursed her lips a bit. "Ya don't have your own name?"

The little lizard blushed, scratching the back of his head. "Well, I do have a name for telling me apart for other Agumon, but... uh, just call me Agumon for now, okay?"

She shrugged. "Whatever, little dude. You can be anything you want." She grabbed underneath his arms, lifting him up and hefting the creature up on her shoulders and walking over to her brother, who was still muttering to himself.

"Freaking... what were we doing before this? Why can't I--"

"Yo, Dirk." She pointed at the rest of their 'companions' making a hasty exit. "We're getting left behind. We need to pick up the pace."

Dirk just stared at her with utter disdain in his eyes. She grinned sheepishly, and with Agumon on her shoulders traipsed over to the others. He watched his sister go, and decided not to catch up just yet. Instead, he opted to inspect the others that were around here. He thought he saw a falcon flying off that looked like some kind of Indian brave. Then there was the... the soldier. With an assault rifle. A bead of sweat on his brow warned him not to look long on this creature, lest he learn things he did not wish to about this place. He turned his attention to the giant fox. A low whistle escaped his lips as he approached Travis and Renamon, eyeing the latter with surprise. Hadn't this creature been the tiniest little thing just a moment ago.

"Man, did my sis and I get the short straw or something? You get the giant fox dame, the guy over there's got some kind of Dino-Rambo... just what are you things anyway?"

"I dont think the guys are going to like this..."

"Oh my god!"

A blur of motion like lightning snapped past Leon's field of vision as Daria bulldozed out into the snow, oblivious to the wind throwing her arms out to her sides in amazement as she spun around, eyes full of light and drinking in the mountain ranges piercing the sky above. She dove headfirst into the snow, Agumon crying out in surprise, then delight as he started flailing around as she did. The chaotic motions settled down after a few hectic seconds, Daria spreading her limbs out to make a snow angel, and Agumon curiously copying the motion.

"This is amazing! It never snows back home! What is this place?!"

"I think we're in the Tundra Zone," explained Agumon, glancing around at their surroundings. "Wow, how'd I end up out here..."

"Who CARES?! Ya see those mountains! We should go mountain climbing, I've never been!"

She was incorrigible. Like a kid in a candy store. Daria hopped to her feet, the snow angel completed. Agumon did the same, glumly noting the difference in proper shape between theirs as his partner kept admiring the landscape.

"Man," she said with a beaming smile. "we really lucked out!"

Richard shivered as he stepped out into the frozen landscape. Journal still in hand, he scribbled down a new note:

Setting: "Tundra Zone", high altitude area with heavy snowfall, mountainous. Possible environmental hazards: snow covering disturbances in the terrain, blizzards, and loss of direction due to monochromatic scenery.

After finishing the note, Richard could feel a warm aura around his legs. He looked down to see what could have caused this, to find that the flames on Core's tail were being waved back in forth in front of him. "Does that feel better?" Core's head was turned back to look at his partner. "You looked cold."

Richard paused for a moment as he tried to find the right words to say. "Uh...yeah, it's fine."

Once again, everybody seemed to be on the move. The others seemed so ready, even excited to be in this place. A few of them had even ventured through the archway, outside into what now appeared to be a blustery winter setting. Moments ago, Travis would have joined them, getting out of this sterile-white prison and seeing about actually trying to figure out their purpose for being here in the first place.

Now however, he wasn't so sure.

For the first time in a long time, Travis felt rather frightened. Relemon had been no bigger than a softball in his arms, and without a second thought, she had stopped his misguided attempt at fleeing this place. Now she, Renamon, was a full head taller than he was, and spoke with such a powerful and demanding tone that Travis didn't know what else to do but follow what she said. Had this been any other situation, he would have set off on his own. Somehow, given the circumstances, Travis didn't think that kind of thinking was going to fly here.

Renamon remained where she had stopped Travis from fleeing for a second time, her arms folded across her chest as she gazed disapprovingly upon her chosen "partner" for this little adventure. Of all the people to get matched up with, it had to be this delinquent. Perfect, Renamon thought to herself.

"Man, did my sis and I get the short straw or something? You get the giant fox dame, the guy over there's got some kind of Dino-Rambo... just what are you things anyway?"

Broken out of his inner-turmoil, Travis looked up, seeing one of the twins from earlier. Dirk, he remembered his name was. His hand was extended to help Travis to his feet. Taking it, Travis rose, sick of feeling sorry for himself, finally. Turning to meet Renamon's gaze, Travis only continued to get given the cold shoulder as his partner addressed Dirk's question directly, not even looking at Travis.

"We are known as 'Digimon,' short for 'Digital Monsters,' Dirk. In this realm, we can take many forms, growing more powerful each time we do. I am Renamon, and it it very kind to meet your acquaintance. Don't be so quick to misjudge Agumon, however. He may in-fact surprise you one day."

As Renamon shook Dirk's hand firmly, Travis shoved his hands in his pockets, begrudged. Travis eyed his partner's new body. She was sleek, tall, and much more fox-like in her features. Having a more humanoid shape now, with a long fluffy tail and furry white-tipped ears, Renamon didn't appear all that powerful at first glance. Those eyes however, more than made up for it in intimidation factor: black slits with icy-blue irises. Travis kept trying to meet her gaze but to no avail. Disregarding Renamon, Travis spoke to Dirk as well.

"Just...be glad you don't have to look up to your Digimon, Dirk. Heh... *cough*"

Another cold stare. Sigh.

There was some commotion out through the archway, in the snow. Travis eyed it intently, now curious.

"I uh...saw your sister go out there with your orange dinosaur. You and Renamon want to head out there, too? Seems to be where everyone else is headed."

Renamon's ears twitched slightly upon hearing this. She was prepared to stop Travis if he attempted to bolt again.

"Hey are you gonna do something or what?" Poyomon snapped at Jay, flopping onto Jay's head, snapping out of his motionless trance. He was just standing there doing nothing as everyone touched gems and had their cute little critters turned into giant creatures, simultaneously terrifying and undeniably fascinating. Monsters that shape shift into other monsters, it'd be impossible not to be amazed by it just as much as it was impossible to be unafraid of it.

Jay went over to his gem and looked at his marshmellow friend. "You... you will change if I touch this."

"Are you not listening to anything that's going on?" Poyomon huffed, "Yes, that's right. I will digivolve. Are you all in there?"

Jay sighed, "I'm just in a bit of shock right now, looking at all of this."

The gem shone just as bright as the last one, and he yet again was one of the last people to touch his. Jay imagined in the brief moments as he moved his arms to touch it what Poyomon will "digivolve" into. A big ghost. An angel. Heck, some of the others here completely changed so maybe he'll turn into something like a tiger, or some kind of samurai made entirely of vegitables. Maybe Jay drew the short straw with partners and all he would get is some useless flying cream puff that just talks to people. A long gulp slid down Jay's throat as he placed his hand on the jewel.

Poyomon began to shine brighter than the diamond that Jay actually touched, and flew away from Jay's person. It was a sight to see, a blinding shining light floating in the middle of the air in front of him. Slowly but surely, the shape began to change. Poyomon wasn't growing as exponentially as the other digimon, but he was most certainly changing drastically. That threw out the 'ghost' idea.

Then the light faded and Jay was face to face with the new Poyomon. Orange and white, with 4 stubby legs, a pudgy body and two bat wings coming out of the sides of his head, currently working hard to keep him afloat.

"You're a bat-pig?"

"Hey!" Patamon objected and lightly hit Jay atop his head repeatidly with his front legs. "Don't be a jerk, jerk!"

"Ow, okay okay!" Jay rubbed his head and moved to be with the others. It didn't hurt, but it seemed wrong not to react.

"I uh...saw your sister go out there with your orange dinosaur. You and Renamon want to head out there, too? Seems to be where everyone else is headed."

"Yeah, sounds like a plan. Better check on her before she get into too much trouble."


Dirk was left staring blankly at the pair of snow angels on the ground. "Seriously?"

He glanced at his sister, who was too enthralled by the mountainous climate to answer his question. He shrugged and stepped beside her, looking at the vast landscape stretching out before them. That settled it, then. Pretty definitely not Earth. "So... Agumon, is it? Why did we wind up in this place anyway?"

"I can't really say," Agumon replied. "I'm not sure!"

"Hmph." The boy stuck his hands into his pockets, quietly waiting for the others to think of a plan. He'd rather not think too long about these circumstances.

Akesha shivered in the cold. And me without my coat... Glancing around, she saw one of the others making snow angels. She smiled, remembering her brothers and sisters... then she frowned.

I have to get home... my family must be wondering where I am...

Gingerly, Akesha edged out into the snow, Falcomon trailing behind. She walked up to what she guessed were twins, and decided to strike up a conversation.

"I'm Akesha, and this is Falcomon, who are you?"

Leon looked around, it seemed as if everyone had made there way out to the arctic field that they where in. He looked back at his fuzzy dragon like partner, then at everyone else with there partners, some seemed ok with there respective Digimon, Daria being the main example of this, besides Leon himself. Then there was everyone else, who seemed off putted and afraid of there partners, Travis and Jay being key examples of the latter. But who could really blame them? They did see tiny little fuzzballs and jellyfish transform into tall women like foxes and pig bodied creatures that fly with there ears.

"Hey Zero, where do we need to head? I mean, we do seem to be in the middle of nowhere, we should find someone that can tell us why we are here." Leon looked over to his partner, the snow starting to gather on his purple fur, he looked almost majestic as he thought about the situation and what they should do. He looked onto the horizon, the mountains painting a gentle yet harsh landscape before him.

"If I remember the area right, we are just a little north of the plain zone, and the closest village to us would be Thanagar, one of the largest in the zone, and the largest bird digimon village we have around, they should be able to help us." Zero told his partner.

"More digimon? Birds at that? Im scared to see the size of them." Leon responded, shuddering, thought if its from the cold or the thought of building sized birds, was hard to say.

"NOW!" a female voice said from above the group, from the cliff's edge, three almost pure white felines popped up from the snow, only being able to be seen by there purple and red stripes, pink inner ears, and piercing blue eyes. Zero jumped in front of Leon, his hair standing on end, his eyes changed form the round, kind eyes to snake like and angry, ready to defend his partner.

"W...Whats going on?!" Leon yelled, scared out of his mind, this time shaking from fear. The cats bared there claws, and advanced closer to the group, forcing them to separate into 3 groups, Jay and Richard stood there ground on the ramp. Travis and the Twins where forced to back up into the temple, while Leon, Akesha and Jason where steadfast in the snow.

"Our lords have tasked us with killing you, which we gladly took on this role, but know we do not do this out of hate, but out of duty." One polite cat said. "We Gatomon hope you understand."

"Understand nothing! These are our friends! We wont let you hurt them!" Zero yelled, his eyes darted towards Leon. "Stay behind me! This is going to get violent!"

Speechless, the young man nodded, what the hell happened? They where all talking and having fun now there lives are at risk, this is unreal...

"Can we just kill them and get this over with, I wanna go home." The third Gatomon chastised the others, not thinking highly of the many rookies around them, but who could blame her? They where champions after all.

The first Gatomon, who seemed very proud of herself, stood in front of Jay and Richard as they stood on the top of the ramp. The second Gatomon who seemed polite and kind readied herself to battle Leon Akesha and Jason as the snow started to fall even more, while the third Gatomon who was cocky and arrogant was ready for battle verses Travis, Dirk and Daria in the center of the temple, her agile nature could make quick work of them with all the items and structures she could jump off of to get a better advantage.

This was going to be a tough battle, but they had to survive, they had to know what was happening and why they where getting attacked.

The Twins instinctively huddled closer together as they backed away from the Gatomon, Daria retracting into a fighting stance as Agumon got between them at their assailant. As perilous as the situation apparently was, Dirk simply couldn't find himself getting into the mood. He shrugged his shoulders, scowling at the little feline. "Can somebody please tell me why we're supposed to be afraid of a litter box dependent? This is just pathetic."

Agumon glanced back at him disapprovingly. "Don't underestimate a Gatomon! They man look small, but they're Champion-level!"

"And that means... what?"

"It means, think of me like a pistol, and her like a machine gun!"

Dirk gave a cocky grin as he sized up the situation. A glance with Daria and a nod told him she agreed. They backed away, giving their partner more space. Each twin readied one arm, stretching it out and extended the thumb and his forefingers in the shape of a gun.

"A pistol doesn't need to be more powerful than a machine gun," said Daria. "It just has to make its shot count. So, Agumon?"

His little ears pricked up, waiting for an order. The twins spoke in unison.


And the little lizard was off, dashing to his right side against a column. His legs coiled and sprang, catapulting the little creature halfway up its length. From there, he rebounded himself once more, flying over the Gatomon as flames welled up between his razor-sharp teeth.

"Pepper Breath!"

One, two, three bursts of fire erupted from the dino's mouth, projectiles raining down on the cat from above.

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