Fallout: Wild Horses (Started, Open)

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Wascully Wabbit Hole

Vera glanced over at Markus anxiously for a moment while Mercy answered her question.

"I think so. I - I was with him when he ran into Ulysses. It seems that they had some stuff in common, the stuff mostly revolving around the Legion." The Genius Bruiser Bunny said, seeming a bit nervous for some reason.

Vera didn't respond, all she could process at the moment were the memories of her first home, The Ranch, in flames, with Blake nailed to the chimney as an impromptu crucifixion. The blood trailing out of his hands, feet, and forehead. The Legionaries laughing at their victory quickly turning to screams of terror as an enraged Vera vaporized them with her laser. Vera finally managed to snap herself out of the memory as she was about to hover up to her 'father', hear his last words and...

Back to reality.

Vera decided to take a look at herself in the mirror. Once there, she finally saw it. Mercy's plasma pistol. Correction. Mercy's homemade plasma pistol. Vera sniffed quietly. She felt both incredibly loved at that moment, as it was... Mercy's pistol, it was like a part of her sister had become a part of her now; and incredibly guilty... it was Mercy's treasure plasma pistol.

Vera floated off to join in on the Mercy/Tessa hugging going on, well... as much as one can without arms.

And she whispered in Mercy's ear in a tone that spoke of gratitude, guilt, and the deepest sort of admiration, "Thank you Mer-Mer. I promise, I'll help you build a new one. I even have some schematics in my databanks for prototypes that I... picked up a long time ago."

Somewhere in Wyoming...


Martin seeing what was happening leaped out of the way of the raging deathclaw before it rammed him. He took a moment to recover and opened fire with his revolver on its back as its charge continued towards Joe.

Home. Leaving.

"Tess. I'm sorry I said what I said. I was just angry at what you said to Vera and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Can you pleeeease forgive me?"

Tessa didn't deserve this, she didn't deserve any sort of apology or goodwill. She was heavily self-critical and anyone paying attention, would probably notice.

Indulging her sister, she mustered an emotionally drained smile and wrapped her arms around her tightly. "You have nothing to be sorry about. Can you forgive me though? I was only able to relax was when you walked through that door with Markus. You have no idea how sorry I am." wearily, Tessa could barely keep herself up.

Tessa struggled with the idea of letting Mercy know about her murder of fourteen children. It would change the way Mercy and Vera would look at her. Markus may not find much wrong with defending yourself under those circumstances. Finally, Victoria would probably be somewhat pleased that she had aided in thinning their numbers.

There was a grudge there, she wished to know more, yet she would wait for Vicky to come to her.

Markus was ex-legion by the sound of everything, but she didn't care if Markus was half-deathclaw/half-NCR. As long as Markus wasn't hurting or killing them, he was an ally in her eyes.

"Is Vera oka-...oh thank god...You have no idea how relieved I am that you're okay, flying toaster sister." Tessa let out a sigh of relief and was extremely pleased that she even received a nuzzle from Vera.

Truthfully, she was a little jealous of Mercy getting all the attention from Vera...but hey, Tessa didn't have much to contribute in the way of technical skills.

Another reminder of how replaceable she was in this family. And by a greater extension, this group. Tessa was struggling to belong or not feel hopelessly underclassed by everyone around her.

Then again, she was just the street rat. What more do you expect?

Tessa still had her own stockpile of caps, hastily counting somewhere in the 400 range.

"I think I'll get working on a small project..."

Changing into a black dress, while hastily tying her hair into a bun. Tessa secured her knife dispenser out of necessity and brought along her schoolbag of caps.

"...just gonna be in the markets, I won't be long."

While Tessa's "project" was something to be excited about, all of her spoken words were layered with a heavy sense of depression. Perhaps going off alone would be what she needed to clear her head.

Tessa soon broke off with a meaningful stroke to Vera's chassis and finally a hand on Mercy's cheek before leaving the house.

On a mountainside in Wyoming
Joe's new associate had blasted the (Relatively) dumb deathclaw with his...
[Energy Weapons 15]...Weird looking plasma weapon...
...When he was swatted aside by the Albino using its companion's corpse as a weapon.
That was kind of stupid.
Even if its insides were intact, it couldn't tense its arms during a swing, so its claws would be ineffective.
The Albino was inventive in stupid ways. Normal Deathclaws were (ironically enough) not smart enough to be that stupid.
"You okay sir?"
Martin had dodged out of the way, and was shooting the Albino from behind, as it ran for Joe.
"You may be tougher than any normal human, but you'll never be a match for a ranger!"
[Agility]Joe ducked below the swing, and let himself roll down the hill. He then leaped up, and readied his revolver.
[Guns 85][Gunslinger][Shoot To Wound][Peace Through Violence]Joe leveled his revolver on the beast's right elbow.
[Cowboy][Fan The Hammer]...Success! *Bangbangbangbangclickclickclickclick* Joe emptied his revolver and reloaded.

Booker was smacked by the corpse of the dead Deathclaw. This was nowhere near as painful as he thought it would be, but way more then he had hoped. He fell on the ground face first cracking his glasses. He shoved both fists into the dirt and spat the sand out of his mouth. Blood pours out of his lips onto the ground. He pressed his legs into the ground and straightened up. His wounded leg buckled repeatedly under his own body mass. A man can only be pressed so far before snapping. Booker snapped constantly, but this was much worse. He had gone through a proverbial hell to get here and he wasn't going to let some deathclaw stop him now after all he had been through. "Im going to eat your fucking heart you stupid fucking beast." He pulled out a ranged signalling device. He pressed the button. Within moments Dave rocket over the hill using his flame thrower to propel towards the smart deathclaw firing a barrage of lasers at it as it neared. Booker smiled pressing his slugs into his gun once again. This process merely added to his anger once again. "I'm going to cut off that fuckers hands and use them as an ashtray."

Rabbit Home

Markus awoke, slowly. His dreams were already half forgotten, but yet he remembered an elfish face going on about his creations...

Science was, indeed, weird.

He stretched his already stiff back, and picked himself off the ground. It had appeared as though his benefactor of the day, the Rabbit Tessa, was already off on some new adventure. Markus dimly thought of doing the same, and quietly left the house. He didn't feel much like talking about his Legionnaire history anyways.

The door didn't creak on his way out, and he was thankful for that. He gave a small smile towards the house before heading out. It felt nice to have a home again. He shut the door behind him, and started towards the market.

Markus adventure!

He needed a change of clothes, armor, and perhaps weapons. His Ice Ax was already starting to dull, he felt, and he noticed he lost his rifle sometime during the night. That left him only with a pistol for a reliable weapon. And that made him worried, considering the amount of trouble these people got him into.

He didn't run into too many people, though did he really expect to? The night was probably hard on everyone... That reminded him, the merchant he sold his armor to. Did he still have it? Would he mind giving it back? Only one way to find out, Markus thought with his smile increasing in size. Though it resembled a shark more now.

He found the merchant's place rather quickly, fortunately it did not look like the night's events effected the place much. Perhaps everyone had too much blood lust to try and pillage. Markus frowned, and quietly entered. His doubts the place had been touched were instantly taken back, the blood and body in the middle of the floor told him that. Closer inspection showed claw marks. A Keeper's kill.

Markus inspected the place further. Most of the supplies went untouched. Looks like they couldn't get into the backroom, so they simply took the drugs and ran to return to their precious killing. Markus moved towards the shop keeper, and closed his shocked dead eyes. Then he looked for a key on his person. He found one, and brought it to the door.

"Of course. Would be too convenient if that worked." Markus sighed, and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Lock picking was out of the question for one of his abilities. And explosives would be a bad idea, he was untrained and people tended to object to that sort of thing. He tapped his foot, trying to think up an idea...

Markus moved to the bobby pins. Looked like it was time to get some training in this field! Markus bent down, and began working. The first he tried to force it open, but that made the fragile piece of crap snap in half. He dug out the pieces with his ax, and set about try two. Slightly better, and by that I mean still pretty terrible. Markus slammed his forehead against the door, and sighed heavily.

He got up, and brushed himself off, going for the next trick in his bag. He took several steps back, and dashed at the door, slamming into it with all his force. He could feel it bulge, and he smiled widely, backing up for round two. It didn't require a third try.


Markus burst through the door, landing hard on his shoulder on top of the door. He took the hinges with him. Markus nodded, sore but impressed at himself. The Legionnaire got up, and brushed himself off once more, looking around for his armor. It was on a worktable, getting refitted, so he just went about doing that. It took an hour, but he got his own measurements, and refit what he could. As it turned out, and arm was about all he could do. He shrugged, it was an armored arm, what more could he ask for?

He tried the thing on, and looked about the clothes in stock. He found a dark grey great coat, that went down to his knee's. Perfect for sneaking and protection, and even hid his weapons quite nicely. Overall, he loved the damned thing immediately, even the black patch on the elbow. It added character, though he ripped the thing out, and replaced it with another symbol. The Bull of the Legion. He smiled at the patch, dark red and barely noticeable unless you looked for it. The gold was a tad noticeable, but he wasn't going to be elbow dropping everyone he met anyways.

The last object was found with slightly more difficulty, Paul's sword. Still, he found it, near the back in a barrel, still sharp and gleaming. The stars were dulled, but the blade could cut through flesh so easily. A regular longsword, fit for an officer of Communist China. Markus inspected the thing heavily, and it could indeed work for the Legionnaire. In fact, it was better than most other weapons he had ever held. He grinned stupidly at the thing, it'd work well for his purposes. Namely mass murder. Still, he felt clumsy with the thing, untrained. He'd need to practice...

'Wasn't Tessa a blade user?' Markus sighed. He'd have to ask her for a crash review in bladed combat. In the meantime, he exited the shop, and simply decided to wander.

The Holy Rabbit Hole: Over 1 Trillion Served

"You have nothing to be sorry about. Can you forgive me though? I was only able to relax was when you walked through that door with Markus. You have no idea how sorry I am." The Bigger (NOT FATTER BUT TALLER) Bunny apologized. It was something that she didn't need to do, after all it had been Mercy that had been the idiot that had decided to cry wolf in order to try to mend things with the family, even though in the end she did end up getting captured. Still it was nice to be held by her oldest sister.

"Sis. You don't need to be sorry at all. If I hadn't gotten myself captured. If I hadn't ran out the door, you wouldn't need to be sorry. So I should be the one who's sorry and I am, Tess." The Stun Bunny whispered to her sister before letting her go and watching as she and Vera made their peace, something that caused the happiness to return to the home, though a quite muted from the night's events.

"I think I'll get working on a small project..." Tessa said as she reappeared from getting changed, this time in a black dress and school bag that made her look awful pretty, especially compared to the grubby overalls that the Mini-Bunny was still sporting despite the plethora of clothing that Tessa had acquired in the market. Still, the fact that the Bladed Bunny was leaving them so soon after their "victory" against the Knuckleheads and Keepers was more than a little disconcerting.

"Tess. Please, please, please be careful." The Worried Widdle Wabbit begged as she watched her sister move silently through the door and into the streets beyond.

Looking about the Twisted Hares' HQ, the Build-a-Bunny noticed some of the projects that remained to be completed. Walking over to the Nine/Tenths scale Hula Girl that she and Vera had acquired, Mercy donned a pair of welder's goggles and started working on attaching the metal skeleton of the Hawaiian dancer to rotating platform.


Looking up from her work, she noticed that Victoria was going outside as well but, strangely enough, with what looked like lounging supplies. The woman was already a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma and so more strangeness from her might have been par for the course, perhaps. Whatever the Bunny Noir was, she seemed to have caught the attention of Markus (le sigh) and Tessa, causing the Wary Wabbit to look at her with a hint of envy. Her milky white skin, her black bob, her height, the way her brea-

Looking down at her work, the Bruised Bunny realized that she had just hit her thumb with a hammer.

"OWWW!!!" She screamed aloud, jamming the freshly bruised appendage in her mouth, knowing that it wouldn't do much for the pain but it still made her feel better. Pausing to look up at her Happy Hare of an eyeBot of a sister, she admonished herself for not paying more attention to her work.

"I guess I deserved that, huh, V?" The Little Bunny that Could said with a smile and returned to her work, installing the sensor modules in the eyes of the hula girl, which when powered, would give the Hula Girl a rather sadistic look as the sensors glowed red.

Standing up and stretching for a moment, Mercy realized that only thing that needed to be done was to mount the BAR to the Hula Girl's hip and test the hidden turret.

Cheyton Markets: With a Sniper on standby

Tessa had to admit, the sight of Vicky relaxing with on a rooftop overlooking the market served as quite the comfort. Perhaps she could put on a little show.

There were quite a few things on the agenda, she figured she would work her way to the Follower's and circle back. Passed all the major vendors of concern.

First stop: Gun stall. "So...how much for - thiiiis?" Tessa started lifting up a rather heavy machine gun, before tipping forward and dropping the the gun back on the stall, sending many of the smaller weapons crashing to the ground.

[Finesse][Fortune Finder] "Oh! I'm so sorry, let me - ouch!" Tessa purposefully bumped her head into the trader's as they both scrambled for the fallen items. Tessa, in the commotion she had caused, slipped two pristine laser pistols into her schoolbag.

Second stop: Melee weapons. [Finesse][Fortune Finder] "Ooh, this is beautiful. A trench knife? 70 caps?" Tessa started to pull out a loose amount of caps and dumped it on the table, giving the merchant something to occupy himself with while Tessa slid a similar trench knife and machete gladius to the edge of the table and into her schoolbag.

Still holding up the trench knife she had been inquiring about, she intercepted the counting of the caps by declaring that she might come back later for the deal.

With her reclaimed caps and stolen goods.

Third stop: Weapon modifications. [Finesse][Fortune Finder] "Excuse me, have you ever heard of a Freeside City Shuffle? No? Well, it's when you look right..." The merchant followed her finger pointing away from the table as she slid a very familiar mechanism into her schoolbag. "...and they go left. Nevermind, it's not something you really hear about."

Fourth stop: Bookshop. [Fortune Finder] "Hi! I'm looking for the latest version's that's arrived. Oh, over there? Thanks!" Tessa walked between the bookshelves, scanning for anything that sounded a little too smart for her. Flipping open the covers, she checked the versions and quality available. She knew that someone would appreciate this being purchased.

Laying down 100 caps for two very large books in pristine condition, she had plenty of caps to spare.

Fifth Stop: Scrap store and miscellaneous items. [Fortune Finder] "Hey, how much for this and those? 35 caps? Works for me." Upon paying, Tessa pocketed the two items and made her way up to a nearby building.

Using the fire escape to reach a rooftop and settling down for a moment, Tessa decided that the noise from the market wouldn't interrupt her, plus she would avoid embarrassment if anyone bumped into her. Whipping out the new holotape she bought, she fiddled with the controls to record audio and started to sing gently. Her singing voice and her indulgence in singing to herself was one of her many sources of embarrassment.

To be entirely transparent, Tessa had no idea what the song meant or even what the language was. All she knew is that it was a song that she would sing to herself if ever she was under significant discomfort. Something about it seemed sad, meaningful and specific to her...she just wish she knew what it meant.

Holotape recordings were a pastime on the street. She lost her original holotape when she fled Freeside.

After singing her song, Tessa passed the Followers and decided to head home with her gifts for everyone. She was feeling significantly better knowing that she could get something for everyone, she owed them that much and she hoped that everyone would appreciate the meaning.

Tessa tried to tailor her gifts for everyone. Giving was how she showed appreciation. She didn't expect compensation or thanks. Acceptance was all she wanted.

Lost in her thoughts, she bumped into a nurse, who frankly seemed to be looking for her. "Sorry, can I help you?

"Miss Rabbit, correct? Recent donator to the hospital? I have something for you!"

Tessa was presented with a donation box filled with various stims and chems. "What is all this? Don't you need it?"

The nurse simply smiled and pushed the little box into her hands. "Excess supplies! If we don't use them in the next two weeks, they'll be thrown out of rotation for the next batch of supplies. Quite frankly, we need the space and YOU have been very generous to us."

"Oh! Well, thank you!...Hold on, here." Tessa deposited an elastic band stack of 100 caps into the woman's hands. "Consider that my continued donation to the Followers."

After saying her goodbyes, Tessa peeked inside the box and spotted three full hits of psycho, among other chems.

Flashback: Freeside

Sonea carefully set aside the item and held a hand reassuringly to her girlfriend's face. "It was controlled. We'll only have to use it in dire situations...otherwise, we steer clear of it, I promise."

"Only as a last resort...I guess that's the reason why we're called the Feral Rabbits."

Pocketing the psycho for herself, Tessa made her way home.

[Finesse][Silent Running] Ducking into an alley and scaling the building, Tessa eventually snuck slowly behind the relaxed Vicky before whispering into her ear. "Boo!"

Laughing a little, she took a seat beside Vicky, her black dress fitting in with Vicky's decorum. Scrounging through her bag of new items of the day, she pulled out Vicky's present. A high quality custom bolt for her single-shot anti-materiel rifle. Tessa recognized those rifles on the Freeside NCR.

Smiling at the oddball Undertaker, "Here you go, hope you like it!"

Stretching out and laying in the sun, Tessa spoke away. "After lastnight, I needed to clear my head. Shopping helps...or my version of shopping at least...besides, I wanted to get something for everyone. I've been insufferable lately."

Enjoying the sun, Tessa had pale skin of her own, nothing that could match Victoria's, but very pale by the standards of your average wastelander. "Growing up, kids would ask me to find stuff. Usually lost valuables. When I got older, finding lost valuables turned into finding people and supplies. At one point I made an unofficial business of taking requests to find and take valuable items for paying clients...it was exhilarating when it worked. Downright scary when I failed. Everyday tested my skills, but my life was always largely in check. I played it as safe as you could in a thieving business...What I'm curious about, is it -...am I, useful, to this group? I'm just a thief."

Wandering, Cheyton

Markus contented himself with kicking up dust as he walked the streets. It seemed peaceful, though others were around. Mostly dead eyed civilians, mourning loved ones.

This made Markus stand out further, with his wry smile and whistling. He sent another dirt cloud up into the air, as he reached the chorus again.

Then he heard it, the song he was whistling being played from a distance. Markus cocked his head, and headed towards the sound, keeping his hand on the hilt of his sword. He continued whistling as he got closer, he could hear him humming the lyrics, though not singing.

Markus clapped slowly for the man's performance, now that he got a good look at him. Dressed like a Praetorian, with his red cloak hanging around his shoulders. He was quite good with the guitar, Markus had to admit, considering how he was staring at Markus.

'Creepy.' Markus spoke, and greeted the man. "Ave, Quid tamen auditis?" The boy blinked, and Markus rolled his eyes, widening his smirk. "What news from the Legion?"

The boy smiled and nodded, looked like a bit of a twerp. Markus figured him a messenger, which made the next action seem... odd.

The boy got up from the barrel he sat on, and swung the guitar at Markus. The old Legionnaire pulled his pistol, but found that was too slow. So he raised his armored hand, the guitar bouncing off it with a *TWANG*. He pressed the advantage, and charged forward, jumping and rearing his palm back.

[Legion Assault] The strike hit the kid in the Solar Plexus, nearly perfectly, making him fly back breathless. Markus capitalized, and put his pistol against the boy's forehead.

"An imposter, or have you turned your back to your Legate?" The boy gasped, and Markus noticed something about him. He had no tongue. Markus sighed, killing the kid would be bad for his Legion reputation. So instead, he offered the boy a hand up. The boy looked confused, but accepted anyways.

The boy hesitated, but slowly walked towards his bag. He pulled out a notepad, and handed it to Markus. It had the name "Casca" written on it, and Markus took that to man it was his name. Markus wrote out a small message for the Caesar, and handed it back to the boy before walking back home.

Vitare Cheyton The boy looked at it, and sighed. Casca began walking, pulling his duffel bag up, and slinging his guitar on his back.


Markus hadn't bothered to think there would be a sniper. So he ignored the possibility and slowly trudged home, his smile gone and replaced with his usual neutral line. He came upon their home, and sighed. His arm was goddamned heavy, he'd need to do something about that. He took off his greatcoat, and folded it, placing it in the crook his non-armored arm.

Markus allowed the door to *CREEEEK* as he entered, and put on a false and small smile, yelling out without bothering to look for her,

"Mercy, mind if I give you a project?" Markus placed his coat on the hook, and took his sword and sheathe off his back, leaning it against the wall. He began taking his armor off his arm, waiting for the girl to reply.

The Rabbit's Home for Relaxation, Repairs and Emotional Repression:

"Mercy, mind if I give you a project?" Attila the Hareasked as he placed his coat on the hook, and took his sword and sheathe off his back, leaning it against the wall. He began taking his armor off his arm.

"Eep!" Came a squeal from the Ballistic Bunny as the Sword Bearing Bunny had walked in at a rather inopportune time, much to the Blushing Bunny's embarrassment. The scene was rather - interesting to say the least - as the Heavy Metal Hare took it all in.

There was Mercy, dressed in her grubby overalls, shoving what could only be described as a massive f**king machine gun, compared to the small framed girl, into the nether regions of a hula girl with glowing red eyes, like some sort of phallus.


The Humble Bunny must have sensed how ridiculous looking the situation looked as she dropped the the barrel of the massive f**king machine gun directly onto Brutus Bunny's foot.

"Oh crap! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" The Red Faced Rabbit apologized as she lifted the barrel of the massive f**king machine gun and tried to move it, causing the hula girl to swivel as her massive f**king machine gun phallus was securely in place.

Cringing, the Builder Bunny gave Bruiser Bunny a cheerful, or what passed for cheerful, smile as she rubbed the grime off of her overalls, conscious of how she appeared.

"Project? Oh! Your armor." She said as she held out her arms to accept the armored arm from the Armored Jackrabbit.

"Oooomph." The girl grunted as the armor was deposited into her arms and dropped -


- onto the Bruised Bunny's foot once again.

"crap." The Embarrassed Bunny cursed as she picked up the armor and took it to her workbench.

"I guess you want me to reduce the weight of the armor but maintain its protective qualities?" She said, avoiding looking at Markus as she spoke, a task made easier as she started marking the areas of the armored arm that she could strip off.

The task itself wasn't that difficult as she could reduce the weight by roughly 40% if she cut the solid metal armor into strips and removed a portion of the metal. Markus could still ward off a blade with the armor without getting his arm lopped off in the process.

Examining the metal, she noticed how thick the metal in the armor was and theorized that it was used to absorb the shock from impact. She could further lighten the armor if she used a rubberized gel based compound to absorb the stress of impact rather than relying on a thick slab of metal to do the trick.

Using the Sword Bearing Bunny's armored arm as a template, the Builder Bunny started her fabrication work, using the small forge module on the workbench to created the metal strips that would serve reinforce the armored arm. The chemical module on her workbench was used to manufacture a polymer gel that was then poured into a small leather pouches that were then sewn onto a glove.

The work didn't take long as the Brainy Bunny showed off the finished product to Markus.

It started with a glove that had some of the polymer sewn into the knuckles of the glove. This would provide additional weight behind Markus' punches and save his knuckles a bruising if he hit someone too hard.

The remainder of the armor was one long piece of what appeared to be a formed fabric that was strapped onto Markus' arm. However when he examined it, he noted that there were metal strips of moderate thickness that ran parallel and positioned so that no one strip would ever take the brunt of an attack. Underneath the strips were more of the gel substance sewn into the Kevlar like material that would diffuse the impact of an attack and keep Markus from breaking his arm when blocking an attack.

Attaching the the new composite type armor to a wooden log, Mercy gestured for Markus to test the armor.

"Hope it works." She said with a smile, her eyes never meeting his as if she was embarrassed of looking him directly in the face.

Hoping to distract herself from the smiling Legionnaire, the Plasmaless Plasma Buny skipped over to her Bouncing Bunny Ball of a Sister.

"Vera. Did you say you have some schematics that I could use to make a new plasma pistol?" Mercy asked before adding, "If it's not too much trouble, do you think you could show them to me?"

Be vewy vewy quiet, we're building plasma weapons for wabbits. Heh-eh-heh-eh-eh-heh.

Vera had already been searching her databanks for an answer to her wonderful, brilliant little sister's problems. Namely, her now lacking a signature plasma weapon. After a few minutes of searching, Vera found a lot more than she thought she would.

"Vera. Did you say you have some schematics that I could use to make a new plasma pistol?" Mercy asked before adding, "If it's not too much trouble, do you think you could show them to me?"

"Oh boy do I ever, my wonderful, beautiful, brilliant little sister!" Vera said excitedly, as she recalibrated her hologram projector to display them on a wall in the darkest part of the room, "You might want to get the lights... make it easier to see. I've actually found around forty different blueprints for plasma weapons of all kinds. But... I've narrowed it down based on what we could actually build with what we have... and... what would be practical."

She displayed the first one, it showed what looked like a typical laser RCW.

"I know what it looks like, but this is actually a plasma RCW," Vera explained, "It won't fire quite as quickly as its laser counterpart, but... its still faster than any other plasma weapon I know of. Though it does have some issues with battery life... it tends to drain everything except overcharge very quickly. This one was an Enclave design that the Van Graffs probably stole. Huh. That's odd, my databanks are actually pretty empty on how they or I picked this one up."

Vera displayed another one, this one showed what looked like a cartoonishly tiny needle-pistol but...

"You know that plasma-burst effect you'll sometimes get if you're really, really lucky with energy weapons? And fire it in just the right way?" Vera said getting excited again, "Well, this one is guaranteed to always fire such an explosion, and it uses up very little power for each shot, so you won't need to carry much ammo for it. However... it has the worst kickback I've ever seen on a weapon of any kind. There are rocket launchers with less kick than this thing! Fire this one, and it'll send you flying back a few feet. I'd call this one the Noisy Jackalope. I seem to have gotten this one from... the Big Empty. Odd. I don't remember ever going there."

Vera made a clicking noise, as if she were a floating projector, and put the next blueprint up. This one showed what looked like an ordinary sawn-off shotgun but...

"Again, I know what it looks like," she said trying to suppress her urge to bounce up and down in excitement, "But this fires up to two modified microfusion cells that burst out once fired, and hit everything in front of you like a wall. Only trouble is... you have to load and fire both barrels to get the full effect. And microfusion cells aren't exactly cheap. Though it is interesting to note that this one fires like both a gauss and plasma rifle. Its... a very strange one to be sure. This was one of the designs that the Van Graffs scrapped because they didn't think there'd be a viable market for it. I had to listen to a lot of boring arguments over this one."

Vera popped another blueprint onto the wall. This one showed clearly that this was a pre-war design dating back to just a few days before the bombs dropped, meaning it likely never made it out of R&D. It...

"Is basically a revolver," she said, "but it fires shaped plasma pellets with each shot. And it can work with either energy or microfusion cells. If I'm reading this right, energy cells would make it fire faster, and would give it more shots, and microfusion would give it a bit more kick, make it more accurate, but fire much more slowly and eat up ammo more quickly. Still, this one is fairly versatile..."

Then, Vera, having saved the best for last...

"This is one I came up with after scanning one of the stranger weapons that The Courier brought out of her little trip to the Sierra Madre Casino," she said, "Oh... uh... don't go there. I still get nightmares from what the Courier told me about that place. Anyway... this one basically pulls double-duty as both a shotgun and a sniper rifle? How you ask? Well, when you look through the scope, and adjust the zoom, you are actually focusing its energies towards the target, because it charges up and hones the projectiles closer and closer together until they form a tight-beam. Otherwise, its a shotgun that fires a gigantic spread of solid square holograms at your target. It generally works better with microfusion, but it can be modified to work with energy cells. The only real drawback to it is that the shotgun side of it is slightly slower than a normal plasma ball. Though I think it can be tuned, with overcharged cells, to ignore cover, and be a great way to flush someone out."

Vera turned off her holo-projector.

"Of all of these..." she said, bouncing up and down with excitement, "I'd recommend the holorifle. I've made some improvements to the design so that it chews on less ammo than it used to, and fires a little faster, but... well... we need a working hologram projector to get it to fire at all."

Vera stopped bouncing in the air, and turned to look her little sister faceplate-to-eye.

"The only one I know of is mine," she said simply, "We'd have to cannibalize it for the holorifle to work."

Anticipating Mercy's likely reaction to the suggestion...

"Mercy! Please do it! You sacrificed your amazing plasma pistol to save my life!" she said, nuzzling her little sister, "This is the least I can do to even begin to return the favor!"

Without another word, Vera laid down on the workbench and waited for Mercy to get to work.

The Rabbit Hole

"Mercy! Please do it! You sacrificed your amazing plasma pistol to save my life!" The Holo Donor Bunny said, nuzzling her little sister, "This is the least I can do to even begin to return the favor!"

The Almost Bawling Bunny was frozen in shock as her Ball Bunny of a sister settled on the workbench, exposing her hatch that housed V's holographic projection unit.

"But - but V. I can't. I can't do it." Mercy exclaimed as she went over the other schematics in her head. "If I take your holo projector in exchange for my plasma pistol, that means that you're just a robot."

From the sensory data that was coming off of the Morality Hare's skin and being fed into the Humanistic Hare, she could tell that Mercy's mind was churning with the philosophical impact of Vera's willingness to sacrifice one of her organs in order for Mercy to build a piece of hardware.

"But you're not just a robot, not to me. You're my sister and if I take you holo projector and use it to build a piece of equipment, then that means you're just a piece of equipment. But you're not. You're my sister!!! If I do that, that would be like taking my arm and turning it into a - a - a club!" She confusingly reasoned, as she started pacing back and forth.

"If you're not a machine that means you're alive. If you're alive that means that your parts are like organs. If your parts are like organs they shouldn't be used to make equipment. If you were a machine and not alive, that would mean that I could morally take your parts and use them however I saw fit. But that would mean that you weren't my sister either. Therefore, since you're my sister, that means you're alive. That means I can't morally take one of your body parts for use in a piece of equipment!" The Philosophical Rabbit concluded as she picked up her sister and gave her a rather big Rabbit sister hug.

"Thank you, V. It was brave of you to offer but I - I just can't not with how I feel about you." Mercy said as she reviewed the other blueprints in her mind.

The Plasma RCW was one of designs that interested Mercy as well as the Plasma Pellet Revolver. The Noisy Jackalope would have needed some sort of stabilization system the minimize the kick, like the muzzle break on the Undertaker's Anti-Materiel Rifle. The Meltdown weapon was also dropped as Mercy remembered that her first on only Knucklehead kill in Cheyton was done at point blank range. The Sawed-Off MFC Shotgun was interesting but as Vera said Microfusion Cells weren't cheap nor were they plentiful in Cheyton.

Sitting down at the workbench and rotating Vera on her cushioned seat so that she could watch, the Builder Bunny started arranging some components, lenses and emitters in front of her as she let her hands do the building while her mind was focused more on her sister.

"Vera, I mean it. That was really, really, really, really brave of you to offer yourself like that. But I want you to understand that what I gave you was just a plasma pistol and what you're offering me is so much more than that. I - I can't rightly accept it from you." Mercy said as her hands started piecing together the terminal that would accept an energy cell.

"I hope you understand, please say you understand, V." the Begger Bunny begged as she wired a ignition switch to the terminal and connected the two to a small pistol like frame.

"And don't be mad at me either. I don't think that I could stand both my sisters being mad at me." The pistol gripped frame was then added to a barrel that appeared to have been over-reinforced to withstand the extreme heat that plasma bolts could produce, if Vera was watching it appeared that Mercy was getting the two schematics for the Plasma RCW and the Plasma Pellet Pistol mixed up.

"I mean you two are the only family that I have left and I'd gladly give up everything that I had to make sure that you two were safe." That was a strange muzzle break that Mercy was attaching to the pistol frame.

"V. I love both you and Tess. Don't you ever forget that." Mercy concluded as she looked down at what her hands had built while she was babbling.

"This, doesn't look right." The Plasma CowBunny muttered as she motioned for her sister to follow her outside.

There was a lawnmower that must have been sitting outside of the Rabbit Home for some time as it had been rusted to a deep red patina. Saying a quick prayer that her new build wouldn't explode in her hands, Mercy jammed an energy cell into the terminal and pointed the weapon at the lawnmower.


The weapon discharged a mass of tiny green glowing plasma bolts at the lawnmower.

Ker-PEW! Ker-PEW! Ker-PEW! Ker-PEW! Ker-PEW!

Strangely enough, as Mercy kept the trigger pulled, the weapon kept firing rapidly at the lawnmower until it was nothing but glowing red slag.

And the strange Muzzle Break that the Mercy had added on the end of the barrel?

Well it seemed that whenever the weapon fired, it created a puff of energetic gasses that erupted from the barrel of the Automatic Plasma Pistol (APP). Prolonged firing of the pistol without the break would only create a haze of hazardous gasses in front of the Plasma Bunny. The break served to concentrate the plasma gasses and vent them in a way that kept the barrel of the weapon stabilized, again, like the Muzzle Break on the Undertaker's Anti-Materiel rifle. But strangely, when viewed from the business end of the APP, it looked like a fiery green rabbit's head every time the weapon was discharged.

"That wasn't one of your schematics, was it?" Mercy asked quietly as she turned her head towards her sister, giving her a strange look.

Twisted Hares HQ

Vera listened in shocked silence as her wonderful little plasma sister went into a philosophical debate with herself. The little eyebot had never heard anything quite like it. No, scratch that, she'd never heard anything even remotely close to that... except from The Courier.

I... don't believe it. No one has valued me this much before...

If she'd had the appropriate bits and pieces, Vera's eyes would be wider than golf balls (she always imagined her self with fairly narrow eyes), and her jaw would have sunk right through the floor. Vera kept watching as the Plasma Bunny tested out her new weapon. To Vera, it looked like the little Plasma Bunny had...

"That wasn't one of your schematics, was it?" The shy little genius said, giving Vera a strange look.

"I... I can't believe what I'm seeing," Vera said as she floated closer to examine the weapon, "Most people, at least that I know of... would have simply followed one of the blueprints I presented, and built it. Some might have made newer, smaller improvements. But you... you..."

Vera nuzzle-tackled her sister, careful not to hurt her in the process.

"You absolute genius you!" she cried continuing to nuzzle the plasma bunny, "You took elements from each... found a way to combine the best of them according to what suited your needs... and... and..." Vera floated up, and hovered just high enough to allow Mercy to use her to help get herself up again.

"And..." Vera continued, stammering somewhat now, "And you completely revolutionized what we know about plasma weapons in the process. By rights, your plasma pistol shouldn't be firing that fast... and yet it is. Even the Plasma RCW wouldn't have been that fast."

"Hmm..." Vera said, a number of different ideas coming to her now, but first, she nuzzled her sister again as she got up again, "I love you Mer-Mer. You're the kindest, most wonderful, most ingenious person I've ever met."

"And now, I've got another idea... something for Tessa," she said, "But first, I need to test a hypothesis I had about my new upgrade. Come on, umm... do you mind going to the junkyard? Its almost always empty and... well... I'd feel safer if you came with me."

The Road to the Cheyton Junkyard Rabbitina

"I... I can't believe what I'm seeing," The Rabbit Eared Death Star said as she floated closer to examine the weapon, "Most people, at least that I know of... would have simply followed one of the blueprints I presented, and built it. Some might have made newer, smaller improvements. But you... you..."

Vera nuzzle-tackled her sister, careful not to hurt her in the process.

"You absolute genius you!"

"Ooomph!" Fragile Bunny Foo Foo oomph'd as she was nuzzle-tackled but let out a jubilant giggle at the unfettered display of genuine affection that the V. was giving her.


New Perk: Techno-Roulette: When shown a series of schematics, the purveyor of this perk unleashes power of the techno-roulette wheel. A characteristic of each of the schematics is used in the final product. [1]

Getting up and looking at her older robo-sister, the Roulette Rabbit smiled as her Rabbit Cloud of Joy showered her with more and more and more love.

"I love you Mer-Mer. You're the kindest, most wonderful, most ingenious person I've ever met."

"Awww - shucks." Mercy said as she kicked up a little bit of dirt and hid the tremendously huge grin on her face and reddening cheeks.

"And now, I've got another idea... something for Tessa," V. said, "But first, I need to test a hypothesis I had about my new upgrade. Come on, umm... do you mind going to the junkyard? Its almost always empty and... well... I'd feel safer if you came with me."

The prospect of building something awesome was like bunny bait for the Bookish Bunny especially since it was for Tessa, whom had showered Mercy with gifts since the day she stepped through the door of her new home, not knowing if her previously unknown sister would accept her or slam the door in her face.

The Hare's Hovel: 2 days or 2 weeks or 2 months ago (give or take)

Knock Knock Knock

Anxiety wracked the Mercy's body as she knocked on the door of the small shack that stood in the outskirts of Cheyton. Looking at herself, the small framed girl, no more than a teenager really, couldn't help but note that amount of grime that had accumulated on her clothing. It gave her the appearance of someone who had been traveling for quite some time, which Mercy had in fact been doing.

Knock Knock Knock

She knocked again, this time she heard a stirring inside the strange home as its occupant started moving around.

Noting the "No Soliciting" sign next to the door, the just-lost-her-family-orphan-Annie hoped that the grime and the sack that she was carrying didn't give her the appearance of a saleswoman.

"I shouldn't be here" The last known member, to Mercy's knowledge, of the Rabbit family muttered as she started to turn around to make a hasty retreat. But alas it was too late.


The front door opened and revealed a young woman, pretty, with brown hair that was of identical color to their shared father. She saw his eyes in the girl who stood in front of her and - and - and

Mercy threw herself at the woman, wrapping her arms around her, crying hysterically. It wasn't exactly the first impression that Mercy had wanted to make but it was what she went with.

"Sure V. I'll go with you. Anything for you and Tess." The Grateful Rabbit said as she put the Automatic Plasma Pellet Pistol (A3P) in the holster she still wore and was surprised to find that it fit.

As the two started moving down the alleyway, towards the road that would eventually lead to the Scrapyard, Mercy took one look back at the house that had become her home and noticed the Eldest Rabbit Sister talking with the Weirdo Undertaker. From the way that the two were talking, it seemed like a rather deep conversation but little sisters don't know when to leave enough alone do they?

"TESS! V and I are going to go get shoot up some chems and get pregnant! Don't wait up for us!" Mercy yelled before laughing at her own silliness.

"I mean, we're going to the Scrapyard! We'll be back soon!!" The Ridiculous Rabbit exclaimed as she waved and started running down the alleyway as she queried her sister.

"So what're we going to build for our High Test Rabbit Sister Tess?" The Eager Beaver Bunny asked jubilantly, happy to be alive and - well - I know that I'm laying it on pretty thick but - loved.

[1] Not all finished products will be guaranteed to work as advertised. Side effects can include irradiation, sterilization, monopolization, serialization and gender reassignment...ization.

Sniper's nest: Feeding TIEM!!! :D

"Tessa, you are actually the most important actor on this stage at the moment. You've become the foundation of this group, its brick and mortar, its glue, that is to say, you're the group's leader. You know best how to utilize everyone's talents, you know how to get along with everyone and most of all, you know how to get them to do what you need them to do. Each of us knows that you're willing to risk yourself for our safety and it's only right that we do so in return. So if you're thinking that you're replaceable, don't because the truth is far from what you're thinking." Vicky said with a slight smile on her pale face.

To say that Tessa was taken aback was a severe understatement. The pure praise that had come from the Vivacious Victoria took her by surprise and her depression was broken with a sledgehammer.

"Demonstrating your silvertongue, my dear lady? Well it's working" Tessa tried her best at sounding formal, while failing miserably to hide her embarrassment. It was very out of character. "Leader you say? Of another gang?! Hoo boy. I guess my time as the leader of The Feral Rabbits of Freeside never quite left me." Chuckling to herself. "We all get an equal say, but I don't mind taking point every now and then!"

Perching herself on her elbow to face Victoria, she was temporarily stunned by her sheer beauty, but she wasn't about to let go of a few details she picked up. "Green-eyed monster making an appearance in this production?" Teased the Bladed Bunny. "Don't worry, she was just making a donation to the cause...she's no Victoria. Not.even.close."

Tessa smiled intimately and kept her eye-contact firm. Victoria's company proved comforting and she made Tessa want to talk.

"Growing up, I was raised by the Followers of The Apocalypse. Good people, hardworking and kind. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep me for too long. Some kind of failing foster program. I think I was 7 when I was let loose on the streets."

Growing nostalgic, she carried on. "I spent a few years begging, sneaking into houses to sleep, slipping a few caps...it wasn't enough. Having run with friends in various petty gangs...I took a good look around me and wondered what I was going to do with my life. Turn to chems, sell my body, brutalize tourists? Absolutely not."

"You see, I usually went unnoticed. I had a knack for staying silent and moving with precision. Now I wasn't going to fall down and agonize over how crap my life was, I didn't know any better. But something hit me. I could make things better! I choose my path, I create my reputation and I choose how to fight back! Long story short...that's how I ended up as a bladed thief. Everyday I learnt something new and I keep updating my techniques." Tessa mused before pursing her lips and quizzically looking at Vicky.

"Your turn, tell me a little about yourself, what's it like being an Undertaker, where can I sign up...and you have GOT to tell me about your weapons of choice! That's a hell of an arsenal. I just have three throwing knifes and three fixed blades that I adjust according to defensive and offensive stances...and that's when I'm fully geared up." Tessa was rather intimidated by the sheer firepower that she packed, however, it was a great comfort to know it wasn't being turned on her.

Tessa got onto her tummy, swung her legs back and forth while cradling her head in her hands. "Indulge me, Victoria. Then you can ask me absolutely anything you want."

"TESS! V and I are going to go get shoot up some chems and get pregnant! Don't wait up for us!"

"Don't mix psycho and turbo! You'll see girls dancing in red cloaks! Take pictures!!!" Tessa shouted back without a second thought.

Then an image of a pregnant Mercy popped into her mind. An image which caused her to shudder.

"I'm frigging kidding! When you guys are done, get your butts up here, I gotz presents!!!"

Turning her attention back to Victoria, her cheeks quickly turned rosy and she started fiddling with her hair nervously.

"I want you to know how much I appreciate you staying. Besides for my sisters...you're the only person I've just trusted and honestly started to care for without a second thought. Truthfully, I was really shocked when I found out a little about your history, but it never destroyed my original feelings about you...I care and I will fight alongside you, against whatever odds! Somehow, you make me feel comfortable and you can calm me down with just a few words."

Managing to look at Victoria directly in order to indicate how serious she was, she continued regardless of how cheesy she may have sounded.

"Your profession revolves around the dead, or those that are soon to be dead. That sounds like a very lonely job with a few hidden restrictions. What you do, it takes strength, emotional strength. And while that makes me respect you...there's one aspect in particular that makes me admire you; it's a thankless job yet you do it anyway...For someone who should be emotionally void at this point. You have a big heart and I can see that you care. So, for something you don't hear very often...Thank you for staying, for helping and showing me your kindness. Qualities that I can clearly see that aren't appreciated enough...at least, that's how I see you." Tessa's voice had reached an almost whisper-like level as she noticed that she had been edging closer to Victoria to make her point. An involuntary movement that caused her to become greatly flustered.

Devil May Cry: Mercy's Awakening (2 and half month's ago)

Tessa was celebrating with a bottle of Vodka, dancing in a towel and rocking out to some dramatic orchestra over her near-broken radio. Today's thieved goods would keep her well-fed and stocked for a week. She wondered whether she should get a dress. Yeah right, even the ex-leader of the Feral Rabbit's still had some respect for herself.

*Knock Knock Knock*

("Can't hear you! Chorus is coming up!")

*Knock Knock Knock*

("Shit. That sounded official. Had the NCR found her!?")

Scrambling for her blades, Tessa moved towards the door, ready to pierce the throat of any unlucky bastard on the other end. A knock was not going to fool her.


"I didn't order any russian brides...yet-...whoa there!"

Tessa was suddenly gripped by what looked a shorter version of herself. Those hair and eyes were fairly distinctive and reminiscent of her own.

"Hey, hey...what's wrong? Does someone need a bladed reminder not to screw with you, just tell me where they are!" That didn't seem to lighten the mood. Maybe a gentle approach? "Come inside."

Tessa noted that it was raining and the girl was drenched, not too bothered by the dirt, Tessa took her hand and lead her to a nearby chair and handed her a towel. "Can you tell me your name? I'm Tessa, but most people just call me Rabbit."

"Oops. Don't mind these." Tessa nodded to her blades in both hands before sending both flying into the back of the door.

("Who was this girl and how the hell did she find this house?") Thought the Only Rabbit casually in nothing more than a towel covering her body.

Rabbit Home

Brutus... Brutus just tried to ignore what was happening. He had met Centurions with weirder fetishes than... whatever the hell this was. He frowned slightly, which turned into a yelp of surprise when she dropped the big machine gun on his toe.

Really should've sprung for steel toed boots. Still, he grinned and beared it. He waited for her to be done with... again, whatever the fuck that was before beginning to take off his armor.

"Project? Oh! Your armor."

"Yes. I would've recovered the whole suit, but I had to stay light-"


"-ish. Augh!" Markus grabbed at his toe, and picked up the armor for her, still trying to save face. He handed it to her, and sighed the pain away. This girl seemed to be the mortal enemy of underwear and feet.

"I guess you want me to reduce the weight of the armor but maintain its protective qualities?"

"Yes, exactly. Thank you." Markus flashed a smile, and noticed she wasn't looking at him. Dedicated to her work, probably. Markus wandered off for a quick drink, and came back with a purified water, watching her work. She was certainly an amazing mechanic, and innovative. She would've made a fine part of the Legion, probably a lead smith. Markus simply sipped at his water as he watched.

He took the finished problem with a grin, and pulled the glove onto his left hand, and pulled the armor off the log, and onto his right arm, for defense. He trusted the craftsmanship of the thing, he wouldn't need to test it right away anyways.

The armor fit snuggly under his t shirt sleeve, and the glove seemed comfortable. He debated giving the girl a hug, he was pretty sure this family was the hugging type... But luckily the eyebot came in to distract her with a new project. Markus took a moment to stare at the hula girl, before just leaving for the roof. He'd thank the girl later. When he felt less pain.

Rabbit Roof

Markus limped his way over to where the two were talking, after grabbing his new coat and sword. Sounded like a pep talk to him, followed closely by something the celibate Legionnaire really wished he didn't have to see. Yet part of him really, really wanted to see.

Markus sighed, and just pushed the thought out of his head. It wasn't good to think about those sort of things, not when you're a decade older than the second eldest. He tried to massage away an incoming headache and decided to just take a nap. He'd earned it.

"I'm frigging kidding! When you guys are done, get your butts up here, I gotz presents!!!"

Markus raised an eyebrow and cleared his throat loudly, as he lounged behind the two. Sometimes he hated how quiet he was...


Scrapyard, Casca.

The boy picked his meal out of his teeth, he had gone to eat after meeting with the Legate. He got the feeling the Legate didn't understand what autographs were...

The boy fell back onto a pile of scrap with a drawn out sigh. Oh how he hated the work of a Speculatore. Still, it was the one part of the Legion with chicks... and damn did the Legion know how to pick babes. Casca grinned stupidly, he would forever appreciate Virgil if only for allowing girls in.

The boy rose his head, and listened carefully... were people coming? He heard voices. And foot steps. He pushed some of his long hair out of his face as he rose, and looked at the entrance.

'Yes. Yep. You are about to be discovered wearing a clearly legion outfit, and they are either going to shoot or ask that you explain.'

The boy panicked, and put his hair in a loose ponytail. He sprinted back, and grabbed his guitar, the metal plate he used to hit people still somewhat dented from when he hit the Legate. Next order of business, leaving! Only there was only one way out. Where the people were coming from.

Casca slapped his forehead, and went to see what the hell these people were going to do. It looked like a scrawny girl, and an eyebot. God he hated eyebots, they played that shitty Enclave channel all the time and... Just, always staring. Recording. Watching. Casca shivered, creepy eyebots.

The boy quickly dove in through a broken window of an old car, and crouched down. He banged his knee on the dash, and made an ugly noise, what was supposed to be the word 'Fuck!' pronouncced without a tongue. His eyes widened, as he went to the fetal position.

'Don't see me don't see me don't see me.'

Redstone Camping Ground

The huge Nightkin chief led Kaiden into the camp. "Caleb, I bring good news. I have secured a trade agreement with the mayor of Cheyton. He has agreed to allow our people to enter once we bring three of our dogs as a gesture of goodwill. I also met a very kind doctor, who has welcomed us to his hospital at any time... Caleb, I owe this man a lot and I must find him soon to repay my debt."

Caleb, the worlds biggest Nightkin placed his hand on Kaidens shoulder. The Nightkin chief was very wise, he had never used a single Stealth Boy and some say even the Master couldn't influence him, though nobody dare ask him about that time of his life as he was also the most powerful of all Mutants. "In time my friend" He said, reassuring Kaiden. "You must be exhausted from your expedition, go, rest. Your trailer is just as you left it, you will be no good to your friend if you are too tired to help." Kaiden relaxed himself, his shoulders dropped. He reached into an inner pocket on his cloak, and pulled out the folded paper from the mayor, not a single crease of crinkle apart from where it was folded.

"Here friend, you will need this" Kaiden said as he handed the paper to Caleb.

"I will send three of our men and three of our finest dogs at once. We will feast well tonight, knowing that fresh supplies will be arriving soon" Caleb replied before turning and heading to his shack, calling for one of the Super Mutants to follow.

Kaiden headed toward his trailer, greeting the Super Mutants and Nightkin he passed along the way, all of them grateful for his safe return, all of them showing their respect for him. He hated feeling like a superior to any of his people, be it for his intelligence or combat capabilities. Caleb had always said they were all equal, and that being chief only made him responsible for everyone, not in charge.

He entered his trailer and saw that nothing had actually changed. Every item was neatly placed, all at right angles and perpendicular to each other. Absolute organization. He unwound the boxing tape from his hands, rolling it up tight and placing it into a basket under his bed ready to be washed. He pulled back the cover from his bed and lay himself down, falling into a swift, deep sleep.

[OOC: Sorry about the wait, but savvy individuals know that I was on WW yesterday.]

Yeah, like he wanted to be a Ranger. Deathclaws are still cooler, and scarier. Martin managed to pump some slugs into Malkos' back, but they were like dull thuds, the ones he managed to do. At about Joe-time, he was already using his fallen comrade as a shield against bullets and now apparently lasers from a now-flying man.


That was a bad move. Making a quick calculation, the gray monster leapt right at the angry Mcgrath and swung the bulk of the other Deathclaw at him with significant force, enough to hear cracks inside the dead beast's torso, which would imply a great deal of force to divert him with. His trajectory was aligned in such a way that he THEN slid down the hill right at Joe to first THROW the dead-weight at him and then leap into claw range for some good ole' times of taking your opponent down a peg, of which the first priority was his stupid revolver.

The Scrapyard.

Vera let out an embarrassed whir as they approached the same clearing where her attempt at sculpture stood. Vera quickly scanned the area for all of the parts they'd need, and it looked like the junkyard would provide... if they could only dig in deep enough to get all the right parts.

"So what're we going to build for our High Test Rabbit Sister Tess?" The Brilliant Bunny asked.

"Well... basically," the little eyebot started to explain, "Its kind of like a shiskebab, except without the backpack... and its a retractable blade made of plasma. The plans for this one were part of the Enclave databanks that I was installed with after they... found me... way back when I was still on the east coast. It was before the Enclave got a massive ass-kicking, and was forced to reformat itself in every possible way. Before the 'Fallout Program' or whatever the hell they were calling it."

Vera paused for a moment to analyze the contents of her failed mess of scrap metal, melting energy cells (some of which were sparking at this very moment), and who knows what else was in there. Vera hadn't exactly been paying attention at the time.

"Anyway," she picked up again, "I don't think the Enclave designed it because they could never get it to work. There isn't any apparent power source in the device. Its almost as if they found the blueprints from somewhere else themselves... and from looking at it... it doesn't configure to most human concepts of weapon design. Its... very unusual. All it basically seems to be is a high-heat resistant hilt, a lens for focusing the plasma into a specific blade-length and shape; a counterbalance... which we can add after Tessa has a chance to try it out... but aside from that... hilt, focusing lens, and a switch to turn it on and off... all it needs is a crystal. But the crystal only seems to determine what color the blade will be... and maybe some extra properties like... what kind of damage it does... like... incendiary or shocking... or even poison oddly enough. But again, it doesn't have any apparent power source. According to the schematics however... it looks as though the person who means to wield it has to assemble it themselves for it to have any chance of working. It seems to operate on scientific principles that were beyond the reach of even the top Prewar scientists. The best guess I can come up with is if constructed properly... it somehow channels... some kind of field or energy from the user to function. I don't quite understand how what they describe is possible, but... anyway..."

"We're not here to build it," she said, "We're here to gather the materials. According to my scans, there are several candidates for the hilt in that pile directly behind you, several possible focusing lens scattered throughout the scrapyard... and the switch well... plenty of those lying around too. I wouldn't worry too much about Tessa having to build this, there's nothing in the schematics that says you can't walk someone else through it as well... and between the two of us, we should be able to guide her through the process."

"As for the crystals..." Vera said, turning her attention to the scrap statue she'd 'built', "Well... stand back."

Vera fired her new plasma weapon at the failed statue. Before it made contact, she fired her arc projector, aiming it to hit the plasma pellet just as it was about to hit the statue. The pellet seemed to speed up significantly, but that was about it. It hit the target without any further affect, it didn't even leave a bit of goo. Taking note of that, Vera fired a few more plasma bolts into the statue, until a sizable amount of gobbly green goop piled up on it as it started to melt. Then, Vera sent a single high-voltage bolt at it from her arc projector. It immediately exploded into a eerie, green explosion, petering out just ten feet away from the two Rabbits.

Everything within the blast radius had drastically altered. The dirt had turned into a crude kind of glass, and all of the scrap metal had atomized, leaving the energy cells and... other misc. components of the statue, which had merged together and been atomically restructured into twenty oddly shaped and bizarrely colored crystals. Most were varying degrees of 'clear', some were green, some were red, a few were yellow, even fewer were yellow or purple, and one was pitch black outlined with a strange glowing white.

"Huh," is all the flying bunny could say at first, "So... I think we learned two things here. First, I can apparently set up plasma mines that super-heat everything within a certain radius... though it looks like predicting the exact blast area is going to be tricky... and... whatever was in that absolute mess of a 'sculpture' of mine aside from scrap metal and energy cells... makes crystals somehow. Makes me wish I had been paying more attention when I was gathering materials for that thing. Oh well."


Unlocking the door to her left, June pushed open the doors to the morgue, a musky smell of death and chemicals drifting into the hall as June turned on the lights. "Let's see.....1, 3, 5, 6 and 9 are occupied. If the man you're looking for is still here, he's in one of them." June spoke as she unlocked the cabinets used to store the cadavers, opening each one of them so the Khans could look inside.

Follower's Morgue

Ackerman lay out on the bed in front of Harland and Ollie. Melissa had put them in charge of tracking down Hastings, so their first step was to inspect the body of his last victim. Truthfully, Ollie hadn't known why they were wasting their time going after a local criminal when there were more pressing matters at hand, until Harland explained that it was just a means of blowing off steam. Some Khans would get high to take away the hurt, others would try to get even, whatever way they could. Harland was the latter, so Ollie went with him.

Ackerman's body was horribly slashed all across his torso, deep wounds that looked like somebody had run a saw blade across the cadaver's stomach. That, and it was missing it's head. The only way to recognize it as Ackerman was by the string of tattoos running up the corpse's left arm, itself slashed extensively. "What the fuck did he do to him?" mouthed Ollie. The sight was somehow more gruesome than anything he had seen in the past day, not helped in that it was contrasted against the disgustingly clean cold room. It looked so out of place, no blood, and that pale white flesh. It was less human somehow.

"Where's his head?" asked Harland. "He was wanted, right? One too many bar fights and shootouts for Jon, I guess. Would it be at the Bounty Office? Maybe a trophy? Proof?" He turned to Nurse June, hoping for an explanation.

Vitare Cheyton

Cheyton Scrapyard

The scrapyard was, appropriately, a dump of broken, discarded, or just plain useless junk. Prospectors would sometimes get lucky, scraping through the ruins of Cheyton's original city, Cheyenne. But most people left disappointed. It was also the only way into the settlement without passing through a watched gate. There was no way to lift an entire city's worth of wreckage, and the sheer volume made it a natural deterrent to large groups. But individuals, picking their way over hills of prewar rubbish, could blaze small trails through the forest of metal.

Which is just what was happening at the moment. A small group was silently pushing through the metal wires and burnt out refrigerators. Some wore snakeskin leathers, others in tattered lab coats.

And one wore crimson. They were looking for someone. And from the Rattler's keen senses, he was nearby.

Scrapyard: Casca

Casca should've been glad. He wasn't heard after all. That was cold comfort, however, as they were busy using a war crime in the making. Casca gulped as he looked at the destruction. He never really familiarized himself with energy weapons... but now he wanted one, oddly. Also it was pretty, and shiny.

Casca slowly began his retreat, when his keen eyes noticed something. He slipped out the car window opposite the two, and saw them. A hunting party. The one in Crimson was Legion... Not Virgil's legion. Lanius... Wait, Rattlers, Niners, and a frigging Legionnaire... An execution squad...

Casca yelped in surprise, and ran to the scrawny girl and robot. He was almost upon them, when he realized he was dressed up as a legionnaire. And profligates never trusted Legionnaires...

The boy grimaced, and held up his hands in surrender, constantly flicking glances behind him, to make sure the group wasn't upon him yet. He opened his mouth slowly, to reveal his lack of tongue, while looking for the enemy legionnaire's behind him. He pointed at them, and then his mouth, making it seem like they were responsible.

Cheyton Slums. A... different perspective.

Legate Virgil, hmm? Markus, now... should have seen that old path stretching behind him before I crossed eyes with him. Still, he only knows part of my path. Though, only The Courier knows more of it at this point. That machine might remember some of it, but I doubt it really knows.

Ulysses paced around the dingy, filthy room again. It was in the state its in largely due to the Knuckleheads' idea of 'fun'... which generally involved murder, torture, and sex (with just about anything). Almost reminded Ulysses of a dumbed-down version of The Legion. Except, when someone says no, the Knuckleheads back off. That part made Ulysses chuckle. Even these idiots had higher standards than Caesar's finest.

Tactically, I should send the Knuckleheads out in force. Everyone here knows exactly where they live, thanks to that machine's attempt at aping self-sacrifice. But, Virgil's presence might change things. He's a failure. Tried to take Arizona back from the tribes that had tried to reclaim it. Certain irony in that. I'm sure he blames the Monster of the East for that failure, but it truly was his own failing. Not the Monster's fault that Virgil didn't notice the obvious. Guess they have more in common than either would like.

Instead of sending the Knuckleheads off to die, Ulysses decided to instill them with some discipline, and teach them how to use their favored weapons more effectively. This, he knew, could take a while.

Wyoming Wastes - Somewhere

Martin pulled the trigger a seventh time and nothing. He sheathed his machete, holstered his revolver, and picked his rifle back up.
He looked and saw the berserk alpha leaping into Joe... Not good.
Martin reloaded his rifle and began lining up another shot.

How the hell is its hide so thick?

Kashyyyk Cheyton Scrapyard:

Mercy was in a fair amount of awe of the crystalline structure that her Blaster Bunny of a sister had created without being aware of the scientific properties behind it. The spontaneous discovery of these scientific properties by the Beautifully Brainy Bunny brought a smile to the Youngest Rabbit sister's face as her mind tried to posit what exactly had occurred.

"Crystals are created through extreme pressure and heat. The plasma is obviously the source of the extreme heat but pressure is what has me puzzled." Mercy said as she walked forward a bit and tapped the crystals with an old ball point pen, not surprised that the still hot crystals melted the plastic.

"Wait! Wait! Okay, so the plasma residue encases certain materials rather than atomizing it. The electrical arc causes the plasma residue to rapidly expand and explode when the atomic bonds are ripped apart. The rapid expansion from the explosion is what creates the crystals. Vera. That's amazing!!!!" The Bouncing Bunny said as she grabbed a batter red wagon with four functioning wheels, the Radio Flyer logo still barely legible.

"I'll start collecting the materials while the crystals cool down." Mercy said as she considered the type of power source that would be needed. Microfusion cells, Energy Cells, those were the fairly standard affair in the scrapyard. Moving on with the wagon, a pale blue glow caught the Youngest Rabbit Sister's eyes.

"What's that?" The young girl asked herself as she uncovered whatever was causing the glow and revealed a box with a RepConn logo. The glow was coming from inside the box, though Mercy could only partially make out what looked like a cluster of glowing rods inside the box.

"This might work." The Science Rabbit said as she moved on an grabbed the lenses that would be needed but there was one thing missing.

"V. I couldn't find anything in the scrap yard that'll work for a casing for the specifications that you mentioned. But maybe I can make some sort of ceramic that'll work. Last thing I want is Tessa's hand being cut off by whatever this thing you want to make her is." The Bunny Stormtrooper said as she noticed some sort of movement among the pile of junk. Seconds later a boy revealed himself, dressed in Legion ware.

"Who-who are you? And what're you doing out here? You better answer me of I'll have my sister blast you into green goo" Mercy yelled, an edge of panic in her voice as she heard more movement around where the trio was standing.

Soviet Heavy:

Follower's Morgue

"Where's his head?" asked Harland. "He was wanted, right? One too many bar fights and shootouts for Jon, I guess. Would it be at the Bounty Office? Maybe a trophy? Proof?" He turned to Nurse June, hoping for an explanation.

Hospital Morgue

June shrugged as she leaned over to inspect the body. "If there's a bounty office in Cheyton that takes heads, I wouldn't know about it. Most of them only require something...smaller, some of them will even settle for personal objects." The nurse frowned as she looked at the damage to the neck where the head was removed. "Frankly, I'm surprised the body is even here, he's in such poor condition that he's good for nothing but practice from some of the surgeons."

June stood back from the Khan corpse and thought of the implications, could someone at the hospital be involved in something sinister? Of all the times for Jacob to be gone... June rolled her eyes at the thought before speaking aloud. "It is possible that this is just a case of a brutal decapitation without express intent. Do you think the bounty on his head was worth the effort to take it off?"


Jacob was back on a brahmin cart after the caravan had made its way back to the highway, still trying to recover from previous events. Unfortunately, with the sun starting to drift towards the horizon, the doctor could find no respite from the bright light, and was forced awake.

With a sigh, he noticed that Jose happened to walk next to his cart, giving the two a chance to chat. "How much further do you think we'll have to go before reaching the outskirts of New Wheatland? I assumed you wanted to camp there before reaching the town?" The growth around New Wheatland became noticeable, though sparse, miles away from the town itself. The trees provided good cover for any caravans or nomadic tribes, and were beautiful blessings upon the eyesore that was the Wasteland.

Jose nodded, taking a moment to spit on the road before really answering. "All of us need a good rest, especially when we have to be on our toes for what's been attracted to those woods."

Jacob raised an eyebrow as he rested his head on the side of the cart. "It's gotten worse? I thought Issac had cooked up a good repellent to keep them out o the growth."

Jose shrugged, apparently regretting it afterwards, making the aged leader stretched. "Rumor is he did, but the growth...didn't like that. From what I hear, the Green Rangers are still cleaning up the mess."

Jacob's raised eyebrow grew into a puzzled expression. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Casca in: The Deadliest Charades

"Who-who are you? And what're you doing out here? You better answer me of I'll have my sister blast you into green goo"

Casca buried his face in his palm before springing his head back up, holding up his hand and index finger. That meant he needed a moment, of course. The sign was hopefully universal.

He pulled out his note book, and began scribbling furiously, looking between the new (admittedly cute but surprisingly daft) girl, and looking at the approaching band of Lanius approved murderers. He realized halfway through writing, is she couldn't read, he was beyond fucked.

No tongue, got removed, men coming, similar fate if not MOVING SOON He held up the message, and underlined SOON a few more times, taking a step forward and grabbing Mercy's hand. He really REALLY did not want to fight today, sure he could knock a man on his ass, but they had guns. And bullets hurt.

Markus: Rabbit Home

"Yes, Markus, presents."

"Why the blushing? I see the way you two look at each other... Fine, you two can have a moment. My business can wait." Markus jumped to his feet, and quickly moved out of the fallout zone that was about to appear, suppressing a smirk.

He made his way to where the food was kept, and grabbed himself a steak. He needed some damn food, and this actually looked pretty good. He ate somewhat quickly, grabbing a seat on the couch and taking a moment to think. He needed to think a lot more, he noticed. Perhaps the profligates were making him unsure... or perhaps the Rabbit Sisters were making his conscious reawaken.

He sighed, tilting his head back. And remembering...

"MOVE, GODDAMMIT MOVE!" My voice was so faint to me, the sound of artillery still ringing in my ears. My men are retreating, as I stand above the scene on the canyon. The air smells of death, and there seemed the canyon was flooded with the blood of his men and the tribals. The sky wasn't out today, it was cloudy, winter. Maybe even rain later...

Damned choke points... Mars was not with them that day. I curse again, I know my rage means nothing, it will not earn back the lives lost.

"Legate, calm your damned self!" Doc spoke up from his left, and I snapped my head up to meet his glare. He was old, and bloody from battle. The tribals were strong, why hadn't the Speculatore weakened them?!

"Doc, report." I cleared my throat and issued the demand, and only half listened as he went on about casualties. I look around my home state. Arizona... How did you sink so low?

"Doc, we're leaving. Lanius won't send support." Doc raised an eyebrow, not making a fuss he was interrupted. Too much going on for him to care.

"C'mon. Gather the men, meet me at the border... Arizona is lost." I turn, and raise the hood on my cloak. No, Mars was not with us. He was too busy with Lanius, and his god forsaken conquering. He couldn't see that he needed Arizona, a land conquered stayed conquered in his simple, bigoted little mind... No, his betrayal wasn't what hurt Virgil so much.

It was his own teams betrayal. The legionnaires who left, the 5th Legate even abandoned him. The 4th Legate, Virgil simply hiked forward. Towards the border back. He'd have to confront Lanius soon, he was destroying the Legion. Virgil would have to take up the mantle of Caesar soon.

Markus removed his hands from his eyes, and sighed with mild frustration. The past was in the past. Markus felt his scar, and felt the need to punch something. He'd wait, until the two love birds were done.

The Scrapyard.

Although Vera knew Mercy could read, she used her quicker visual scanners to rapidly take in the information written on that bit of paper.

"Don't shoot him Mer-Mer," the Crystal Bunny said, "He can't talk. Someone cut out his tongue."

Then Vera noticed what the newcomer was wearing.

"On the other hand," Vera said, her voice getting uncharacteristically hard, the edges of Tessa's influence in her voice taking over, "He's obviously Legion. Don't give him an inch."

Terrifying Presence Vera primed her plasma pistol, and inclined her faceplate down as she approached the stranger, careful to stay out of reach of whatever melee weapons he might be hiding on him.

"Okay, stranger," the little eyebot said, her voice sounding more and more like Tessa at her worst, "I'm going to ask you a few yes or no questions. Nod for yes. Shake for no."

Vera fired her plasma pistol just so that the pellet seemed to just barely miss the man's shoulder. She primed it again.

"Now then," the little eyebot said, "There's an asshole wandering around these parts. Used to be Cee-ser's first scout. Led you bastards to the Dam. He's dark skinned, has graying dreadlocks, and uses a flagpole as a weapon. Goes by the name of Ulysses. Have you seen him? Do you know what he is up to?"

Vera paused to let him answer before continuing.

"Next question," she said, "Do you know Markus?"

Vera was surprised that she was managing to contain her rage and rising blood-thirst at the thought of ridding the world of yet another murdering, raping asshat from the Legion.

Casca, 20 question in the Scrapyard.

"I'm going to ask you a few yes or no questions. Nod for yes. Shake for no."

Casca rolled his eyes, why in gods name the creepy eyebot was playing good cop here confused him more than a tad. Did she have pretensions to self awareness?

"There's an asshole wandering around these parts. Used to be Cee-ser's first scout. Led you bastards to the Dam. He's dark skinned, has graying dreadlocks, and uses a flagpole as a weapon. Goes by the name of Ulysses. Have you seen him? Do you know what he is up to?"

Casca sighed with frustration, and shook his head no. He didn't care what some old geezer with a stupid haircut was doing, why in gods name would he? And the gang of hunters were drawing ever nearer.

He tapped his foot, feeling sweat on his brow as he waved his hand to get the robot to go a little damned faster. Seriously, 20 questions was not the last thing he wanted to do before his death.

"Do you know Markus?"

Casca scrunched his nose in frustration, and buried his heads in his palms. He made an ugly, tongueless approximation of the words "Fucking dammit", that sounded more like "Uckig Damm it." He shook his head no, and pointed towards the exit with some desperation in his eyes.

'Should've just let them catch me. Less likely to kill me, somehow...' Casca chuckled nervously. This was the worst possible situation...

Lady and the tramp Thief

"For me, this is all about getting as far away from my parents as I possibly can. Their idea for my future was arranging a marriage between myself and Stanley Collins, the son of one of my dad's business partners, so that I could stay at home and pump out a couple of babies. I guess it also had to do with my Uncle too. He used to tell me stories about his East Coast adventures... about the friends that he made. He even come home with this crazed maniac of a daughter."

Even with an edge to Vicky's voice, Tessa tried to picture a version of Victoria that wore polka-dot dresses while preparing supper. The image did not fit. "Something tells me that you aren't the stay-at-home kind of girl, just a hunch." She said so while winking towards the clothing and weapons of choice. "East coast always grabs our attention, I'm surprised that anyone can live there. There was a story about an eye-patched woman and her best friend cloaked in red...they played a hand in dominating the Enclave. Hard to believe, but legendary. Kinda makes me want to travel."

Victoria words felt like silk upon the skin, her every movement delicate yet calculated, almost practised to a fine-tuned rhythm. Much like Tessa's heavy reliance on intuition and snap-decisionmaking, both of these females calculated their actions according to every reaction.

To an outsider, it may have sounded like a slightly above-average conversation with flirtatious undertones. Yet to Tessa, this was exhilarating. Every word was a strike, a finished sentence was the completed attack and the expression that followed was the flourish and counterattack. They were in bladed combat, but on a level that went far above that of the physical. There was definitely a sense of passion in this sparring match.

"We work in very similar ways, you and I. We both use a bit of misdirection to get things done. You seem to use peoples' emotions and vices to get the upper hand while I use distractions in very much the same way. I've been told that I'm good at what I do but I'm no where close to what I saw you do today." The darkly dressed woman admitted, pausing as she looked at her reflection in the blade before tucking it away.

"And if I were to elaborate, I would say that both of us remain hidden in plain sight. Socially, you'll misdirect, dominate and greatly influence those around you in order to keep yourself hidden yet prepared to strike. That's definitely not something I can do. You walk with absolute freedom and a wide set of skills at your disposal, it's fascinating." Tessa realized that she was staring, however, her gaze was soft and thoughtful.

"Truth be told, you have me a little worried about how lightly armed you are compared to the things that you do. I admire you, but there's still apart of me that can't help but worry. I guess I'll have to keep an extra specially close eye on your backside the next time we work together." Vicky said with a coy smile.

"Oh? The same could be said for you, my unarmoured lady." Another attempt at sounding formal, was she trying to sound like an idiot!?

Tessa laid out her designated weapons: Three throwing knives, combat knife, bowie knife and finally her recently acquired trench knife. Tessa would have to ask Mercy to craft another holster for her. Each blade served a unique purpose and her tactics could be changed according to any short-medium range encounter.

"Now you have me a little curious, especially since I'm sitting here worrying about you." Tessa smirked as she silently drew one of three throwing knives. "I may not rely on firepower, yet how do you regard me as lightly armed? With six blades at my disposal and a pretty set of armor waiting at home, I seem to be rather well-protected as of late. As for watching your backside, if someone closes the distance on you, I intend to step in dramatically."

"You're... you're welcome. I've never heard anyone talk about me like that ... so... I wanted to ... thank you" Vicky said as she brushed away a stray lock of hair. "Now... about asking you... whatever I wanted."

Tessa was extremely shy with regards to the initiation of flirtation, tending to tiptoe around the conversational part and run for the hills if things ever went south (NOT THAT KIND OF SOUTH! Dirty-minded people!). Tessa was more comfortable and confident when things were seemingly working towards her desires. Her breathing had grown shallow.

Almost breathlessly, "Ask me whatever you wish..."

What was more interesting is how Tessa, of all people, had managed to somewhat subdue Victoria on a charismatic level. How was that even possible?

"Presents?" Nearby, a familiar voice had made it's presence known. Sending a flustered Victoria and an embarrassed Tessa retreating from their intimate distance.

Falling back on her schoolbag, Tessa used the opportunity to scrounge for Markus' present. While she wanted to give him his present under different circumstances, Markus had interrupted a fairly PLEASANT turn of events!

Not cool, bro.

Perhaps giving him something shiny to play with would occupy his time.

"Excellent balance between force and weight. Not much in the way of maneuverability, but it's geared towards thrusts and heavy-handed slashes due to it's sheer durability. It's not really my style, but I was hoping you'd appreciate it. It's to say thanks for everything." Tessa presented the pristine Machete Gladius to Markus, complete with a: "Tada!"

"...Fine, you two can have a moment. My business can wait."

Oh Markus, just for that, Tessa intended to prepare dinner later for you.

Watching Markus leave, Tessa took one look at Victoria's rosy cheeks and disgruntled disposition and softly laughed.

"You know, you can be pretty adorable when you get all disgruntled."

This time, Tessa pushed aside her overwhelming nervousness and closed the distance once again. This time with a more direct purpose. "You were going to ask me something. But you lost your turn."

A mere centimeter away, Tessa's breathing had grown shallow. Her heart was pounding, yet she was able to steadily run a finger along Victoria's cheek before laying her palm on the silky skin. "I'm the thief, so I'm seizing an opportunity..."

With those final words, Tessa's lips gently met Victoria's. Instead of feeling an expected surge of emotions, Tessa's overconfidence dissolved as she simply melted into the smoldering yet intimate kiss. Closing her eyes, she was quickly enveloped in a very slow and extremely gentle kiss.

In that moment, Tessa belonged to Victoria.

The Junkyard.

Vera was oddly amused by the silent Legionary's frustration. Still, to ensure that whoever was chasing him wouldn't be a problem, she turned on her nav-beacon, which of course...

Fly My Pretties Fly! started to draw in every dog within five miles of the little eyebot, all of them ready to protect a distressed bitch in heat. Which... on reflection is kind of accurate. It'll only be a few moments for the first dogs to arrive, and a couple to several minutes for the rest to turn up.

In the meantime, Vera kept her eye on the stranger in red.

"Don't move," the eyebot said in a tone that if a voice could kill, Vera's would have just flattened all of Cheyton, "I'm... bringing backup to make sure your... pursuers won't be a problem, but once that's dealt with, you have a lot of explaining to do. And... we'll get Markus to confirm whether or not he knows you. Frusta es homo."

Scrapyard: Casca

"Frusta es homo."

Casca gave a low growl at that, and blushed slightly. Stupid eyebot trash. She couldn't intimidate him! He pulled out his notepad, and scribbled down a word, and held it up so the robot could see, sticking his tongue out at the same time.


Casca gave a small impish grin, and chuckled lightly. He was so clever...

He noticed as the first dog came in, and frowned at it. He preferred cats, always. He looked up at the sky, and smiled lightly at the memory of his own cat, Clementia. God that thing could hunt mice. Almost frightening, actually. Casca shuddered a bit.

Casca began paying attention again, and hopped to his feet, offering for them to lead on. He pulled out his guitar, and began playing an old Roman song, humming the lyrics as he followed them.

Booker shoved the last slug into his gun and pumped it. Suddenly he felt the deathclaw corpse slam into him. He could feel a few of is ribs snap like twigs on impact and his left arm popped right out of its socket. Mcgrath felt his feet leave the ground and began flying backwards in tremendous pain. He hit the ground with the back of his head and began rolling downward at a slightly improbable speed before crashing into Joe's legs. Needless to say that while good doctor was still awake he was down and out for a while. He was built to be a thinker not a brawler and his drive could only get him so far. However Dave was built as security and was now only a few feet away from Malkos and was moving at about 40mph.

Cheyton Scrapyards: But... there's so much scrap! I could die here!!

With her Globus Lepus of a sister taking the lead on interrogating the mute kid, whomever he was, the Blaster Bunny finished up with the scrap collection that they would need if they were going to finish Tessa's gift.

"I'm... bringing backup to make sure your... pursuers won't be a problem, but once that's dealt with, you have a lot of explaining to do. And... we'll get Markus to confirm whether or not he knows you. Frusta es homo." Mercy heard her sister say icily as the Bomber Bunny and her Bunny Wagon came to a stop as Mercy came to the realization that they were not alone.

"Pursuers? And what does Markus have to do with this?" The Youngest Little Bunny asked, surprised and a bit panicked that the man who had risked his life to save her and hide her from the Keeper's carnage would be involved in anything underhanded. Looking at the Casca, the Brainy Bunny was sure that whatever he had to say about Markus was a lie.


The sound of an armor piercing bullet fired from a distance, that passed through one side of an engine block and exiting out the other was followed by a pained scream as it most likely tore a large hole through someone's torso.

Looking back towards the Rabbit Hole, Mercy could see the odd Undertaker Woman lying on her deck chair, shaded by an umbrella and looking through the scope of her Anti Materiel rifle.

"Vera. We should go. I've got all the parts. We need to get home before anything else happens."


Something else happened. It seemed that gods weren't the only thing that was attracted to Vera's call.


The sound of one of the Pets being obliterated by another of Victoria's Anti Materiel rounds echoed off the piles of scrap, reinforcing Mercy's suggestion that they should run. Turning towards the house that had been her home for some time, Mercy's mind reflected back on the past.

The Rabbit Hole: Two and a Half Months Ago

"Can you tell me your name? I'm Tessa, but most people just call me Rabbit." Asked the older sister that Mercy had never known.

"M.M.M.Mercy." Mercy managed to stammer out as she shivered from the rain, the cold and most of all the relief at finally finding the woman that she had been searching for.

Her father's final words to Mercy had been to find this woman and to go get a metal box from their now burnt out home.

What was inside were some papers, one had been the official documents that marked the birth of Tessa while another catalogued a number of dates, dates that marked Dad's visits to New Vegas during his prospecting trips.

The last thing in the box was a picture, one that had been taken maybe a month prior, of a young woman leaving the Freeside Follower's complex.

Looking at the woman in the picture sitting in front of her right now, Mercy didn't know whether to be relieved or scared to tell her the nature of their relationship.

"I'm your - I'm your sister." The almost Bawling Bunny stuttered once again as she wrapped the towel around herself, wishing that she could get something warm to eat or drink.

"H - H - Half-sister. We shared a dad." She finished saying, emphasizing the past tenseness of the word shared.

The Scrapyard.

Eager to test out her new weapon, and to vent some lingering frustration, Vera fired her plasma pistol at several random bits of junk around where the Raiders would have to pass through. She made sure to space them as closely together as she could. If she was right, she'd set off a chain reaction that would either completely obliterate all of the Raiders, or at least block the path leading directly to Vera and Mercy... and Casca.

The dogs charged forward, right at the raiders that had dared to threaten (from their perspective) that one fine bitch in heat that they hadn't seen yet, but were sure was just around the corner... somewhere. Bloody stupid animals.

The raiders surged into the scrapyard and just as they were about to cross the threshold that Vera had covered in plasma goo...

Vera had timed the shot from her arc projector almost perfectly. And had an amazing grouping for it... the cascade of green explosions threatened to envelop half of the junkyard. Fortunately, the half that didn't include the angry little eyebot, Mercy, and... Casca. The explosions ripped most of the raiders apart atom by atom in barely a few seconds, leaving the stragglers that had been lagging behind the main group to turn and run. No quarry was worth this mess. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on your view), the blast also killed A LOT of the dogs as well. The survivors ran back the many ways they came, too scared, confused, and sexually frustrated to care anymore about a hot bitch they hadn't even seen yet.

Vera was, for the briefest of nanoseconds terrified of her new-found power. Then, she reveled in it. Then, she hated herself for it... because innocent dogs had gotten killed in the process... and she could have easily taken herself and Mercy with them... and Casca, I guess.

"Umm... come on Mercy, we'd... better go," she said, sounding more like herself again, "We need to find Tessa and... that Legionary we know oh so well."

Then, turning her attention to Casca for a moment, "If you want to keep breathing, you'd better come with us. I doubt that display went unnoticed."

Scrapyard: Casca

"Vera. We should go. I've got all the parts. We need to get home before anything else happens."

Casca nodded emphatically, this was a good plan. It involved not dying. Not dying was his favorite activity.

"If you want to keep breathing, you'd better come with us. I doubt that display went unnoticed."

The boy rolled his eyes, "I uv oo tu." the boy's tonguelessness wouldn't stop the stream of smarm, though one could sense uneasiness in his voice, as he saw the destruction the Pumpkin was capable of. Still, getting the fuck out didn't seem like a horrible idea right about now, all things considered.

The boy flinched and hid behind Mercy when the bullet hit, and ricocheted off of something close by. He immediately straightened up, and flinched again when another bullet was fired, killing one of the Rattlers it looked like, who confused dogs with snakes apparently. They were waaaaaaay too close...

He stopped playing, and just chose to focus on following, readying himself up in case he needed to fight. His old instructor told him it was like his hand was blessed by Mar's, and he was about ready to unleash the fury. He did a bit of shadow boxing as he trailed, closely.

Markus, on the move

Markus was content to sit and brood for the time, but unfortunately the sounds of the Dogs of War and gunfire forced him to get up and move. He slung his sword over his back, and regretted not picking up the Gladius yet. He was better trained with that weapon...

The roads cleared as the horde of dogs passed through, Markus following quickly. Luckily, animals always liked him, so none turned to rip his throat out. He came upon the group at the entrance of what looked a scrapyard, Mercy and the robot she was so fond of were unharmed it looked... and the guitar player. Why was he punching the air?

Markus sighed and approached, "Good to see you aren't injured, Mercy, Vera... Casca. Please- why are you kneeling?" Casca had gone to one knee now, it seemed he now respected his authority. Or had gone mental, either or. The boy even blushed a tad, clearly it was the latter. Markus looked at the cloak, it looked oddly familiar...

"Wait, now I recognize you. You're one of the recruits... You saw action at Arizona, didn't you?" Casca nodded, not looking at Markus. He felt a bit of bile in the back of his throat at the memories, while Markus felt only rage.

The ex-Legionnaire sheathed his sword, and offered a hand out for Mercy. "C'mon. Sorry I didn't come, one figures a trip to the scrapyard wouldn't need an escort." He kept his voice nice and sarcastic, and a bit more pleasant then he felt at the moment.

He glanced at Vera. It had just killed a lot of his favorite animals, and made it so he couldn't unleash his fury on the bandits. He sighed with contempt, but still offered a weak smile for Mercy.

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