The Capital (A Zombie RP) (Interest Thread)

Welcome to my very first interest thread! I've been developing this idea for a while now but I felt that before I continued any further, I should ask the community their opinion on my RP idea! You will find a description below, and if you think you may be interested or have any improvement/constructive criticism, please do not hesitate to tell me!


Five years ago, a horrifying virus destroyed the world. The virus was intended to bring people out of a coma, it worked, in a sense. Sadly it had the unfortunate effect of mutating the victim and making them a bloodthirsty monster with no memory of their past. The disease spread rapidly and no country could prevent it. Within months, all society collapsed and anyone who survived the initial chaos began to die off. Some starved, others fell victim to the monsters, and some couldn't in a world like this anymore. It was then the capital was created. The richest most powerful people of the world created a safe zone. They built a huge town free of all infection. The money they used soon became worthless but it gave them enough time to build The Capital, a huge town with beautiful architecture and ultra modern facilities. It was here the richest people of the world took refuge, in an attempt to forget the horrors of the outbreak. Although the rich gained acceptance, the government used it's remaining power to transport the most genetically perfect humans to the town, athletic, smart, any trait thy deemed you exceptional allowed you acceptance. The towns location was originally hidden but as people grew desperate, people founds the town. The town had been built on a completely flat terrain with deep rich soils and stunning nature qualities. The town was surrounded by massive stone walls, manned by the most elite operatives in the world. People rioted outside the gates begging to get in. Some resorted to using helicopters to fly into the city. This was known as the dark ages. They were forced to shoot down anyone threatening the safety of the city. They shot hundreds and thousands of people at the gates, killing any survivors who had not gained entrance. As the last of humanity beyond the gates were wiped out, the town was left alone, in a world surrounded by savage monsters. The town itself was beautiful. Architectural wonders, stunning recreations, crystal fountains, it had everything. It's educational and medical facilities were among the best in the world. The people of the town set up a democratic government to control society. Army operatives act as police protecting the town. It has been one month since The Capital has become the last place of life on earth. Will the government fall, will crime destroy the city, will the people forget, will it prosper, all of this will be decided upon your actions, what will you do.

I hope you all enjoyed that backstory! Basically, you will play citizens of The Capital and your actions will decide the fate of the capital. I shall create vents and ensure the storyline continues, I will do my best to ensure there is never a dull moment but it is also up to up to you to either let the city prosper, or crumble under your watch. Please tell me your opinions and if you might be interested! I still have many details to sort out such as positions of you players, how you may run for government and other details like that. If you have any suggestions or anything like that, tell me and I do my best! Thank you for reading!


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