Fallout: Wild Horses (Started, Open)

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The middle of nowhere


Martin turned and saw a grey deathclaw, probably an alpha. Did it just talk? No time to think.

Somehow the other man was faster. Joe shot at it, tossed a revolver to him, and grabbed his revolver from his holster.

Joe said something unintelligible at this point.

Martin thought quickly and pulled his flare gun with one hand as he holstered the mans revolver with the other, he fired it at the demon and began reloading it as he started to backpedal away from it. How far away was it? Didn't matter, it's never far enough with the demons, they'll just keep coming. The damned ground was too open.

Same Place

He really should have seen this coming. There were only two real possible reactions to get from shouting at them. One was their stunned shock and wariness like last time, and the other was-



-a bit more common. He was a little far down the hill from them, but it looke like one of them was taking careful aim, so Ranger Joe would be treated to his target running off to the left to find the refuge of the rocks nearby, and then sort of using the curve of the hill to keep him an the flare-shooter just out of sight as he moved low on all-fours. As he approached a bush, something made a noise he wasn't familiar with and ran off into some other bushes.

It seemed like the Deathclaw was intelligent alright. It wasn't trying for the head-on attack, nor was it staying very much exposed. It looked...kinda' like it was trying to flank them.

Markus just sat down after awhile. They seemed to have switched their plans to making him deaf. He began work on a trap when they would turn the corner. He had a very fundamental part of the nuka cola mine, but after some searching he found he had none of the others. For now he wou-

'Why did I stop hearing gunfire?'

"Markus, I assume?"

Markus reached into his holster, about to pull his pistol. A woman in black clothing, certainly pretty. She wasn't immediately shooting, and even he PRETENDED to be nice to those people he had saved earlier. For now, pretend they could be friends with her. He even made a promise to himself.

"Yeah. Sorry, yes, I am Markus Brutus... How did you get that name, anyways?"

'I just goddamn changed it.' He got up, putting his back pack on again. He figured he was safe-ish for now, and dropped his Rebar Club onto the ground. Lightened his load, certainly, he thought as he stretched his shoulders.

"I assume you're not going to kill me right away? May I ask who you are?"

Outside the Rabbit Hole

Passing by a nearby food vendor, she ordered 2 bighorner-steaks and 2 Iguanas-on-a-stick. The iguana part was what Tessa practically considered a delicacy, but hey, fine dining to her consisted of any meal with Vodka. Once she was done paying 40 caps, her attention was back on getting home.

Vera, completely covered in items large and small, floated over to her in a ditzy sort of way.

"Oh hey there, Ver-..." Vera, in her blinded state, had flown directly into her head. "God motherfu#!$%% dammit, my !&*#$(@ eye!"

Moving the parts aside that was covering most of her faceplate, like magnets on a refrigerator door, she kissed the Hover Bunny to reassure her that she wasn't angry. With a hand over her eye. "Mommy didn't mean to say those bad words. Mommy just gets a little cranky when she's sober."

Down the Rabbit Hole

Rushing ahead of them into the house and towards the autowash. She emerged in a hurry and dumped the mass of clean clothes on the bed.

Spreading them out for Mercy to see that they now had an extensive wardrobe, Tessa walked over and hung one of her red dresses off of Vera's...whiskers...they looked like metallic whiskers to her. She stepped back to admire Vera "in" a dress before whistling in a teasing manner. It matched her red paint-job. "I got that one for you! You're very difficult to shop for..."

Since Mercy was the last to enter the house, Tessa readied her best jazz hand gleefully. (The other arm was occupied with holding the food.)

"Oh boy, have I got a ton of news to share..." eyeing what looked like ammo boxes, a large gun and Mercy carrying an assortment of items she could not recognize. "...I'll let you gals go first though. What did we get and what do you have planned?"

She smiled proudly at the Twisted Hares gearing up for the first time. Unfortunately, she found that she was quite tired after today...they had completely skipped sleep the previous night. Pulling the head-wrap off, a litte more evidence of Tessa's activity had showed on her scraped armour.

Well this was just peachy.
Martin was apparently using a flare-gun instead of reloading Joe's revolver like he was supposed to, and the Deathclaw was trying to be sneaky.
"What part of "Reload me" don't you understand!?"
While Joe was looking around, his [Lucky Shades] due to their improper fit fell to the bridge of his nose, and he saw he reflection of the Deathclaw trying to sneak up behind him.
[Guns 85]Joe fired a single shot at it's new location. Both to warn it that he knew where it was, and to alert Martin to it's new location.
"It's not always a good idea to try and be sneaky when you stand out as much as you do. If you are an intelligent Deathclaw, you're a pretty stupid one."
The moment any of it was exposed, it would eat a hail of lead and foul language...

Cheyton's Home for Wayward Wabbits:

The Boom-Boom Bunny beamed proudly at her sister, the Rabid Rabbit of Blades, as she entered their humble abode, which was soon to be upgraded to fortress status, with the haul from the Market. Their haul, however was nothing compared to the awesomeness of the disguises that the Shadowy Hare had picked up for them. A giggle echoed in the now warm home as Mercy caught sight of the Bunny-Ball swishing around in, of all things, a Red Dress.

As much as Mercy wanted to dive into the piles and piles of clothing, more clothing than she had ever owned in her life, Tess looked at the cart of supplies that the Younger sister had brought in.

"...What did we get and what do you have planned?" The Sleepy Sis asked with a smile on her face.

"Oh nothing, Sissy. Just a bunch of Payback and some home security supplies." The Plasma Bunny responded as she displayed some of the wares.

"Vera got this idea about adding a turret to the house." Mercy said as she pulled out the Conductors, Sensor Modules, the BAR, its ammo and the Arc Pylon. Since the Twisted Hares didn't really want to draw attention to themselves by installing a massive machine gun turret to the top of the house, the Tech Rabbit picked up a little something to help disguise the machine gun on their way home.

"So, we're going to be building a turret on the roof of our house, Tess. Isn't that awesome? And I know what you're thinking. Isn't a machine that can literally shoot hundreds and hundreds rounds of lead based death going to be noticeable? Well... I've got just the thing!" Mercy said in her best used car saleswoman voice.

"TADA!" The Engineering Rabbit tada'd as she pulled out what looked like a life sized hula girl complete with a gaudy pink grass skirt, coconut bra and, strangely enough, a set of rabbit ears.

"I'm gonna make it so that the machine gun pops up from out of the skirt if someone decides to mess with us on our home turf!!" Mercy exclaimed cheerfully as she dumped the rest of the stuff in what was quickly becoming her work area.

"I also got some stuff to make disguised bombs out of." The Boomer Bunny said a little less cheerfully as she noticed the tired look on her sister's face as well as the scratches all over her leather armor.

"T-T-T-Tess? Are you okay? Are you hurt?!" The Panicked Widdle Wabbit asked as she rushed to her Eldest Sister's side, grabbing a stimpack, a Super Stimpack, some Med-X and a Doctor's bag on the way as she started freaking the F' out, the sight of the bruises and marks on Tess' arms reopening the recently healed scars of her family's death.

Clearing off the bed, Mercy helped her sister doff her armor and proceeded to check Tessa for any life threatening injuries, sighing in relief when she found none. It wasn't until the impromptu medical examination was complete that Mer-Mer realized that Tess-Tess was sound asleep.

Smiling, Mercy draped a blanket over her slumbering sister, before curling up next to her.

"Come on V. Let's get some rest. We've got a big day tomorrow."

The Rabbit Hole

Vera hovered in the air, stunned at the dress being draped all over her. ...No one's ever thought to do that before... I mean sure... there's the green ribbon, but... wow, just wow! Makes it a crime that I can't actually wear it...

Vera sighed for a moment and then realized something.

Or maybe I could wear it... in a manner of speaking.

Vera gently shrugged the dress off of her, and then scanned it with her multitool. She added it into her hologram projector's data set, and waited for it to recalibrate.

DING! it went after a few minutes.

Vera immediately tried it. She turned on her hologram projector on and...

the woman's image appeared again. Her skin and hair was just as blue as ever.... but now her dress looked exactly like the one Tessa had given Vera, right down to the vibrant red color.

"Ta-" Vera started to call out to her sisters, but then she noticed that they were asleep. She quickly shut the hologram off and whispered "Sorry! Goodnight Mer-Mer. Goodnight Tess."

Vera wished she could sleep. Wished she could snuggle up into Tessa's arms and just... let her mind fall into blissful silence and wonder as dreams rocked her subconsciousness.

Do I even have a subconscious?

Finally, Vera did the next best thing she could think of... she retracted her 'whiskers' a bit, and settled onto Tessa's lap, and pretended to sleep.

Meanwhile... the in slums...

"They've met?" Ulysses asked what passed for his new second-in-command.

"Yes!" the terrified knuckledragger said.

"Then why did you and your men venture back here?" Ulysses said, his voice perfectly level... and knife-edged, "You've done half of the work, now finish it! Go! drive them out of here!"

The knuckleheads started making their way out. Ulysses called out to them, "And make sure not to leave any lasting injuries on them! Or I'll put some in you!"

With that the knuckleheads ran out of their own hq and started chasing Markus and The Undertaker out of their turf.

"One of the men that was shooting at you said the name Markus... so I could only assume that that's you."

'They don't know my name either.' Markus flashed his own smile, sweet and innocent, and even accepted her help in getting picked up. Markus had trouble holding in his laughter from her cringe, she was skilled, but Markus could see through her like everyone else. His legs felt stiff, but he easily matched her pace as they began walking.

'For now, she's a friend. Just keep her to your side or in front.'

"As for my name, it's Victoria McGee, my friends call me Vicky."

"I'll try to remember it." Markus nodded, and they continued on. He made sure to lean on her a bit, perhaps a minor exaggeration of his hunger but it was easier than trying to tough it out. She was strong, probably stronger than him. He felt that would've stung his pride if he had any.

It wasn't too long before they found the wounded one. The survivor was bleeding heavily, and wimpering to himself. Markus took out his pistol, and kept it leveled on the mans head. Luckily a startling lack of violence from this one. Perhaps too much in one day, perhaps he just didn't favor his odds. Markus sighed, and listened to the woman as she gave her diagnosis.

"Well sir, I'm sorry to say that you're not going to make it home today. As an Undertaker, I know these things. You've lost too much blood. But before you pass, is there anything you want me to pass on to your loved ones?"

An Undertaker, interesting. Couldn't tell if it was a lie, she seemed more of an assassin than much else. She was either eccentric or both, he figured, a lie seemed unlikely as there was no point to it. Other than confusing Markus. He watched intently as she wrote her message.

"You wouldn't happen to know something with a grudge against these guys and has a penchant for knives would you?"

Markus' face contorted in thought, switching between the body and the message.

[Educated] Hares are another name for rabbits, like those girls from earlier. The one who put the knife up to his throat was certainly pent up enough to do something like this. The knife also matches the wounds consistently...

[Hunter] Markus looked around further, tracks, signs of struggle, a drip of blood from someone escaping. He smiled cruelly as he slunk over. It was hard, but he could follow it for awhile. Though now he could hear the sound of others approaching. Probably more than a few, and probably not friendly.

"Yeah, follow me, I think I know a place we can go. Just keep a gun on hand, not sure if this'll get us to where to where we need to go." Markus got up, and dusted himself off. He started off after the trail of blood, quickly and waving Vicky to follow him.


"What part of "Reload me" don't you understand!?"

"It's not always a good idea to try and be sneaky when you stand out as much as you do. If you are an intelligent Deathclaw, you're a pretty stupid one."

Martin holstered his flare gun.

"One, you don't have enough firepower. Two, by screaming at it and firing on it you helped it hone in on us. Three, you can reload yourself."

He grabbed his revolver from Joe, and handed Joes pistol to him.

"Four. Don't Touch My Gun."

He took a few more steps away from the deathclaw's new position, before holstering his pistol and pulling his rifle from its sling. He took a bracing position as he watched the spot, waiting for movement before he tried to aim.

The hills that are alive with a talking Deathclaw

For the moment, Malkos paid no heed to the insult of his intellect. They could not conceive of how good he was at stealth or planning or anything. Far beyond the designs of a normal Deathclaw, and very tricky even by his own kind's standards. However, he heard them arguing now, and it amused the still-low-to-the-ground-and-avoiding-gunfire creature. He spoke out as he reached the high-point of the hill, having gone around some rocks just out of sight to make it to the top the long way.

"Bickering humans... Too loud, too slow, and too weak to handle the likes of us. If you are so clever, why is HE the one who makes sense? Keep shooting. I know the others here will be interested."

There was a sound like stone against stone as Malkos at the top of the hill now straightened up and held a big rock over his head. Then, he did two-handed lob of the thing at Joe!

"May the best mind win!"

The Deathclaw howled. If the gunfire hadn't drawn any attention, this might. But hey, that wasn't the most immediate concern right now. What's the average air-speed velocity of a beachball-sized boulder being thrown two-handed downhill by a grown Deathclaw? I'm not sure on the math, but getting hit would be very bad.

I-25 Ambush

When Kaiden asked for another smokescreen, Jose took a glance at his squad. Seeing that none of them had anymore makeshift smoke grenades, he responded with a shake of his head. "We only had enough for the first round!"

"Not Necessarily!" Jacob could hear the pair speaking from his position by the support. "There's some pretty loose, dry dirt all around here, some good shooting should make for some good cover!" The doctor poked his laser pistol out and fired a couple of random shots, setting a bush that provided cover for a raider on fire.

Jose nodded and waved a signal at his Rangers, ordering them to aim at the dirt. They did, and the next second or two of fire was directed at the ground beneath the raiders. Some of the squad added some frag grenades for good measure. The result was a nice, thick cloud of upturned dust, but it was already fading fast.

Flashback: Freeside

"Sonea, it worries me when you mess around with that!" Tessa's arms were draped around Sonea from behind.

"Have a little faith, I've actually found the right level. Just have to keep this measurement in mind." For once, Sonea wasn't playing with knives and instead, she was playing with something else. Part of an invented tactic previously regarded as forbidden by the duo, but they made ONE exception to that rule. Even then, the criteria for breaking that rule was extremely strict.

What Sonea considered her apparent brown-eyed "beauty" of a girlfriend perched herself on the desk with a worrying stare. "Sonea, we don't have any reason to try it out, ever again. We dominated the Kings already. They fear me after seeing me like that...not really what I was going for."

Sonea carefully set aside the item and held a hand reassuringly to her girlfriend's face. "It was controlled. We'll only have to use it in dire situations...otherwise, we steer clear of it, I promise."

"Only as a last resort...I guess that's the reason why we're called the Feral Rabbits." Tessa tried her best to sound hopeful, but she was always a terrible liar with Sonea. Which broke her heart slightly when disappointment flashed across her face.

Bundle of Bunnies under a Black Blanket

Tessa awoke clutching her sister's arm, she was quick to release her grip since her fingers had started clawing. Touching her face ritualistically, she found the even more familiar tears had made their way down her face. Judging by the glimmer of sunlight through the space beneath the door, she reckoned that only a few hours had passed at best. She also noted a familiar ball of Rabbit resting on her lap.

So she went on a glorified power-nap and even then the memories had wormed it's way through her day's worth of thoughts and worries. Silly.

Muttering a small curse under her breath, Tessa disentangled from her sister and made the decision to take a brief shower. Alerting Vera, who had taken the adorable position on her lap, that she was fully awake with a pat on her whiskered head and a motion to the bathroom.

While undressing as soon as she was able to stand, in her usual manner, she started to speak to Vera while she was in the shower.

Glad she was concealed behind closed eyes and a steady stream of hot water. "I used to have a girlfriend, in Freeside." She figured that diving headfirst into the issue seemed best. "We grew up together, abandoned street kids, dropping in and out of gangs. I'm pretty sure you heard about The Kings, right? You were with the Van Graffs after all. Well, the Feral Rabbits dominated them last year, absorbed the gang and territory...under my command. I was the leader."

She struggled to verbalize her next sentence. "She was killed by a trigger happy NCR Rookie. You wanna know the kicker? We weren't even doing anything wrong, in fact, we were making donations to the Followers. We liberated the final batch of the Kings chem supply. We don't make use of chems in my gang...I suppose that boxes of stimpacks and more illegal chems made us look like junkies...still, s-she was shot. I-I was beaten...our donations confiscated. I should have been the one to die that day, she was the kind one."

Stopping the shower and wrapping a towel around herself, she spent a few moments to get her bearings once more. "I'm sure you noticed, it's why I cry in my sleep...I just miss her. I really really miss her."

Not one to dwell or really enjoy the more serious talks, she emerged from the shower with a change of topic. "I dunno what Mercy was freaking out about, it's one little bruise on my wrist. Otherwise I'm great...I was just damn tired."

Tessa got to work on stitching up her leather armor with a stitching kit and meticulously cleaning it off with a toothbrush. "You look beautiful in your dress, Hover Rabbit, I hope you like it."

Between waiting for her armor to dry, she switched to jotting down all the info she had discovered on the Knuckleheads on their poster-turned-drawing-board. She made mention of everything from chem lab hotspots, how to identify a Knucklehead, how she sent the first message, where the Knuckleheads are moving their influence and how to find them easily and finally Follower medical reports.

She obviously included stick-figures, flowers and rabbits in her diagrams.

"There...I'll tell you ladies about how I tangled with an actual Knucklehead earlier when Mercy wakes up. Didn't expect him to throw me, hence the bruise...anyway, I was also wondering about you sleeping, don't you have like a, standby mode or something? It can simulate sleep? I can never have enough family to cuddle with."

That last sentence managed to put a genuine smile on her face after her confession earlier.

"Markus, be a dear and put your gun away, please."

Markus complied, hearing voices. He wasn't afraid of a fight, but he supposed she might not do too well with guns and swords. More a wits and words girl, really. He tucked it into it's holster, trying to flick the safety off. Of course it had been removed.

They were officers, of course, and Vicky had gone to working her charm almost immediately. Markus had to hold back a bit of bile in his mouth, but at least it wasn't him being forced to lie. He took the moment to crouch down, and check his surroundings. The blood trail was getting harder to see, though by now Markus was using the treads of her boots. She was heading towards the followers place. Sure, they were annoyingly arrogant pencil necked nerds, but at least they could hold stimulating conversation. These officers, however, could not. He only tuned back in to listen to a very interesting little comment.

"Manservant. Simon's my manservant. I need him to carry my bag for me" The Debutant interrupted before adding, "My mother told me that I should get rid of Simon and get a husband. But I just haven't found the right man yet."

'Oh, my.' Markus looked to the ground, forcing himself to blush. He slumped his shoulders a tad, and got back up, not meeting the gaze of the officers. He looked pitiable, or as much as he could.

"I'm assuming we can go now?"

"This way, m'lady." Markus bowed deeply, allowing her to take a slight lead, until the officers were out of the way. He stopped her near the Followers place, "Damn, too many boot prints to follow. Care to test your silver tongue again?" Markus found a man in a lab coat smoking, balding of hair and dull of eyes it seemed.

"I'm not that great of a liar, think you can convince him to part with some information on our Twisted Hare?" Markus looked down in what looked like shame, and smiled innocently. He didn't want her to see his abilities too much now, let her think he was a dullard and a brute. She'd never see the shot that killed her if she screwed up.


The deathclaw moved higher when Martin had allowed himself to get distracted, it probably wasn't the best idea in hindsight to argue now in hindsight.

"Bickering humans... Too loud, too slow, and too weak to handle the likes of us. If you are so clever, why is HE the one who makes sense? Keep shooting. I know the others here will be interested."

Definitely not a mimic. Still no time.
The deathclaw lifted a large stone over its head and lobbed it at Joe.

"May the best mind win!"

Martin was already dashing back towards Joe, it was only a few steps but he was reacting. The momentum carried him and he buttstroked Joe in the torso, knocking him on his back.

Martin pulled himself back a little more before the stone almost hit him. He looked at Joe and began trying to help him up as quickly as possible.

The Humble Bunny Bundle. Beat the average price of 20 grand caps, and you unlock the 'use' of Vera's hologram!

Vera followed Tessa as she headed for the bathroom. Vera tried very hard not to stare at Tessa's hips as they hypnotically swayed back and...

NO! Stop that! Bad Vera bad!

"I used to have a girlfriend, in Freeside." She figured that diving headfirst into the issue seemed best. "We grew up together, abandoned street kids, dropping in and out of gangs. I'm pretty sure you heard about The Kings, right? You were with the Van Graffs after all. Well, the Feral Rabbits dominated them last year, absorbed the gang and territory...under my command. I was the leader."

Vera listened quietly while Tessa told her all of this, and then when Tessa got to the Kings, Vera started remembering meeting The King. Seemed like a nice enough guy, even if his cyberdog was a complete asshole. Fuck you too, Rex.

"She was killed by a trigger happy NCR Rookie. You wanna know the kicker? We weren't even doing anything wrong, in fact, we were making donations to the Followers. We liberated the final batch of the Kings chem supply. We don't make use of chems in my gang...I suppose that boxes of stimpacks and more illegal chems made us look like junkies...still, s-she was shot. I-I was beaten...our donations confiscated. I should have been the one to die that day, she was the kind one."

That last part REALLY got Vera's attention. Forgetting any sense of propriety, she rushed into the bathroom to tell, no, to scream at Tessa not to think that way when...

"I'm sure you noticed, it's why I cry in my sleep...I just miss her. I really really miss her."

That deflated Vera somewhat, so instead, she just nuzzled Tessa's naked shoulder.

"I can relate to that, Tessa," Vera said, "The Brotherhood of Steel Paladins didn't just kill the Van Graff adults when they raided the workshop... while I was away..." Vera paused, her voice trailing off, somewhat angry, she... 'sniffed' for lack of a better word before continuing in a calmly mournful tone, "they... killed the children too. The kids hadn't done anything to deserve that. They were just... in the way I guess. They were like my brothers and sisters when I was... 'growing up' I guess you could call it. So yeah... Tessa, I can understand how you feel. I just want you to know that you don't have to go through it alone. I'm willing to hear you out on anything, no matter what you have to say, or what you need. I know I don't exactly... have shoulders, but if you need... a flying ball of metal and paint to cry on, I'm your eyebot."

That's when Vera finally noticed that Tessa was still naked, after taking a quick accidental look at Tessa's... lovely body... Vera turned away with a quick "Sorry!", and waited for Tessa to get dressed or whatever.

"You look beautiful in your dress, Hover Rabbit, I hope you like it."

Vera chanced turning around again at that, and thankfully, Tessa had a towel fully wrapped around her... lithe form by now. Vera knew exactly what to do now. She projected the updated hologram, and had it dance around and spin to really show off the new holographic dress. Then Vera had the holographic woman look Tessa right in the eye and lip-synched every word she said, "I love it! Thank you so much!"

The holgraphic woman gave Tessa a beaming smile before the projector protested its over-use and shut itself off.

"Umm... sorry about that..." Vera said, "The projector's a bit finicky... need to recalibrate it or... something."

Twisted HQ (HareQuarters) aka The Benevolent Bunnies Society:

Do Plasma Bunnies dream of Electric Sheep?: A Dream Sequence

"1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 4 - 4, where does this 4 go?" Mercy asked herself as she looked at the grid of numbers as she tapped a pencil on the page. Looking up from the Pre-War Sudoku book that Daddy had "picked up" for her, the skinny girl looked out the window.

It was raining again, which meant that Daddy would be coming in behind schedule from his latest run. Or at least that what it usually meant as the girl spotted a set of lights in the distance.

"MOOOOOOM!! DADDY'S HOME!" She called out as she quickly ran down the stairs and out the front door into the rain and finally to the spot where she would always meet her daddy when he came home from a run. The auto-gate, one of Mercy's first builds, whirred to life and quickly opened the gate for her approaching daddy's truck.

Looking behind her, Mercy saw Mom and broke out into an excited smile, her mother returning a kind smile, as she watched her daughter greet her husband.

It appeared that Daddy wasn't alone as there was another young man in the passenger seat.

"DADDY!!" Mercy yelled excitedly as she ran towards the trucks door as her father hopped out and scooped his daughter up into his arms.

As the young Rabbit hugged her father, she looked curiously at her Father's passenger. Her curiosity turned to horror as she saw the young man was covered in blood.

"Shoot them! Shoot them both! Do it! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" He screamed at her causing Mercy to shrink back in terror

"Umm... sorry about that..." Came Vera's voice from another room, "The projector's a bit finicky... need to recalibrate it or... something."

The Plasma Bunny opened her eyes slowly as she realized that she was alone in the Bunny Bed, relieved that she hadn't woken up in a panic like she used to. It appeared that Tessa and Vera were already awake and moving about the house, leaving the Sleepy Bunny to sleep like a log.

Stretching, she hauled herself up into a sitting position and looked at the house around her before hopping out of bed and headed towards the bathroom to discover her Sisters already there.

"Morning Sissies!" The Plasma Rabbit said cheerfully as she dutifully gave her Older Bunny Ball a kiss on the face plate and her Oldest Bladed Bunny a kiss on the cheek before hopping in the shower.

"OH MY GOOOOD!!!" Mercy screamed as she was hit by icy spears of ice cold water. Apparently SOMEONE had used all the hot water.

"SSOOOOOO ----- COOOOOOOOLD!!!!" The Rabbit-cicle continued as she tried to take a shower as quickly as possible, a task made near impossible by her numb fingers.

---------- A Teeth Chattering Minute Later ----------

The Boom Boom Bunny literally leaped out of the shower as she finished washing herself as best as she could, leaving more than a bit of soap in her hair.

"S-s-s-s-s-s-o-o-o-o C-c-c-c-c-c-c-o-l-d" The Frozen Little Bunny said as she wrapped a towel around herself swearing that she was going to increase the hot water capacity in this place if it was the last thing she was going to do. It wasn't until her could feel her face again that she was ready to take on the world AND more importantly make sure that Tessa survived it.

Heading out of the bathroom, leaving a question look on both her sisters' faces, Mercy returned, this time armed with a tailor's measuring tape.

"Alright sis, we're going to be making you better armor today. Now drop that towel."

I-25 Ambush

Kaiden wasted no time in making his move once was dust provided enough cover. He stood up again, and tore the door clean off the car he was hidden behind. "Aim your fire to the left" he said as he shot off to the right. He went in a large circle around the dust cloud, picking up speed before spotting his first victim. He dove through the air feet first and drop-kicked the man straight in the head and landed on his back. None if the others had noticed it seemed, so he got up and ran to the back of the next man, grabbing his head with his right hand and violently twisting it, instantly breaking the man's neck and killing him. 

He could see now that the dust was settling and that he was about to be in plain sight. He bolted for the next man, using the car door as a batering ram he sent him flying into another. The other man quickly picked himself up and aimed his weapon right at Kaiden. Kaiden darted to the left, using the car door as a shield. It was then that fate smiled on him as he found the manhole cover he had thrown earlier, still embedded in the torso of the man he had been aiming for. Grabbing it underhand he threw it toward his assailant, the back spin sending blood and guts flying all over. He ducked back behind a rock as the remaining men who had noticed him by now began firing on his position. The rest was up to Jose.

The Rabbit Hole

"Morning Mer-Mer!" Vera said cheerfully while she checked her internal powercells. Everything seemed to be at the right levels... so no need to take the day off.

After Mercy got out of her shower, Vera added, "Sorry sis, if I knew it was going to be a cold one... I probably could have heated the tank up a little..."

Vera stopped that and started rubbing the underside of Mercy's left arm to warm the Plasma Bunny up a bit.

"Alright sis, we're going to be making you better armor today. Now drop that towel."

That got Vera's attention.

O.O I... like the sound of that but... no! No no no! Bad Vera bad!

Vera left Mercy's arm alone and hovered towards the table that Mercy's plasma pistol was sitting on. Vera started running an analysis on it to check for anything that needed to be fixed or tuned up... or... any improvements that could be made.

While that process did its work, another idea came to Vera.

"You know Tess, Mer-Mer," she called out to them without looking... or peeking, "I've been thinking... that asshole might know who we are, but the authorities don't... yet. So, maybe we should come up with codenames to use when we talk with or in front of... our recruits? I was thinking... Fireball would work for me... hmm... what do you guys think?"

Welcome to the Raunchy Rabbit, we'll meet your every demand ;)

"Umm... sorry about that..." Vera said, "The projector's a bit finicky... need to recalibrate it or... something."

Chuckling to herself, she laid a hand on her floating sister. "Thanks for listening, V. Keep it between us, okay? I'll tell my sister when I'm ready."

"SSOOOOOO ----- COOOOOOOOLD!!!!" Mercy's voice and chattering teeth had echoed off the bathroom's walls.

This caused Tessa to snort with laughter. Especially since SOMEONE decided to sleep in. "I'm the oldest! I get auto-dibs on everything, yo!"

Nearly done with cleaning her leather armor, she checked her pockets for any loose caps, instead she happened across a matchbook. The expensive kind. The kind that you'd get as a complimentary gift from more pricier hotels.

Tessa certainly didn't snag it. So who had she been in contact with recently?

Mercy, Vera, Knucklehead, pretty pale girl...

They did bump into one another.

Well the beautiful girl in the gorgeous clothing looked like the type with a substantial amount of caps behind her name. A name which she never had the pleasure of catching. Beautiful Bunny would be her name for now.

She had been staring at the little matchbook with a silly grin and the faintest signs of a blush. Was this an invitation?

Tessa's daydreaming had been put to an end when Mercy stood before her with an imposing tape-measure.

"Alright sis, we're going to be making you better armor today...-

"Why you gotta be hatin' on my armo-..."

"...Now drop that towel."

Tessa hesitated and contemplated refusing, she wasn't comfortable with her visible scars...but then her eye caught a glimpse of the nearby matchbook. That lead her to shrugging off the towel immediately and standing quite naked before Mercy.

"Hey, Mer-Mer..." She motioned to her sister's chest with a smirk, referencing her cold shower. "...is it a bit chilly in here, or is it just me?"

Explained previously, Tessa had little shame about her body. It wasn't a matter of confidence. It was a matter of perspective. She had spent day's sleeping in the lesser wet parts of a drain-pipe back in the day. Beauty was not on her list of priorities.

"Sorry about freaking you out earlier, I was just really tired after my fight with a Knucklehead." She smacked her forehead, since she remembered that Mercy had no idea. "Oh yeah! I went scouting on the rooftops..."

Tessa started going off about the entire fight, basically giving her sister a very enthusiastic play-by-play. She made special mention to how she snuck about on the rooftops and left a message for the man to deliver by the end of the fight.

"...then the guy I dropped off at the Followers let me keep the caps as compensation. How was your day though?"

Tessa was in a talkative mood, which suited her need to share information just fine. So she motioned to their makeshift whiteboard and continued. "I have an in with the Followers, I was thinking that whatever chems we liberate could be donated, they're good people. The Rabbit name is also something they're starting to spread around...so that gives us access to med supplies and more importantly, information."

Starting to feel the cold by now, Tessa was missing her towel.

"Anyway! Spiked Knuckles, it's their trademark weapon. They have the slums alleyways surrounded. Chem labs are grouped in the south. But I heard that there's one near a Khan bar and one somewhere in the richer areas of Cheyton...I say we do our explosive test run on the two stragglers. What do you think?" She looked down at her sister with a mischievous smile.

"There's everything you need to know on the board anyway." Tessa made a motion to her rudimentary stick-figure diagrams and notes. "Oh, do you recognize this?" Tessa pointed at the matchbook, which instantly caused her to blush, much to her dismay.

Luckily Vera distracted her in mid-fantasy. "So, maybe we should come up with codenames to use when we talk with or in front of... our recruits? I was thinking... Fireball would work for me... hmm... what do you guys think?"

"Heh, Fireball...you can look, y'know?... Good idea though! Erm...Mercy, you could be: Over charge, Vengeance (opposite of your real name) Tesla, Pew Pew or Energizer? I'm not good with codenames." She laughed a little at Pew Pew. Yet her mind wandered back to an old advertisement on a certain bunny mascot for batteries on an old holotape. "What about me? I'm partial to The Queen of Blades...kidding, kinda."

The Rabbit Hole

Vera listened intently to Tessa's exploits. She found it increasingly difficult to not turn around and stare right at the Thievius Rabbitus and hang breathlessly (literally) on her every word while staring adoringly into her eyes... as much as one can with a faceplate.

"What about me? I'm partial to The Queen of Blades...kidding, kinda."

"Sounds cool, but I think that one's taken," Vera said, "Lady of Pain maybe? No... doesn't fit you... at all, and I think that one's taken as well. Hmm..." Vera paused to think of a cool name for Tessa, "Thievius Rabbitus? No... probably not... too long... and I don't think anyone would get the joke now... hmm... how about Bugs? You know... like.. Bugs Bunny? 'Eh! What's up, Doc?' No? Umm... how about Thumper? No no... sounds like a stripper or something..."

Vera thought for a few more moments before blurting out another suggestion without realizing it at first.

"Playbunny... well... she certainly... oh crap." Vera stopped herself halfway through, having just realized that she'd said that out loud, "Um... sorry... I uh... didn't mean anything by it... umm... say... Mer-Mer... this plasma pistol of yours could do with some upgrades... and I uh... had some... ideas about... that."

Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap.

Markus felt uncomfortable, he was being watched too closely. She was paranoid. And this would be fun. It'd been a while since he'd met an intelligent soul, besides Paul. But he was dead now, this one's fate was still up in the air.

'Where do your stars point, Vicky?'

"Sure, Markus. Why don't you stay right here for a moment while I work my magic."

Markus watched in interest as his cohort fixed a teddy bear, and interrogated a little girl. Perhaps locals could be useful, but Markus barely cared. What mattered, was her sowing ability. Nobody in the Wasteland kicks ass to go home to a spool and a few hours of time killing. She had medical experience, which gave credit to her being an Undertaker, as well as the black clothing. The condition of her clothes showed she cared for her appearance as well, she was one in it for appearances. Perhaps that's why she caught onto his so quickly... But did she know his personality?

Markus grinned as she came back, and told him their next move. They were getting oh so close, and the time to discover their true alignment nigh. Would Vicky simply kill them and steal the home? Would the girls turn them away? All Markus cared for was a bed, and maybe food. Maybe them as food, depending on how much they had. Markus always wanted to try cannibalism, to see how far down the road to terrible he could truly go.

"So, tell me Undertaker, how much use does silent weaponry and the skill to manipulate really come up? No judgements, I'm a mercenary here after all, simply curious." Markus grinned, innocent as could be.

The Honey Bunny Hole: A Two Part Play in Sixty Nine Acts

If tales of The Bladed Bunny's exploits was causing the Blazing Bunny to become "hot under the collar" then the Boisterous Bunny's tales were causing quite the opposite effect on the Blaster Bunny as she dutifully measured and double measured her sister's body. The sister's comment on the coldness of the bathroom did little but make the youngest of the Rabbit sister blush as she realized that unlike her Curvaceous sister, Mercy was built like a 2x4.

"Mer-Mer... this plasma pistol of yours could do with some upgrades... and I uh... had some... ideas about... that." The Bouncing (Ball) Bunny said to her Bomber Bunny of a sister who was finishing up the last of the measurements on the Bearing Bunny, who brought gifts to all the good boy and girl bunnies in Bunnyland.

Looking at the Baller Bunny, the Breastless Bunny smirked for a moment and nodded in agreement.

"I was thinking about that the other day on my way here, actually. Right now, the thing only accepts standard run of the mill Energy Cells but not the Overcharge or the Maxcharge Energy Cells that I've been seeing around these parts." The Boom-boom Bunny responded to her Brainy Bunny of an Eyebot sister before turning to her Bountiful Boobies Bunny of an oldest sister.

"I've got all the measurements that I need, Tessa. But for the record, I think you should be more careful. I mean, I really don't know what I'd do if you were seriously hurt or if you got into any real trouble" The Repairing Rabbit said to her Rabid Rabbit of a sister, sounding more like a mom than a younger sister.

"As for my day, V and I went shopping, as you can see." Mercy said as she describe what she and the Repulsor Rabbit had done during the day as she headed over to the scrap pile of stuff that she had been gathering since she had started living there.

"What about Ruthless Rabbit for you, Tessa, and Robo Rabbit for V.? And I can be the Rowdy Rabbit? No, that doesn't suit me. How about Reading Rabbit? Since I love books and all?" Mercy asked her sisters, Rocker Rabbit and Wrathful Rabbit, as she started piling up a bunch of broken bits of plastic and some loose Brahmin leather, tossing the plastic bits into a heating pot.

It would take some time but the plastic would eventually melt and when it did, the interesting work could start. Until then, Murderous Mercy would start working on a Nano-Extrusion process so that she could create threads of nano-threads for Terrible Tessa's new armor. Vicious Vera was floating overhead, watching the whole process come together.

"Oh, do you recognize this?" The Heroic Hare pointed at the matchbook, which instantly caused her to blush, much to her dismay, and Headless Hare's delight.

"Actually no, sissy. I didn't know that there were any of those hotels in Cheyton. Pretty snazzy place if you ask me." The Helpful Hare said before adding, "Did some guy see you in the Markets and want to steal you away from us? Is he handsome? Is he rich? Is he dapper or dashing?"

The Hapless Hare's teasing, of course, caused the Honest Hare to blush even more and the Herding Hare to bob up and down in excitement even more.

With the plastic melted, the extrusion process could begin. Soon, the Horror Hare's new armor would be built. It would be a multiple layer of nano-weave plastic sheets sandwiched between Brahmin leather custom fitted to the measurements that the H@xx0r Hare had taken, allowing Tessa maximum protection and maximum agility.

"Oh, I came up with a design that we could use also when we start marking our territory. What to you think V.?" Mercy added as she pulled out a piece of paper and showed the ironically named Humungo Hare. The paper displayed the outline of a rabbit's head done in twisted barbwire.

Markus rolled his eyes, but kept his charade of a smile on his face. Too practiced, a bit wordy. Boring answer for a boring question, she was prepared whereas Markus was thrown into the life of this woman. This woman who really had a thing for her thigh.

'Has she been coming onto me? Is this what this has been?' Markus' face contorted to his crooked frown. She was barking up the wrong tree if that were the case, he swore off women a while ago. Woe is too the celibate Legionnaire who is tasked with keeping a horny albino on a leash. One that could see through him, no less.

Markus began paying attention when she took his hand, he was about to say something to the effect of 'no means no', when he noticed someone who looked a tad like a legionnaire. Vicky referred to him as a Keeper, before ending his life with a knife. She was good with that, but he was a tad confused about her request for a covered cart. He followed her orders, regardless, running off into a different direction.

Markus found something like it, a cage with another brute in front of it. He took his aim, though the lumbering asshole noticed the crouched figure amid the chaos. He took a few steps forward, before a bullet winged off his helmet, making him stumble back. He quickly got up, as Markus reloaded, this bullet was meant to pierce the mans head. But, he had gotten too close, he threw a water balloon. It splattered on Markus' shirt, smelled rancid and made a small amount of bile at the back off his throat.

Markus took his shot, the bullet managed to get through to the mans neck. A splatter of blood accompanied him as Markus heard a deafening howl.


Markus quickly reloaded, and placed his rifle on his back as he noticed the charge. An almost naked kid, drooling and covered in blood and filth. He quickly drew his pistol, and let a round loose in the things skull, it slammed pitifully into Markus leg. He stumbled, and fell, looking up to see a few more pets, a girl and another boy, bigger and stronger by the look. Markus quickly pulled his pistol up, the next two bullets went into the bigger kids leg and shoulder. Markus watched with small satisfaction as he snapped back and did a somersault, landing on his face and whimpering.

The girl didn't get shot down, she was on Markus in seconds, clawing into his shoulders painfully. It took everything in Markus to grab her tiny, surprisingly powerful wrists, and lift them above her head. She lowered, trying to bite Markus' face off, but Markus quickly lifted his head for a direct collision. She bounced back, giving Markus the time to grab his icepick, and give a quick swing to her temple. He missed, hitting above it, making her collapse.

'Compromising, lover boy.' Markus would have to kick himself for that terrible thought later, for now, there was a kid still alive back there. He quickly caught up to him, he was crying, injured, dying.

"Hey, kid." Markus started, the kid clawed at him. Markus sighed, placing his index and thumb on the bridge of his nose. An annoying feral brat. "Oh well, your new name is Paul. Welcome to the road to redemption, find a new life or follow me, I don't care." Markus turned on his heel, and the kid got up on one knee. He made a desperate lunge, but Markus was already out of range.

"Hope he doesn't starve." Markus said, bored, on his way back to Vicky.

Who knows where?
"One, you don't have enough firepower."

[Guns 85/75][Survival 90/75]A hunting revolver packed enough punch when properly handled to deal with a Deathclaw. (Hunting Revolver's damage not factoring in condition cause we're keeping it relatively simple for now) with cowboy perk: 72. Deathclaw's Damage Threshold: 15)
Two, by screaming at it and firing on it you helped it hone in on us."
It knew where we were already. Joe was quite annoyed at Martin now.
"Three, you can reload yourself."
"Inability to follow orders in battle gets people killed."
Martin was from the Boneyard, he should know how things work. Joe's rank and armor meant that he was the one who knew what he was doing. Joe didn't have a dislike of civilian contractors before. He was starting to develop one.
Martin grabbed his revolver from Joe, and handed Joe's pistol to him.
"Four. Don't Touch My Gun."
No time to reload. Joe holstered his revolver, and drew his shotgun.
[Tactics 60/25]It's about maximizing effectiveness. Joe was fairly amazing with a pistol. (It takes skill to kill, it takes even more skill to not do so.) He would keep the Deathclaw shot, while Martin would keep Joe loaded so he could keep the Claw shot.
"Bickering humans... Too loud, too slow, and too weak to handle the likes of us. If you are so clever, why is HE the one who makes sense?"
"The fact that you agree with him justifies my claims about your intelligence."
"Keep shooting. I know the others here will be interested."
Deathclaws weren't known for being the sneakiest creatures, he doubted a group of them could ambush him. Raiders weren't patient enough to go this long without shooting. That meant either something chitinous, or something furry.
[Animal Friend 1]If it was something furry, Joe would be fine. Martin may not, but they would burn that bridge after they crossed it. Joe preferred to avoid anyone dying if possible. Even Martin. Even if he was a huge ass.
If it was something chitinous, it wouldn't try to be sneaky, so he'd be aware of it by now.
There was a sound like stone against stone as Malkos at the top of the hill now straightened up and held a big rock over his head. Then, he did two-handed lob of the thing at Joe!
"May the best mind win!"
Even with the handicap of Martin, Joe was pretty sure he had that contest in his favor.
Joe was about to leap out of the way, when he was was intimately grabbed out of the way by Martin.
[Survival 90/75]While Deathclaws certainly had thick hides, their throat was still relatively vulnerable, as it needs to be softer for them to breathe.
[Guns 85/50]In mid-flight, Joe fired a beanbag into the Deathclaw's throat. As he landed he prepared to fire a round into the creatures gut, however...
[Luck]...Jammed. Typical.
[Agility]Joe quickly got up, (With Martin's) put away his shotgun, (Beanbags remaining: 23) and reloaded his hunting revolver.
"You do care."
Joe leveled his revolver on the Deathclaw's kneecap.
"Now let's try this again."

The Hare Estates: Home of the Twisted Hares and the Har(e)ington Foundation for the Arts

Little Bunny Boom Boom had been showing her lovely floating sister the Twisted Hares logo that she had come up with when the found of Small Automatic Gunfire shattered the relatively peaceful atmosphere of the Rabbit Household, causing the sisters to look at each other. While the Older Bunny Snicker Snack! was in no condition to go out and investigate, a damp towel making a poor choice of armor (though in hindsight it might have worked well as a weapon), Mercy found herself rushing out the front door, cursing the fact that they hadn't built the automated turret yet.

"V! Keep an eye on Tess while she gets dressed okay?" The Little Bunny that could yelled as she slammed the door shut and pulling out her Homemade Plasma Pistol from its holster.

Looking around exterior of Casa de las Rabbits, she could smell blood coming from somewhere, a lot of it.

Following her nose, the smell of blood lead her towards a bend in the alley and even though she couldn't see around the bend, there were enough signs, the sound of foot steps and a shadow of a man (possibly armed) but kneeling over something, that she knew someone was there. Taking a deep breath, Mercy rounded the corner with her Plasma Pistol leading the way.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" The girl yelled, only to have her gun swatted to the side by the quick reacting stranger.

That - wasn't exactly what Mercy had in mind when she went charging around the corner and so she did what she could to throw the stranger off his game.


    - Pull - Underwear (95%)
    - Side Kick - Read End (95%)

Time seemed to slow once again for the Twisted Hare as she reached towards the stranger's exposed tighty whities and pulled upwards with all her might, causing his weight to shift forward as his body reacted, trying to minimize the possibility of rectal breach. The kick, timed perfectly, propelled the stranger forward as presented a much larger target for Mercy's well placed side kick, sending him tumbling forward.

And then it hit her, no not the stranger physically hitting her, but who the stranger was, as Mercy started to apologize profusely.

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She yelled as she started walking towards Markus only to have her foot kick the unconscious Undertaker on the ground, causing her to groan.

"Oh crap!" Mercy yelled once again as she went into repair mode, attempting to drag the Tall and Pale woman, covered in blood, into the Bunny Household, leaving Markus to pick himself up.

Markus trudged his way back to the Pale Woman, the sociopaths savior. He'd just spared the life of a child, so he felt rather karmatically even at the moment, as he kicked up straw, and rolled brahmin droppings with his errant kicks and steps, careful to not step in them. He turned the corner, and saw her. Bleeding, injured?

'CRAP!' Markus picked up his pace a bit, he didn't want to overdo it like he felt he was. The blood running down his torn shirt wasn't helping, neither was the bit of shrapnel still lodged in him. He felt he was ready to collapse as he swatted away the plasma pistol of someone... vaguely familiar.

'Damnit, get to her. If I can't help her, or repay my debts, I'm no better than anyone else out here! Saver her OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-' Markus froze up, still holding his scratch wounds from the girl, he reached his other hand back to his rear end.

'Fucking... Wedgies...' Markus collapsed to the ground, hearing the apology but not really caring. He reached outhis hand, he could help her, he had no supplies but she did! If he could-

"Where are you going?" Markus cried out weakly after the two. They were getting away, he couldn't help her... but they could. The damned hares would help the Undertaker, his savior saved by the ones he had saved.

'Perhaps... perhaps karma isn't dead.' Markus rolled onto his back, with more effort, revealing his wounds to the world with a smile that truly touched his eyes. Exhaustion, pain, relief, all of these coursed through him.

'If I get rescued I'm going to look like such a dork...'

Rapid Rabbits Emergency Response Services:

Whomever this lady was, she was quite heavy or rather perhaps due to her height she seemed difficult for the Ridiculously Skinny Rabbit to drag into the Rabbit Sister's house and even though it took a great deal of effort on Mercy's behalf, she was finally able to get the Darkly Dressed Woman into the household.

"TESSA!!!! VERA!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!" The Medi-Bunny yelled in an almost panicked voice as she started looking for where the woman was wounded, causing the Rabbit Household to fly into a state of action.

"Tess! That guy from the other day is outside. I think he's hurt too! But this lady here's hurt a lot worse I think." The Reader Rabbit said as she found the source of some of the blood, a bullet wound to the thigh. Still that wouldn't have accounted for so much blood loss, especially with how pale her skin was.

Continuing to check up (I said UP not OUT) her body, Mercy found the woman's second gun shot wound to the shoulder. This was going to be a lot harder than helping Tessa as that only required a blood transfusion, this lady would require a surgery to remove the bullets and/or fragments that were still floating around. Even then, with how much blood the woman had lost, she would need those wounds closed quickly.

"Sorry about your dress." Mer-Mer quickly apologized as she ripped the hem of the woman's dress and revealed the pale skin underneath that had been marred by the single gaping hole in her thigh. That wasn't what caught Mercy's attention however. What caught her attention was the N99 10mm Pistol complete with silence, laser sight and extended magazine and the extra clips that had been strapped to the woman's thigh.

"Who are you, lady?" The Boomer Bunny asked as she removed the weapons and the clips, tossing them to the side.

As she did, one of the bullets sprung free from its magazine and rolled towards a certain object nearby.

It was the electromagnet that Mercy had used to free herself when they needed to magnetically seal the door due to the Door Buster Bunny's welcome arrival into Tess' and Mercy's lives.


A light bulb went off in the Youngest Rabbit's head as she grabbed the electromagnet and powered it up to full power, pressing it against the woman's wound.

"This is gonna hurt, Miss. Sorry!" The Apologetic Bunny yelled.

Rebuild of Rabbitelion: You Can (Not) Die

Gunfire was practically considered ambient noise in Tessa's previous environment. So she wasn't exactly rushing to her feet to find out what happened. However, this wasn't Freeside and Mercy was doing just that.

"Idiot!" cursed the Elder Rabbit as her sister left the house without waiting for her.

Tessa, already annoyed, grew even more aggravated when she couldn't use her armour. She started to apply her holsters to her ankle and thigh, finally securing the blades, she strapped the reloaded and unactivated throwing-knife dispenser to her wrist.

"This will have to do." Tessa muttered as she grabbed the nearest dress to throw on, a black dress.

Underdressed, yet severely armed, she felt confident enough to run after her reckless and short-sighted sister.

Fate, it seemed, appeared to be playing with her emotions as she exited the house only to find her sister dragging what appeared to be the Beautiful Bunny towards their house. Those particular clothes and milky skin were somewhat unforgettable.

"This was not the kind of get-together I had in mind." Tessa mused for a moment, absorbing the situation.

"TESSA!!!! VERA!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!"

Tessa didn't even need the motivation, since she was already rushing to clear the floor, the bed and fetch Mercy's collection of medical supplies. Tessa even pulled out the 5 stimpacks she had hidden under the mattress.

Personally, she had very little in the way of medical experience, but running a gang lead to plenty of your fellow members being wounded, including herself at some points. Spending time around the Followers had also seemed to have rubbed off.

The environment wasn't exactly sterile, but it wasn't hazardous. The bed was prepared for rest or makeshift operating table. A doctor's bag, super-stimpack along with several basic stimpacks were on standby. She just needed to offer help where needed.

The pale women looked beautiful, even while she was severely wounded, if that was worth anything. Rushing to her sister, on the opposite end of the pale beauty, with the medical supplies at hand. "Mer! Where do need me and how can I help?"

At best, she would be fulfilling the position as an assistant. Her sister, however, seemed to take on a completely different persona when put in a trauma situation. Watching her work, especially in the area of medicine, struck rather close to home for the Street Rabbit. Mercy had a calming effect on those around her, in that moment she commanded attention without the use of force. While her brow indicated difficulty, her movements indicated intense focus and lightning fast mental calculations.

The Doctor Bunny just received a large amount of respect from Tessa, Nurse Rabbit.

Finally getting a good glimpse at the wounds once the girl in black's dress was ripped, she started to worry about her survival. With unadulterated anxiety in her tone, "Tell me she's going to be okay, right? I'm here! Just tell how I can help."

Tessa's attention couldn't help but divert to the black silenced pistol, inner thigh holster and spare clips. Whoever this particular woman was, her initial appearance was excellent at diverting any sense of threat. Attraction aside, Tessa felt no compulsion to think wary of her the first time.

Gang member, Mercenary, Military? Unless she was with the Feral Rabbits, the use of a concealed weapon that required the use of subtlety over force indicated that this was not the standard affair with those particular groups.

No, this looked like a professional. The kind of professional operates under their own rules. Especially one armed with a silenced and extensively modified pistol. This lead Tessa's thoughts to a very dark place. A line of work which she actively avoided when she commanded the Feral Rabbits:


Bedside of The Hormonal Hares:

"If you wanted to undress me you could have asked."

"Wait - What?" The Boo-Boo Bunny asked in shock as the Darkly Dressed Woman addressed the formerly Blushing Bunny.

"Do you two know each other?" Mercy asked as she alternated looks between the woman and Tessa. The way that the woman looked at the Eldest Bunny, it was clear that at least she knew Tess. But still, that didn't quite explain why this woman was talking to her sister in this manner, unless -

"OH CRAP!!!" The Reminded Rabbit exclaimed as she remembered that there was still another person out there that needed her help. Standing up quickly, the Rapid Rabbid disappeared out the door to go grab the Butt-Hurting Bunny.

"Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Mister! Mister! Are you okay?" Mercy asked Markus as she sprinted to his side, checking him over and noticing shrapnel wounds and more blood. Unlike the Lady in Black, this guy was going to be impossible for the Skinny Hare to drag into the House of Hares.

"Can you get up? Are you okay? I'm sorry about the Wedgie. Hey! Are you up? Mister! Hey!"

Markus watched as Vicky was taken away. No one would come for him. Karma was true, Markus would now be punished, for all of his actions. His lies, his violence, his support of the Legion... He wanted these things to change the wasteland, at one point at least. He believed the Legion, fighting fire with fire, if the wasteland needed crucifixes to fix their problems then they would do it. They'd do it to make damned sure no one suffered from drug abuse, no one suffered from random violence and people like Markus. He remembered his old teacher telling him these things, his reason for fighting fro the Legion. But that old fool was dead, killed by the Courier in his desperate bid to kill the great Caesar.

"Can you get up? Are you okay? I'm sorry about the Wedgie. Hey! Are you up? Mister! Hey!"

Markus sighed, as he picked himself up. Karma was true, he would die. Markus knew he was losing blood, internal bleeding was certainly the silent killer. The starved madman, the idealist Legionnaire, the king of Devils Tower and the bearer of it's secret, dying in a puddle of his own blood, slowly draining through the holes in his chest. How deep had the girl got him? He didn't know, but his chest was on fire when he propped himself up. He screamed in pain, terrible and full of pain, before biting his hand, muting it to the dull whimper which his pride would allow.

He began crawling, the bag was to his side. He used it, to pick himself up further. He had to stop on his knees, breathing heavy and ragged. He looked at his own hands, thinking of the murders he had committed. Only one hung on his mind, the one who had given him the Ice Ax. Paul, the one he considered equal, the drugged up bear berserker.

"Hello... Girl. I... I can stand..." The scrawny Legionnaire looked up at the girl, scrawny like him. Smart? Swift? Perhaps both, like Markus. Though, she still had a heart, it seemed.

"In my bag..." Markus patted his hand on the bulky thing, "Get some caps out... get help... I'll get in myself." Markus said, with finality, as he began picking himself up. His knees were watery, clay, weak as ever as he shook. He began his stumbling trek to the land of the Hares. If he could get inside, at least he wouldn't die alone.

The Rabbit Hole

Vera ran soared out of the room as she heard gunfire go off outside. She knew Tessa was about dressed already and would be fine in any case... they weren't the targets this time... right?


Vera flew out and started testing her new flamethrower on the man leading the strange children along, and chased him as far away from the House Rabbit as she could. Once he decided to run, the kids broke ranks as it were and fled as well. Or so Vera thought. They were all running in the same direction as their master, but that took them to running towards Vera as well. As it turned out, the remaining children were intent on killing the iBunny.

Vera would have hesitated, if her self-preservation core programming hadn't kicked in and driven her to start zapping the kids with her arc projector, knocking them all out in turn before they could do too much damage.

Or so Vera thought. A few of them had managed to dent her faceplate pretty badly, one managed to lodge a rock in her multiool, and there was now a tiny spear jutting out from where one of her antennae used to be. That last part had Vera weaving back and forth in the air as though someone had invented an alcoholic motor oil just for her... and it had just hit her system like an aged vodka. She... eventually made it back to the Rabbit Hole, to find that everyone was more or less safe now. Vera went to help prop Markus up for Mercy, but the spear sunk a bit deeper into Vera and she collapsed onto the dirt.

"Daaaiiisssy.... Daaaaiiiiisssyyy..." she sang feebly to herself.

Rebuild of Rabbitelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Flirt (Before the arrival of everyone else)

The ethereal beauty had woken up and Tessa couldn't have been more relieved. To show her relief, she laughed a little and casually rested her head on the pleasant stranger's delicate shoulder in exaggerated resignation over the tense situation.

"Well hello there... again..." A soothing voice had interrupted her gesture. "If you wanted to undress me you could have asked."

For all her experience in bladed combat, thievery and urban warfare tactics; Tessa found that her greatest weakness was flirting or anything involving romantic inclinations. For all her usual boisterous and upbeat attitude, she was reduced to a blushing schoolgirl, fumbling for words at best.

Sonea always loved her for being awkward, apparently it was: 'endearing'

Raising her head to reply to the refined lady, she was horrified that she was blushing. "Hi there...hey...*gulp*...m-maybe we can take a raincheck on that one?"

Raincheck? Seriously!? That's the best you can come up with, you bumbling fool!

Thankfully her sister muttered something feces and darted out of the house once more. Vera followed suit. While Tessa welcomed the distraction, she didn't like her sisters rushing out of the house without backup. Her disposition had changed entirely. "Damn it, Mer! I am going to beat you with the toaster if you do that agai-..."

Sighing, she addressed the pale beauty more casually in her bristled state. "Why are my sisters making life hard for me? Wait for me! I don't want you running into trouble. At least Vera is with her..." Suddenly aware that she was vocalizing her thoughts over tending to her delivered beauty. "S-sorry, let me help you."

[Finesse] With a light touch and even more delicate positioning, she slowly helped the lady in black to her feet, supporting most of her weight and body while not putting any more unnecessary pressure on her wounds. Guiding her to the bed and gently laid the beauty down. Fluffing up pillows behind her for support and comfort, Tessa concluded by draping a blanket over her exposed body out of respect...and to lessen temptation.

Don't think about how she felt. Don't think about her body. Don't think about her silky skin. STOP RAUNCHY THOUGHTS NOW!

Making eye-contact seemed to have hypnotized Tessa once more, yet she felt more comfortable that she had contributed to her care somehow. "Perhaps - ...maybe I can finally get that name of yours?"

'Finally'? Seriously!? Now she knows you were thinking about her. Idiot!

She laid a hand over her heart, incidentally the one with the wrist fitted with the throwing-knife dispenser, she managed a very pleasant but genuinely nervous smile. After all, how many times does the beautiful girl you met earlier land up in your bed? "Tessa Rabbit, I wish we could have met under different circumstances." Say something nice, idiot! "...b-but but I'm glad we met in the first place though!"

Getting up and making her way to the kitchen, she turned around. "Stay there." That was an attempt at a joke. "...I was joki- ...just let me get something for you, okay?"

Gathering up the fallen pistol and spare clips, she bunched the bundle together with elastic bands. It wasn't ideal, but it raised a lot of questions about what she was, not who she was.

She didn't want to let her paranoia surrounding others after Sonea's death cloud her thoughts too much. So she genuinely wanted to do something nice.

Moments later, Tessa walked over with a tray of food, a bottle of purified water and her bunched up weapon pile. The food consisted of precisely cut pieces of juicy bighorner meat in the shapes of rabbits.

Laying the tray on her lap, she took the pistol and clips secured in elastic bands and placed it on the worn bedside table beside the heavenly embodiment. Sincerely addressing the beauty before her. "If I woke up in a strange place, I'd hate to be without my weapons. That's why I won't deprive you of yours. You're safe here." With a small smile of pride and a much rosier complexion, she motioned to the food. "I hope you like it. Little pieces should be easier to eat."

That place with the thing and the stuff and...oh yeah...DEATHCLAWS!

Dunno why Joe was bothering to taunt a Deathclaw. It's not like the big beastie was gonna trip on its ego. The worst he could do was shoot at him, and well they'd already done that, so now it was just a question of what happened NEXT. Joe tried to shoot the throat of the big bastard, but it was still kind of from a distance and the shot-at party was kind of expecting this. The shot embedded itself in the trademark Deathclaw hunch, and irritated our boy. He wasn't going to be intimidated either, not after that fighting montage.

For a moment, Malkos crossed his arms, as though waiting for something, but this was a feint. He rolled aside, leapt to his feet from the left, and remained on all-fours to make use of all muscular limbs for a fast zig-zagging strafe that began to close the distance between him and the two men. This wasn't like the Khans, where he was concerned. This was a couple of men that had to be put in their place. And so...

...Thump thump thump THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP!

Wait, that wasn't Malkos' footsteps. That was from downhill! Demonstrating Solidarity to the cause was another Deathclaw that'd been on the prowl, charging in from lower reaches as Deathclaws do. It would actually reach those two first, according to Malkos' timing when he saw it coming back on top of the hill. Have fun, boys. He moved in to try and knock them further down the hill once they were properly occupied.

I look to the sun again, the machete hanging loosely from my hand. It's covered from tip to grip with the blood of a slave. A POW, a soldier, a bear and a ranger. He was tough.

I am tougher.

The sun's warm embrace is a good distraction from the ripped up corpse at my feet. The dogs are barking, holwing for a taste of my meat. The Legionnaires are cheering, the weakling had managed to finally get a kill. I hear my name screamed from the masses.

"Faunus!" Did they see my blood?

"Faunus!" Dripping from my face, my tears and blood mixed and ran down my face. Didn't they notice that through my crimson armor, I'm hurt and wounded? The man had cut deep... Am I going to die?

"Faunus!" I can't take it anymore, standing is too hard, my lashed back and my cuts and bruises, my tortured mind and body can't take this abuse, enough, ENOUGH, LET ME DIE!

I fall down, the machete dropping to the ground on top of the slaves. I take to my knees, looking at the corpse, he was twitching and convulsing horribly I fall to my face, a puddle of blood quickly made. My good eye can see, the ranger stopped twitching. The upper part of his skull was gone, I had chopped it off in his fury. The grey matter drained out around him, and I feel bile rise in the back of my throat. I want to throw up, but I won't. My honor won't allow it.

The cheers turned to worry, I hear the heavy footfalls of my trainer, my master. He grabs me, roughly but I know by now he can't control his strength, and flips me onto my back. He sees my wide grin, I had done it... I was going to leave this mortal coil.

He seemed disappointed, and my grin wavers, shrinks to something smaller, innocence and shame plastered on my features. He pulls out the bag of healing powder, and I grimace as he throws it against my face. I shriek, in horrible agony, as it goes to work slowly. My master gets up, his work is done. Two more legionnaires, my brother and friend. They cheer me as the lift me up. I would return to the barracks.

I would be praised for now, but tomorrow I was the whipping boy again. The one who was weak of body but strong of mind, one who would die in his first combat outing. I sigh, heavily with years beyond my own. My brother looks at me with sad tired eyes, speaking in a voice very much unlike his own.

"Bastards..." I smile at him, weak and meek as ever. Why was his voice so different?

My chest begins burning, a raging inferno of pain within seconds. I can't scream, only gasp in surprise as I feel beneath my breastplate two wounds. Why don't I remember getting those? A small cut, a barely noticeable thing in the raging infernos of hell roaring in my chest. Everything fades to blackness, as my chest begins to feel odd sensations, pain beyond what he could imagine. He was breathing heavily, raggedly, this transcended my abuses to something new... The world disappeared, the people under his extended arms disappear, and I fall to my back without pain. I look up, my brother, looking at his nubs. Pale, frightfully pale and tired. He looks up, and smiles widely. His(her?) words echo within his hollow skull...

"... and that's all she wrote..."

Jack Rabbit Slim's: Home of the Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist Contest!

The Running Rabbit was going exactly that, running. She had run to the local Clinic and found that the last Staff Doctor had been scalped by an Uptown Cheyton Hospital that catered exclusively to the Traders and Prospectors that had found success in their various trades and now lived on top of a Hill that overlooked the rest of Cheyton, surrounded by barbed wire fence and Protectrons. The Followers was also a strike out as they were treating a large number of Cheytonners that had been struck with Wasteland Fever.

The Blastoff Bunny was now sprinting back home, determined to save the man that had helped the Rabbit Sisters out against the Knuckleheads. If she could save him, they'd be even, more or less and if she couldn't save him, then it wouldn't matter if they owed him one or not.

"(Looks like I'll have to help that man myself. I can do this! I can do this!)" The Medi-Hare thought to herself as she rounded the last corner to the Rabbit Household and heard someone singing.

"Daaaiiisssy.... Daaaaiiiiisssyyy..." Vera was singing to herself as she was laying on the ground, her chassis getting dust all over it and her delicate circuitry.

"OHMYGOSHVERAAREYOUOKAY?!?! VERA?! VERA?!" The Reprogramming Rabbit asked as she slowly knelt by her wounded sister's side.

"TESS!? TESSA?! VERA'S HURT!!!" pause - wait - pause "TESS?!"

The Bladed Bunny wasn't answering and there was no sign of the Strange man that had helped them out and so the Baby Bunny picked up the BunnyBot and slowly walked inside, afraid that whomever had wounded the Lady in Black had come back and gotten her sister.

"Please no dead bodies. Please no dead bodies. Please no dead bodies." The Prayer Bunny repeated over and over as she hesitantly opened the door and saw that everything seemed okay.

"Daaaiiisssy.... Daaaaiiiiisssyyy..." Vera sung pitifully once again, causing Mercy to fly into a fixer's panic as she practically jumped across the room to set Vera on Mercy's cluttered workbench. With one sweep of her arm, the Littlest Sister cleaned off the Workbench of all the scrap metal and parts of half finished projects that were laying on top of it.


"*groan*" Came a voice from the floor, causing the Youngest Rabbit sister to look down and see the Stranger laying on the floor, a surgical tube sticking out of his chest and draining blood into a bowl, a couple of stimpacks also sticking out of various wounds as well as a half empty Blood Pack refilling the blood that the man had already lost. Mercy hoped that dropping all those Spare Parts on top of the man didn't cause any further wounds as she turned to concentrate on Vera.

"Vera? V? I'm going to half to power you down while I repair the damage okay?" Mercy said as she removed a panel to exposed Vera's power systems. Flipping the switch before Vera could answer, Mercy grabbed a pair of magnifying goggles, some solder and a soldering gun, scrap metal, scrap electronics and a power regulator.

"You're gonna be okay, V." Mercy whispered as she started working.

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